The Bond of..? Chapter 11


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Sana was sitting with her cousins, admiring the ocean view at the back of the mansion as she laid her tired head on the shoulder of Sid. A faint smile blew on her lips when she looked at Saanvi doing the same with Sanay while Sia was giggling with Saman and Nisha.

What did she do to be blessed with these awesome cousins? All the 3 girls never faced any trouble with one or the other brother with them at all times, protecting them and helping them while the girls made sure to keep their mischief under control. They had come back from the Neha’s party late at night, giving her the angry message her best friend sent her. Neha pledged to not speak to her for a month, as if it would happen. Both of them were best friends and couldn’t survive a week without talking.

“Saman bro, your sleeping beauty is off to sleep again,” Sid mocked as Sana closed her eyes to take in the moment which was clearly ruined by her brother. Saman just smiled at Sana and shook his head with disappointment at Sid.

“Shut up Sid,” she scowled as she shifted a little on Sid’s shoulder making him groan at her with extreme displeasure.

“Ms sleeping beauty, looks like you didn’t get enough sleep today?” Sid snickered at Sana who tried to keep her heavy with sleep eye-lids open.

“Stop irritating my baby,” Sana heard Nisha di defend her.

Sana instantly rose with pleasure and thanked, her “Di, I love you, what would I do without you?”

“Not get married and stay single like Sia,” Sid joked while Sia raged with anger,

“Sid, I am telling you the final time, I’m going to get married when I want, so stop with the taunts already,” she shot back frustrated and stuck her tongue out at Sid, who was chuckling hard.

“Whatever, and Sana, stop moving,” Sid said, poking Sana on her head who was shifting from time to time to find a suitable and comfy position for herself.

“Sorry , I am sleepy,” she mumbled as she settled with her head titled on the side of Sid’s shoulder.

“Didn’t sleep?” Nisha di enquired as Saman bro lovingly placed his head on her lap.

“Not at all, when I had a monster screeching in my ear,” Sana remarked at Saanvi who placed her head on Sanay’s shoulder.

“That was the only way to wake a heavy sleeper like you who sleeps like dead,” Saavi mocked while Sana pouted with fake anger, relishing in her.

“But you didn’t have to have Messi yell in my ear,” Sana shot back, furrowing her eyebrows, remembering how they woke her up at 3 in the morning with Messi yelling goal in her ears.

“That was Sanay, blame him,” Saanvi argued, throwing her arms in defeat.

“Don’t stare at me like that, I was just testing out a few FIFA voices for my new video game,”Sanay countered as he smacked Saanvi on her head for spilling out his prank.

“In my ear?” Sana asked sarcastically rolling her eyes.

“If it woke you up then it was working fine,” he mocked at her sleeping while all the other burst out giggling.

“I hate you,” Sana declared as she stood up and brushed the grass of her blue PJ’s.

“Love ya too sis,” Sanay replied with a smirk while Saanvi cracked harder as Sana gave him a death glare.

Sana sighed at him with dismay and swiftly whirled to head back to the mansion through the back door.

“Where are you going?” Nisha di questioned softly which made Sana turn back.

“To get popcorn, wanna come?” She replied with her mouth already watery from the name of popcorn.

“No, I am going to try to convince your brother to get me the watch I want,” Nisha di announced with a wink.

“Woman, You have enough watches to last for a whole year,” Saman bro scowled at her with annoyance.

“But this is the new model and besides I am angry with you for yesterday’s party, so this is enough to please me to talk to you again,” she stated with anger as she hit him in the head.

“My credit card will go bankrupt again,” he mumbled with a few groans while everybody cracked him into laughter.

Sana gave Saman an apologetic smile and left for the kitchen. Sana always admired their relationship, it was fun and loving with immense trust and respect between them. No matter what they said to each other, they loved each other immensely…which was not in everyone’s luck to get somebody like that. Sana sighed as she thought about her wedding, not the same at all.

Sana took longer and faster strides to go the kitchen when her feet padded with a soft carpet underneath. As she went further and further towards the kitchen, she saw the lights beaming till outside and shadows of a figure inside it. Who was using the kitchen at this time? Did Saanvi wake up more people too? Sana wondered as she lunged herself forcefully into the kitchen.

“Arpi di, what are you doing here?” Sana asked confused when she saw Arpi Di gasp seeing her. Arpi Di was wearing long light pink night suit with a wearing face yet glittering eyes.

