The Bond of..? Chapter 10


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“I am ready to grow a rose garden in a graveyard,” she replied sternly as she looked at him with confidence.

“This is not a joke you understand? You are a human and you have feelings too, get that?” He warned her cautiously yet again, wanting her badly to step back out of the hell she was throwing herself into.

“That doesn’t change anything,” Sana said with bored eyes and a blank expression flushing her face.

“Sana, why are so determined to do this? This is going to last only for 5 months,” Aarav argued again with her while she bit her lower lip as she cringed with his words. He was right, just for 5 more months and then everything would be….finished?

“I know, but I made a few promises to certain people that I will try to make this work and sort out the mess you made and-” she started to explain him but he cut her off.

“You need an entry into my heart to fulfill it,”

“I guess so, let’s try to make this worthwhile for both of us,” she tried to cheer him to get him into her words while he sighed at her with disbelief.

He clearly hadn’t seen a stubborn girl like her before, he was examining her with caution as his eyes were pleading her to back away from this. Should she? Not now, not anymore after she promised maasi that she will actually try to work this out and Arpi di that she will break his protective walls without hurting him.

“You know that there is no turning back after this right?” He asked with his eyebrows raised and his eyes staring intensely at her.

“No turning back,” she repeated in a whisper to herself as her stomach twisted and turned again into a giant knot.

She did promise not to hurt Aarav in this whole process but will she able to save herself from being hurt? After all, Aarav was right, she did have feelings too, she was a human after all, what will happen to her if she took this risk? Is this worth the depression she was bound to face after? Should she do it to cure a complicated life and keep her promises?

“Yes,” she finally blurted out in a low voice with her eyes filled with determination and confidence to achieve her goals.

“Sounds good. Where do we start?” Aarav asked, leaning in as she faced pitch black, blistering gaze sliding across her body.

Her breath hitched in her throat as he leaned in and his eyes turned into a mischievous glare while an evil smirk grew on his face. She rolled her eyes at him and slightly pushed him back with her palms and started to explain.

“Let’s try to make this relations work. So maybe, start with respecting each other’s choices, understanding each other and if we get that far, care for each other.”

“Fine, let’s try to get somewhere in these 3 months,” Aarav stated in a dangerously low voice as he snaked his hand around Sana’s waist and tugged her closer.

“Woahh..hold your dirty mind right there,” Sana mocked at him with a serious expression in her face as heat started to emit radiantly in her body.

Sana stiffened when his eyes landing on her face and the smirk grew deeper and deeper with each passing minute while her face turned blanker and blanker with the nervousness at its peak. She pursed her lips and looked at his mouth twitched at the corner to form a wider smirk.

“What were you saying before, respect each other’s choices,” he whispered huskily in ear which a chuckle as her nostrils failed with the scent of his strong alpha male cologne burning through her body.

“Aarav,” she warned him as he leaned in further in her neck while she cursed herself for the words she just blurt out.

Did she HAVE to say those words? Couldn’t she think of anything else??

“Saannna dii,” a voice from outside flinched them both, making them immediately pull apart.

“Ughh..” Aarav whinned when Arhaan ran across the room, probably in a freight of hiding from someone.

“What did you do now ?”Aarav involuntarily shot at Arhaan as Amay crawled from behind and finally settling behind Aarav’s legs.

Arhaan made a frowned face and angrily declared , “Hey, it is not always my fault you know.”

“Just tell me what you did,” Aarav snapped at him as he bent on his knees and carefully picked up Amay.

“Hey Spiderman,” Aarav greeted Amay as he ruffled his hair and the man Sana knew was no longer present.

Instead she saw a carefree, less arrogant man playing happily with a child. A smile broke on her lips as she saw Amay squirm under his grip and try to run off. His eyes were moist, soft and cheerful than the intense gaze she faced a few moments ago.

Arhaan was busy staring into space and whistling and clearly turning Aarav and Sana a blind eye with an innocent, calm composure like he did nothing.

