Blind in love – SS (prologue) by Mickey and Harini priya

Swara ss: Blind in love!

Mickey:-Hello Friends..!! You guys will think na that I am writing soo many ffs at a time I became mad ?? I am writing 5stories already and this one is 6th ? as harini di I am also writing this combo type story for the first time with my sweet partner harini dii

Harini :-Hi guys! I am Harini Priya! I am here with Mickey as a combo to give ss on Swasan and more than Swasan it will be Swara! So here is the prologue and I hope u will enjoy!

It was a beautiful rainy day,the rain was falling as god’s beautiful​ boon with a musical chime, it was touching the window gently with its soft fingers.. The cool breeze was sighing among the trees.

In a beautiful house a old couple was sitting near the window​.. the women had wrinkles on her face but her beauty didn’t get less by it.. wrinkles were spread like the map lines of her life. She had an angelic smile on her face.
The woman was sitting there resting her head on her husband’s shoulder.
And her husband was looking her with love filled eyes.
The woman lost in thoughts while seeing the rain.

Woman’s pov

(A deep sigh) I, Swara Sanskar Maheshwari (A small smile on her lips), was sitting with my love, my life, my world, my husband, Sanskar Maheshwari (Her cheeks lightly turned into pink due to blushing).
I didn’t even imagine that I will get this much love in my life. After my parents and siblings love I thought no one is there to love me unconditionally. But I was proved wrong. I was proved wrong by the pure and honest love of Sanskar. I was a child, daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife, daughter in law, mother and now grandmother! In these phases of my life I enjoyed my life with my family i.e. with my parents, grandparents and brother. But I really started to live my life when I became wife of Sanskar. I really got to know the meaning of love and life when I was with Sanskar. Today I feel completed because of ur BLIND LOVE on me Sanskar. I love u that u can’t even imagine!I am also BLIND IN YOUR LOVE! (A bright smile on her angelic face)

Swara Gaddodia/ Swara Sanskar Maheshwari: daughter of Shekhar Gaddodia and Sharmistha Gaddodia, granddaughter of Deendayal Gaddodia and Parvathi Gaddodia, sister of Laksh Gaddodia, wife of Sanskar Maheshwari, daughter in law of Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Annapurna Maheshwari, mother of Sparsh and grandmother of Sanskriti.
Friends this in the story of swara with her lovely family We hope you guys liked it..
Take care
Keep smiling
Mickey and Harini priya??

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    1. Yashu24

      thank u soooo much di
      we both r really happy that u liked it 🙂

  1. interesting..continue soon..

    1. Yashu24

      thank u sooo much
      we both r really happy that u liked it 🙂

  2. Phoniex

    loved it dear

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      thank u soooo much ria dear
      we r happy that u liked it
      love u 🙂

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      thank u soooo much diii
      we r really happy that u found it nice 🙂

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      thank u soooo much
      we r happy that u liked it 🙂

    1. Yashu24

      thank u sooo much
      we r happy that u liked it 🙂

  5. loved it..continue soon

    1. Yashu24

      thank u soooo much
      we both r really happy that u liked it 🙂

  6. IME

    loved it!!
    Waiting for 1st part
    Love both of you
    Take care

    1. Yashu24

      thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooo muchhhh ishuuuu
      we r really very happy that don ji liked it
      you too take care
      love youuu 🙂

  7. nice…continue soon

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  8. Fenil

    Superb and sweet.
    Actually i m wondering why ff writers is not trying something new but u both try its really fabulous.
    I loved it and would love to read this new story also.

    Love u Micky Dear for sharing links and love u too Harnipriya for coming with unique story.

    Fenu here.

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you Bhai we r really happy that you found it interesting

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Very nice dear…. Please continue. I liked it.

    1. Yashu24

      thank u very much
      we r happy that u liked it 🙂

  10. Ishanvi

    Awesome micky Di!! Looking forward to read it!! Waiting for first chapter!! Continue soon!!

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you ishiiii
      Love you dear???

  11. loved it..continue soon

  12. Astra

    awesome.. cool emotional

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you sooooo much astru diiiiiii
      Love you ????

  13. Simi

    Interesting.. Continue soon

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you​ soooo much akka ?????

  14. IQRA222

    it was awesome prologue angel and harru di!!
    but i am a bit angry from both of you
    and you need to make up for it okay!!
    coming to the episode it was completely interesting and something new to read
    so waiting for the next part

    1. Yashu24

      Thank you iquuuuuu
      Love you dear ,????

  15. Mintu

    Awesome dear.. Great work da…congrats both of u..micku nd hari…very interesting… Looking forward dearss..!! Waiting for next chappy…Post it soon..!! Take care da ?

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      Thank you sooo much akka
      Love you ,???????

  16. Meera_s

    nice..continue soon

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      thank youu soooo much
      we r happy that u liked it 🙂

  17. nice dear..continue soon

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      thank u soo muuch
      we r happy that u liked it 🙂

  18. loved it…continue soon

  19. nice start

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  20. Kakali

    Awww My Swara.! I’m giggling so hard thinking of how might Swara look in that attire, hehehe and she is adorably cute.
    Mickey & Harini Priya!
    Loved it dear! Continue soon! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Yashu24

      hahahahaha kaku diiii , ummmm yes it’s difficult to imagine our swara like
      we both r really happy that u like it
      really thanks diiii
      love you 🙂

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