“Coffee, Amay just went back to sleep after ruining mine,” she said tiredly as she sat on the counter chair and lifted her cup up.

Sana nodded at her and quickly asked as she went to sit on the counter chair opposite to her, “Do you know where the popcorn is?”

“Last cabinet by the sink,” she replied hesitantly with amusement at her questions.

“Thank you so much,” Sana thanked her excitedly as she searched frantically through the cabinet to find a box of ready to eat popcorn sitting there.

She hugged the big, red box and sat opposite to Arpi Di who was watching at her amused as she sipped her coffee.

“What are you doing at 4 in the morning?” She asked her gently as Sana tore open the bag of popcorn and ate like a cavewomen.

“Saanvi woke me up and told me that the rest of our gang was sitting and watching in the ocean dawn,” she answered in between her chewing while Arpi Di giggled at her craziness.

Can’t stop cravings can she? and besides thanks to Aarav Ross, she couldn’t eat popcorn for a whole day.

“Your cousins seem like so much fun,” Arpi Di said as she chuckled at them watching ocean dawn.

“They are but they are a little crazy too, but they are the best you can get,” Sana answered with a proud smile and her mouth stuffed with popcorn.

“Why don’t you tell me something about them?” Arpi Di said with twinkling eyes of wonder while Sana sat straight with excitement like a child who has been asked to tell about their adventure.

Her face instantly lit up and she grinned idiotically with happiness as several childhood memories flashed shortly in front of her.

“Saman is the typical overprotective brother, muscular bully type but a total sweetheart underneath. He always treated all of us like heirs to a royal family. He would always ensure that we had the best of everything, even if it meant spending hours arguing with their parents for it or giving up his things to see that we got what they wanted. He has a loving heart but a mischief brain like the rest of us. He is the person we all run to get our problems solved,” Sana ranted off while both the girls winked at each other. Sana leaned on her the marble counter top which was reflecting light from the top bulbs above.

“Sounds like the brother I wish I had,” Arpi Di said with a dreamy haze after their laughter reduced.

“I know right and Nisha di on the other side was a total drama queen yet the best older sister I could get. You know I was like 16 when she got married to Saman bro and moved into our house. She’s a chirpy, extremely enthusiastic person whose brain was wired to do pranks just like Saanvi which made her the instant favourite of everyone. She treats me and Sia like her children, pampering us and cuddling us as much as she can. In short, she is exactly the female version of Saman bro, which is probably why they were so much in love with each other. She is the Saanvi’s new partner in crime.

“Multi talented girl, I see,”

“Totally. We are soo lucky to have her. Anyways, Sia is next. She is the apple of the parents and the perfect girl a family could ask for. She is a little studious, too sporty and extremely girly. She is the gossip queen in the family, any interesting new news will always get to her before anyone else. She is our cover for our pranks, night parties and other mischief we do. She is like our second mom as she keeps yelling at us, scolding us and forcing us to do our chores, assignments. In short, she is our live calendar who keeps reminding us what to do and when to do. The only reason all of us passed high school was because of her,”


“Sid’s next who is the most lovable brother you can get. He keeps taunting us, joking around and is the biggest flirt in the world. He’s been in love with this mystery girl for almost 2 years now, and is trying to get Sia married off so he could propose her. He is our personal bodyguard. One boy comes near us, Sid will kill him even before the person realizes what the hell just happened. Which is why nobody, I mean nobody has dared to come near Sia and me in school or university,”

“Wait only you and Sia? What about Saanvi,”

“She knows karate, black belt. She is always ready to beat the shit out of people whenever she can. She is a complete tomboy, no make up, no dresses, no fuss over anything, no senti talks. Sanay’s manliness has rubbed on her a little too much. They have been together since birth, both playing video games, boxing, and playing pranks. She is the mastermind in all the pranks on earth. The only reason I wake up early now is due to her. She would do the most craziest stuff to wake me up,”

“That sounds like Arhaan. No wonder they both get along so well,”

“Sanay on the other hand is extremely caring, a little rude but very quite. He is a world star athlete. He is good at every sport available on Earth. He is super interested in cars and got me into them too. He is born smart, all rounder to be honest. He is a little shy but he is extremely smart since childhood and sporty too. He has won all the best student awards in the school and university. In fact they named an award after him to give out to a student who won all the awards.”

