Bol do na Zara (sanveer) Part 1

Hey guys loved to see you liked intro and promo..Everybody thanks for commenting.. It means a lot to me.. Not wasting much time..

Here the episode begins..

The boy is veer..
The girl is saanchi..

They are going in hospital..veer sees saanchi
He thoughts to play a prank with her..
He says ‘oh miss’ Kaha Ja rahi Ho..

Saanchi:what??did you talk to me??
Saanchi:what happen??who are you??
Veer:hi,I am veer..
Saanchi:hi,I am saanchi..
Everybody introduces themselves..
Veer:so now u will be Dr. Sanchi..
Saanchi:yes..dr. veer..
Veer:common let’s go..

In hospital

Dr. Kabir:heyy interns I am your senior Dr..
Anybody has any doubts..
Veer:sir Dr saanchi is asking we will have to
Go for patient’s and start our duty..
Kabir :angry..are u mad Dr. Saanchi you
camed Today only and wants to check
patient’s..go in record room it’s very mess
their clean it.. In just 2 hrs..
Saanchi:(in her mind) what have I tell
anything that veer told sir.. he is playing. pranks with me..
I will see him afterwards let me go in record
She leaves
Veer:what a she will come to
know who am I..
Garv:but veer, she hasn’t done anything to u
then y are u doing this..
Veer:u know I loves to play pranks.. And I
have decided that whoever I sees first
before going in hospital I will make a prank
Veer:chup aur dekho aage kya hota hai..

In record room
Saanchi is busy with some files.. Veer enters..
Veer throws the files from saanchi.. wasn’t good that u told lie to
Dr. Kabir that u now maked my work more
Veer sees his watch and tells saanchi u have
just 1hr 30mins..
He is about to leave he slips on file and holds saanchi.. They falled down.. Saanchi on veer..
They shared eyelock..
Veer:it dosen’t seems that we are doing a
Sanchi gets up..
Saanchi:have u gone mad.. Don’t have sense
to walk and even hold me..
Veer:shut up.. Concentrate on the work…
He leaves
Saanchi:what kind of human he is.. Let it be.. I
Have to do the work..

Precap:-saanchi completes her work and goes to search veer..Dr. Kabir announces about the head-intern’s exam..

Sorry for any mistakes.. Please suggestions are always welcomed..
Hope u liked it..please comment.. Well it was short.. Next will be big..
Regards Sayali..

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  1. Riyarocks

    amazing Sayali…….this Veer…….ye nehi sudharne waala…….haha……but anyways, enjoyed reading ur updates…..eagerly waiting for ur nxt part…..luv u loads sweetieeeeee…….

    1. Sayali

      Thanks Riya. .yes veer kabhi Sudharne Wala nahi..nXT part will be posted soon..

  2. Sanveer

    Great start????

    1. Sayali

      Thanks sanveer..

  3. Good one ND our prankster was amazing

    1. Sayali

      Thanks is ishi .yes the prankster is really awesome..well in nxt par a new prank..

  4. Riru

    Awesome epi

    1. Sayali

      Thanks riru

  5. Shabnam

    superb dear amazing start veer pranks i really miss this lovely sanveer nokjhock cute keep writing stay happy love you ?????

    1. Sayali

      Thanks shabnam..and yes their Nokjokhome are their in nxt too..u too be happy???

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