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Hey friends!!! As I promised, here I am presenting another OS for you raglak fans. Happy? Don’t throw those glares. I know I took too much time. Apologizes for being very late. Random thought and no proof reading as usual. Pardon me for any kind of mistakes. Go ahead!!!



I startled by hearing the loud scream in a ‘keep calm’ place like hospital. I gave ‘ you are weirdo’ look to the giant figure in front of me. Purposelessly, I had to listen her talks.

‘I lost it!! wow!!’, she screamed over the phone, literally jumping. Just then I noticed her features –bouncing black wavy hair in a loose pony, widened dark brown orbs in delight, chubby cheeks, heart shaped lips. She looked good in that plain red kurta and black pants even though she was overweight.

‘ma’am, please keep quiet and mind that it’s hospital’, she stuck out her tongue as the ward boy leaving after telling her. She sat right next to me.

‘I lost 2 kgs Neha. Now I am just 68 Kgs’, She said over the phone, looking at the receipt in her hand. I chuckled, tried not to laugh. The instant She turned to me, I acted as if I chuckled reading a funny text. she wouldn’t be more than 21 or 22 years old. In her age, everyone was dieting to keep their perfect body but here she was happy that she was just 68 kgs. Unbelievable weirdo.

‘Token no 23!!’, the receptionist called aloud. ‘Token no 23!!’, she called again. I looked up. no one was gotten up to go. ‘hello’, I heard a mild voice but ignored it. ‘excuse me!! it’s you! go!!’, she pushed me up by my shoulder this time. I was confused and looked at my hand. Oh man!! I was the one. I sheepishly smiled at her and hurried to the doctor cabin.

I happened to see her again in a week as my trainee. ‘token no 23!!’, she said in surprise, making me flush in embarrassment. Other trainees laughed at it. she bit her lip seeing me glaring at her. As the time passed, we had to get to know each other. she was so kind and jovial. She wasn’t at all insecure about her appearance. That’s what I liked in her.

why I am saying about her appearance again and again is that I had a bad experience regarding it. my former girl friend was an attention seeker, diet freak. I shouldn’t say that but that’s the fact. She was the one every men dreamt of. As usual, our friendship turned into love that’s how I believed. She always compared me with others even though I was enough good looking. As we got close to each other, our arguments over silly things started which finally led her to break up with me.

Time flies so quickly. In a blink, two years passed and I started to love her, my affectionate ragini. I gave her many hints that I love her. I didn’t know whether she understood it from my behavior or not because, her behavior hasn’t been changed. So I gathered my courage to propose her. I practiced many times while bathing, eating, driving, working and so on, repeating the lines again and again. as a golden opportunity, her birthday date was nearer and I planned to make that day as a special one. but what happened was nothing less than a disaster.

I sent a birthday cake with red roses sharply at 12 AM. Then starting at 8’o clock in the morning, per hour I sent a gift like her portrait, chocolates, teddy, greeting cards and some cheesy girly things that girls love as if their life. the point to be noted was , she didn’t know who sent them. finally, I sent the message, ‘wanna know who I am then come to Nehru park at 6 pm’, with her favorite lilies. I knew these all CHEESY but what to do I became a love sick puppy then.

I dressed myself in a black shirt and brown pants which she liked. I prayed to god while waiting for her. I spotted her in some distance. I stood up. the smile which started to appear gradually faded away as she was accompanied by rahul, our colleague. She had a huge crush on him. she saw me and surprised. She waved and came towards me alone as rahul got a phone call.

‘hey laksh!! What are you doing here?’, she asked. Before I could answer she said, ‘some idiotic friend is sending me surprise gifts laksh. But he/ she didn’t know that spoiled my birthday before it would begin by sending me a strawberry cake. Worst surprise ever. If they don’t know what I like then why they are sending what I dislike the most’, her nose flared up.

‘no!! What? Strawberry cake? Ragini and strawberry cakes are polls apart. Stupid, careless home delivery services. How could they deliver the wrong one?’, I scolded them in mind.

