The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 43 ) DOUBLE MEGA EPISODE !!!

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 43 )
I am literally sorry…i was very upset for t past few days…i already told u guys about my higher studies….i was really worried about t…pls pray for me…actually i was totally collapsed wit t happening..i dont have any time to really think about t FF…there is only little amount of hope in my heart….i still believe in god and my ppl…pls pray for me….i am not updating t regularly due to these reasons…i am really sry for doing this …i have no other way..hope u guys ll understand these things and help me out
here we goes
thapki got t things and came to bihaan
bihaan : did u bought everything
thapki : yaa…ts around 5000 oly
thapki returns t remainin money
bihaan looks at her
bihaan : why are u giving to me
thapki : u may use t for something
bihaan thought of something and gets t money
bihaan : now only i remembered i need to get a gift for my friend i will use this
thapki : ( mind voice : idiot always thinking about his friends..he didnt get me anything )
bihaan : chuk chuk ghadi what u thinking
thapki : nothing…
bihaan : then sit v hav to leave
bihaan drops her in home
thapki went inside
bihaan goes to t jewellery shop

t shopkeeper ( SK ) welcomed him
sk : come on sir…how is ur dad
bihaan : he is totally fine
sk : what u going to see sir
bihaan : i want to get jhumkas
sk : for ur mom ??
bihaan : for my wife ( smiles )
sk : sure u want a gold one or platinum
bihaan : just an antique one
sk : sir..are u want an antique one ( shocked )
bihaan : my wife loves that
sk : ok sir then
sk shows different varieties
bihaan takes each jhumkas and remembers thapki wearing it…
bihaan finally picks a jhumkas wt red stone in t was too simple and pretty and it glitters like a gold
bihaan : pack much is this
sk : its 4500 sir
bihaan : then okay
bihaan also gets a high heels slipper wt t remaining money and reached home
vasundra was sitting in a sofa and reading newspaper
bihaan comes in
vasundra sees bihaan holding a cover in his hand and coming in
vasu : bihaan wer u went witout telling anythng to anyone…i was worried
vasundra hugs him

bihaan : maa i am not a child…don worry about me always
vasu : u r still a child to me…did u get upset wt shraddha and bauji words
bihaan : maa…never ma..why should i…they r just telling t fact…
vasu : but bihaan..
bihaan interrupts
bihaan : maa i am alright…i also done this ritual perfectly…i know u would b happy for that..its just happened bcoz of them pls b happy
vasu : i will b very happy if u join wt dhuruv
bihaan : ( laughs ) i know u would tell this thing
vasu : wats wrong wt tat
bihaan: maa.. trust me..i ll…but not will take some little amount of time..pls wait..i am half ready
vasu : i trust t way what u r holding
bihaan gets shocked and stammers
bihaan : wo …wo..
vasu : why are u stammering now
bihaan : naii ma…i got some gift for my friend
vasu : wat gift
bihaan : heels
vasu : wat
bihaan : i mean boots ma
vasu : ll anyone n this world gift these things to a friend
bihaan : y…y not…this is called passion..i mean fashion
vasundra smiles
bihaan : ok ma..i will leav now
bihaan left t place
vasu : he s still a kid

