The Blessed Love – THAHAAN!!! ( part 12 )


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 12)
Hiii guys  suhana hereee !! thanks for the responses…I want every reader to comment..ur words means more to me…
Here it goes,
Bihaan starts to move towards the gents section…thapki follows bihaan..bihaan selects a black coat suit..and goes to choose a shirt for that.. he goes and ask for a blue shirt ( which is favorite for bihaan )
Thapki : Bhaiya…get a ro..rose shirt.. ( to the shop person )
Bihaan : for whom you are getting chuk chuk ghadi
Thapki : for you
Bihaan : are you have can I wear a rose shirt..u idiot
Thapki : you sel..sel..selected my you should we…wear what I select
Bihaan : in your dreams…I wont
Thapki : then I wont we..wear the one which you select
Bihaan : do you saw anyone wearing a rose color shirt ? it will embarrass me
Thapki : I don’t wo..wont that much bad..
Shopperson : sir madam is right…it will look nice..and it will suits her lehenga color
Bihaan : did i asked you anything ?
Thapki : bhaii..will you pa..pack the green leh..lehenga ( to the shopperson )
Bihaan : enough chuk chuk ghadii…bhaii pack this rose shirt
Thapki smiles victoriously…
shopperson : sir it will take 1 hour…will you wait?
Bihaan : we will come after 1 hr then…
Thapki : where are we going ?
Bihaan : i am hungry…
they both went to the restaurant…and bihaan ask her to order the food…he went to washroom…thapki ordered channa batura and asked him to make it spicier.
Bihaan : do you ordered ?
Thapki : ya i or…ordered channa batura..
Bihaan : ok
Thapki : bihaan will you do one thing for my sake?
Bihaan : now what?
Thapki : pls do..dont call me chuk chuk ghadi…pls
Bihaan : ok i wont call you in front of anyone…but i wont stop calling you by the name.
Thapki : you r B for Bihaan pandey…ll never change
Server got the foods…
Bihaan : ( quickly drinks water ) and shouts
Thapki : what happened to you?
Bihaan : cant you find it spicy?
Thapki : its nice bihaan..stop overacting now
Bihaan shoutss at the server…
Server : sir madam only wanted the food to be spicer..
Bihaan : so you wanted to kill me…uuuu
Thapki : stop it bihaan this was not that much spicy..
Bihaan asks the server to eat…the server eats and find it very spicy and quickly drinks the water…
Bihaan : now you see…everyone finds it spicy…
Server : sorry sir…we will change the foods..
Thapki : no need to change mine
Bihaan : ahn…ahn..madam ji will eat…now u go and get some nice one
Server went and get a new one for bihaan and served him.
Bihaan : they both had…
Thapki paid the bill while bihaan went to the washroom…
Bihaan : why should you paid the bill?
Thapki : what there in it bihaan ??
Bihaan : i dont want anything from you..
Thapki stares at bihaan…
Thapki : then why should i get dress from your money
Bihaan : its supposed to be a husband i am doing it
( bihaan looks at thapki..they share an eyelock )
Bihaan : i mean my mom told to spend the money..thats it..can we leave
Thapki : ya..
dhuruv and shraddha came there….
Dhuruv : you guys got your dress…
Bihaan : ya bhaii…we need to get it now…
Dhuruv : even we..
they reached the store and got the dress…they are about to leave…shraddha hugged dhuruv..thapki and bihaan sees them and stare at each other..
Shraddha : m gonna miss you dhuruv…call me once you reached.
Dhuruv : sure darling..miss you too bye.
they are about to leave..
Dhuruv : bihaan cant you say bye to her??
Bihaan : i told her already..bye chuk chuk…( stops the statement and remembered her words )
Thapki looks at him angrily ( in mind voice – he wont change at any point of time )
they left the place..
At chaturvedi home,
Poonam : hurray..beta u guys come?? now show me the dress
KK and poonam was excited to see their dress..
Shradhha shows her blue lehenga…
Shraddha : hows it ma?? dhuruv bought this..and he told he is designed specially for me.
Poonam : its much is this ?
Shraddha : its 80,000 ma..
Poonam : so expensive and but looks so good..
Shraddha : ma they are pandey family…it wont be costly for them..
KK : what about yours thapki ? show me the dress
Thapki shows the dress…everyone was stunned with that appearance…the lehenga skirt was in baby pink with white stones on it…that glitters like a diamond…it has a floral design all over the body…and the blouse seems to be the best part…the unique design grabs every was sooo lovely
Shraddha : where did you get the dress ?is that from the same store where we got
Poonam : what are you asking..u went with them only na?? ( asks doubtedly)
shraddha : i was in the seperate section…so i didnt see it
Thapki : ahn di…i bou..bought it from there only
Poonam : it was sooo nice thapki…how much it is ?
Thapki : 4 lakhs ma..
Everyone gets stunned…
Shraddha : what are you talking about…i feel like i am fainting…
KK : beta are you saying it for real..
Thapki : ahn paa..the stones in the dress were diamonds..i dont want to buy this much costly..bihaan choosed it even i told him several times.
KK smiles at thapki…
KK : it shows how much love he has…he is soo nice..i am not talking about the money…no one will nods the head for getting a dress at this price..
thapki gets thinking…
Shraddha : ( in mind voice – dhuruv only bought me a cheap dress…see his brother got her the she will shine in the rokha..what am i going to do…i need to spoil the dress )
Vasundara and balvinder enters homee…
Vasundra : did you guys like the lehengas?
Shraddha and thapki nods their head..
KK : balu..why dont you inform before you coming ?
Balvinder : its my house why should i need to ?
They both smiles..
Vasundra : actually we came to get their dress because as a part of the ritual we need to give them on that day…
Poonam : even i forgot…thanks for remembering vasundara ji
Vasundra : enough of thanks poonam…call me vasu
poonam nods her head…poonam gets coffee for them..shraddha got a call and she left the place..thapki went to her room to get the dress…vasundra also went to her room
Vasundra : do you like the dress really? or my son forced you
Thapki : no ma its ni..nice…but the rate was too much
Vasundra : bihaan never worry about the cost…he want his surroundings to be happy at any cost…he has a nice taste…i will always get suggestion before i select anything..hereafter u can ( smiles at her )
Thapki : thanks ar..are the only one who is so ni..nice to me
Vasundra : i should be nice to my child…because i love to be with are also my child..
They both hugged…shraddha comes there and get blessings from vasundra..
vasundra : shraddha do you love dhuruv selection ?
Shraddha : ya ma..but it was so simple.
Dhuruv : dhuruv is always like that..he want to be very simple..
Vasundra take their dress and leave the place..
Shraddha ( in mind voice -what should i do now…i should wear the same one..but i should get the costliest one for my marriage )
thapki ( in mind voice – she is soo sweet..bihaan should be lucky to have a mom like her…but why he is behaving so heartles )

Precap : thapki was getting ready for the rokha..bihaan enters the room in search of his mother..he saw thapki was struggling in putting a knot behind her neck..bihaan goes there and puts the knot..thapki see him in mirror and slowly turns…they had an eyelock

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  1. Winnifred

    It say part 15 in the title instead of 12, but I liked it anyway, thank u 4 for the wu.

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  5. Dear it was a Lovely episode it was so nice especially the restaurant part and keep writing like this and can call me Kiran its my real name
    I hate the track of TPK now days but yaar your FF made my day…update soon

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      Thank you Kiran 🙂 your words made my day 🙂

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