Bliss – Raglak Os by kitkat part two

Hey friend’s kitkat here with next part of our TS Bliss….

Yes on request of U all for such a warm response I have converted this OS to TS…..

This Part is totally again dedicated to my sweethearts n specially Anaz n Manju…..

So without more bakbak…..

Here we go…..

TS Bliss Last part

In morning

@Raglak room,

Both lovebirds are seen sleeping cutely in each other’s embrace peacefully…..

Cuddling each other under the quilt…..

Laksh’s head was on cushion n one hand was around ragini who had rested her head on his chest….. n her hand around him…..

Laksh woke up when his phone rang n it resulted for breaking raginis sleep too…..

Laksh suddenly picked up call sitting partially on bed n ragini too satup still eyes closed while stretching the quilt over her till neck….

She again rested her head on his chest with eyes closed while he encircled his hands around her rubbing her arm…..

Laksh on call with his secretary Samuel…..

S:- Good morning sir

L:- yes sam…. good morning….

You know its Sunday today so i m on leave……

S:- Yes sir but it was urgent…..

The Karma industries are asking for tomorrows appointment for meeting n our presentation is too ready so should I confirm it….???

L:- Oh I really forgot about it…. Thanks for reminding…. K confirm it….

Anything more…???

S:- No sir n yes congratulations for our success in Los Angelis business conference sir…

Bye…. Have a nice day sir…..

L:- Thanks sam…. bye…. you two have a nice day….

N laksh ended the call….

R:- Good morcning hubby…..

She said hugging him tightly…..

L:- Good morning jaan… Tired….

R:- a bit….

L:- sighs…. why don’t u stop me when i go wild….. It’s always you who suffer….

Says he peaking her forehead…..

R:- Sush hubby…. Its becoz I love you and I like when u show your love towards me…..

L:- you won’t change….

R:- you want me to change????

L:- nope i don’t want you to change….

I love you n like you the way u are from past 10 years since I know you…..

Five years as my girlfriend Miss Ragini Singh n then as my wife Mrs. Ragini Laksh Kapoor for last five years n then as Ragya n ragsh’s cute, loving, caring n possessive mom for last almost 3 years…..

Said he cuddling her more n she smiled to it….

Then she opened her eyes n said looking in his eyes…..

R:- Laksh when are we going to bring back Ragya n Ragsh ( Raglaks twin son n daughter of 2 years) from moms place….

I left them yesterday there due to party…..

I m missing them…..

Said she pouting…

Laksh Smiled at her antiques n peak her pout……

L:- once we are ready we will go n bring them back…. k???

R( excited):- Really???? Love you hubby…..

Said she peaking his lips…..

But he dragged her in a kiss quickly…..

She to reciprocated like a loyal wife….

Both were lost in eachother n then finally broke the kiss when they found difficult to breadth…..

L( still panting):- Love too sweetheart….

n hearing this Ragini buried her face in his chest blushing red like tomato’s…

Just then they heard a knock on the room door which was closed…..

L:- Who is it???

Maid:- sir its me Martha….

Its 9oclock sir…. breakfast is getting ready….. I have come to call u both….

R:- k martha you go we will come in some time….

M:- k mam….

R:- We must get ready now Laksh…. we have to leave for bringing back kids too….

L:- Whats hurry baby…????

Saying so he wokeup from bed….

He was just in his waist….

Ragini gave a confused Look at his intentions n within a blink she was in his arms wrapped in a quilt……

R( struggling in his arms):- What are you doing Lucky????

L:- as if you don’t know sweetheart…. what we always do… take a bath together….

Hearing this Raginis mouth hung open….

Till then they were under shower n Laksh unwrapped Raginis quilt while he started the shower…..

He too removed his waist n now again both were naked……

Ragini was blushing badly in shyness…..

Her hot n wet body was tempting him…..

He started moving towards her n she was moving back feeling shy with her arms wrapped around her exposed br***t….

Finally her back touched the wall n she flinch a bit…..

He kept both his hands on both sides of her beside her head….. n leaned towards her lips….

Her heart was doing summersaults watching her hot husband so close to her…..

n within seconds he smashed his lips upon her shocking her…..

Coming out of her shock she too reciprocated him……

Both were hungrily chewing eachothers lips while her hand was moving rhythmically on his hard abs n his hands were massaging her waist……

After long session of exploring eachothers mouth they both parted away panting n breadthing heavily……

He merged his forehead with her n then both were smiling at eachother maniacally…..

He softly kissed her forehead…. then her eyes…. then nose…. then peaked her lips….

then kissed both of her cheeks while moving to her collar bone n left some love bites their after kissing the bites of previous night…..

Raginis hands were on lakshs bare shoulders…..

She was clutching them tightly to sooth her sensations n her fingers were immersingin his hard skin…..

Later laksh started chewing the ni***es of her br***ts……

He was pressing n chewing them…… causing immence pain to ragini…..

He then moved to her stomach n started kissing her their hardly….

Ragini who was just lost in his touch was in pain but of pleasure….

She was pressing his head more in her stomach with her hands on his head…..

He then started giving kisses to her soft part n inner thighs………

He later stood up n again entered inside her making her flinch n still her back pressed to wall……

Tears flow down her eyes due to pain…..

He again started kissing her lips for distracting her to sooth her pain while their fingers were entangled n he adjusted himself inside her……

Now he let go of her mouth n nuzzled his face in her neck…..

He started thrusting himself inside her very hardly n she was moaning his name in pleasure…..

“Ahh laksh….. Its paining plz…..”

So came out of her n she let out a gasp…..

She was too tired now….

he now made her turn n pressed her body gentally on the toffon glass wall in washroom….

She was not stuck to that wall n her back was facing his front…..

He sided her hairs from her back to a side kissing her back, shoulders n neck….. n she arched her back with his touch…..
He made her turn again but still touched to that glass but now with her back……

He took some foam of bodywash applying it on her whole body n now dragged her under shower again…..

He started removing the foam from her body n when done he again caught her in a passionate kiss n she too reciprocated……..

He again turned her to her back n kissed the water droplets on her shoulder….

N finally he closed the shower n wrapped himself with a towel down his waist n wrapped in a bathrobe n her wet hairs with a towel…..

They came out n he slowly made her sit on bed n started drying her wet hairs with her towel……

Feeling shy she buried her face in his chest hugging him n he too hugged her back…..

Making them lost in their own world of love……

Tan tana…..

N here my first ever TS n especially ROMANTIC TS ends…..

Do tell me how u got it…..

Egarly waiting for ur likes n comments…..

If i will get less than 100 likes n less than 50 comments i won’t post any of my works here after n then don’t blame me for it n i m very serious this time…..

GoT IT….???

n happy birthday astra…… love you sweetheart…..

Hastala vista guys…..


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    Awesome yaar so good I am blushing ??? raglak are so adorable

    1. Kitkat

      even I was blushing while writing it…..

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    thank you for the wishes dear… it’s an lovely part.. aww..!!?? 100 likes..50 comments??? don’t count your work for the number of comments dear.. you are awesome writer and all likes you. possibly we may not get comments bcz.. they might have missed or they might be busy.. but, never stop writing for less responses.. keep writing.. and spread your talent.. use your imagination..❤❤❤

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