bihaan enters t room
thapki was standing in t balcony
bihaan places t cover in t bed and searches for thapki
bihaan : chuk chuk ghadi ( shouts )
thapki : i am here oly why are u shouting
bihaan : i didnt see u tats wat
thapki started to leave
bihaan runs towards t door and locks t
thapki gets shocked
thapki : wat..wat…r u doin
bihaan : close ur eyes
thapki : naii naiii
bihaan : y r u soo adamant always
thapki : ( if i close my eyes..he ll kiss me..i wont do tat )
bihaan : oye madam..i am talking to u only
thapki : i wont close my eyes
bihaan : then teekay
bihaan sits in t sofa
thapki : bihaan
bihaan : oh mahan aatama..u can open t door and pls leave
thapki opens t door and sees bihaan face
thapki : i am sorry
bihaan smiles
bihaan : atchaa…take tat cover from t bed
thapki takes t
bihaan : huray yaar open t
thapki opens and sees t jumkhas and t high heels and gets shocked
bihaan : hows t
thapki : ( mind voice – ts soo nice…but he told he s going to get gift for his friend….how idiot he is )
bihaan : dont u like t
bihaan stands
thapki : its not nice….so old fashioned…i dont like t
thapki places t things on t table
bihaan : don u like these heels too
thapki : its too high
bihaan gets upset and sits on t sofa
thapki : ( mind voice – he is worried bcoz his friend is not going to like this…i told it intentionally bihaan..i dont want u to gift these things to someone rather than me )
bihaan gets up and searches for something
thapki : wat ur searching
bihaan : bill
thapki : are u going to change t
bihaan : then wat..u didnt like t thng
thapki : is tat really matters to u…it may look good for ur stop worrying
bihaan : friend whoo??
thapki : ur friend…u bought these thngs for ur friend ryt
bihaan : idiot i got these things for u
thapki gets supershocked
thapki : but u told ur going to buy gift for ur friend in t evening
bihaan : oh mahan aatma..i just said tat for fun…i dont have any girlfriends…u know tat clearly…and ll anyone buy these things for a friend
thapki : wat
bihaan : yaa…its okay…we will return and get something…i thought to buy something for u with my first salary
thapki : no need of returning t…i love these things soo much
bihaan gets puzzled
bihaan : are u even for real
thapki : bihaan i didnt see t things i can see t things clearly
bihaan : did u really like these things
thapki : i love t bihaan
bihaan smiles
thapki removes her earings…and looks at t mirror
bihaan stands behind

she takes t jhumkas and t one falls down..bihaan picks t
bihaan : can i
thapki nods
bihaan puts t earings in her ear
thapki smiles and takes t other one and wears t
thapki : ts soo lovely bihaan
bihaan didnt looked at t earing…he gets admired by her beauty
bihaan : yaa too lovely
thapki : thank u
bihaan : ok try t slippers too…i was worried about ur size
thapki takes t heels and wears t
thapki : its perfect bihaan pandey
bihaan : atchaa
bihaan walks towards thapki..thapki steps back as bihaan comes forward…and stops at a particular point where she gets struck wt t wall
bihaan : thapkii ( in a husky voice )
thapki : hmm ( slowly )
bihaan : do u know why i got heels for u
thapki stares at him
bihaan : becausee u r soo short….i got annoyed by my friends due to ur height
thapki gets angry and pushes and walks..bihaan holds her and pulls her towards him…they both got slipped …bihaan falls on t floor and thapki falls over him…bihaan holds her around her waist…thapki cheeks placed on his lips…they had an intense eyelock ( music na… plays )
suman and preeti comes there and laughs
thapki and bihaan sees them and felt very awkard and gets up immediately
suman : bihaan devarjii…u can lock t door and can romance peacefully na ?
preeti laughs
bihaan : naii naii bauji she got slipped…tats wat happend…
thapki stares at him
bihaan : oye madam tell them they are not believing us
thapki : ahn ahn..bihaan is correct
preeti : don worry thapki..we wont tell anyone…tat u guys are this much romantic
bihaan : babhii jii
suman : ok thapki chalo…sasumaa called u
thapki : babhii…u go..i ll come
preeti : wat u want to do here…do u have anything to do wt bihaan
thapki : naii naii come v ll go
they left t place…thapki turns and sees him wit a smile
bihaan smiles too

thapki comes down
shraddha and vasu was sitting in t dinning table
vasu : ahn thapki u came…v have an important puja today…just make these things ready
thapki nods her head
shraddha : thapki did u got new earings
thapki touches her earings and remembers tat she came wt t earing
thapki : diii..bihaan bought these earing..
shraddha : ( gets irritated ) is t gold
thapki : no antique
shraddha ( gets relieved ) : oh just an antique
vasu : when did he start these things….
thapki stares at her confusingly
dadi : hurray thapki…finally bihaan came to know his responsibility..jus because of u
vasu : ya ofcourse
thapki goes and do t preparations
bihaan comes down
bihaan : ma…i am going to my friend house
vasu : wait mr.bihaan pandey
bihaan : maa
vasu : u got something for ur friend..and ur not taking t…
bihaan : maa…i am not meeting him i ll take that later
vasu : when did u strt to lie wt me
bihaan stares at her
vasu : i know u got things for thapki…i ll b really happy if u told t thing
bihaan : sorry ma…pls don mistake me
vasu : ok ok no more emotions…but make sure this s t last time…
bihaan nods and hugs her
vasu : but bihaan come b4 4 in t evening…v hav puja at home
bihaan : jii maa
bihaan searches for thapki
vasu : do u want to tell bye to ur wife
bihaan : naiii naiii…i am just seeing how t preparation is going
vasu : its going really well don worry ( smiles )
thapki comes there
bihaan gets happy on seeing her
vasu : bihaan how s t preparation
bihaan looks at thapki continuously
bihaan : soo prettyy..cute..lovely
vasu : enough beta
thapki to gets lost in his eyes
vasu : thapki wat u want
thapki : ma…dadii called u…
vasu : atchaa then i ll leave
vasu left t place

