The Bond of..? Chapter 1

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Sana tossed and turned around, fidgeting with the blankets shelling her, the light rays hit her hard, causing her lazy body to stir up. Her eyes were swollen and red, the words ‘welcome back to my messy and complicated life’ were ringing like loud bells in her ears. She didn’t know how she landed in her bed after the night’s incident, but she did realize one thing that made a lot more sense to her.

Aarav ranted off the same words to her on their wedding day, of course right then, she didn’t really understand much, but now it all made sense to her. His life was complicated as hell, even a determined girl like Sana could not keep up with his constant changes and mood swings.

She let out a deep suffering sigh and walked into her closet to pick out her dress for the day. As soon as she opened the door of her closet, piles of clothes threw themselves on Sana. She gasped looking at the mess in her closet, she had over 2000 different clothing options in her wardrobe. Yes 2000! She loved to buy clothes for all occasions, and never bothered to repeat her clothes. After all she had clothes to go for years together.

Sana walked out of the room, dressed in casual clothing, tanks top with an extra long floral skirt. She proceeded to the kitchen to grab some food when she realized that her husband was talking to lawyers. He was talking to lawyers? He was the most rude and impatient person she saw, how was he able to talk to the lawyers for so long?

She did mention she wanted divorce, “Geez, this guy wants divorce more than I do,” She muttered happily as the thoughts of freedom drowned her head.
Aarav walked out of the room leading the way out to the lawyers, with a extra wide smirk on his face. The plan had been successfully completed, his goal has finally been met and now all he had to do was wait for the documents to be finalized and then he could achieve everything he ever wanted. As he made his way to the living room, he spotted his wife standing on top of the marble counter top , trying to reach something placed on the dark brown cabinets.

“Popcorn, come to mamma, baby,” she pouted struggling hard to grab the popcorn that he hid away from her.

“You know my craving for popcorn right? I want to each popcorn for every 2 minutes, so I am begging you, come to me,” she whined like a 3 year old for chocolate.

The most stupid thing to Aarav was that she was actually talking to popcorn and expecting it to stand up and walk to her…..crazy girl!
Sana had a weird craving for popcorn, she felt the necessary to start her day with popcorn, which is why he had to hide it on top of the cabinets.

The lawyers stood there giggling by themselves with amusement. She always finds new ways to embarrass him in front of people. He should have known she would find them no matter what, after all her experience growing up with 5 other kids would make her extremely good at finding things. She has 5 cousins who she grew up with. Pretty crazy eh? That’s what he thought when he first heard too.

He was distracted by his thoughts when he heard the lawyers chuckle at her words, “Only if I had a husband like…”

Aarav shook his head in disbelief at Sana’s stunts, he dragged his body to the kitchen and sternly mumbled , “Get down.”

“Huh?’ Sana spinned around with drastic speed, freezing with embarrassment when she noticed 4 pairs of eyes staring amused at her.

Aarav gave her a death glare when she got down the counter top, she quickly averted eye contact and gave the lawyers a tight smile before trying to escape from Aarav’s heated gaze.

He wasn’t going to let her just escape like that before paying the price for her silly actions, he thought as he grabbed her wrist and slammed her body faced back against his chest. The smell of fresh lilies hit his nostrils, while his hands encircled her waist from the front, prisioning her hands in the center. She stiffened, with her back straight as a stick and her skin started to turn pale too.

“You were saying something about husband like?” one of the lawyer named Ron, mocked at her words.

“I was saying that I would love to have a husband like…” she trailed out her words, ranting about her dream husband.

Oh crap! He spent the whole hour telling the lawyers what a perfect couple they were, she might just ruin all his efforts. He quickly buried his head in her soft neck, caressing her mane with his nose, she let out a faint gasp by his sudden and unexpected movements but calmed down when his thumb brushed around her hand, warning her that this could go to a higher extent if she doesn’t say what he wants her to.

“To be like him,” she hesitantly said, while he sighed deeply by her neck as he placed his chin on her shoulder. His warm breath fanned her neck causing goosebumps to rise throughout her skin.

“Young love, how lovely!,” Ron admired them both, while Sana managed to bring up a shade of pink blush on her cheeks to add the effect while Aarav plastered a wide smile on his face. To the world, they were a perfect couple and both of them made sure to act like one too.

“Well, see you Mr. Ross,” the lawyers softly said bidding them both farewell.

Aarav breathed out a sigh of relief as he gently touched his cheek with hers. He knew how his mere touch affected hers, but her being the stubborn girl she was, wouldn’t accept anything like that.

“So, what were you saying about your perfect husband?” he voiced out a mock as he tightened his grip on her hands and placed his chin back on her shoulder.
“I was just saying how I would love to have a more caring husband,” she answered, all of sudden extremely conscious of her actions when his fingers started to casually brush hers.

“Ahh….is that what every girl looks for?” he questioned her in a faint, low voice.

“Like duhh, what do you look for?”she asked absent mindedly as her mind focused on getting out of his clutch. She felt extremely squirmed and confined in his arms.

“Sorry, I am not interested in guys,” he let out a dry mock, laughing into her ears. His warm mint breath heated her earlobe while her eyes narrowed at his lame joke, and she elbowed him lightly in the stomach causing him to release his grip.

“Go away,’ she dryly stated, the Aarav she knew was back again, with his taunts and schemes to control her.

“Not so soon,” he firmly replied back, pinning her against the countertop, with both his hands surrounding her body to prevent her from escaping. A smile was tugging the corner of his lips.

