Blossoming of DevShi


“Dev..Today is Ur last day..”
A voice makes Dev awake..00:00 clock bell rings…Dev sees that
N stands from bed..
While he just crossed the bed,The fan falls down..
Dev takes the fan n put it on side..
While he takes the fan,it again starts its spinning on jerk..Dev jumps..
Dev shocked n walks towards Windows..

Opens the window n see outside..
N see the moon..Breeze air slowly comes…
Dev(seeing Moon):”I want to see Sona if Today is my last day really”..(Think)
Opening the house,n strts walking on road..
Reached the stadium..
The watchman comes in run n salutes Dev”Sir..So Late..How Can I help U..?”

Dev:”Nothing..Just on the lights”.

The watchman makes the light on..
Dev goes to centre n falls on the stadium’ s floor..
Strts stringing guitar by getting a beat frm his heart..

The watchman stands near Dev n strts listening..

Dev strts singing:”Teri Khair Mangdi…Ik Teri..”

Watchman(surprise):”Sirr..Sorry for interrupt.U already know me …I m a huge fan of urs..I didn’t hear tiz song frm ur voice n also it seems like Ur new album.. ”

Dev:”S..Its a new album born in Tiz minute n releasing on Today tiz world”

W:”Sirr..It is nyc Sir..At What time Sir..I ‘ll tune my radio today”

Dev(smile):”Here..U’ll hear tat by sitting near me Morng”

W (surprise):”Sirrr..Tanq Sir..”
Dev calls some persons from his phone…n after tat,strts sleeping …
The Sun slowly rises …
While the news of Dev in stadium,many people gathered the stadium out..
The reporters r coming in rush n trying to meet Dev..
Many companies r waited to see Dev..for increasing their fame by sponsoring the new album of Dev..

Dev slowly awakes frm his sleep..While opening the eyes,he is surrounded by many people actually in stadium’s inside..

Dev calls Watchman…

While hearing his call,Dev’s helpers call the watchman..

The watchman comes in run n asked”Gud mrng Sir..How can I help U”
Dev:”Two Cups of Coffee..Bhai”
W (Surprise):Tanq Sir for calling me Bhai..just a min”
Watchman run towards his room n takes 2 cups of coffee..
Gives cups to Dev..
Dev(smile):”Bhai..One is for U..Bt dont tell about the Song to anyone now”..
While the news comes,the reporters trying to surround The watchman..
Bt Dev’s helpers make him safe…

After the preparations,On 12:00 Dev is coming to Stage..
Dev sings all his songs..
The people (shouts):Dev..Dev..(Huge Level)..
One of the sponsors (to Dev’s helpers):Still Sir didn’t sing the new song..
Dev’s helper:”I didn’t know..Only tat man only knows about the Song.. Bt Now he is near DevSir”..”
One of the Dev’s songs is running on back (actually Dev Sings)..
Song is going to be finished..
All eyes r eagerly waited to see What’s next..
Dev takes a flute n strts playing..

The people r shouting n applausing in joy while seeing Dev’s flute playing first time..n got in their minds::”Tiz is the new song”
Dev finished the flute n said “Specially for Someone..”
Applause n Whistles fully on stadium..
Dev:”Teri Khair Mangdi..
Ik Teri Khair Mangdi…”
(With playing his guitar)While hearing,the stadium is full of whistles n applauses..

One of the reporters said to Dev’s helper:”Sir..It is going to be a blaster hit.Now the Song is Trending No1…How magic is in his Voice”
Dev’s helper (smile):”S Sir..U crctly said..Our Dev Sir has magic in his voice”
Dev’s song is Trending n a massive hit within 10 mins…
Dev To Watchman:”We ‘ll c u Soon,Bhai”
Dev goes to house n strts sleeping..
At 9,Dev awakes n goes to a mall..
Actually already made some plans on surrounding glass by the helpers ..
Huge people jammed the road n Dev strts drawing a girl’s image on surrounding glass of the mall on entrance..
He is sitting with safetyropes n strts drawing.. at 10..
The people clapping continuously gives applauses …
Dev draws a girl’s image who is unknown to using Pinkish,Orange n Yellow colors..
She is actually none other than Sona..

A very big resolution image..
Dev combines many colors …
While Dev is trying to complete the bottom end of drawing stage ,a veiled man enters the floor..(11.45pm)
“TeriKhairMangdi”flute version in bg while the veiled man makes his every single step towards Dev..
Taking a gun,the veiled man aims to shoot Dev..While Dev seeing the veiled man,
Bullets crossed the glass n attacking Dev..
Dev falls below frm 2nd floor..

The veiled man runs towards first floor after removing veil n Jerkin..
While seeing Dev’s falling,policemen makes safety measures which r already made for getting Dev down safely..
The people strts trying surrounding Dev..
The policemen controls the people..
Dev safely comes down n the doctors r trying to save Dev..
A girl comes in rush n requested the police to tell Dev about her name..Dev sees tat in half conscious n calls them
A policeman in run reaching towards Dev n said”Someone named Sona is telling tat U r her frnd”..
Dev smiles with tear n said”S,my frnd”..
Policeman:”Sir wants to meet U”..

Doc:”Dev Sir..Plz don’t stress..”
Sona comes near Dev with a tear n slowly:”I m tat one who trying to take Ur heart..I dont want others to hurt U”..
N holds his hand..
Dev realise the veiled man is none other than Dev..
11:58 pm..
The bullets r taken out..Dev closed his eyes.(11.59 pm).Sona sees tiz(11:59:30 pm)
Her eye tears comes out frm her eyes..
Slowly reaches Dev’s hand..(11:59:48 pm)
Dev comes conscious while the tears touch his hand..Slowly open his eyes (00:00 am)
A voice again Dev hears in his mind”Ur last day finished as Dev..Now U r DevShi”..
Dev sees Sona n his hand holds her hand tightly..n smiles by seeing Sona..His eyes tears with joy..Sona sees Dev n remembers how she enters the plan of blast to kill Dev..n change tat n inform the police..
A thought comes while hearing “TeriKhairMangdi”.(Album:BaarBaarDekho)

Hope U like the Dev’s 1st day with Dev again frndzz..It is just a thought while trying to write

“Where is DevShi?”..

“Where is DevShi” nxt epi’ll be coming with flavours of flute n castle…
Tanq for reading n write ur thoughts after reading..Tanq..

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  1. HarSHaN

    Sorryyy frndzz..A big Typo error..The veiled man is Sona who tried to change the killer group’s plan n made them arrest..

  2. Aaru

    Nice..luvd it to d core..

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Aaru..

  3. Esme

    Loved it….nice writing. .

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      1. Esme

        I want to learn some tamil. Can u plz teach me???? Plz plz

    2. HarSHaN

      Sure Esme..It is a gud one..I think U may know some little basic Tamil words..Maybe U may not..I ‘ll help U to learn Tamil..In ur leisure hours,I ‘ll teach Tamil..

      1. Esme

        Just know one word….vaddakam….don’t know if it is right or wrong

        Hey what is the meaning of ini ellam vasanthamey

    3. HarSHaN

      R U new for Tamil,Esme?

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  4. Manya


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      Tanq Ayushi?

  5. amazing love it

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      Tanqq haniya..

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