bihaan and thapki had an eyelock ( )
suman came there
suman : bihaan devarjii enough na…so much of romance today…v hav some work can u leav thapki
bihaan came back to his senses
bihaan : babhi ji i didnt do anything….ok then i ll go
bihaan left t place
thapki gets depressed
suman : hurray thapki…ur pathi s just going to see his friends..he ll come back come
thapki smiles and goes to do t work
At evening
thapki comes to her room
thapki : i should wear a red saree tat t jhumkas ll match t perfectly…she takes t red saree and wears t…
she looks herself in t mirror
thapki ( Mind voice – thapki bihaan pandey teekay ur husband is a nice man…u should b blessed to have him in ur life…he is soo caring and too handsome…may b u started to fall for him..u r looking soo pretty thapki bihaan pandey…ur husband should see u now )
thapki smiles ( where is he…i want him to see now. )
thapki calls him..bihaan didnt attend t call
thapki takes a red sherwani and place t in t bed and place t paper on t reads as ” BIHAAN thapki chaturvedi ”
thapki : if a wife has been called by his husband name…then she has t rights to call his husband by her name
vasundra calls thapki
thapki : ji ma
vasundra : come on v should start t puja now
thapki : but maa…bihaan didnt came home
vasu : wat…cal him and ask him to come soon
thapki : jii ma
thapki calls again…bihaan didnt picked t call
thapki : why he s not picking t call
thapki goes to t hall
everyone waited for bihaan
bauji : its his daily routine…cant he be at home atleat for t puja..he is always worrying others
dhuruv : paa…wait i ll call him
bauji : wat happend
dhruv : he didnt attend t call..i think he is on t way
shraddha : mummyjii… i think v should start t puja..bcoz its t right time…he ll join us later na
dadi : shraddha is correct..vasu bahuu start t puja
vasundra starts t puja
thapki keeps staring at t door for bihaan
thapki calls rahul number
his phone is not reachable
thapki : god pls make bihaan to come home soon
after few mins
t puja got ended
vasundra gives prasad to everyone
vasundra asks thapki to give sindhoor to everyone..thapki nods and takes t sindoor and starts giving
she stares at door continuously
she gave t to everyone
vasu : thapki take sindoor fo r u too
thapki takes sindoor. ..suddenly she heard a noise of someone is coming…she turns and see…t sindoor box falls down…thapki looks at it and gets shocked
thapki started to cry…
vasu : thapki its okkay…don worry…
thapki : maa…bihaan didnt attend t call for t past few hours…now i made t sinddoor to fall down..i was really worried
thapki hugs vasu and cries
shraddha : ( mind voice – drama started )
dadi : vasu bahu make her to sit in t sofa..let her relax first
thapki keeps calling bihaan
vasu : thapki don worry..he ll come soon…
thapki : maa i want to hear his voice…
thapki cries
dhuruv calls his friends numbers
vasu : kya hua dhuruv
dhuruv : they dont know anything about him
bauji : don wrry…nothing ll happend to him…he ll come soon
suddenly thapki phone started to ring
thapki : ma…bihaan is calling..( wipes her tears and attends t call ) bihaan wer r u….i was worried for u…wen u will come
speaker interrupts ( someone called her )
speaker : madam…pls listen to me…can i know who r u to this person
thapki : i am his can u have my husband phone in ur hand
speaker : madam i am really sry to say this…ur husband had an accident..n t main road..can u pls come to this place quickly
thapki shouts bihaan and faints
vasundra holds her..
preeti gets water…vasu sprinkles water on her face
thapki opens her eyes and started to cry loudly
vasu : why are u crying..wat happend to bihaan
thapki : maa bihaan had an accident
everyone gets shocked
dhuruv : wat…tell me where s he
thapki : they ar in t main road
bauji : take t car first…ter s no time
everyone started cryin
thapki : please take me too..i want to see him ( cries )
everyone gets in to t car
they reached t road and saw a crowd and they rushes towards them