“Dude, I never knew my ceiling was so fascinating to stare at. Any thoughts of making it your bride?” Aarav mocked at Arhaan who snapped back into reality and threw him a death glare.

“Arhaan Ross’s wife will be the most beautiful girl on the planet,” Arhaan said with a dreamy haze while Sana chuckled at their stupid argument.

“You sure that someone like that would last for a lifetime with you fool?” Aarav snickered while Arhaan made an offended face.

“Quit breaking my dream, party pooper,” Arhaan snapped hotly at Aarav who looked at him in a flat, disbelief look.

“Speaking about party, did you finish making all the arrangements of the kitty party?” Aarav smartly avoided Arhaan and faced back to Sana who was looking at him with a perplexed face.

“Huh?” Was all she could say while her she looked at him with utter confusion while both the brothers looked at her in shock.

“Kitty party, this afternoon, Sana Ross the host,” Arhaan spilled out everything in little pieces while Sana glanced at Aarav who deflected his stray and kept looking at the ceiling.

“DID YOU FORGET TO TELL ME THAT I AM HOSTING A PARTY TODAY?” Sana roared at Aarav with a rush of rising anger circulating around her body.

“Maybe,” he calmly stated, still looking at the ceiling.

Sana couldn’t believe her ears, he FORGOT to inform her that she was the host to a party, she gasped with disbelief.

“Look who is making plans to marry the ceiling,” Arhaan teased Aarav who was still looking at the ceiling to avoid Sana’s eye contact.

“Nah, I am just checking whether she will be fit for you or not,” Aarav said flatly, still examining the ceiling like it was a rare masterpiece while Sana was raging like a furious bull.

“Spiderman, come let’s leave Mr I forget to inform my wife she is hosting a party alone,” Arhaan mocked at Aarav and took Amay in his hands.

“Bay bayyy,” Amay cutely said to Sana, waving at her while she forced a tight smile on her lips.

“How can you forget to tell me?” She snapped at Aarav with her voice on top of her lungs, the minute Arhaan and Amay left the room.

“If I remember I forgot to tell you then I would have never forgotten it,” Aarav defended himself as if nothing big happened.

“What time is it?” Sana muttered after a long minute of keeping her patience levels in check.

Aarav was busy strolling around the place to find his wallet and clearly avoiding Sana who was fuming with rage.

“In maybe 3-4 hours,” he stated casually with a shrug while she was on the edge of kicking him out of the room for this.

“How can you do this to me?” She whinned in a loud, high pitched voice.

“You are talking like I have committed some crime,” he looked at her with surprise with her tantrums.

“Is this any less, I need popcorn now or else I swear I am going to burst like a volcano,”

“That will be fun to watch,”

“Shut up, I have so much to do,” Sana whined with panic “I hate you soo much,”

“Can’t believe you are the same person standing here 10 minutes ago, telling me that you want to break the walls around my heart, respect each other, blah blah,” he ranted in gravelly tone.

“That was before I knew that you are soo…mean and irresponsible, along with an arrogant jerk,”

“You think I care, cause I don’t. Ask Arhaan to show you Ms.K’s room, she will help you,”

“What? Who is she?” Sana asked confused, she never once heard about her.

“That is for me to know and you to find out,” he replied with a jeer as he headed out the door.

“Ughh..” Sana stormed out angrily to find out who Ms. K was.

“No?” Sana asked with puppy eyes at Ms.K.

After immense buttering and flattering Arhaan, she found out that Ms K was the head to the maids staff in the mansion. She is old and extremely strict, she is a lady in her mid 50’s with wrinkled creases all over her face, sharp nose, signs of white hair in her bun, and a lean, straight figure. Arhaan told her that she spent all her life serving the Ross family that she didn’t bother to get married.

She was strict as hell, she snapped and yelled at Sana for everything. At the moment, Sana was going through and tasting different desserts for the party. She spent the past hour figuring the decorations, plates, spoons, etc for the pasty and now she was supposed to decide on 1 dessert when she had 4 in mind.

“NOOO,” Ms.K snapped at her in a sharp tone.

