The blessed love – THAHAAN


The blessed love – Thahaan

Hi guys… this is suhana signing here. I am from agra. I recently started to watch Thapki pyaar ki serial. It may be really funny that I finished watching all the episodes within 3 days.. can’t get rid of it. (Thahaan). So here I go with a fictional story. Please comment about it..

I assume all the characters at the same way they categorized in the serial. There is only a small change in this story. I will describe it in below lines.
BIHAAN PANDEY : Younger son of vasundra and babu ji.
Dhuruv Pandey : Elder son of vasundra and babu ji

Shraddha chaturvedi : Elder sister of Thapki chaturvedi
Just imagine that Thapki has only one elder sister .

As the four characters whom I mentioned above are the key roles of my story. I am going to give an introduction about the life style they are in.
Thapki and shraddha are totally different.
SHRADDHA : Shraddha is always greedy and will like to get her things at any way. She always wanted centre of focus. She always curse herself for being born in the middle class family. Her only aim is to become a powerful bahu in a rich family. She has a evil heart but at the same time she loves her sister at some level.
THAPKI : she is a soft spoken, innocent and beautiful soul. She can give her things selflessly for to see happiness in others face. She has a stammering problem since her childhood days. But she never lost her confidence at any point of time. she loves her sister a lot. And she can do anything to keep her happy
DHURUV : A smart good looking guy. The one who live with his own priciples with good manners. A business man who has always have some thirst towards the achievement in the field. He can do anything for the family happiness. And he loves his mischevious elder brother a lot.
BIHAAN : Last but not least our HERO. A very good looking boy who is a graduate not loves to do business at this point of time. Living his life with his own terms. Vasu ma’s pet. Dare to do anything for his maa sake. Enjoying his life.

And I didnt change any of the characters except these four. HEREEE WEEE GO…
At pandey nivas
And it’s morning, Vasundra doing the puja and uttering mantras. On hearing the mantra sound everyone gathered in the puja and got blessings from Dadi ma and vasu ma and babu ji. A handsome man with a black coat came to vasu ma and babu ji to get blessings. And vasu ma is still seeing the stairs and waiting for her BIHAAN to come. Seeing this the family members smiled and teased vasu ma. Because this is not the first time she is seeing like this. She always wants bihaan to attend the morning puja. But for BIHAAN PANDEY its impossible to wake up by this early.
Dhuruv : Maa.. what are you seeing there ? I just wondering about your confidence level maa. My bro wont give us dharshan so early.
Vasu : See dhuruv. My beta will surely come one day and will do join the puja.
Dadi : Then wait for your life time vasu.
Babu ji : Its usual vasu. see Dhuruv. He is getting late. Go and serve him breakfast.
Vasu : Hmmm I thought of waiting for another 5mins. You guys are always doing this
Seeing budki and chutki smiling. Vasu gots angry and go to make the arrangements ready.
They left by nodding the heads. Vasundra turned towards god and prayed to make him to come for puja one day.
Dhuruv started discussing about the meetings which has to be held in the company with babu ji and ashwin. And they hate breakfast together and Dhuruv started moving to office.
At Thapki’s home
There was a morning prayer song in the hall. Hearing this the whole family gathered there. They were happily seeing a girl whose face is fresh like a morning flower. dressed up in a blue churi with a loose hair standing there and doing puja. Shraddha too gathered with a family . They all prayed together.
KK ( Father of thapki and shraddha ) : shraddha beta.. what about the interview you attended yesterday ?
Shraddha : I dont like that job pa… as the salary is so less.
KK : Experience matters beta.
Thapki : Shraddha has more knowledge. she can easily get a best job. I trust her
KK : I know you will tell something.
Shraddha ( in mind voice ) Who wants to go to work at this period. want to get settled in a rich family
KK : what are you thinking shraddha betiya ?
Shraddha : nothing pa…do u saw any marriage proposals ?
KK : Ya i am going to see my friend today betiya for that thing.
Shraddha : ok pa ( says happily )
Poonam : Try to see a middle class family with good manners. we cant afford dowry at this stage.
Shraddha gets irritated by these words.
Thapki : Ma… shraddha is our princess…we will wait for our prince. He will surely come and take her .
( shraddha started day dreaming )
Poonam : It will happen in your dreams. Try to live in a reality world beta.
shraddha asks thapki to come with her. As they were spoiling her dream.

Precap : KK and babu ji are old friends. They met and showing Dhuruv photo to kk for a marriage proposal…..and also a scene where a man is taking push ups with a very loud music with a great attitude.

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  1. Suhana

    I am looking forward for your valuable comments guys .

  2. Suhana

    I am looking forward for your responses .

  3. I should call it as a good start…hoping to see the best thingss hereafterr….keep one does regularly heree… hope u know what i mean

    1. Suhana

      Thank you chithraa…ll do that for surr

  4. Nice start suhanaa..keep doing. Excited for the next episode.. 🙂

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      thank you divya jaan 🙂 keep excited 😀

  5. i like your story suhana did you interested in watching drama like me watch koeran dramas on net you became a fan like me than tpk watch 49days , boys over flowers ,roof top prince

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      Thank you soo much…even I am a big fan of boys over flowers 😉 hope u stay connected

  6. Truelove

    Welcome dear. it’s nice episode but put some more emotion and dialogues don’t make like an analysis of episode. Don’t take me wrong. Do what you feel good.

    1. Suhana

      Thank you soo much…ll note ur feedback for my next…pls stay connected 😉

  7. Suhana

    Thank you for your valuable comments…will make the changes for suree.. hope u stay connected 😉

  8. Vinlora

    Beautifully written. ..welldone. ..keep writing. ..waiting for the Gazab entry of our hero B phor Bihaan Pandey ?and Thahaan ???

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    Nice suhana.unique storyline?

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    its amazing intro suhana 🙂

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