The blessed love – THAHAAN ( part3) Mega episode


The Blessed Love – THahaan (part 2)
Hi guys, this is your suhana..I know most of you all are waiting for more of thahaan scenes. But i Just started to it will take some time to do that..have patience and support me as always.
Thank you guys…
Here is the mega episode..pls do comment.
At chaturvedi house,
Shraddha and thapki shares a same some.
Shraddha : Hy thapki, cant you see him handsome ?
Thapki : He is ex..ex..tremely smart and he will suits you perfectly.
Shraddha : will he accept me ?
Thapki : di..why ar…ar..e you worrying? you are not lo..lo..w to him.
Shraddha : I know it.. but still my thought scares me.
Thapki : Di..Mark my wo..words. Pa will get a call from them tomorrow.
Shraddha : ( hugs her) Thanks thapkii
shraddha (in mind voice ) I should see some middle class family for thapki..anyways i should do some justice by see a groom from a normal family..none should tolerate her weakness.
Thapki : I will miss you di after ur ma..marriage.
Shraddha : will miss you sleep .

At pandey nivas,

Dhuruv comes late to home and sees the whole family in the hall.
Budhki and chutki sees him happily and realises that they can sleep in a short time.
Dhuruv : why all of you are waiting ? dont you eat ?
Babu ji : come here ..i want to tell you something.
They both walk in to the room.
Budhki and chutki worried again and says we have to wait or our badi sasumaa wil kill us.
Bihaan : hurray..babhii..wat a surprise i can able to see you both at this time.
Chutki : dhuruv came late..we have a marriage proposal for we are waiting here ( says worriedly )
Vasu : so you both want to sleep early ( in anger voice )
Budhki : badi saaasu ma …we were describing him..not worrying about our sleep.
Bihaan : Maa..who is she ?
Vasu : shraddha..babu ji’s friend wanna see her..see this (showing her photo )
Bihaan: waaahh…the evil eyes..Will she is suitable for our family?
Vasu : she looks good bihaan.. then wat ?
Bihaan: Yea..i agree…are you happy ?
(vasu nods )
BIhaan : then wats ter to think..did dhuruv sees her.
Vasu : no he went to talk with dad.
Bihaan : Gazzabb..he is attending lecture, ( smiles winkedly ) okay then feed me.
Vasu: wait beta..we will eat together atleast for today.
Bihaan : do u want to get lecture from him..okay then.
Dhuruv comes out of the room and saw bihaan holding his fiance pic.
Dhuruv : GIve me the cover. i want to see it.
Bihaan : what’s ter to see…You heard a lot from babu ji na just nod ur head bhai. please dont see are having a soft heart.
Dhuruv : bihaan why are you saying this..i am worrying . Give it to me.
Bihaan : what to say..she is soooooo…..
Dhuruv : i can see by myself. give
Bihaan : atchaa..then get it..
Bihaan runs with the cover and dhuruv starts to chase him . vasu happily watching them. budhki and chutki yawning each other and keeps looking at the clock.
Babu ji comes there..seeing babu ji bihaan gives it to dhuruv. Dhuruv sees the pic and felt happy and he started to get shyness by seeing others.
Bihaan : hurray bhaiii…stop flirting over babhiii ji.
Dhuruv : Bihaaaaaan….why are you saying your babhi ji is nice..cutee…beautiful…

Bihaan : stop it bhaiyaaa…i know you will fall for her… thats why i wanted you to not see
Everyone started laughing by seeing dhuruv reactions..dhuruv noted this and says that he is going to sleep.
Vasu : dhuruv you didnt eat beta ?
Dhuruv : I dont feel hungry maa.
Bihaan : till babhi photo is in his hand…he can survive without eating and drinking ma..
Vasu smiles at him and ask the others to come and eat..
dhuruv lost in her thought and went in to his room.
AT dinner
Babu Ji : bihaan i am not able to see you because of your useless schedules…you are graduated now when you going to join withh dhuruv?
Bihaan : ( in mind voice ) I expected this question..babujiii I need some time to decide.
Babu ji : you already took one year bihaan.
Vasu : he is so young..give him some time..
Babu ji : because of you…he is doing al this..i dont know where it will end.
at morning
babu jii calls his friend KK
Babu ji : hello good morning
KK : good morning.
Babu ji : i called you to inform that everyone was happy with shraddha.
KK : samee here…everyone is happy here too..
Babu ji : then we should start.. we will come to your home
KK: anytimeee ( says happily )
shraddha and thapki overhears this and hugs each other and shraddha kissed in her forehead.

At Thapki college,

Bihaan comes to his college where he studied, to meet his long time friend who didnt finish the degree yet.
Thapki was walking in the campus, suddenly a gang of seniors called her and on knowing her weakness they started teasing her and asked her to sing a song. Thapki was all alone and annoyed by the seniors.
All of a sudden they see a Red Audi R8 coming towards them, everyone started to stare the car. A man came out from the car. He is wearing blue jean and a tshirt with a jacket. His tshirts were tucked inside. His hair has been perfectly set with a cream. He started to walk towards the place where thapki is standing. Slowly he started to remove his coolers, people around the place started to see him without blinking. AND ITS BIHAAN PANDEYY.
On approaching towards the people bihaan starts to stare at thapki. she worn a red churi with a fish tail and was so fresh. She looked like a lonely flower in the garden. Bihaan reached the spot.
Thapki sees him continuously and thought that he would save her from these idiotic ppl.
Bihaan : what you guys are doing ?
Gang : we are doing audition for singing competition.
Bihaan : atchaaa…good job bro. He suddenly turns and hugged one of the member from the gang and ask the rest of them to continue.
Thapki shocked on seeing this. And realised that He is one of the member in the gang. On continuous annoyance, thapki started to sing a devotional song with a lot of stammering as she is worried.
Bihaan : Hurray…stop this nonsense. dont spoil the song…if u continue i will hate it completely. I saw my mom singing this song beautifully. dont make me to hate it.
Thapki was hurt and started to cries continuously.
Gang : ok our friend came. we need to talk for sometime. we will call you later.Go
Thapki leaves the place and worriedly saw bihaan face.
Bihaan : when you guys become organisers ?? And see how bold she is. After knowing her weakness she came to spoil the audition. ( tells doubtedly )
Gang : we didnt do auditions dhost…we just teasing her for her weakness. we lied to you.
Bihaan was shocked on hearing this.And found guilty for his rude behaviour. He shouted at his friends for doing the wrong things and searched her to apologise. And worriedly he left the place.

Precap : On continuous insistence, bihaan calls shraddha’s phone thapki picks the call and says hello. Bihaan looks shocked as he felt that the voice is familiar to him.

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  1. Nice episode! Pls add some more thahaan moments.. .?

    1. Suhana

      Thank you jahnabi :))) ll do tat for sure !!

  2. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    Hey guyz good news thapki doesn’t marry druv as bihaan comes in the middle and stops the marriage but druv kidnaps thapki i wish he doesn’t succeed in doin this right thahaan fans

    1. Suhana

      Ahnn ahnn ;)) dekhne hum..kuchh nahi hua..tum chintamtth keechiye 🙂 🙂

  3. rafay don kon

    Aha suhana maza agaya bihaan ki asi entry to kisi ff ma nahe hui.nd gang member it was funny na.?waiting for next will u update tommorow?

    1. Suhana

      Yaa rafay…ll do tat :)) thanks for staying connected?

  4. Truelove

    Awesome episode dear. Precap is more interesting. Waiting for next. Love you. 🙂

    1. Suhana

      Thank you mere jaan 🙂

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