Bliss – Raglak Os by kitkat

Hii friends Kitkat here…. all my sweetheart on this page are constantly complaining about me that I don’t add romance in my stories but to be loyal I m not comfortable with it…..

But as a writer I should be comfortable n perfect at every form of story so here I m with a hot n romantic Raglak OS just for my sweeties anaz, sam, manju, sonu, ganga, saba, aneesha n others whom i don’t remember…..

N guys the most surprising thing for me is this is my 6th OS n I m in process of writing two more Os…..

It was really unexpected for me….

So here we go…..

@London in dark night,

A black lamborgini car rashly stopped in front of a big bunglow in its parking lot n a couple came out of it n the boy encircled his hand around her sholder n they entered the house……

The boy was wearing a three piece with formal white shirt, black pant n a black overcoat…….

His face is reveled to be Laksh…..

The girl was wearing a lemon yellow offsholder bodytight long gown with side cuts on both sides on her waist making it visible…..

Her whole jewellery is madeup of diamonds which include a heavy necklace, long earrings, bracelet, diamond watch n numerous rings in fingers (same as the two rings teju’s mom gifted her)…..

Her hair were left open with side parting n straight till mid n then curled at ends…. with a long flick clinging on her face…..

She is reveled as Ragini…………

The house was huge, lavish n as big as a palace with expensive n beautiful interior……

A maid came n took the Lakshs coat from him n then both raglak headed to their room…

@Raglak room,

Its a big lavish room with rich interior n furniture which consists of a king sized bed, a sofa set, dining table, bonsai kitchen n silk curtains….

As soon as they entered the room Laksh dragged Ragini towards him n kissed her wildly…..

Ragini was first shocked but later she became normal n reciprocated to him….

They were totally lost in eachother….

Laksh was chewing her lips wildly while pressing her waist with his hands which was visible n ragini was feeling the sensations with closed eyes….

He pinched her waist n she opened her mouth in pain still kissing n Laksh inserted his tounge inside her mouth……

Their tounges were touching eachother n both were tasting eachothers saliva….

Both were not ready to part away n were lost in eachothers touch….

but at last they parted when they found hard to breadth…..

Ragini blushed red n hid her face in Lakshs chest feeling shy n hugged him tightly whereas laksh smiled n hugged her back tightly n both were again lost in eachothers touch……….

But suddenly their sweet moment was broken by a call on Lakshs cell….

L(breaking hug):- just a second sweetheart important call…. but will continue once i m back…….

He said winking n went to balcony….

Ragini smiled blushing n nodded in yes….

She went to dresser n blushed recalling her recent moments with laksh n then hidded her forehead muttering stupid….

she started removing her jewellary but then felt a touch n then she saw through mirror laksh removing her earing n he kissed her earlobe n then he did same with her both ears n ragini was lost in his touch with a mild smile on her lips….

later he removed her necklace n nuzzeled his face in crook of her neck n kissed her neck, shoulder n back…..

later he slided his hands from her shoulder n then towards her palms sliding them from her hands…..

he removed her watch n bracelet from her hands n kissed their…..

later he took her both hands in her hands n turned her towards him…..

they shared a long n passionate eye lock….. n laksh kissed raginis hand n then all her fingers one bye one….

ragini was just enjoying his touch n lost in him…..

Laksh cupped raginis face n kissed her forehead n ragini placed her hands on laksh hands n closed her eyes….

L:- ragini i know i didn’t complimented u today in party but u know na how i rushed to the venue directly from airport….????

R(placing her finger on Lakshs lips):- sush hubby i don’t wanna listen how do i look or how much u love me by ur words…. show it to me through ur actions….

She said this while sowly unbuttoning first two buttons of Lakshs shirt n peeked his chest n later buried her face in his chest while blushing……

Laksh smiled at her cute antiques…… n then made her face him while holding her chin n again pulled her for a passionate liplock which lasted for 5 minutes…. n later they broke it due to lack of oxygen…..

R:- i love u hub…..

L:- love u too sweetheart….

N then he picked her up in his arms making way towards their bed……

He gently made her lie on bed n stood up….. they shared a long eye lock till laksh removed his shirt n then came over her n again kissed her but gently….

She was cluthing his hairs with one n other hand was on his back…. whereas lakshs both hands were on both sides of ragini protesting him from putting his weight on her……..

Raglak broke the kiss n laksh nuzzled his face in her shoulder kissing her there…..

he then moved to her face kissing her forehead n then he partially lied on her while entangling his finger with her…. while he kissed both her eyes , then cheeks, he again peak her lips, then her chin, later he ended up to her coller bone….

he gave her a lovebite on his neck n ragini moaned his name in this pain enjoying the pleasure….

R:- laksh….

Laksh smiled sheepishly n kissed the place he bite her….

He turned ragini towards her back, removed her hairs from back n kissed her there…. whereas ragini was cluthing the bedsheet in her hands enjoying the love touchier given by him….

He slowly unzipped the chain of her gown n kissed her lower back n turned her towards him…
They stoodup from the bed……

He then removed her dress fully while kissing her again while she started removing his trouser……

They were just in their inners now……

Then without breaking the kiss he made her lie on bed again n then broke the kiss…..