“OMG! Is that even possible?” Arpi Di asked amazed while Sana gulped down another handful of popcorn. God bless the person who invented popcorn!

“Apparently it is. Enough of mine,tell me about yours,” Sana asked as she lowered her gaze towards Arpi Di who watched her for a moment, keenly observing her and finally spoke.

“Well, Aarav has always been the most close to me in the family. We share everything, like everything. He tells me the most smallest things ever and I am the only person who knows everything about him. He is extremely possessive over what is his, extremely. He cares for his family more than anything and is clever not to show that affection. But it’s there, you need to break the walls he created to get to know the real him. He is a daring, extreme fun loving person who pulled a lot of pranks in the childhood. He was a good student in school but extremely rude with teachers. He never was interested in business and stuff, his passion was photography. He wanted to go around the world and explore and of course snap pictures.”

“That’s…amazing,” Sana said surprised, that didn’t seem like the Aarav she knew at all.

He seemed more like a bipolar twin of his, maybe he was. Maybe his twin stayed with the family and she married the other. She frowned at her stupid thoughts and focused her back on attention of Arpi Di.

“Hmm..yeah. But he distanced himself a lot when after our parents died, a lot more stuff was hidden from me. Especially after my wedding, he was broken and I knew why. I was his most prized possession and he always told me that he would never ever share me with anyone. You should have seen his face when Neeraj asked me for marriage, it’s like someone had asked him his lungs,” Arpi Di with enthusiasm while both the girls chuckled.

“ cute,” Sana stated as she understood Aarav’s reaction towards Neeraj.

This was probably one of the reasons he acted so violent towards Neeraj, she wanted to ask Arpi Di about it but restrained seeing Arpi Di’s excited mood.

“Arhaan on the other hand was extremely excited to get rid of me. We both never got along as I was the apple of my parents and he would always find ways to annoy me or do something stupid. Arhaan just finished his tour around the world and is getting ready to join the university for business course to help Aarav. He wanted to become a professional soccer player, but let’s see what he picks. But, we loved each other no matter what. Arhaan is kind of the person who is transparent, you get what you see. I think his personality is already put forward by his words and action,”


“So, tell me what is your passion?” Arpi Di as she rose from the seat and rinsed her coffee mug in the sink.

“Umm..actually I like to paint,” Sana hesitantly answered as she bit her lower lip.

All her friends and cousins teased her about her childish passion, after hearing about Aarav’s photography and Arhaan soccer dreams, her sounded very simple and extremely childish.

“What? Are you serious?” Arpi Di said with shock as her mouth dropped.

“I know it is extremely childish and all-” Sana started to explain with a little fear of judgement.

“Are you kidding me girl? Come with me,” Arpi Di enthusiastically dragged her out of the kitchen while Sana wondered what the hell was going on.

“The black one is better,” Saanvi stated as Sana stroked another layer of paint on the black horse.

Arpi Di had showed her the painting room in the mansion a few hours ago and since then Sana had been painting without a break a picture of 2 horses and a women standing at the corner looking at them. The room was magnificent with bright yellow textured walls with bright window on either sides and loads of paints, canvases and other equipment needed to paint. The white marble tiles gave it a modern touch and Saanvi, Arhaan, Sia and Sid were gathered around her, giving her suggestions about her painting. Sanay was too sleepy and tired to hang around while Saman bro and Nisha di went shopping to spend Saman bro’s money.

Sana looked closely at her painting, each curve was neatly placed at the right location, the green background really stood out, while the texture she was adding to the horses made them look more naturalistic. A strand of hair escaped her messy bun as she held the pastel board in her hand and chewed numbly on the edge of the long paintbrush.

“No the brown one,” Arhaan countered at Saanvi.

“The black,” Saanvi argued.

“Brown,” Arhaan declared and there went their argument again. When did these both ever stop?

“Guys, you realize they are horses, that too in a painting,” Sana asked them with a raised eyebrow as she shoved the strand of her on her face behind her ear with the back of her palm, the only part not covered with paint.

“So? That doesn’t change anything,” Saanvi shot at her.

Sana glared at them with frustration and opened her mouth to say something when the door burst open, revealing a servant who entered,“Ma’am, the breakfast is ready,”

“I am starving,” Arhaan said rising from his seat and stretching out.

