The Blessed Love – THAHAAN !! ( part 9) **** Mega Episode***

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 9)
hyy guyss …suhana here…Thank you so much guys for your feedback…never expected this much 🙂 🙂 stay connected as always..!! i wont upload my FF on sunday guys..
Here it goes…..
Shraddha overhears their conversation and gets worried…as she wants to get married soon..she started think all the night..
On morning,
Thapki was sitting in the dinning table and reading a newspaper…kk comes there
KK : thapki betiyaa had your breakfast ?
Thapki : no pa…waiting for u..
KK : ( kk explains everything to thapki about the astrologer incident )
Thapki gets worried..
Thapki : pa..dont postpone di mar..mar..marriage for these things…she will get wor..worried.
KK: but what can i do my child ? I have a strong belief in astrology as you know…you are also my daughter…I am going to the matrimony centre today..hope god can give happiness to our family.
Thapki : i dont think you will find a groom within this short time ( says worriedly)
shraddha comes there and gives sweets to everyone…
KK: ( gets surprised ) what happened? did you get a job?
Shraddha : why should i need job now pa…i am getting married to a buisiness man ( says victoriously)
KK : then why are you giving sweets ?
Shraddha : i got a alliance for my sister and i spoke with them..they are happy with it.
poonam comes there…three of them gets shocked…
Poonam : why should do you do that without our consent?
Shraddha : i heard your conversation yesterday…thapki is my sister..i should do something for her i did it.
KK : who is the groom?
Shraddha : its our neighbour diwakar..
everyone gets stunned…

KK : he is so short…he dont have any good character as far as i know…why should you choose him? (says angrily)
Shraddha : ya pa..everyone has some weakness like thapki has…we heard his character..but i find him good when i had a chance to meet him…their family also very kind to others..don believe the story which was told by others.
Poonam : i dont think he is the right one…we better wait ..
shraddha gets annoyed..
Thapki : I agree to ma..marry diwarkar…i dont have any with him..dii should have ana…ana…analysed well before taking this step..i agree with her pa..
kk and poonam agreed partially…
diwarkar family visits their house..thapki served coffe and snacks for them…
Diwarkar father : we love to have thapki as our bahu ( says happily)
Diwarkar mother : ya ya poonam jii…she is a nice girl..we also heard that you got marriage proposal from pandey family for shraddha…hope we all enjoy the wedding together.
KK : ya sure…
Diwarkar mother sees shraddha…and they smiles each other ( FB starts : shraddha told that she is going to be the bahu of pandey family so she can help diwakar to get a better job with her influence in future and also assures that she will give dowry in future )
Diwarkar : can i take thapki to temple? today is my birthday..i want to go with her..
poonam and kk stares each other…
Shraddha : ofcourse diwarkar..she is going to be your’s very soon…so what’s wrong with this?
KK : ok diwarkar..go and come soon.
Thapki was dressed up and waited outside for diwakar to come…
Diwakar came and saw thapki and gets mesmerised over her beauty..( diwakar didnt know about her stammering )…thapki was happy with he was accepted her and their family also didnt trouble them in the name of dowry…
They both get in to a auto…diwakar stares thapki continously…thapki noticed that and smiles often at diwakar..

At pandey nivas,
Vasu : Bihaaan…( shouts )
Bihaan : why are you shouting now ma?
vasu : lets come with me to temple…
Bihaan : ma…dont make it as a routine..i came with you earlier without options
Vasu : bihaan..i dont have anyone to come with me..( says sadly)
Bihaan : don give such reactions…i cant come today..thats it
Balvinder hears their conversation and comes there..
Balu : Mr. Bihaan pandey do you have any important meeting now..
Bihaan : ( gets stunned seeing his dad ) noo pa…why?
Vasu : can you please go with your mother?
Bihaan : ya sure pa..thats what i am also oly told me to take rest..
Balu : is anyone in the world getting tired without doing anything? ( says sarcastically)
Bihaan : who is come fast…we need to get dharshan from bhagwan ( bihaan hold vasu hand and started to move )
Balvinder and vasu smiles at each other and leaves..
Vasu : ( smiles at bihaan )
Bihaan : happy now??? lets gooo
vasu and bihaan gets in to a car..
they reached temple…as usual vasu went upstairs and bihaan waits at the entrance…
Diwakar and thapki reached temple..thapki gets shocked on seeing bihaan..diwarkar got a call and told thapki that he will get the flowers and asked her to go to the temple…diwakar left.
Bihaan was talking over the phone…he didnt noticed her…thapki started to recalls his words and gets happy over diwakar..and started to move towards the place where bihaan is standing.
Thapki patted his shoulder from the back..bihaan turns and gets shocked on seeing thapki…
Bihaan : you?
THapki : ahn..ahn..thapkiii
Bihaan : what you want now ? ( says angrily )
Thapki : just wan…wan..ted to tell you one th..thing Mr. B for Bihaan pandey
Bihaan : wat now mahan aatma ?
Thapki : i am just star…started to inviting my friends for my en…engagement ..and then saw you…u r my best best friend na?? thats why ca… here to invite you?
Bihaan shocked over the words…

