Blind of love raglak ff by anaz (part 3)

Here is the part 3 of Blind of love

(Raglak in their eyelock)???

Gently air passess by them her hair start to fly in the air so its placed in her face that interrupts their eyelock….immediately thats help both getting back to thier conscious ???? laksh removed his hand and make her stand safely

Laksh : r u k

Ragu: laksh y did u do this i am so scared ???

Laksh : ragu try to grown up yrrr , U r not a kid so dnt behave like a child ???

Ragu changed her face sadly ??

Laksh : aww ragini u r so cute , i am just kidding u , i am sry

Ragu : its k leave it

Laksh: u r strange and cool hw can u take it all so easily

Ragu: its genetic prblm laksh
Laksh : anyway keep smile always ??

When u r smile u looking damn cute i loved it ???

Ragini : start to blush ?

( again frog sound)

Ragu : ragu look his face again and giving killing look

Laksh: no no ragu this time i am not responsible for this sound trust me ???

Ragu: starts to laugh ?????? i knew laksh its not ur sound its ugly frog sound

Laksh : ragu r u sure it was ugly

(Ragu notice his face expression )

Ragu : yah laksh it was very ugly one

If we touch a single drop of its salive our skin got infected Omg laksh imagine if u touch it means hw hadsome laksh will turns to a ugly laksh oh god i cant imagine???

Laksh : really (laksh thinked…. perhaps its happend means hws my face will look like ??????) he shout oh no no raginiiiiii lets go frm here

Ragu : start to laugh in fact she cant control her laugh ????? after seeing his face

Laksh : hey stop it ya lets move

Ragu : laksh u r scared na , I am just kidding you

Laksh : raaginiiiiiiii
I will kill u

Ragu starts to run laksh keeps following her ??
She enter the hall and hide herself behind dp , laksh still trying to catch her

Dp: ?? laksh wait wt hpnd ??

Laksh: pappa she is kidding me

Ragu : no uncle first he teased me thats y i too teased him

Dp :???? ragini well done always he tried to mock all first time u did it

Laksh : pappa u too supporting her this is not fair

Sumi : i will support u laksh i knw she is naughty

Ragu : but laksh dont belive her she is trying to console u mama always love me

Sumi : called ragu to come near of sumi

Ragu go their but sumi tear her ear laksh also my son i will support him always ❤

Then she hugged both laksh and ragu

She said i am so happy after a long time my childrens are together i cant control my tears shekhar

Shekhar also hugged them and gently combed their both head after break hug shekhar and dp hugged each other

( dp said here i’m missing annapoorna very badly bcz she always wish to spend time with her family )
Shekhar: try to console him

( ragini saw little bit of tears in laksh eyes when he heard annapoorna name )

She understood his pain same time she cant see him in pain ??? so she suddenly changed the topic

Ragu : maaa i am too hungry plz give me food ( make her face so childish )

Sumi : she smiles ☺☺ k maaam dinner is already ready

After dinner

Laksh went to his room
Ragini also

( dp , shekhar, sumi was in grandy room )

Ragu: she suddenly remember i didnt give medicine to grandy she comes down

Grandy room:
They all r discussing abt ragini mrg , she heard this behind the pillar she shocked ??

Grandy asked to dp for raglak mrg

Dp : maa i dnt have any objections but we must give some time to them

Ragu again shocked ?? but she silently enjoyed that news and start to blush ??? ( yes i need some time too love laksh then she runs to her room )

Shekhar: yes i agreed if our children got married we r the most happiest parents in this world

Sumi : hugs grandy , and said maaa u r the best mother in law no no maaa
Grandy : bless her ☺☺

Laksh room :

Laksh was in deep sleep ????

Ragini enters laksh room without making noise
She start to notice hw he look handsome while sleeping his innocent face attracted her more ❤❤❤❤

Ragu : she goes near to laksh and sits beside him then gently combed his hair and smiled ☺☺☺

She start to speaking with laksh ( he was in deep sleep ???? ) do u knw laksh our parents r discussing abt our mrg wt is ur opinion ☺☺☺ kk first i said abt my feelings

Seriously laksh i cant express that feelings its strange to me i dint felt like this before i thought i am in love with u laksh ??❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Do u knw hw much i am happy nw ( she shared her feelings hw she felt while laksh hugged her , hold her hand ) i dnt knw y nw i got an answer bcz of u , I am in love with u na

See i am an idiot thats y i’m sharing this feelings while u sleep suddenly she gets up and decide to go back to her room

But ???laksh hold her hand , she suddenly turns with fear ???

So guyz hw was the episode wt hpnd next ?? Guess

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