“Why not, this is so delicious and I am sure people will like it,” Sana chirped with an innocent face and extremely pleading eyes.

“You have a good taste but this is way too much food,” Ms K stated in a flat, authoritative tone with her strict eyes laying at Sana.

“But I think-” Sana started to explain once more her plan in a low, chirpy tone.

“You don’t need to think, I already thought about it and you need to choose only 1 dessert not 4,” Ms K interrupted and declared shortly.

“People need variety, don’t you think?” Sana argued with a sigh. She was clearly not the person who was going to give in without a proper fight.

“No, Aarav’s mother made this tradition to pick all the courses by herself and it is expected you do the same,”

“But, that was in her generation. This is another one, people a change and so should we.”

“Just keep the tradition going,”

“Yeah, but we don’t want people to go and talk about how old fashioned we are. I mean, in these kinds of parties, desserts are all what the ladies eat,”

“Pick 2, only 2,” she finally gave in after seeing Sana’s cute puppy face.

Sana shrieked in joy and gave up to giver her a hug but she was immediately jerked by 2 of her hands and she sternly warned, “No hugging,”

Sana nodded vigorously and selected the 2 desserts before her “I pick this chocolate one and the multilayer crust one,”

“Good girl. Now the dress which you are supposed to wear is on your bed. Go change quickly,” Mr K pushed her out of the kitchen to get ready.

“Yes,” Sana said enthusiastically as she sprinted to her room, hopefully this goes well.
“I can’t,” Sana repeated again, shaking her head from side to side.

The kitty party, or should she call it the ladies party in a fancier way was a bore. The ladies were gossip queens which bored Sana to death, thank god Saanvi was beside her to keep her company or she would die trying to stay awake for 3 hours straight.

At the moment, Aarav invited a few people he knew for another party. Sana was standing with her cousins, Arhaan and Aarav. Arhaan and Saanvi were forcing Sana to choose a side for their bet so that one person could win the money.

“Di, just pick me,” Arhaan begged he dramatically.

“I can’t, you both are the same to me,” Sana said to them for the millionth time, she really didn’t want to be the tiebreaker between them.

Aarav had smartly picked Saanvi to even out the scores, with her pick one of them would win a million dollars. A lot of pressure this was!

“Oh so a person who you met 2 days ago is the same as the person you know for 20 years?” Saanvi said with annoyance.

“Well, now you are both my brother and sister, so how can I choose?” Sana tried to explain them her helplessness.

“I need this money to save for my grand wedding with the beautiful girl on the planet,” Arhaan stated dramatically with a dreamy haze. This guy should become an actor for sure.

“Well in the case, let me blow another bubble of yours, the most beautiful girl on the planet is already taken by me,” Aarav swanked as he wrapped a hand around Sana’s waist out of nowhere.

Arhaan wooed while Sana stood there with her jaw dropped, did he just say that? Was that for a show off or was that an actual compliment? Some weird kind of excitement filled her mind when she saw a kind of honesty in his smoky eyes. As soon as he caught her gawking at him, he smirked and left the place. Way to just leave the place, Sana thought as she saw all of them smirking at her.

“Sana, choose na, we will leave in the next 2 minutes,” Saanvi whined with a smirk on her face.

Sana sighed and opened her mouth to say something when they heard Sia shout from behind to Sid who was ready to annoyed as hell with her.

“SIDD, which part of the I am not going to meet them don’t you understand?” Sia snapped harshly at him.

“If you are planning to stay single, then just go tell mom so that I could at least go propose her,” Sid whined like a 3 year which a frustrated face.

“Give me some place to breathe, you jerk!” Sia yelled at settled herself beside Sana who was laughing at their tantrums.

“When will the time come when I will be able to dance in my sister’s baraat?” Sid dramatically sighed while shooting a glare at Sana who bit her inner cheek to stop her laughter.

“Are you sure you want to dance in mine, not yours?” Sia sharply stated with irritation.