thapki sees his kerchief wt blood in t road
thapki picks it and cries heavily and shouts bihaan
dhuruv asks t crowd abt wat happend..someone told him tat a lorry hit a man wo came in a bike wt high speed… and also told him tat he was taken to t hospital by a young man
dhuruv gets t hospital address
dhuruv sees vasu and thapki sitting on t road and cries heavily
dhuruv : maa pls believe me…nothing ll happen to my brother…v hav to go to hospital now
everyone gets in to t car..thapki didnt gets up and sees t blood and touches t and cries
( mera ranjhaa sad version plays )
shraddha comes there and holds thapki and takes her to t car
they reached t hospital
dhuruv enquires t patient details…thapki sees t handkerchief and cries continuoulsy
they were told to go to t second floor
they reached t spot
someone is waiting in t corridor
dhuruv went near him and asked everything
person : sir he has severe brain damage…doctor said he is out of danger but he may lose his consciousness
dhuruv started to cry by holding his hands on t head
everyone came near…dhuruv cries louder and tells them
thapki started to cry heavily…everyone started to cry
bauji slips and dhuruv holds him and makes him to sit
dhruv gets an call from unknown number continuously..dhuruv didn’t attend t call
dhuruv goes down to get something for bauji
vasundra consoles thapki..thapki hugs her and cries
suddenly someone called maa from t backside…vasundra turns and gets shocked to see bihaan standing there
bihaan gets puzzled on seeing everyone in t hospital
thapki turns and sees bihaan and rans towards him and hugs him and cries
bihaan : thapki kya hua…y r u cryin
thapki : bihaan ( cries )
thapki hugs him tightly
bihaan gave a confused look to everyone
bauji wipes his tears
everyone came forward to him
chutki : devarji…someone called and informed that u had an accident
bihaan : wat…nothing happened to me I was fine
everyone gets relieved on hearing those words
thapki alone cries still…bihaan pats her shoulder
bihaan : thapki pls..don cry…I was fine..cant u see t
vasu : let her cry bihaan she was very much worried for u
bihaan wipes her tears…thapki lifts her head and moves a distance
dhuruv comes there and sees bihaan…he comes and hugs him
dhuruv : where are u..are u fine..we were worried..tell me…what u dng her
bihaan : bhaii I was on t way to home…there was an accident..luckily I got saved..but a boy got injured severely…I take him to t hospital..i missed my phone…I called from other number to u, maa and bauji..but no one picked my call
dhuruv : are u fine right
bihaan : m totally fine bhaii
bihaan goes to bauji
bauji stands and hugs him
bauji : v were worried bihaan
bihaan wipes his tears…
bihaan : I wont go away from u even a second bauji
vasundra and bauji smiles
a person came there…
bihaan : bhaii sab…from which mbl did u called to inform t patient relatives
person : this one
bihaan looks at t mbl
bihaan : this one s mine…
person : oh sry sir..i got t from t accident place..i am really sry
bihaan : its ok sir..thanks for t help
police arrives there
police : wo s bihaan here
bihaan : myself I only called u
police: we informed t patient relatives
bihaan : ok sir
doctor comes there
doctor : t patient is out of danger now..he may get conscious in 1 or 2 hrs
everyone smiles
their parents to came and get relieved by t doctor statement…
they gets worried as t doctor told tat t treatment cost was around 1 lakhs
dhuruv sees this
dhuruv gets t bill and tells them not to worry…and also told them that he will pay t bill
shraddha gets irritated on seeing this
the parents thanked him and told that they will return t as soon as possible
dhuruv : no need for that….i was so relieved on seeing my brother here…u have to take care of ur son..thats enough maa
dhuruv and bihaan smiles at each other

precap : thapki sleeps besides bihaan…bihaan sees her lovingly…bihaan hugs her and sleeps ( music plays )

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