‘but, after I woke up everything was more than fine. I got so many gifts. And you know, I got a gift per hour. They are so beautiful. and that teddy… woo!! It’s so cute and I named it ding ding’

Ding ding, only she could name like this. I sighed in relief that she was happy with my other surprise gifts. But it wasn’t stay for longer. ‘I think rahul sent those gifts because I got a message to come here in the last gift, my favorite lilies’, while saying this her eyes twinkled.

‘what?! no! I am the one who sent those things because I love you’, this time I literally screamed. She looked at me bewildered. It took me few seconds to analyze what I just said. I looked at her. she frowned. Sighed. Laughed. ‘you are too much. Planned to fool me on my birthday itself. rahul also involved in this plan? whose plan is it? I know that Krishna right? where is she? I won’t leave her. she always plays pranks on me’, before she would leave, I held her hand and said, ‘I want to marry you and it’s true from my heart’. We were standing in the same position for few seconds. Then, She just released her hand from me and went away without uttering a word and without turning back. ‘She neither rejected it nor accepted it’, my mind said. I was restless due to her behavior. Few minutes later I received a text from her saying, ‘when shall we talk to our parents about our marriage my soon to be hubby?’, my thin lips widened making a line. ‘woohoo!!!’, this time I screamed, jumped like her.

It wasn’t easy job to convince our parents as we expected since they didn’t believe in love marriage. Their thought about love before marriage is a sin. It took us nearly a year to convince them. in that period, we were abandoned from communicate to each other. She was home arrested. After making lot of promises and efforts, we got married with our parents’ blessing.

I was so nervous. Who wouldn’t be nervous on their first night? I was in front of my room, rubbing my hands and took a deep breath. I opened the door and was shocked. The room was not decorated by my beautiful wife. Where was she? Just then I heard water sound from the wash room. I mentally slapped myself for being impatient. I sat on the bed and waited for her. the door clicked open and I saw her in a night suit. She didn’t look at me and went to the other side of the room and hanged the wet towel to dry. She again disappeared into the wash room but came out soon with her jewels. She placed them inside the cupboard. I just watched at her activities. She did some not – so – important works testing my patience. For god’s sake, it was our first night. does she know what it means? The thought itself was making me uneasy. If she didn’t know it how should I proceed? I bit my nails. As every man, I too dreamed about it. Finally, she sat on the bed keeping two feet distance between us.

Sorry – it was the only word I heard from her after entering the room half an hour back. ‘what you sorry for?’, I asked, decreasing the distance between us. ‘I can’t do this’, she said, looking at her palm. ‘what you can’t do?’, although I knew what she was talking about. This time, she looked at me, ‘I got my periods. Everything, I dreamed is spoiled’, she said pouting her lips. ‘what?’, I felt like a thunder fell on me. ‘don’t you keep noting the dates? How could you be so careless?’, unknowingly my voice raised. ‘I already have said about my irregular periods. Now why are you scolding me?’, a thin layer of tears formed in her eyes. Yeah, I knew I was over reacted but we hadn’t even kissed before. We were waited for this day to cross our all limits. I sighed and held her by her shoulder. But she showed away my hands. When I again did she tried to free herself but my hold was firm. ‘I am sorry sweetie’, I said and put her head on my chest. ‘like you I also irritated with it lucky. I even bought a s*xy nightwear’, she said, making circles on my chest with her forefinger. I chuckled hearing it. ‘don’t worry my sweetie. It won’t be a waste. We have many more nights ahead’, I said. ‘then?’, she looked up. ‘then, I will change my dress’, I said. she smiled and picked a night suit for me. I took it and came inside the washroom. I hanged the clothes on its hanger. I splashed some water on my face. I looked at the mirror and just shook my head with a smile. ‘life is not all about love making’, I remembered the dialogue which I once said to my former girl friend. I took a quick shower and dressed up in night suit. When I came out, she was asleep. I combed my hair while looking at her through the mirror. Then, I pecked her cheek and laid beside her. I took her in my arms for that she snuggled into me. I fell asleep while caressing her hair.