“Actually both, so how about we both marry at the same time, same place, same day,” Sid started to plan his wedding, which was probably not going to happen for a while.

“Drama Queen, Don’t you think you are dreaming way too much?” Sia shot back firmly with a chuckle.

“What’s wrong with just meeting them, all you need to do is know them and then you can decide,” Sid pleaded her like a 3 year old for chocolate.

“No,” Sia said flatly which made everyone burst into laughter.

“Come on, they are going to be there in the party,” Sid said with dull and plain eyes.

“You invited your friends to my party?” Sana asked him surprised at his sudden change.

“Chill, calm down” came his signature line which made Sana slap her forehead to hear that again, “ I am talking about the other one,”

“Which other one?” Sana asked confused.

“Wait, you don’t know?” Sia asked from behind with astonishment.

“Know what?” Sana insisted in an oblious tone. She was completely boggled as to what was going on.

“Didn’t anybody tell her?” Sanay shrieked as he asked with confusion.

“I thought she would remember,” Sid defended himself as he shook his head in disbelief at Sana who was blinking in what the hell is happening look.

“Yeah, like every other year,” Saman added with dismay.

“Un huh…and I thought she was not talking about it as she can’t go there this time,” Nisha blurted out honestly.

“Girl, don’t tell me you forgot,” Saanvi asked shockingly, scrunching her nose.

“Forgot what? English please,” Sana shouted in a disgruntled tone and bewildered tone. Honestly, what was going on?? Was she missing something important here?

“It’s Neha’s birthday and she is having a birthday bash tonight,” Saanvi announced as she shook Sana by her arms to bring her back to reality.

“WHAT THE HELL?? Crap, how can I forget?” Sana blurted out evasively with shock.

“Are you kidding me? Did you even wish her?” Nisha said reluctantly with a frown.

“No, shit, she is going to kill me if she sees me,” Sana said freaking out with panic.

“Great, now what?” Arhaan said with a chuckle after sagging back to watch the show.

“Umm..well go tell her that I said happy birthday and bring her here after the party is done,” Sana suggested, still in a hyper panic mode.

“Yeah, like she is going to leave her party and come just to listen happy birthday from you,” Sid snickered at her while Saman and Sanay high fived each other.

“She is going to kill me, so kill me, what am I supposed to do?” Sana yelped in horror.

“Nothing, eat this and chill, we’ll manage,” Sia said, stuffing her mouth with popcorn.

The popcorn immediately did it’s trick as it cooled her panicky brain and the flavour she was craving for since a few hours was finally fulfilled.

“That’t why I lwove you the mowst,” Sana blurted out in the middle of her chewing while all the others rolled her eyes at her.

“All of you are leaving?” Sana asked as she gulped one more bite of salty flavoured popcorn.

“Yep! You know Neha’s temper, not good to be on her bad side especially on her birthday,” Sanay mocked at Sana who was chewing popcorn like it was the only thing in the world.

“Why are you going?” She asked Arhaan who was going behind all her cousins.

“Her sister invited me, so tata,” Arhaan waved bye to her leaving her with her mouth hung open.

“Traitors, all of them,” she muttered as she placed the popcorn on the bar table behind her and grit her teeth as she saw Aarav talking to a bunch of girls.

No, she was not jealous, why would she be? She just was extremely lonely and sad that everyone left her alone. She was extremely grumpy too.

“A dance with me?” She heard a voice from behind, startling her to core.

“You?” She asked with shock when she came face to face with Rahul.

She grit her teeth hard while her eyes turned dull and cold. Rahul was the owner of god knows that company. Why the hell was he here anyways?

“Good as new, and hello to you too,” he stated with a sly grin.

“Shut up, why are you here?” Sana scowled with boredom as she leaned back when he took a step closer.

First she has to arrange a party, then she forgets her best friend’s birthday, then all her cousins leave her and now she encountered with a person from the past. This was the best day of her life. Note the sarcasm!

“I am offended now, first you invite me and then you act like you don’t know me,”he said offended with her words while she rolled her eyes.

