Blossom of flowers (Episode 1)


Hey guys meet me zoya. I love swaragini but i want to show u my way of story of it. So i will start now.

Scene 1

There will be shown one big land where construction is taking place. Three sumos will be seen coming. In the site one security guard will try to stop them entering. The cars will stop & one rowdy will be seen getting down.
Rowdy: Hey who r u people to occupy my land. How can u start construction in my land?
Guard: I dnt know sir leave me.

Rowdy: Go & tell ur sir that i came here. I will not allow any work here.
He will get afraid & goes to call his boss. He informs him everything. Then one person will be seen coming in a car. He comes down & sees the situation. He goes towards him & asks what this nonsense this is my land.
Rowdy: Shut up this is my land. If u have any doubt check these papers. He will show him papers.
Owner: No these papers are fake. Wait i will inform to police.
Rowdy: Call to whom do u want. No one can do anything. Bcause papers are on my name. Go to hell. But we will not leave this place.
Owner thinks for sometime & he will get an idea & calls to one person. His name is darun.
Darun: Yes who is this?
Reddy: Darun sir myself mr.reddy. Do u remember me?
Darun: Ha reddy sir how r u? U called me after a long time is there any work with me?
Reddy: Ha sir. I need ur help. I am an area in mumbai. I have some problem about it. I want to talk to u.
Darun: Ya sure please come fast. Because i will stay only for next one hour.
Reddy: Ok then i am coming.
He leaves from there. Here darun will cal one of his assisstant & says him to call sanskaar.
Sanskaar will seen wearing marron shirt & black coat over it with cool glasses very stylish & glamorous.

Assistant: Sir darun sir is calling u.
Sanskaar will go & sits beside him.
Darun: Just now mr.reddy has called me. He wants to talk to me about his land.
They will give each other an evil smile.
Darun: U told that u have to go some where?
Sanskaar: Ha laksh ka college. But i will manage dnt worry.
He leaves from there.

Scene 2

There will be one big medical college. Then screen goes on to one hansome boy who is coming on bike. He is sanskaar’s second brother. His name is manav.

Sanskaar calls him.
Manav: Ha bhai.
Sans: Manav where r u?
Manav’: Bhai i was just going to meet my friend.
Sans: Ok do one thing. Go to laksh’s college because principal called me to him. I have some work.
Manav: Ya bhai. Sure.
He cuts the call & goes to college. He goes to meet principle.
Manav: Helo sir my name is manav. I am brother of final year student laksh.
Pricipal: Please take your seat. I came here as a new principal. I am seeing all the students records & thought to meet aall the poor records students parents. Your brother laksh is not at all attending classes. He is very poor in studies. He is going to movies. Going back of girls. What is this? Please take care of him.
Manav: Ya sir. Thanku i will talk to him.
He comes out & calls laksh. Here laksh is seen riding bike with his friends. By seeing call he stops the bike & attends it.
Laksh: Ha bhai.
Manav: Lucky where r u?
Laksh: At this time i will be in college na i am in class.
Manav: Ok fine then i & bhai came to ur college. Come out.
Laksh will get shock. What r u peeople in my college?
Manav: Ur principle called us to talk so we came.

Laksh: Sanskaar bhai also came with u.
Manav: Ha he is talking with principal. He told us many things about u. Now a days u r not going to college ha. Going to movies & flirting with girls. Bhai have listened everything.
Laksh: What r u doing bhai? U can stop sanskaar bhai to talk with princi.
Manav: How can i know that princi tells about u like that. See now u r finished.
Laksh: Bhai please help me na do something.
Manav: Wait bhai is coming i will call u later. He cuts the call.

Scene 3

Here mr.reddy will be seen coming to darun’s place.
Reddy: Hello darun & hello sanskaar sir.
Darun: Come please have ur seat.
Reddy: Thanku sir. Some people had occupied my land & creating problms in my work. Please do something.
Sanskaar: It will charge 1 crore.
Reddy: What 1 crore is more sir is thier any discount.
Sanskaar: No bargaining mr.reddy.
Reddy: Ok sir i will agree but please do something.
Sans: Ok now give 50 lakhs & after work completes give balance.
Reddy: Ok then i will leave now. He goes out. After he leaves darun calls to same person who had occupied land & says see our people will come there they will act like beating u. After sometime leave from there. There the person agrees. Here both sanskaar & darun join hands & laughs.

There laksh is so afraid practice how to talk with sansk. He will see sans photo & talks with iit by saying sorry.

Manav: Being so afraid of bhai y u will do all these stupid things.
Laksh: Who knows that bhai will come to my college & that idiot princi is new. Wait i will see that oldman’s end.
Manav: First think about how to convince bhai.
Laksh: Manav bhai help me na see i think i am getting fever. See my body is so hot.
Manav : No its not fever. U r just feeling like that.
Laksh: I can’t bear it anymore i only will call bhai & talks to him.
He tries to call sans but manav stops him & says that he only went to college bhai dnt know anything.
Laksh: That means u lied to me. Bhai tum bhi na. I was so afraid. I thought i will die & tries to beat him.
Manav: Wait i did not told that i will not inform
Laksh: Means will u say to him.
Manav: Ya absolutely. Its important man.
Laksh: No bhai pls i will do anything for u please.

Manav: Ok then will go to college daily and will study well.
Laksh: Bhai this engineering is very boring i can’t do it. Not only me no one is intrested in it. All my friends are enjoying.
Manav: But we are not like others laksh. What we are today is all because of bhai. So respect him & do what he says.
Laksh: Ok bhai i will do but dnt tell to bhai. They both hug each other.
Here the person who occupied that land comes to darun’s place.
Darun: Come inside raju.
Raju: Good evening sir.
Darun: Take this amount & dnt come to that land again.
Raju: Ok sir & he leaves.
Darun will give one bag of money to sans & says to him to take how much he want.
Sans: Did i take anytime like that. U only give me.
Darun: Idea is yours na. So take hw much u want.

Sans: No i am working for u so u only should give me.
Darun: U will not change. For this take this 40 lakhs.
Sans takes that & thinks about one incident where his father says to him that by doing every any work truely & honestly even we get small amount we will feel happy & will sleep happily but that amount when we earn it in wrong way even if we earn more we can’ t feel that satisfaction through heart.

Screen ends on thinking face of sanskaar.


Flashback scenes.

Credit to: Zoya

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  1. Sounds interesting dear….

  2. Very nice dear

  3. New concept….. Entirely different….. Continue soon…….


    it is like one of the famous telugu serial called mogallirekulu but it is good plz continu the story 🙂


    its like one of the famous telugu serial called mogallirekkulu which is superhit serial in south india and it is nice to see that the telugu serial fanfiction with the characters of swaragini plzz continue the story

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