Blissful life (Shivika OS)

Anika rolled over the other side of bed, only to find it empty. She opened her eyes and saw no one. She got up and tied her hair into a messy bun.

She went downstairs and she could smell the delicious breakfast prepared by her sweet husband. The whole mansion was empty today. The elders had gone to a temple.

She was the luckiest girl on this planet. Lucky to have a partner like him, who loved her and cared for her.

She went in the kitchen and Shivaay smiled at her.

“So you woke up Mrs.Oberoi” he said, wrapping his arms around her waist and giving her a good morning kiss.

“The sunrays disturbed me” she wrapped her hands around his neck. “What’s in the breakfast today?”

“Just everything you like” he said, tucking the hairs behind her ear.

“I’ll freshen up and come” she smiled and went to her room.

After 10 minutes, Anika came downstairs, dressed in a blue off shoulder top with jeans. After Shivaay went to office, she cleaned the dishes and sat down for reading.

While reading, she felt like throwing up. She ran to the washroom and started puking.
Shivaay decided to buy a gift for Anika. He bought a beautiful pendant and went home smiling. He thought to give Anika a surprise.

What he didn’t know was, he was the one who was in for a surprise.

After they had their dinner, they were standing in balcony. The weather was calm and cold. The cool breeze wiped their faces.

“Shivaay there’s something I need to tell you” Anika said in a soft voice.

“Yes” Anika

Anika bit her lip and then threw her arms around Shivaay. He was taken aback for a moment but then hugged her back. He caressed her back.

After a moment of silence, Anika spoke ” You are going to be dad. I’m expecting.”

Shivaay pulled out of the hug and looked into her eyes. “Really?” He asked as tears welled up his eyes.

“Yes! We’re going to be parents” she said with tears of happiness in her eyes.

He immediately pulled her in a hug. “Say it again”

“I’m expecting Shivaay. Our baby”

“I can’t tell you how happy I’m” he said.
After Anika told him about her pregnancy, it only made him more protective about her.

He would make her breakfast in bed, made sure she took her medicines and took her for regular check up. Not only him, everybody else would do the same.

She had a thought time with her morning sickness.

She was sitting on the dining table, waiting for her breakfast.

“Shivaay come fast. I can’t wait anymore” she shouted. Soon Shivaay came and served the food.

“Shivaay I’m not going to eat this. I told you that make aloo parathe for me” she pouted.

“Anika! I’ll make them tomorrow but please today you have this ”

“Just for today, alright?” She said taking her first bite.

“I promise I’ll make your Aloo parathe tomorrow” he smiled at her as he watched her eat.

“Anika I have an important meeting today. I’ll try to come back as soon as I can. Take care” he said planting a soft kiss and patting her cheek. Then he picked up his coat and went.

Anika knew he would be a great father, someone who will spoil his kids, just likr he does to Sahil. Although he would make sure that his kids are well mannered but that won’t stop him from pampering them.


Shivaay came in the room and saw his lovely wife asleep in Jhanvi’s lap. She was stroking Anika’s hairs gently. Carefully placing her head on the pillow, Jhanvi left the room.

Shivaay sat beside her on the bed and tucked the hair strands behind her ear. He kissed her forehead and smiled. She looked beautiful when she was asleep. So innocent and beautiful.

It was Anika’s second trimester. She would often talk to her baby. Shivaay was sleeping peacefully when Anika woke him.

“Shivaay get up na” Anika said.

Shivaay rubbed his eyes and glanced at the watch. It was 2 in midnight.

“What happened sweetheart?” Shivaay yawned.

“I want to eat chocolava cake” Anika replied.

“OK my love! I’ll make it tomorrow” Shivaay pulled the covers. Anika removed the duvet.

“I want it Now” Anika said. Please make it for me She made a puppy dog face. He couldn’t resist that face.

“Fine!” He replied defeated.

He went in the kitchen, after sometime he came with a chocolava cake. He fed her the cake and wiped her face with tissue.

He placed his hand on her belly. “I can’t wait for you to come in this world. For I already love you” he smiled. He felt tear droplets on his hand. He looked at Anika and saw her crying.

“What happened Anika?” He asked concerned.

“Shivaay I have heard that the chances of misscarriage in the second trimester are very high. I’m really scared. I’m scared that destiny will snatch this happiness from me” she said in a feeble voice as tears continued to spill out of her eyes.

Shh… Nothing will happen to our baby” he wiped her tears and wrapped an arm around her.

“Anika he or she is fine and soon will be playing in our arms” he consoled her as she continued to cling on to him and sob.

“Everything is gonna be fine” he stroked her hairs.

“I think you are right. Maybe I’m just overreacting” she wiped her tears.
It was their first appointment for ultrasound. They could see the small structure of the baby on the screen. The doctor explained them about the baby’s body parts. With tears in their eyes after seeing their baby for the first time, they attentively listened to the doctor.

They had decided to keep the gender of the baby, a surprise.

After they returned from the hospital, Shivaay took her to a room. He asked her to close her eyes and not open them until he asks her to.

After moment he asked her to open her eyes and the sight brought tears to her eyes. Pearl drops trickled down her cheek.

It was the baby’s room. Beautiful indeed. The perfect room. Just perfect.

“When did you do this?” She asked, wiping her tears.

“I have been planning it for awhile” Shivaay smiled.

He wrapped an arm around her “You like it?”

“I love it” she said. “Our baby is very lucky to get a father like you”

” Not lucky more than I am, to have you in my life” he kissed her hairs lovingly.
It was Anika’s third trimester. These days Anika would get irritated by small things. Her pregnancy hormones were making her mood swings dangerous.

After a tiring day at office,Shivaay came home and entered the room. He was shocked to see the condition of the room.
Everything was messy. There were clothes all over the bed. It seemed as Anika had emptied her whole cupboard.


She around with tears in her eyes.

“What happened? “He asked. Concern evident in his voice.

“I’m fat. See Now these clothes don’t even fit me”

He kissed her forehead. “It’s nothing like that sweetheart, it’s just that our baby is growing inside you. And don’t worry about the clothes, we’ll buy maternity clothes for you ”
Shivaay was entered the the ward, his hands were trembling. Seeing Anika wincing in pain, his heart sank. He held her hand to give her support, something she needed the most right Now. She smiled at him as he stood there, supporting her.
The cry of their baby was like sweet melody. After cleaning up, their baby girl was brought in the ward, wrapped in a cute blue cloth.

Unable to control his excitement, Shivaay took her in his arms, carefully.

“Look Anika. She’s safe and healthy and her eyes are just like yours. Inoccent and beautiful”

“And her nose is just like yours” she took the baby in her arms and kissed her forehead.

Soon the Oberoi family came in and they blessed the baby and their parents.

Their life became blissful after the addition of Aarohi Oberoi to their life.

Hey guys! Just posted this one shot on wattpad. Thought to post it here as well. I hope you like it.

About How I met my healer. I’m currently working on it and I’ll post the next episode by next weekend. I promise.

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