The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 42 )

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 42 )

Hi my dr lovely sweethearts…i am really really very sorry for making these mistakes always…i was out of town for the past days wit ma old friends…i dont hav a proper internet connection ther to let u guys know my situation…m extremely sryyy guys…i am not going to quit my FF pls dont worry…here i ll b regular ( fingers crossed )

here it goes….
bihaan : she having fever
chutki : ahn devarji don u know…
bihaan : i dont know anything about t
vasundra comes there and grabs t phone from chutki and stares at her angrily
vasu : bihaan don wrry..she is getting well
bihaan : maa..but why dont u tell me anything
vasu : bihaan nothing to worry she is alright
bihaan : ma can i talk to her
vasu : she is sleeping bihaan…i ll ask her to call u once she gets up
vasu cuts t call
bihaan looks worried
rahul comes there
rahul : bihaan can u tell me wat to wear tomorrow for t sky dive
bihaan kept silent and didnt tell anything
rahul : Bihaan ( shouts )
bihaan : kya rahul
rahul : why are u looking soo worried
bihaan kept silent
rahul : i am asking you
bihaan : can u tell me one thing from ur heart
rahul: watt
bihaan : is my character getting worse now a days
rahul : are u mad…why are u asking these questions
bihaan : first tell me t ans
rahul : ur not at al bad bihaan
bihaan : hmm
rahul : wat happend tell me first
bihaan : thapki is sick
rahul : wat…who told
bihaan : maa
rahul : how is she getting well
bihaan : ya…i am responsible for her state
rahul : bihaan don act like stupid
bihaan : i am a stupid..i fought wt her..and i didnt even bothered to call her…i dont know hw she felt…i am really made her worry so much
rahul : ( laughs )
bihaan : wats ter to laugh rahul
rahul : u finally realised ur mistake
bihaan : i want to see her now
rahul : how will u
bihaan : i want to leave
rahul : wat
bihaan : rahul i should take care of her…i am not able to think anything beyond her…i will get relieved once i see her..if i will come wt u guys tomorrow…i will spoil ur happiness tooo…so pls let me goo
rahul : i am totally confused about ur behaviour..just a day b4 at this same time..u told u dont hav any relation wt her…and now ur saying u need to take care of her…are u even for real
bihaan : don complicate too much..i may not love her…but she came in to my house as my wife…i have to fulfill t duties wat i have to..and this time…i am t reason for her state..soo i should b ter
rahul : then okkay…Mr. Bihaan pandey u can leave now…take care of my sister…
bihaan : ( laughs ) sure…but how can i tell this to them
rahul : don worry..they are sleeping now..u just leav..i will tell them
bihaan packs his bags and started leaving….

AT Pandey nivas…
vasundra hears t calling bell
vasundra goes and opens t door and gets shocked to see bihaan
vasu : bihaan tum…
bihaan : ahn maa
vasu : but u told u ll come by next week na
bihaan : maa…rahul was ill so we cancelled t trip
vasu : wat happend to he okay now
bihaan : ya ma
vasu : ok but y u came in t middle of t night..u should have come by mrng na
bihaan : its okay ma..i am soo tired now..i will sleep now
vasu : ok then go to bauji room and sleep
bihaan : naii naiii…matlab..y
vasu : bcoz i am staying wit thapki for t past days
bihaan : but now i am here…i will stay in ma room
vasu : bihaan u r already tired…u r not able to take care of her…i should give tablets and have to check t temperature for every 1 hr…so go and stay in bauji room
bihaan : ma its okay…i will do tat..u dont worry..u go and take rest
vasu : hmm then take care of her
bihaan goes to his room and knocks
thapki hears t sound and opens t door
thapki gets shocked on seeing bihaan…thapki gets teary eyed..bihaan gets sad on seeing thapki state…she was found to very ill and her face seems to be very tired…
thapki starts crying and hugs him….bihaan hugs her tooo ( darmaiyan female version plays )
bihaan : thapki can we goo in
thapki takes her head from his chest and moves a distance
bihaan takes his bags in to t room and locks t door..thapki sat in t bed..bihaan looks at her
thapki : i am sorry bihaan…i didnt..
bihaan interrupts
bihaan : pls don disguss t things wat happend..i really dont have any interest to talk abt..and i am also feeling sry fr watever happnd
thapki smiles
bihaan : wat happend to u..why are u looking so tired
thapki : just a fever…
bihaan : i am sry
thapki : bihaan there s nothing ter to ask sry…and by t way why are u here..i mean..u told u ll come by next week
bihaan : rahul was t trip got cancelled
thapki : wat ….bhaii was also sick
bihaan : don worry…he is okay now
thapki : hmm
bihaan takes t tablets and gives t to her
thapki : no need
bihaan : are u mad
thapki : may b
bihaan : wat
thapki : bihaan i was very upset bcoz u didnt accept my apology..i worried soo much..but now i understood u don hav any anger on me…so i am relieved i dont t any more…
bihaan : may b ur mahan aatama..but still u need to take these tablets..tats it
thapki took t tablets…
bihaan checks her temperature
bihaan : its getting normal
thapki : i told u na
bihaan : don talk too much and sleep
thapki lies down..bihaan puts bedsheet on her
thapki stares bihaan
bihaan : close ur eyes
thapki closes her eyes and starts to sleep
bihaan sits near her and watches her
bihaan : ( m really sry thapki bihaan pandey…)
bihaan smiles and starts to sleep by leaning his head on t table nearby

