Bol do nails Zara (sanveer) Promo and intro..

Hi,friends I am Sayali ..I am writing my 2nd ff It’s a intro and promo please write comments whether to continue or not..
As I am writing CHILDHOOD RELATION I was not able to continue it on that phone as it got damaged,I will be writing it and will post the 2nd part early…please comment..

Saanchi:a kind hearted girl..helping..
Emotional for love and family…

Veer:prankster..kind..emotional for maa.

Kabir:hard worker.. Emotional for maa..
Hates love..

Pragya:saachi’s best friend..Helpfull

Isha:saanchi’s best friend..loves her looks
and make up..

Jaya:saanchi’s maa.. hard worker, loves her family..

Savitri:veer’s maa.. Loves her family..

Dr. Malhotra:died..

Dr. Sunil died..

The owner of sdch is Anand malhotra but as when veer become a good Dr to be the head of school he will be the owner..

All other characters will be added..

Here their is no mission of saanchi everybody knows her as saanchi mishra..

One girl is getting ready to leave for hospital..
Her mother gives her sugar-yogurt..Her friends friend abbe yaar chal jaldi late Ho jaayenge..(of course the girl is Saanchi and the friend is pragya) the second girl says ‘ohh mirror my heart’s let me see how I am looking.. (the girl is isha)..
They leave..

One boy getting ready to go..he thinks to make prank with someone who he sees first..
His mother ‘beta chalo jaldi karo’..
(the boy is veer and the mother is savitri)

A boy is seen very serious..he calls his mother as her mother comes she says
Golu what happen??(it’s Kabir and kusum)
Kabir says today is my first day of this year and now I am very much serious about the interns..Kusum said why are u worried it will all be fine and my holy will handle all interns properly..please if u like any girl in the interns please tell me.. Kabir says maa please..
He leaves..

In the entrance of sdch

He sees the first girl..
Of course the girl is Saanchi..
What prank will he make??
What will happen??

Hope you liked it.. Please comment..
Regards Sayali..

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  1. Shabnam

    amazing intro superb continue waiting for naxt

    1. Sayali

      Really thanks shabnam..

  2. Riru

    superb fab amazing pls continue and egerly waiting for ur nxt post

    1. Sayali

      Thanks riru even your ff’s are awesome..

      1. Riru

        I m glad u felt so

  3. Awesome I’m very happy another ff on sanveer u should definitely continue it dear

    1. Sayali

      Yes definitely I will write it ishi..thanks for commenting..

  4. Riyarocks

    nice plot dear…….continue ur writing…….

    1. Sayali

      Thanks Riya..loved to see u liked it..

  5. Sanveer

    Great? exicted to read it

    1. Sayali

      Thanks means a lot to me..

  6. Sayali

    Everybody sorry for the name camed as bola do nails zara bcoz of the dictionary..

  7. Nice intro……. please make it kanchi and praveer ff

  8. Sayali

    Thanks Anu..but it is sanveer and kabir is yet to decide but if u like I can make it pragya and kabir or is ha and kabir..

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