“What now?” she asked with bored eyes, while his cold, stern face returned. Ughhh…What more can she expect from her husband anyways.

“There are many more people who will be coming today, so please keep all you silly stunts and tactics to yourself,” he warned her sternly, keeping his gaze locked with hers. She rolled her eyes and blankly nodding

“Why are there so many people coming? Not like they are coming to chat with you.” she inquired as the doorbell rang breaking their little eye staring contest.

At least that’s what Sana thought it was, she didn’t understand why he would keep looking in her eyes, so she figured it was competition to see who can stare the longest and in this process she could see a few untold emotions residing in there too.

“None of your business,” he replied curtly, preparing himself for being good. You see, for everyone it comes naturally to be good, polite, etc but not her husband, he has to prepare beforehand to be nice and polite to people.

“Don’t stand there blankly, go to your room,” he ordered, waiting for to vanish so he could open the door.

Sana felt the urge to go and hit him on his face, but of course then he would say she is abusing him and lodge a police complaint. So, Sana simply stack her tongue out and cried, “I hate you.”

“Glad you feel the same,” he muttered flatly as he opened the door to welcome some more lawyers.

Sana lay in her bed and did what people did to pass time, watch movies. She stuffed her face with popcorn and settled for the movie to start, with several questions popping in her mind, making her grow suspicious.

Why were they so many people coming to meet Aarav? It takes a lot of patience to keep up with his rude and arrogant nature, then why? She heard several people congratulating him on his success….what did he achieve? Why was he hiding all this from her?
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  1. hey mandy…really amazing chapter dr…reading ur story is like watching a drama. ..

    1. Thanks Ruby! Keep reading!

  2. Loved it..

    1. Thanks! Keep reading!

    1. Thanks!! Keep reading!!

  3. oh mandy my girl this is so gud. I loved it. n Thanks for the link u gave. i just saw the intro n commented there. U really do have different style in writing dear. I love ur writing.

    Sana she is superb. she was talking with popcorn. oh god i’m dreaming of Radz frm mmz now. N what was the line. she thought to beat him but back off bcoz he would go to police n lodge complaint against her. oh this is was just too gud. some light humour n funny things n strange characters of leads. Everything was gud. waiting for he next one.

    1. Awwww…..thanks a lot for coming!!! Love you loads!!! You can imagine rads as Sana both have same bubbly and chirpy behaviour! Thanks for coming again and suprr glad u r liking it!! And I am not sure if you saw or now I replied to the other Comment….my name in wattpad is Mandy4144 and story name is the same….The Bond of..?

  4. I think he got all property on his name or for his wedding
    Dont know !!!!!!
    It was really intresting …….

    1. Maybe….who knows! Keep guessing and thanks a lot!

  5. I luvd dis too. . . Ur stories r different. . . like mysterious. . .or secrets. . .but i luv such stories. . . Its too interestng, updt nxt part soon dr ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Thanks Liya! Haha…yeah I like to add a lot of secrets and mysterious in my stories! Will update soon!!

  6. Great episode… carry on… i think aarav has probably got his dad’s properties??or any such indications from the lawyers that he is gonna get some fortune?? Hmmm… it can b nything… as is goin on in ur mind… isnt it?? Lolzz.. no more guesses.. lets wait for the upcomin epi

    1. Thanks!! It might be property paper ?…but ur r right, u never what is going on in his mind! Keep guessing and reading!!

  7. it ws a vowww epi yr especially sana she is damn so childish nd d popcorn incident it made me rofl nd aarav dialogue “glad u feel d same ” lolzz
    dey both r really soo cute plzz update next part asap

    1. Thanks!!! Will update soon!!! Keep reading!!

  8. Ohh…my darling….. So
    happy dat u started writing another ff….ur stories r always full of mysteries….i love it…. Aarav n Sana…nice name…
    Sana grew up wid hr 5 cousins…it reminded me of my cousins…ohh and her craving 4 popcorn…in d morning….u knw i also luv popcorn dipped in chocolate…its yummy….
    Update soon…..write soon….love you to the moon and back…take care

    1. Awww….thanks Vivi!!! You have 5 cousins too?? Lol! I have 5 close cousins too!!!
      Wow…such a coincidence, both of you love popcorn and cousins! I love chocolate tho…no popcorn for me!
      Thanks a lot Vivi….Keep reading!!

  9. awwww….soo cute …san is soo cute ….and …..luvd it ,,,i mean ,,,TOTALLY………. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. *SANA ………….

      1. Thanks!! Keep reading….glad ur liking Sana!!

  10. Awww ill manners boy need to slap him hard

    1. Lol! I’m not sure about that!

  11. Superb episode dear. Sana talking to popcorn it’s really cute n funny. Waiting for the next update.

    1. Hey Lakshmi….Long time no see. Where were you?? Thanks!! Keep reading??

  12. Wowwww mandy dearrryyyy, it’s superb, awesome, marvellous episode, sana so adorable n arav real monster. ..the contract marriage…wowwww awesome plot….loved the line welcome to my messy n complicated life….I love this kind of challenging stories. evil me..what is he hiding from sana…maybe marriage announcement. ..loving this story very much. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. LOL! Thanks Roma….not evil at all! I love these kinda stories too ๐Ÿ˜‰ They are already married Roma, so not that, something different but along the same lines though. Keep guessing !! Love ya!

  13. The update was really awesome…haha the popcorn seen was hilarious…loved it…I must say you are a great writer…some people are God gifted and you are one of them… bye and take care

    1. OMG!! Thank you sooo much!! I am truly honored by your words!! Keep reading and thanks again!

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