As elders said, the first two to three months were the prosperous period as newly wedded couple. After that, fights started to begin from hanging the wet towel on its place to good night kiss. We were living alone in a 2BHK as my parents settled in our native. My team had to complete a project and I had been busy since a month. In the last minute, the system where the data were stored was corrupted. So we had to rush the things since we had only one week for the dead line. I was fully frustrated. At the time, her parents came to stay with us for a week. Though I managed to act normal for the first three days, all the time it wasn’t possible for me. Sometimes, I threw tantrum at ragini and they noticed it. I didn’t want her parents to think that ragini took a wrong step by choosing me. So I stayed at my friends’ house for the next three days making some excuses and planned to return home on the day them leaving. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it but I made sure to see them before they would board the train and I did as well. When I returned home, it was around quarter past 1. I opened the door with spare key. I saw her, half lying on the sofa with closed eyes. I sat on the single sofa beside her, placing laptop bag on the table. ‘why are you late? Don’t you know my parents are leaving at night?’, her anger was visible in her voice. ‘I had some work and I..’, before I told her about visiting her parents at the station she cut me off by saying, ‘work work work!!! for the past one and half month you are saying this and forgetting about me’, she got up. I was too tired to argue with her so I just said, ‘will talk about this later ragini’ and got up too. I grabbed the laptop bag and was about to go she stopped me by pulling my hand in harsh way. ‘no!! we need to talk’, she said. ‘I am listening’, I said with folded hands, leaning on the sofa.. ‘it’s just 8 months since we married. I knew work is important for you and you have a project to complete. what about me? do you remember when we last eat dinner together? or at least talked to each other freely? Okay! leave about me. Why did you stay out when my parents came to stay with us? what will they think about us? already my mom asked is there any problem between us? did you forget how we got married? This behavior of yours hurt me laksh. I am feeling like you are ignoring me. or is that so? You are bored with me. I am not like that priya. I don’t have a perfect body. I don’t like those clingy things’, her eyes filled with tears. ‘what do you mean? Why are saying like this?’, I didn’t like a bit her comparing with priya. ‘I heard you talking with your friend raaju about priya. You were comparing me with her’, she said while tears slipped out of her eyes. Yeah! I compared ragini with priya, my team mate to raaju because he planned to propose her. when I asked him what he liked most in priya, he said only about her outer beauty. So I compared with my ragini to explain him that inner beauty is important. hearing half of our talk she grew inferiority in her. my ragini wasn’t like this. ‘you took me wrong’, I said and again cut off by her. ‘you don’t need to explain. I never cared about my appearance and people talks about me. but.. now… I feel so low, so low that my husband doesn’t have interest in me’, she said with a choking voice. I couldn’t see her like that. I was about to hold her to calm but at the time I got a call from priya. Before I could attend, it stopped ringing. ‘now, I got my answer. I won’t be a trouble between you both’, she said wiping her tears. My temper rose. She was insulting my love for her by saying these non-senses. ‘typical women!! Always having doubts on husband. I thought I chose an understanding, caring, practical woman but I was wrong. It wasn’t you. you failed me’, I left to our room and straightly went to washroom then turned on the shower to calm my nerves. When I came out draping a towel around me, I saw her packing her luggage. I was hurt by her gesture but didn’t utter a word. I took my night suit and vanished inside the washroom again. while dressing, I heard the sound of door slamming. When I came out of washroom, the room door was wide opened and she wasn’t there. my eyes filled with tears. I sat on the bed with a thud burying my face into my hands. Just then, some one hit me with a soft thing. I looked up and there she was holding a pillow. The luggage was lying at the door step. She started to hit me while saying, ‘why didn’t you say don’t go? why didn’t you hug me to stop me? haan? What did you think? If I leave you, enjoy your life again as a bachelor. Haan? I didn’t love you and marry you to leave you. you have to bear me for the rest of your life. heard? I won’t leave you. it’s my house and you are my husband’. Somehow, I got hold of her hands and snatched the pillow then threw it away. I pulled her closer, ‘why should I stop you? you were the one who decided to leave me without thinking how much I would get hurt by that. You were the one who had said non-sense things. you were the one who had insulted my love for you. why should I?’. I looked at her for a second. ‘I love you. I love you the way you are. I need you. don’t leave me again’, I hugged her. ‘I am sorry’, she cried. ‘I am also sorry. I shouldn’t have ignored you during my works. I am sorry for making you feel insecure’, I caressed her back. After consoling each other, I explained her about my talk with raaju, meeting her parents and the project issues. She looked at me with guilt filled eyes. ‘what made you think that I like priya? Why did you grow inferiority? You were never like that’, I said. ‘you. your love. I don’t want to lose it and at the same time to share it with others. I feel very protective of you’, she said, kissing me.

