BLOOD FOR LOVE (chapter 1)

It’s night time in raichand mansion.Deep is in the balcony looking at the stars.He starts talking to himself

Deep:Papa always told me that you will always be the brightest star in the sky but I can’t see you today.Where are you Maa? I am not happy here.Everyone tortures me here mentally. Everyday I wake up to put on a fake smile to keep everyone happy but I don’t want to live like this.Yesterday Virat again insulted me.For how long I will live like this.Tara always try to come close to me.I told her many times that I don’t love her.I only loved the one whowho is also in the stars with you.

He sleeps . The otherday he wakes up. suddenly mummy ji calls him .He goes down.  Mummy ji slaps him.Deep with teary eyes looks at her her.

Roma:Meridian beti Kal raat se ghar nahi ai aur tum Mazay ki need so rahay ho(My daughter is missing from yesterday night and here you are sleeping)Go find her

Deep goes to his room to change.He looks at a picture of girl in his wallet.Deep talks to the photo

Deep:Look she slapped me again

He goes down and is shocked to see tara. Everyone asks her where she was

Tara:I was driving when my car suddenly stopped

Deep:You know how much I was worried for you

Tara:Yeah never mind

Tara goes to her and smirks.She reveals herself as arohi

Arohi:It’s been two months since I came here and ruined their lives but tomorrow will be the climax of this picture I still laugh how dumb are you tara

A flashback is shown how arohi kidnapped tara and held her as her captive

She calls Chavani

Arohi:Have you got all the things


Arohi:Tomorrow is a big day

Precap:Arohi reveals her identity to everyone

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