Bol do na Zara (sanveer) Part 3

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Well I doesn’t gets word so I directly starts..

Precap- saanchi gets a over night duty from kabir because of veer..she is teary eyed..

As veer thoughts of a plan he goes from it..
As saanchi is checking her patients (just normal patients as it’s their starting..but till 1 week only)veer goes where saanchi has kept her file in which her today’s duties are written and changes his file with hers file and sticked his name on her file and her name on his file..
After some time veer goes to kabir taking the file and
Veer-sir this is out of limit..??
Kabir-what happen veer why did u said like this??what happen?? ?
Veer- Dr. Kabir saanchi has taken my file and sticked her name on my file and my name on her file..
Kabir- what but why she will do like this??
Veer-sir as today my duties are little so she had done this..I have the proof..
He shows the file..
Kabir- yes veer it’s out of limits..let me see Dr. Saanchi..
He calls saanchi..
Saanchi enters..veer is also their..
Saanchi-what happen sir??
Kabir-had done such a wrong thing and asking me?
He tells everything to her..
Saanchi-but sir…
Kabir-it’s enough today u have to work whole night in hospital. ??
He leaves..
Saanchi is teary eyes..she starts crying??
Veer is happy??
Veer- why saanchi u done this??
Saanchi-no veer I have not done this..please trust me..???
He leaves..
Saanchi works whole night..??

NXT day
Isha-what happen saanchi why did u don’t came?
Saanchi told the whole matter..
Pragya- ye sab us veer ka kaam hoga..?
Isha-pragya please voh itna bhi bura nahi hai..?
Saanchi- Haa iss bar veer ne Kuch nahi kiya..?
Pragya-tum yakeen karo ya na ye usne he kiya hai..?
She goes to find it in cctv room..
She checks and she finds the proof,she calls saanchi and isha..
Pragya-abbe o dekh liya tumhare veer ne kya kiya..????
Saanchi- mei yakeen nahi kar sakti hu ki veer itna niche gir jaayega..bas ye out of limit hai..ab toh mujhe ye sir ko batana Padega.???

She goes to kabir

Saanchi- Dr. Kabir voh sab maine nahi kiya tha..?
Kabir- do u have proof????
Saanchi- yes sir..??
She shows the photage..
Kabir is in anger he calls veer..?????
Veer- what happen sir???
Kabir shows him the photage..
Kabir shouts him very much. .???
Veer is teary eyed..??
Kabir leaves..
Veer-saanchi why did u did it with me??
Saanchi-OK u cried..???
What u did with me was it okk??I am girl from middle class family not like u..
She leaves in anger..???

The head interns exam day

As the exams are over kabir comes in the class and says well today I got the result..
And the head intern is..well any gueses?
Everyone no sir..
Kabir-well I am shocked but the head intern is…..??

Precap- the interns name is told..everybody are shocked..kabir says to choose the assistant..the first day of interns with the head intern..sanveer nokjhok..(little)

Well who will be head intern and assistant??
Of course she will be saanchi and veer..but their will be bit changes from the original serial not the same..means head intern will be saanchi and assistant veer only..just their Nokjokhos will be my style..
Hope u like it..
Please comment????????
Regards Sayali. .

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    hehe….achha tha….eagerly waiting for ur nxt update………luv u a lot sweetieeeeee……

    1. Sayali

      Thanks dear..

  2. Awesome….
    Mr prankster ka prank backfire Kar gya aur voh khud hih phas gya?
    Head intern Sanchi ass veer ND their nokjhok excited
    Post next part soon dear

    1. Sayali

      Thanks will be posted on Sunday or monday..

  3. Riru


    1. Sayali

      Thanks dear riru

  4. Fantastic dear…..veer’s prank backfired?? …..eagerly waiting for next part….do update soon….lots of love to u.

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