Blood For Love (Episode 12)

Arohi:Wait a second


Arohi:I told you everything about me but you didn’t tell me anything about you

Deep:OK what you wanna know about me

Arohi:Hmm let me think about it. Tell me about your parents

Deep:So I was living in a happy family when suddenly a Strom blew us away

Arohi:Sorry but I can’t understand you

Deep:So there was a women named Roma she killed my mother for my property she also gave my father some tablets that made him paralyzed. But I was just 3 so I couldn’t understand anything when I grew up she told me that I was an orphan and she picked me from roadside. I started loving her like my mother her daughter she acted that she loved me only to get my signs on property papers.

Arohi:I am so sorry I shouldn’t have asked you

Deep:It is OK

Arohi:Let’s change the topic Do you have a life partner that you love soo much

Deep looks at her

Deep:Yes I had

Arohi:What do you mean by had

Deep:Remember I told you about Roma’s daughter she was serial killer I pretended to love her only because of all their favors.She killed more than 11 people and the whole police was searching for her

Arohi:Then what happened

Deep:Then I met her love of my life Arohi


Deep:It mean she had the same name as yours

Arohi:Tell me what happened after that

Deep:Arohi was lookalike of tara so Roma decided to trick her by putting all blames and proves against her.I married her done very bad things with her made her suffer.But one day I realized that I started loving her so I tried to protect her but they all were very powerful so that finally succeeded they send her to jail

Arohi:Looks like I am listening to a script of a movie

Deep:She came out of jail and exposed all of them but she never stopped loving me she brought their true face in front of me but before we could be together they all killed her

Deep then looks at her and tears starts rolling down his eyes

Arohi:I am so sorry I shouldn’t have asked you so personal question

Deep:No its fine

Arohi:Please don’t cry

She wipes his  tears and makes him smile

Arohi:That’s like a good boy

Deep:Any more questions

Arohi:One last question

Deep:Yes please

Arohi:What was Roma’s daughter name..


Arohi:Tara I have heard that name

She holds her hand and again sees  blurred flashbacks of tara torturing her


Deep:Are you OK

Arohi:Please make them quiet it’s hurting me

Deep:I think you should go and sleep

She gets up when suddenly she feels dizziness and faints deep holds her

Deep:I should take arohi to her room but I’ll make sure no one sees me

He takes Arohi to her room and makes her lay on her bed.He holds her hand

Deep:It’s all because of me I shouldn’t have told you about our past

He leaves from there and goes to his room

Deep:Only one month and then I’ll leave I am an ominous shadow upon you because of me your life will always be in danger

He sleeps.In the morning deep goes office.

Deep:What we told you only one week

Manager:But sir our London office

Deep:What happened there

Manager:They are not cooperating

Deep:What should I do

They think for an hour or two

Deep:You and arohi manager both go to London you two have enough experience to handle a company

Manager:Are you sure sir

Deep:Yes you must leave in a day or two

Manager:Ok sir as you wish

Deep:So all the work is done I am leaving for the raichand mansion

He leaves. After a while he reaches home he straight goes to his room and changes clothes. He then goes out to search for arohi

Deep:Has anyone seen arohi

Bhabi:She must be in the gym

Deep:What gym at this time

He goes to the gym.When he reaches there he sees arohi practicing karate he gets memerized seeing her fighting for some time he forgot all the pains and just looked at her with soft eyes


Deep brings water for her


Arohi:Thank you but where is my trainer

Deep:When I came here no one was here

Arohi:Never mind how was work today

Deep:So I had to send yours and my manager to London for important work

Arohi:What kind of work

Deep:All the employees there are not taking work seriously so they needed a boss so I send them both

Arohi:Good let’s go out

Deep:As you wish

They both go out .Arohi goes to her room and changes she comes out with a file and gives it to deep

Deep:What is this

Arohi:My schedule what I eat what I drink and the time of my medicines everything is in it

Deep:And why are you giving it to me

Arohi:Since my manager is gone so


Arohi:So you also need take care of my health

Deep:I am fine with that

Arohi:By the way thank you

Deep:For what

Arohi:For everything no one has done that much for me

Deep:What do you mean by that


Deep:By the way I haven’t met your parents

Arohi:Just like you I am also an orphan

Deep:I am sorry

Arohi:No its ok you also told me your story now I think it’s my turn

Deep:No its ok you don’t need to tell me anything

Arohi:One day my mom and dad were going for dinner a drunk rich boy hit them with his car they died at the spot I tried to get justice for them but they were soo rich that I couldn’t do anything

Deep:It’s enough don’t tell me anything else

Arohi:From then my bhabi and bhayia were taking care of me

Deep:I saw your bhabi but where is bhayia

Arohi:Bhabi only told me that the serial killer in shimla killed him

Deep:I am soo sorry to hear that

Arohi:No its nothing

She rests her head on his shoulder

Arohi:Do you mind if I

Deep:No no its ok

Arohi:Deep don’t mind if I say something to you

Deep:Why would I mind

Arohi:It’s been only few days since I met you but I don’t know why my heart says that I know you for a long time

Deep:What are you saying I left india when I was just 18

Arohi:Sorry I didn’t mean that

Deep:It’s ok . Arohi it’s time for you to sleep you go to your room and changes I will bring medicines for you

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