“Whoever get’s last to the table is going to pay for the dinner,” Saanvi declared as both of them ran out the door while Sia and Sana shook their heads.

After a moment of silence, Sid burst out laughing seeing Sana’s art piece, while both the girls looked at him in awe.

“Why are you laughing?” Sana asked him as she dipped her brush in green and added more layers to the trees in the background.

“I was just looking at the women at the corner,” Sid said with a heavy sigh.

“You make no freaking sense you idiot,” Sia mocked at him while Sana took a step back to examine the women, she looked all fine to her.

“It’s by the side, all alone watching the horses that are in love,” Sid stated with a laugh while Sana shrugged at Sia who was looking at Sid with boredom.

“Again, you make no freaking sense,” Sia shot back as she hit his head from the back to knock in some sense to him.

“That will be Sia after a few years, all alone, living on a farm with a bunch of animals. Even the animals will find soulmates but not her. She will dedicate all her life in raising a bunch of chickens,” Sid mocked and chuckled while Sana grinned at his joke while Sia fumed with anger.

“Bastard, I am going to kill you,” she threatened him as he sprinted from his seat to out of the door.

“Guyss,” Sana trailed out while both of them raced out of the door.

“Great, all of them left,” she mumbled to herself as she swirled back to her huge canvas board.

“Now which color do I paint the horses child? Brown or black?” She said as she bit the top of her paintbrush again, bad habit but she couldn’t help it, especially now that she was all confused.

A pair of cold hands, flinched Sana from her thoughts which made her tilt the palate a little, almost dropping most of the colours in there. Sana gasped as the hand travelled on her waist while the other steadied her palate.

“Hey, it’s only me,” she heard a deep, male voice in her right ear which calmed her a little as she sagged back into his chest while he rested his chin on her shoulder.

His strong scent filled the air with freshness, while his cold touch sent tingles throughout her body and sent shivers down her spine when his hand tightened on her waist. His harsh breath near her ear, warmed her body and heat instantly travelled to her cheeks, finally settling on there, causing a faint shade of blush on her cheeks.

“I was just checking-” she started to explain as she placed her paintbrush on the canvas with her chest heaving up and down in the same sync as his.

“Brown,” he cut her off as his long, wide fingers wrapped around her thin ones and dipped the brush into the blob of brown.

“Huh?” She asked confused with his actions as her brain had another minor breeze. Why does that always happen with his touch??

“The pony should be painted brown. It will go more well with the background context,” he whispered critically in her ear while she mindlessly stroked the canvas with brown paint.

“Do you paint?” She blurted out randomly with amusement while she felt him stiffen a little.

“Uhh…my mother used to paint, so I picked up a few skills from her,” scrubbed his eyebrow with the tip of her painting blade.

She bit her lower lip and nodded while they heard the door flung, jerking them both from their positions.

“What a painting my dear,” dadu said warmly as he walked up to the painting while Aarav frowned at him.

“Thanks dadu, I was just casually painting,” Sana trailed out with a wide grin on her face was Aarav had a deep frown on his and slid his hands in his front jeans pockets.

“Casually? Only thing I see there is a masterpiece,” dadu said with a light chuckle as he placed a hand on her head.

“Aarav used to do wonders with the paint when he was young too,” he drawled in a murmur.

“Really?” She asked surprised to look at Aarav.

His possessive glare was back, with intense emotions swirling his eyes dark blue eyes, his face was in stern look but gave freedom to thousands of butterflies in her stomach. He glanced at her intensely, locking her eyes to his and left after a whole minute of silence and tension in the air.

“Ignore him, let me have a better glance at your masterpiece here,” Dadu cheered her up as Aarav stormed out of the room while Sana grinned to hide her confusion. Did she say anything wrong?
“Where is he?” Sana declared in anger as she walked anxiously from one wall to the other.

It was 9 in the night with no sign of Aarav since the time he stormed out of the painting room. His intense glare, furrowed eyebrows, scrunched nose, and swirl of emotions kept coming back into her mind. He was doing something weird, she felt the vibes that he was doing something stupid…for her.

“How can be so irresponsible and just vanish and not tell me where he went, was it that hard to sent me a quick message and say where he was?” She blurted out grumpily as she tossed herself in bed.

