Blind of love raglak ff by anaz (part 4)

Blind of love part 4 – ??)

Ragini turns with fear ???

( but laksh still sleep , she said thank god , ? she blush )
She takes out her hand without disturbing him and took pillow placed besides him he just hug that pillow and continue his sleep ???

She left his room

( ragini room)

That hole night she cant sleep properly her imagination full of laksh
She remember abt raglak moments

Next day

Sumi comes to ragini room , ragini wakes up its too late ??
Gets up na

Ragu : maa 5 more min plz ?
Sumi : y r u too lazy grandy still waiting for you raginii

Ragu :she gets up ?? omg i forgot maa
Sry ma within min i will be their
( doctor strictly said grandy need to breath good air and try to walk slowly )

Ragu fresh up and comes to pick grandy

Grandy : wait laksh also coming with us

Ragu : smiles ☺☺ laksh

Laksh :☺☺☺ yah ragu its me , shall i joined with u i want to jogging

Ragu : sure but laksh ?? we just spend 30 min only in park

Laksh : its k 30 min enough to me

( laksh start to push grandma wheeled chair )
Ragini cant take her eyes of him ????


Rag : yah laksh
Laksh : take care of grandy , i will be back

Ragini : k u cryn ☺☺☺☺

Grandy : ragu help me to walk

Ragu help her to walk . Then she makes her sit

Grandy : watch her eyes and ask ragu dr y dont u sleep yesterday ?

Rag : ( imagine y she cant sleep yesterday bcz of laksh ) she said no grandy i sleep well

Grandy : then y ur eyes turns to reddish ?

Ragu : dnt knw grandy she try to change the topic

( someone pulls her dress frm her back )

Ragu : turns back and smile ☺☺☺☺
( guess who ??? )

So its u ????

( its nayana a small kid , they meet daily in the park , ragu pulls her cheek and kiss her )

Nayana : i am angry with u princess ??? i dnt want to talk with u

Ragu : oh princess ??? wt hpnd ?? Y did u angry with me

Nayana: y dnt u meet me last few days no one give me a chocolate too ???

Ragu : sry baby i am little busy in my project wrk thats y dr plz plz forgive me

Nayan : ok but you must give extra choclates to me then only i forgive u ☺☺

Ragu : omg i forgot to take choclates hw can i console her ????

Hlo angel hw many choclates u need ( laksh sound)

All r turns and looks laksh

Rag : laksh ( nayana hide herself behind ragini )

Laksh : kneel down baby i am laksh , your new frd ☺☺

Ragu : smiles ☺☺☺☺ she also put kneel down and introduce laksh to nayana

Laksh: awww so cute angel which stnd u r studying

Nayana : she smiles ☺☺ and rpl i am Ukg

Then r u my princess boy frd ???

Ragu: felt shy and listen wts he gonna said ????

Laksh : laugh ???? he pulls her cheek and said naughty
Hw many choclates u need ??

Nay : yeah i need thousands of choclates

Laksh:ahan hw many fingers u had

Nay start to count childishly then said ten

Laksh : u had only ten fingers na so i can give u only ten choclates

( ragu loves the way laksh console her ??? )

Nay : bye princess bye new boyfrd i wanna go now , my mom is waiting for me

Laksh & ragu: said bye angel

Laksh : very cute kid na , like u raginiiiiii ??????

Ragu : laksh ……..

They reached home

Few hours later :

Dp and shekhar went to some official work

Sumi calls shekhar to knw when they return

Laksh comes down and told to sumi ,

Aunty i felt very bored shall i go out

Sumi : your wish , laksh wait , i will inform to our driver to pick u

Laksh : aunty actually i dnt need a car

Sumi : then

Laksh : aunty i want to ride a bike

Sumi : sry laksh we use only car ,u knw i had a daughter, shekhar ji also drive car

Laksh : its k aunty , leave it

Sumi : but laksh

Ragu : i have an idea !

Laksh : idea ! ☺☺☺ wt idea

Ragu : u want to go out na but u need bike instead of car rght

Laksh : yes

Rag : if u dnt mind : y dont u take my two wheeler ☺☺

Laksh: mmmmmm …… k done ( i will udjest )

Rag smiles ☺☺ ( she throw her key in air laksh catch it )

Rag : enjy ur self ☺☺☺☺

Laksh : ragu y dnt u come with me , bcz this place is not familiar to me na

Ragu : ( felt very happy ??? ) but she hide it then agreed in normal way

Laksh : k aunty bye

Ragu sit back side laksh start to ride . On the way ragu ask him to see around but he cant concentrate bcz of bad road ( many cutters is thier ?????)
Its strange to laksh he try to balance

Ragu : notice this and said stop …….

Laksh : stop it . And ask y ??

Rag: i will ride you just enjy this view k

Laksh : tq ragu u r so cute ??????

Ragu: start to ride laksh sat back side.
( she knew very well to ride in this bad road bcz its familiar to her ?????)

Laksh : felt uncomfortable so he hug her from back ?????????

Ragu just feel flying in the air so she raise the speed he felt un balance he hug her tightly ????????????

Hw was the episode frdz plz leave ur cmnts

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