Five years of our conjugal life was just awesome. We learnt to adjust, compromise. We made promises to each other that we wouldn’t ignore other for anything. We were blessed with a girl child. Our fights over silly things stopped. Behaving like romantic teenage couple decreased. The feeling of responsibility, affection, care and the real unsaid love had been started. she took care of every needs of me and our daughter but still she was a working woman. When I was so stressed out and out of my mind, she would push me and cheer me up. if our child or I got hurt, she was the one who would cry first. She is a wife everyman would dreamt of. When I was bored with the same office work, she surprised me by arranging a trip for me with my close friends, discussing with their wives. She packed everything I needed, I would need and I might be needed. The trip was two weeks. In spite of the fact that she already started to miss me, she wore a bright smile to cheer up and send off me. the trip had begun with trucking and hills climbing which I learnt at the college time. the days started and ended with her call. Like that, one week passed as if one year. I backed out from the trip. After getting scolding, punching and man talks from my friends, I returned to home shocking her. I hugged her tightly after seeing her widened doe eyes and that bright smile on her face. I checked my three and half years old maya that was asleep, having her fore and middle finger inside her mouth. I slowly pulled out her fingers for that ragini said, ‘careful. You will wake her’ from the door step then I kissed on her forehead whispering, ‘I missed you cutie dollu’. I closed the door and started to kiss my ladylove.

Life wasn’t easy as well as difficult. It was between them. it was just how we would accept it. It was filled with amazing things. our each year passed with struggles, problems, responsibilities, happy times, love, lessons by having the other one beside to support. We became strength of the other though I was failed comparing to her. the will power she held when maya tried to commit suicide after knowing her boy friends’ affair over powered me. most of the men naturally are fond of their daughter more. I am also one of them. when I saw my baby child, I don’t care if she was 20 years or 50 years still she was child to me, lying in the pool of blood, I was shattered. I couldn’t process anything in my mind. if not ragini, we would have lost our only child. Though she neither cried nor showed a bit of weakness in front of us, I knew she also broke into pieces inside, seeing our child and me since I got a cardiac attack after a month of that incident. I had heard her muffling cries many times while sleeping. at the time, I had just held her to assure that everything would be okay. but, she never turned or talked. I knew she was afraid of me getting worried and also knew I was her strength. So, in spite of forcing her to share, I tried to become strong than her. She encouraged us. she made maya believe in inner beauty and in love which made maya to fall in love with aswin once again after few years. we had trust on our child and maya didn’t fail us. six years after that deep fall in her life, she again rose up in her life like her mother.

I was so grateful to god that I couldn’t have words to describe it. I was so blessed to have her, my ragini. so I was praying to god ‘if possible don’t let us apart in our death too. Otherwise, take me with you before her and let her be safe and healthy and enjoy her days with our grand children without crying over my death because I couldn’t live without her and I would wait for her’.


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