“Nisha di was right, after marriage husbands don’t care about wife’s anymore,” she randomly said with frustration taking over her mind as she let out a heavy sigh.

“Wait, husband, wife? What am I saying? Aarav Ross, you are doing black magic on me,”

“12 hours and no one knows where you are, how can you disappear like that?”

“Sana,think, think, think, think,” Sana calmed down herself and focused her mind on an idea. She was hell scared as to what might be happening to him, was he okay??

“Idea!” She said as her eyes sparked with an idea, why didn’t she think of this before as she pulled out her phone and connected his GPS to hers.

The light flashed for several seconds and the GPS searched for this location and finally a green light popped up, “I am the best in the world, even in the universe,”

“Richmond drive? But that is on the other side of the city,” she mumbled to herself as she raced to an extra car in the garage, “Isn’t that where the dealers live?”

Fear took over her as she grabbed a key from the entrance and dashed the car on the dark and empty roads of London. Her stomach went taut when wierd thought of what could happen to him started to take over her brain. Her GPS led her all the way to his location which was a good 1 hour drive, thank god the roads were empty and she didn’t have to stop at any signal or else driving alone at 10 in the night is not good or safe for a girl.

She finally halted the car at a dark, brick buildings with a wide canopy like bridge a few steps further. The GPS is asking her to enter in that, the floor was extremely shaggy and rugged, her face turned pale when she looked at the shadows creeping from the walls inside the canopy of bricks.

“Oh my gawd, why am I even here? I should go, like right now, ughh..but what about Aarav?” She muttered to herself and built the courage up to go in there to find Aarav and escape from this scary place.

“Aarav Ross, you are going to pay for making me go through this hell,” she whispered to herself as she took swift and long steps to go further inside, to see dark black, brick walls surrounding her from either side and emptiness of the area built more fear into her.

She heard a few voices coming from the right hand corner of the area, light whispers and some unclear words. She looked at her GPS which signalled her to go there, she decided to check that place out and moved slyly to the corner of the are and hid behind a wall.

“So? Everything is set then?” She heard a man yell as she saw shadows of the room with her back against the wall and her facing away from the room with lights.

“You will get your money by tomorrow,” she heard another familiar manly voice. Aarav, a wave of relief washed over her, he was okay and talking.

Money?what money? Whose money? Questions, one after the other started to swirl in her mind as she calmed herself with the dizziness in her body.

“Shit, shit, shit,” she cursed as the images around her began to blur out, and her body began to tremble with weakness. She didn’t eat anything other than lunch at 11am, it has been 12 hours since she ate something and that clearly affected her body more than she thought.

“Stand still so we could shoot you,” she heard the other man order from her half waken mind. Her heart began to beat faster with fear and extreme panic went through her body.

Shoot? What? She didn’t know what to do, she leaned back into the wall for more support. Her hands either sides, stuck to the wall to keep herself from fainting off.

“Stop moving or else we might shoot you in the bone than the flesh,” the man yelled again while Sana’s breath almost stopped. She needed to get in there.

Sana weekly dragged her body to the room, the bright light of the room immediately blinded her eyes while she took a little support of the wall around her to keep her moving. The room was a small garage, with 3 men standing inside, including Aarav.

“What on earth, who are you? How did you get here? Simon, get her,” a blond haired guy, who glanced at her first, coming from the entrance of the room.

“Aarav,” she let out a faint whisper, all her body could blurt from the extreme tiredness.

“Stop, she is with me,” she heard Aarav order when another bald guy, muscular and extremely big walked up to her.

Sana held her head to steady herself and ran towards Aarav, wrapping her tender arms around his. He immediately wrapped her around in surprise, pulling her more into his chest.

“I am so happy you are safe,” she whispered softly as her mind settled in peace, her anxious soul finally calmed down, the warmth from his body washed away all her fear. She felt protected in the strong, powerful and possessive hands around her, with no insecurities in her mind.

“Sana, are you okay?” Was the last thing she heard before she closed her eyes as her wearing body took over her.
Aarav glanced at the angelic view in front of him and sighed, she was still sleeping, he looked at the clock which read 3:35 am. Guilt was pricking into him with every passing minute, how did she land there? What if something happened to her on the way? Why did she come? So many questions rose in his mind, one after the other as he cupped her cheek with his hand. He was sitting on the bed, next to her after she fainted at the garage. The doctor said she should be awake in a few hours after they injected glucose in her body. Her long lashes were tightly shut and face was pale as he ever saw it be and it was all his fault. Her innocence, her care, her chirpiness was clearly see on her sleeping face.