“Save your explanation, I didn’t hand out the invites, my husband did,” she spat out with disgust.

“ you finally got married,” he said firmly with a light chuckle to avoid his astonishment which Sana already figured.

“Yes I have and I see you are still single,” she taunted back sternly while plastering a fake grin on her face.

“Still looking for a job?” He asked her with a smirk while her face flushed with embarrassment.

Before she met Aarav, she was looking for a part time job for fun and then she came across this pervert. He volunteered her a job many times till now but she kept rejecting it. Until now when she was finally more richer and superior to him.

“Why would I? I got married to a billionaire after all,” she hissed curtly with a mini groan.

“All for money?” He enquired as he leaned against the bar right next to her.

His eyes had a weird and scary glare in them while his voice was dangerously low. Sana gulped with a sense of fear rising in her body. What was he upto?

“No, all for love,” she lied firmly as she managed to keep the smile on her shivering body.

“Love? Sure you know what it means?” He taunted her as she looked at him with tears welling in the back of her eyes.

She averted her eyes and looked at the gold walls surrounding her to calm her down. Her hacked breaths turned more uneven as she stood there with incidents from the past travelling all in front of her. She knew she lost her parents, but that really doesn’t mean she lost faith in love. Right?

“Leave,” a familiar voice brought her back to reality when she saw Aarav with a murderous glare, glancing at Rahul.

A wave of immense relief passed through Sana when she saw Aarav, her eyes twinkled with joy and her heart was beaming with happiness.

“And you are…” Rahul trailed off when Aarav walked up to Sana and wrapped his arms around her waist.

A smile broke onto her lips when Aarav sternly said in a cold, dreadly voice, “She is my wife,”

“Aarav Ross, good to finally meet you,” Rahul said with a smile as he extended his hand forward.

“You too Rahul Roy,” Aarav modestly greeted him with a shake as he took a step backward from him along with Sana who was pulled by Aarav’s tight clutch on her waist.

“Getting all possessive are we?” Rahul snorted in a persistent voice with a smirk.

“Let me tell you one thing Rahul, she is mine. And I get extremely possessive over my belongings,” Aarav warned him coolly while Sana payed close attention to Aarav’s expressions.

There was something evil cooking in his brain, he has a plan, a dangerously evil one. Sana’s stomach went taut as the words he just said and her realization both hit her at the same time.

“Excuse us,” Aarav said with a fake grin to Rahul who was looked a little taken aback and dragged Sana to the corner of the hall.

“Are you okay?” He whispered with concern as he leaned against the wall with a smirk on his face.

Smirk, smirk, smirk, there was nothing else than a smirk on his face. bad did Sana want to go and wipe that off.

“Umm..I guess so. It’s just he was talking about-” Sana started to explain in low tone.

“A touchy matter,” he concluded warmly for her with his grip tightening around her waist which made her gasp a little.

“Were you eavesdropping?” She annoyingly shot back with a frown and a raised eyebrow.

“More like making sure that you are okay,” he stated casually with a light chuckle.

“What’s with the care all of a sudden?” She asked surprised at his care.

“I heard that you forgot about your best friend’s b’day so was just making sure you don’t have alzheimers,” he mocked at her while she frowned harder at him while a small giggle escaped her lips.

“Did you know him from before?” He asked her all of a sudden with his eyes indicating towards Rahul.

“Yeah,” she trailed off hesitantly when she saw him stiffen a bit and anger burned inside him which could be seen from the flame in his eyes. .

“How is my party by the way?” She asked him excitedly to lighten up the tensed atmosphere.

“Not bad, I heard a few ladies in the afternoon complimenting it though,” he simply said with shrug.

“You can’t give a perfect compliment can you?” Sana scowled at him as she playfully smacked his chest.

“That hurt,” he said as he rubbed his chest and showed fake hurt expressions.

“Sure,” Sana replied with a yawn as she rolled her eyes.

Sana tiringly leaned on his shoulder, too tired off to argue with him and watched her successful party, with protective arms surrounding her.
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