He then nuzzled in her deep clevenge visible from her bra and planted few wet kisses their……

Then he moved down towards her stomach n kissed her hard their burring his face inside her stomach…

Ragini was clutching the bedsheet very tightly enjoying her naughty hubbys sweet tourchers……

he raised his head n then moved his fingers naughtily on her stomach……

He had a smirk on his lips after watching the expressions on raginis face n his effect on her……

He started trailing wet kisses from her waist then thigh then legs n then again moved up to her neck n started kissing her their vigorously leaving few love bites their…..

Ragini was now moving her one hand in his hairs awakening the sensations in him n the other hand was on his bare back tracing her nail marks there…….

Suddenly ragini came upon him leaving him in shock n started kissing his well tone stomach, then chest, neck, cheeks, nose, forehead n at last his lips….. she slowly picked his lips n brush his both cheeks with hers whereas laksh was enjoying the sweet tourchers of his wife with closed eyes n was responding to her by careing her back with his hands…..

Ragini slowly again started cheving his lips while kissing him……

He too reciprocated while kissing her lower lip n she was kissing his upper lip n moaning with pleasure……

But suddenly he smiled naughtily with a thought n suddenly unhooked her bra…..

This made ragini shocked n opened her eyes widely while breaking their kiss….

Laksh smiled to her sheepishly n they shared a long passionate eyelock….

Ragini buried her bace in his chest while blushing red in shyness…….

Laksh slowly rolled on her resting her back on bed n removed her bra while ragini closed her eyes tightly n clutched the bed sheet……

Laksh took raginis one hand in his hand and clutched it tightly entangleing his fingers with hers…..

Later he left her hands free n she instantly clutched the bedsheet feeling shy n shut her eyes tightly……

This closeness of them was not a new thing for her as they have intimated many a time…..

But everytime it was like a new experience for them…..

Now Laksh’s gaze turned to her exposed n s*xy body….

He buried his face in her clevenge n kissed her their hardly………

Ragini arched her back moan in pleasure with lakshs touch giving him more approach to taste her s*xy clevenge…..

He then moved to her bobs n started sucking them n kissing her there…..

He went crazy with touch of her milky skin n started biting her wildly there…..

He kissed one side n took the other in his hand pressing them n Ragini smiled lightly while biting her own lips……

He then moved to her stomach and kissed her their……

Now both had enough from this teasing session n were on the verge of exhausting so laksh removed the Last piece of cloth left on her body striking him from marking her his again…..

He threwed it off her underwear n now every inch of her body was exposed to him….

He to removed his waist making Ragini’s heart to tump out while imagining what will happen next……

Ragini had closed her eyes tightly in shyness n her hands were clutching the soft bedsheet beneath her hardly in her fist so Laksh moved up to her face n kissed her forehead while disengaging her fingers from bedsheet n entangled his fingers of his both the hand to each of her hands……

They again shared a long liplock for about 10 minutes n later Laksh started nuzzling, kissing, biting n smoothing the love bites on her neck…..

N then he again moved down to her thigh’s n kissed her inner thigh n ragini was just enjoying his touch he kissed her sof part n then moved up to her lipes while kissing her abdomen, stomach, br*asts, clevenge, nape n finally he entered inside her with all his force…..

“Laksh’’ She screamed in pain when he entered inside her n tears rolled down her eyes due to pain….

Laksh again started kissing her wildly on her lips to sooth her pain while adjusting his position inside her……

He started pushing himself more inside her moving up-down rhythmically n smoothly while continueing to kiss her as a distraction to decrease her pain

n after all this activities they finally parted after almost 20 minutes while Laksh collapsed beside her…..

She gentally cared his hairs n kissed his forehead….

Both were drenched in sweat, exhausted n panting badly….

She rested her head on his chest n he felt bad for her condition as he know that she beared this all tortures just to give him pleasure…..

He covered themselves in a soft quilt n gentally kissed her forehead while his one hand was wraped around her delicate figure n another stroking her chick….

While Ragini had already dozed off all drained due to recent activities but still a satisfaction of being with her love n charm of his love was visible on her exhausted face……

Smiling on her innocence n calm face Laksh too dozed off while stairing her……..

So guys how is it….???
For the first time tried something new
n plz do comment…….
N ya if you want me to continue this OS in one more part do tell me…..
n I want more comments this time…..

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  1. AMkideewani

    It’s too romantic☺️☺️☺️??????????

    1. Kitkat

      thanks again

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    Superbbbb yaar…loved it..pls write more OS like ds

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      thank you so much sweetheart n next part will b posted as soon as possible…..

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    Awesome dear….want one more part

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    It was seriously awesome I loved it
    Raglak are really bliss
    You are really a raglak fan who can project them in a correct way……..

    1. Kitkat

      aww… sweet of u….. think a lot dear…..

  11. Awesome dear, too romantic

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    Mind blowing

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  20. Outstanding os dear and it’s a beautiful romantic Raglak os. Raglak scenes are really hot. U nailed it dear. Thanks for lot for this beautiful Raglak story. Please please please write another part with more Raglak scenes. Eagerly waiting for another part and please post ASAP. Love you dear and take care

    1. Kitkat

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    1. Kitkat

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    sweetie this os hot and spicy one. Awesome dear. I just amazed with all the scene. The full os amazing. Continue with other one.

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