His face softened a little and happiness with relief passed through him when he saw her delicately wiggle her eyebrows and finally her lashed flew open, revealing the lively brown marbles in them.

“Are you okay?” He asked with concern all over his voice and face as he helped her stir up from her sleeping posture.

Her face was still weared off and extremely tired. She scanned the room around, blinking her naive eyes a few times and then faintly whispered, “Yeah, was I-”

“You fainted due to low sugar in your body. Didn’t you eat dinner?” He cut her off with fake anger filling her voice while she averted eye contact and looked down at her hands curled on her lap.

“No, I was too worried for you,” she mumbled sheepishly yet with full honesty.

A feeling of happiness circulated over him when the words reached his ears, worried for him. It was not a common thing he would hear from people, especially him. His eyes locked hers which showed extreme care and concern for him which could be seen even through the layers of manipulative shadows.

“Worried? Why the hell would you be worried for me?” He said, raising his voice a little, mocking her indirectly with the curiosity of her answer burning within him.

She frowned at him and snapped holty, “You have been missing for more than 12 hours, no one knew where you were, you didn’t tell me where you were going and dadu was cursing for you, Arpi di was hell worried for you and I was-”

She shut up when she realized what she was going to say while Aarav smirked in victory. This is exactly what he wanted to hear from her.

“And you were,” he continued on for her with a raised eyebrow while she looked at him with bored eyes.

“Shit scared that something happened to you,” she stated flatly as she sucked a sharp breath in.

He could feel her worry in her voice which evoked a new sensation in him, a new desire in him, which he at the moment decided to bury it within himself, realizing this was not the time for any fun.

“I am here now, fine, so go back to sleep,” he calmly assured her as he leaned forward and tucked her inside the warm blankets, right next to him.

“Why were you there?” She asked him quietly while he straightend a little with her constant enquiries.

“I had some work,” he replied simply, trying hard to drop the topic right there and then.

“And the gun?” She asked in a very low tone, barely for to hear.

He looked at her in awe, how did she knew about it? She had a confident and determined look on her face, “What gun?”

“Aarav, I saw the gun, under the hem of your shirt, tucked safely in the strap of your jeans at the back,” she firmly snapped at him in a mere whisper.

“You are overthinking everything, I have a license to use it,” he told her as he laid down beside her and placed a hand under his head.

“I am overthinking? You go missing for over 12 hours, don’t tell anyone anything, go for some work with dealers, don’t tell me what that ‘work’ is and then carry a gun under your shirt,” she snapped more brutally at him with her voice toning up as she turned to the side and scooted closer to him.

“Sana, I was only carrying that for protection. I needed that just in case anything goes wrong there, so that I can protect myself. Nothing more than that,” Aarav explained her gently as he engulfed his arm around her waist, pulling her more firmer into his chest.

“Are you sure you are not doing anything wrong?” She whispered as she dropped the idea of fighting against his grip and settled her head on his shoulder, burying herself safely.

“Trust me, I am not,” he squeezed her waist a little in assurance while he sensed the pulse rate growing in her body as she squirmed under his grip.

“I am not stupid buying your silly explanation but now I need some peace of mind, so let’s act like I do believe you,” she replied sarcastically as she sagged back more into his grip.

“Let’s talk about this in the morning, now go to sleep, stupid girl,” he whispered warmly while she let out a yawn.

“I am not a stupid girl,” she scowled in hot anger while she chuckled at her.

“You were the one who thought about it,” he mumbled as she inhaled another long breath of her lavender smell, which made his heart go crazy.

“Yeah, but I didn’t mean it that way, I meant that the other way,” she muttered with a sleepy voice which made him grin at her childishness and innocence.

“Un huh, just go to sleep, MY stupid girl,” he mumbled softly into her hair he dragged her even closer to him in a safe, secure pull.

He watched her place her hand on his torso and finally her breath evened out. He kissed her forehead after having the memories of the night flash before him before sleep took over him, making both of them snuggle slumberly into each other.
How was that?? What do you think Aarav was doing with the local good dealers?? Why is he hiding it from Sana??

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