Bihaan : enga..enga..engagement?? ( stammers a little )
Thapki : what happened Mr. bihaan pandey? consult a doc…doc..tor as soon as possible…and by the way make your schedule busy on my en…enga..gagement day.
suddenly diwakar comes there..
Thapki goes with him to the temple…
Bihaan gets worried over the news ( in mind voice – why am i getting worried for her..why should i am getting worried for her engagement..I dont wanna see her again..i should leave now )
Bihaan left the place..
Vasundra sees thapki and comes towards her…thapki got blessings from vasundra and introduces diwakar to her ( stammeringly)as the place was very noisy thapki started to talk loudly and everyone listens to what she is saying…everyone smiled at each other by her talk..
Diwakar gets shocked by the way she speaks..he got angry and ask thapki to talk properly without stammering..
Thapki : diwakar…i us..used to ge..get stammering more while ta…ta..talking aloud.
Diwakar : do you have stammering problem ?
Thapki : ahnn..di..diwakar..dont u kn..know that before?
Diwakar : what the hell you are talking about?? is any one willing to marry a girl like you..i should have suspicious about your sisters approach..she told me that she will give dowry as much as possible..i was flatten by her words..
Diwakar turned towards the god side..and fold his hand and says thank you bhagwan you saved me from this lady.
Thapki gets teary eyed on hearing this..and cries continuouslyyy
Vasundra was silent till diwakar finishes his speech..
Vasu : dont you have any sense?? is this the way you shout with a girl like this..i wont spare you..if you tell anything hereafter..cant you see your weakness are too short…thapki weakness get faded in front of her character..u dont have any qualities to speak anything against her…i should thank god for showing your true colors before the marriage.
Thapki hugs vasundra…vasundra patted her shoulder.
Diwakar : hurray..wahh..wat a speech madam..i know who you are Mrs. pandey…if you value her character..they why dont you make her as your bahu ?
Vasundra and thapki gets stunned….
Diwakar : you can talk alot madam..but no one will marry her. thank god..i got saved..bye tha…tha…thapki ( smiles at her and leaves)
Vasundra holds thapki and comes out of the temple..bihaan was not there..vasundra thought and something and get in to the car…and ask the driver to go to chaturvedi home.

Precap : Vasundra says to bihaan that she got a marriage proposal for him..bihaan and everyone in the family gets shocked…bihaan says yes ma…i agree…without asking anything about the girl ( on hearing bihaan words everyone gets supershocked including vasu )

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    i loved it suhana amazing yaar dear really u r very talented

    1. Suhana

      Thankiew so much fatarajo 🙂 🙂 keep connected!!

  2. Wow Hamesha ki tarha awesome Wala update loved it but felt bad for thapki and vasundra got thapki marriage proposal to bihaan…

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  3. Thapki bihaan ??? but Shradha is soo cheap character ???????? how can a sister do this ??

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  5. Vinlora

    Awesome episode dear….waiting for the next part…and Im happy that here vasu loves thapki inspite of her stammering and select her as her bahu …bihaans wife…..????

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      thanks vinlora for your feedback 🙂

  6. Hii Shahana I’m reading your ff for the first time and I love it soo much amazing story waiting for next episode))

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    Woww lovely story….I like ur ff day by day…. I love u dear….. 😉 😉

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