The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 5 ) ***MEGA EPISODE ***


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN

Bihaan reached home and he saw his mom waiting outside. He goes to her and asks why she was standing outside..she replied that the car is puncture..she needs to go to temple to finish her fasting. Bihaan told her that he will get an auto for her. She replied that there is a strike here. Bihaan asked her to come in the bike with him. Vasundra seems to be happy on hearing this. Bihaan notices that and told her that he will not come attend the puja. Vasundra thought he is visiting a temple after a long time. That’s itself a happy news for me. They left.

At chaturvedi house,
Thapki started to get ready to go to temple with her mom as she is fasting the whole day. She asked shraddha to come with her. But shraddha told she has some important work and leaves home for seeing dhuruv. Thapki and poonam started to go for the temple.
Bihaan reached temple and asked her mom to go as he needs to park the vehicle somewhere. Vasundra nods and started to climb the steps.
Thapki and poonam reaches there. And they too started to climb the steps she saw vasundra going to slip from the steps due to the water. She holds vasundra from falling. Vasundra thanked thapki for that. Thapki smiles at her and left. Vasundra started to stare at her without taking a step. Bihaan comes there.

BIHAAN : ma..why are you standing here ?
VASUNDRA : U know I was about to fall due to the water here. Some girl came and helped me.
BIHAAN : you should be careful ma while taking steps.
VASU : ok mera beta..lets leave.
Vasundra starts to enter in to the puja and bihaan told her that he will wait around the steps. She entered and saw thapki sitting in the puja she went to her and sat near her. They both smiled at each other.
Thapki got a call and told poonam that she will come within 5mins and left from the place. She went near the steps where bihaan is sitting . she starts to speak over the phone. At first bihaan didn’t notice her presence and later hearing her voice he turned and saw thapki. She was wearing a red colour saree with a single neckset. She was gorgeous in her own way. Bihaan started to see her without a blink and started to move towards her for apologizing.

Thapki finished talking over the phone. Suddenly she has some giddiness and she is not able to walk further. Her eyes started to close. She started to fall. On seeing this bihaan rushes towards her and holds her and made her to sit in the steps. They both had an eyelock.
Later, He sprinkled some water on her face. But she didn’t got consciousness. He went and took some laddoos from the plate. And he came to her and started to feed her ( mangalam….song in the background )
She slowly got her consciousness and seeing bihaan she quickly stands from the step which she was lying.

BIHAAN : are you okay now?
THAPKI : wh.. what are you here? ( in a angry tone )
BIHAAN: u started to faint so I came to save you.
THAPKI : I pre..prefer to fall rather tha..than saved by you.
BIHAAN : GAZAABB..its my mistake now..go nd fall now.
Thapki on seeing the ladoos over there.
THAPKI : did u feed me anything ?
BIHAAN : mathaa ki raani…I feed you laddoo to make you conscious, I didn’t give poison to you..stop over acting now.
THAPKI : Bhagwan.. ( in a cryin voice and turned towards bihaan ) do u know what you did to me..why are you coming in to my life. I never saw a person like you
BIHAAN : you are right..i am a heartless person to save leave..i don’t want to see your face in my life time.
THAPKI : same here..
Thapki left the place. Bihaan started to think what he did wrong to her ? and started to move towards the puja hall. Bihaan saws vasundra approaching him. She gave Prasadham and they both started to leave.

Vasundra started to faint a little. On seeing this bihaan gets some water and ask her to drink it.
VASU : no beta I don’t need water
BIHAAN : ma..cant u see u r fainting?
VASU : this is a auspicious day..everyone will do fasting for his husband’s long life…so its husbands rights to finish her pathi’s fast by feed her. Now lets go home..your dad will finish my fasting.
BIHAAN gets shocked on hearing this. And starts to remember how he feeded thapki…and understood the reason behind her words.
He founds guilty again and started to go home.
Thapki and poonam also reached home.
POONAM : thapki you are not married now.. so finish you fast in front of the lord.
Thapki remembers how bihaan finished her fasting and gets worried and prayed to god .

Shraddha reached first and waits for dhuruv. Dhuruv came in a white audi and comes out from the car. On seeing this. Shraddha was very happy to see him in a audi car.
DHURUV : hi shraddha are you waiting for a long time?
SHRADDHA : hi dhuruv ji..i came just now.
They both sat and started to stare at each other.
DHURUV : so what are you doing now?
SHRADDHA : I finished my studies and now looking for a job.
DHURUV : do you interested in working after marriage?
SHRADDHA : nooooo ( strongly refused )
DHURUV : that’s good.
Dhuruv started to tell about his family member and shraddha too told about her family. Dhuruv found shraddha as funny and beautiful in the way she speaks.
DHURUV : do you really liked me or you agreed for your parents ?
SHRADDHA : I wont let others to take decision in my life. I think now you got your answer.
DHURUV : yeah…( smiles )
SHRADDHA : you need to promise me that you will be with me till my end dhuruv
DHURUV : we will stay together till our end shraddha . ( says this by holding her hand )
Shraddha and dhuruv stares at each other and the music plays in the background.
And then they started to discuss about their likes and dislikes and they found they have same taste in everything and thought them to be a perfect match for each other.
SHRADDHA : dhuruv its getting late…I need to go home. We will meet sometime later.
DHURUV : Come with me I will drop you near your one will see us.
Shraddha nods and came near his car. ( in mind voice – wow shraddha its dream come true moment for you finally in a car that too in AUDIII with a best looking partner )
Dhuruv drops her near her home. She smiles at him and left. Dhuruv starts to move by thinking of her

Precap : Bihaan sees a girl from the backside and goes towards her and pulls her towards him and gave her a greeting card . thapki gets shocked on seeing him. They both had an eyelock.

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  1. haha…thats what the desity… 🙂 🙂 thahaan !! love the way u wrote suhana

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  4. Eagerly waiting for next updates……If someone know who is going to shot by vasu. Bihan or Dhruv…..I think that they will show bihan’s memory loss drama after his injury…to drag & Dhruv will become normal & will left thahaan alone…. Bihan will forget thapki completely. & again their nok jok will start at last he will get his memory thahaan marriage will happen…

    1. Suhana

      thanks jahnabiii…even i guess t same to happen..lets see 😉

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    So cute precap. Nice episode. By the way where are u from?

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