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Hey guys this is your sara. I am writing another ff on popular couple abhi & pragya from kumkum bhagya. And ya i will also update tere bin so dnt worry guys. Please comment for this.

A house is seen where they are lots of photos of love birds pragya & abhi. They are so cute & by seeing them anyone can how much they love each other.

Abhi is seen searching for something. He is searching every where in house. And then pragya is seen drying her wet hairs while speaking in phone with her mom.

Pragya : Mom i told you na. I have decided. I just want to marry abhi that’s it. Why don’t you understand?

Mom: Pragya atleast take permission from your dad.

Pragya : Mom will anyone love by taking permission?

Mom: Arre don’t you know that your papa hate that abhi.

Pragya : And i really love him mom.

Then abhi calls her

Abhi: Pragya. ….

Pragya : One minute abhi.

Again she talks to her mom.

Pragya : Mom we are living together for the last 3 years. If it is not love we must be separated by 3 months right. Mom i am telling you he is serious about me. And you know what today i have seen a ring in his cupboard. And finally he is going to propose me.

The moment when he propose me i am going to say yes. And ya mom if you & dad are adamant then me too the same. If you both hate my abhi then i am single enough to love him.

Mom: Pragya try to understand it’s not a simple thing. Its about life.

Again abhi

Abhi: Pragya where are you yar?

Pragya : yes abhi coming

Again she talks to mom

Pragya : Ok mom he is calling me i will talk to you later. Bye.

She comes to abhi & sees him searching for something (ring) in his cupboards.

Pragya : Abhi are you searching for something?

Abhi: Aa…. nahi woh… i am searcing for my guitar cappo. Dnt know where it is.

Pragya : it’s ok you can find it. It will be here only. Right.

Abhi: Ha right. Waise tum kahi jaa rahi ho kya?

Pragya : Ha some important work. I will be back by evening.

Abhi: Pragya no. You promised yar. You told me na weekend we can spend time together.

He holds her face & says ‘ i have planned for whole day. We will be together for full day. A s*xy candle light dinner with romantic music and the chef will be your abhi. ‘

He says this by kneeling down. She smiles seeing him.

Pragya : Ok. She makes him to stand & says by coming very close to him ‘ but baby candle light dinner will be at night right. And now its not night right.

And she pushes him & comes back & says ‘ so i guess i can go by now & can come back by evening. ‘ He tries to stop her.

‘So by evening i will complete my work fast & will be back. Take care bye. ‘

Abhi : Pragya wait… fuggi that’s not fair yar.

But she is not listening to him & going & finally he blocks her way.

Abhi: Fuggi wait…. dnt go na please.

Pragya : Abhi i am getting late please let me go.

He holds her wrist & stops her. He hugs her from back.

Abhi: If its getting late then let it be. Without you i will be bored yar. Akele kya karoonga?

Pragya : Acha you will be feeling bored.

Abhi: Hmmmm

Pragya silently get relieve from his hug & turns to him & says ” okay so…

Abhi: So…

Pragya : You…

Abhi: Me….

Pragya : search your guitar cappo.

Saying this she pushes him & goes to entrance.

Abhi: Pragya…. fuggi fuggi fuggi ……

He stops her by pinning her to door.

Abhi : Please stay na dnt go please.

They are so close to each other only inch gap is there between there lips.

Pragya : Abhi…. abhi koi dekhlega.

Abhi: Toh dekhle

He comes forward to kiss her then suddenly someone comes from opposite house & they get apart. After he leaves pragya hits him in stomach.

Abhi: Ouchh

Pragya : Hamesha galat time pe romantic hoti hu. I am going bye.

He again stops her by her wrist.

Abhi: Pragya please

Pragya : Abhi please jane do.

Abhi: Zaroori hai

Pragya : Abhi…..

Abhi: Ok. Go.

He pouts. She smiles seeing him.

Pragya : See you in the evening.

She kisses his cheeks & says bye & leaves. He smiles seeing at her lovingly.

Thats it guys. How is it? Do you all like it. And ya it is just a short love story so it contains only few shots. Please comment & keep smiling.

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