Blind of love raglak ff by anaz (part 5)

Part – 5

Laksh felt uncomfortable so he tightly touch her waist

( ragini already in love mode ???????)

Laksh : ragu did u use this way daily

Ragu : yah laksh i used this way to go clg

Laksh : hats off u ragu ??? hw could u ride in bad road

Ragu : ??????
She suddenly stop her two wheeler and shout ice cream………….??????

Laksh : ragu y did u shout like this

Ragu : laksh see their na ?? ??? icecream

Laksh : so wt ?? Ragu this is street food its not good for health yah ??

Ragu : actually laksh : you r totally waste……
( after saying this she start to run)

Laksh : waste ?? Y did she said like this ( i thought she is mad )

( ragu reached near icecream vehicle and buy icecream ????? but she forgot to take cash so she ran back and took cash frm his pocket without asking him and give to him )

Laksh : ( feel stranged ??? bcz no one took cash frm him like this way bcz his frdz r highly rich , they paid their own money always )

But laksh like her way to take advantage of him ☺☺☺

Ragu plz dnt eat it

Ragu : laksh this is my fav plz plz dont put any restrictions
( she gave one cone ? to him )

Laksh : he hesitate first then he take that .but he still notice ragu
Hw the way she eat it ( actually she lick it like a baby ???? )

Her nose and cheeks fully covered with icecream while she eat

Laksh start to laugh ???? uncontrollably after seeing her face )

Ragu : y laksh y did u mock me ?? Eat fast its very tasty otherwise i will eat yours too???

Laksh also lick it and said nice
Then give his kerchief to ragu

Ragu : for wt ??

Laksh hold her shoulder and show her face in mirror u naughty clean ur face first

Ragu : bite her toungue ?? and start to clean
Laksh silently enjoyed her childish behaviour ?? but she didnt clean her face properly

Laksh : he help to clean her face that time she totally flat in his cared .all make her more attracted to him ??????

Laksh : k perfect lets go

Ragu : she shake her head like toy

Laksh: ragu i wanna go beach shall we ???

Ragu : no laksh i cant
Laksh : but y??
Actually ragu i love ?beach .do u knw ragu ? Every weekend i went to play with sea waves actually that fresh breeze make me bliss

Ragu : i can understand laksh but i am just scared abt sea waves yah

Laksh : really ragu u r impossible ☺ u totally spoiled your childhood days wothout playing with that

Ragu : ?????

Laksh : ragu plz yah nthg happend i am with u na lets go plzzzzzx

Ragu : k but one condition i will allow u to play with waves no mind but i cant play with that agreed ??

Laksh: k maam plz smile ☺☺☺☺

Ragu : unwillingly she accept and go

Sea side :

Laksh : see ragini beautiful place , gently breeze passess them

Ragu come lets play with waves

Ragu : no laksh i told u na i am scared

Laksh : this most interesting one dont miss it u must try it ☺☺☺☺☺

Ragu : no laksh u just go and enjy urself i will wait for u

Laksh : only action ( he hold her hand and dragged then ran near to sea waves )

( ragu shouted laksh u broke my condition plz ya leave me )

They reached big waves comes near to ragini she close her eyes tightly ????

( she felt someone touch her waist she suddenly opens her eyes and watch who ?? She speechless bcz its ragu’s laksh ????? ( actually he hold her to protect her frm waves ) he shouted oooooohhhhoooooooo ??????

But ragu fully lost in his behaviour )

She didnt notice hw many waves touch her feets ????

Laksh : ragu see nothing in it .its intresting na

Ragu : again shake her like doll with cute smile ☺☺☺☺
Then she ask to laksh i want to leave u just carry on

Laksh : do u felt bored here
Ragu : no laksh actually i want to sit somewhere thats y

Laksh : k u sit here i will be back

Ragu : but laksh wr r u going ???

Laksh : just 5 sec i will be back

After 5 sec

He came back and gift her a couple of balloons ??????

She wondered ??? and felt very happy to receive that frm her laksh
Ragu : tq so much laksh i really loved it ???????

Laksh : u cuty wait here and play with this balloons i will be back aftr playing with waves

Ragu : her happiness in extreme level .she told to laksh take ur own time

After laksh left

She gives lots of kisses to ballons ????????

Laksh start to play with waves

Ragu touch ballons sofetly and said this is my laksh’s first gift i really loved it ?????????

Actually laksh gives his phone to ragu to keep it safely

Ragu happily watch laksh

Someone pulk her balloons frm her hand ??????

Who the hell is ????

Guess who???

Precap : laksh fight for raginiiiii

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