after an hour bihaan wakes up and checks her temperature and notes t down
bihaan sets an alarm for every one hour and checks her
at morning…
thapki wakes up and sees bihaan…
thapki makes him to lie down on t bed…while doing tat…thapki hair gets struck on his bracelet..thapki looks at him ( music plays )
thapki ( mind voice – u knw Mr. B for Bihaan pandey..i missed u terribly in t past few days…even though u r annoying me always..its really hard to pass t day without u..thanks for coming )
thapki gets up and gets ready
badki and chutki comes to t dinning hall and gets surprised to see thapki
chutki : hurray thapki are u well nw…why did u wake up soo early
thapki : i am completely well babhii
badki : chutki see her..her face is glowing..hw did this happened wtin a day..u looked soo tired yesterday..within one night..u become nrml
thapki : babhii..may b by gods graze…i am well nw
vasundra comes there
vasu : wat u guys are doing
badki : badii sasumaa…we came to prepare nashtha..
vasu : atchaa…then y u r wasting time by talking
chutki : badi sasumaa..we are just checking thapki health
vasu : nothing u need to..bihaan came home last night..he will take care of him..
vasundra starts leaving
badki : chutkiiii…i got t reason..thapki got his health back..after seeing his husband face…isnt thapki bihaan pandey ??
thapki smiles
thapki : babhii nothing like tat
chutki : we are seeing it thapki…we r realizing how much u missed him
thapki : babhii nothing like tat…
bihaan comes there
bihaan : wen did u got up…are u okay now
chutki : devarjii thapki is totally fine…how can she will get sick after seeing u
bihaan : wat
badki : hurray bihaan devarjii..see her…she is completely alright after seeing u…isnt thapki ?
thapki : babhii plss
badki : chaloo chutkii…
they both left
bihaan : u didnt ans yet
thapki : m fine bihaan
bihaan : hmm then okay
thapki : come and eat breakfast…
bihaan nods and he gets a call
bihaan : i will eat later…
bihaan left t place
thapki hears a calling bell and goes to see
rahul was standing ter by holding flowers
thapki : rahul bhaii tum
rahul : ahn thapki..bihaan told u was sick
thapki : ahn bhaii but m completely alright

rahul smiles and comes in and gives flowers to her
rahul : get well soon
thapki : thanks bhaii
rahul : wer s bihaan
thapki : he is inside oly…hw are u
rahul : cant u see…m good
thapki : bihaan told u was sick..
rahul : wat..wen this happend
thapki : then why did u end ur trip
rahul : didnt bihaan tell u…he left t trip once he knows u was sick…and after tat…v felt very bored…so v cancelled our trip…thapki ur soo lucky…he felt really bad for behaving like tat…he cares for u always
thapki gets shocked
bihaan comes ter and shocked to see rahul
bihaan : rahul wat r u dng here
thapki looks at him
bihaan : matlab…how r u…now ur fine right
bihaan takes rahul to his room
rahul : bihaan leav me
bihaan : rahul y dont u cal b4 u come
rahul : y ts needed
bihaan : waitt…did u told anything to thapki
rahul : ahnn..did u told i was sick…y did u told her like tat..u came here jus for her..i told her everythin
bihaan : hurray rahul…u spoiled everythng…ur becoming mahan aatma like her now a days
rahul : bihaan she should know hw much u value her
bihaan : i dont want her to…she may thin tat i am falling for her
rahul : no one ll think like tat
bihaan : hmm for wat u came
rahul : i came to see my sister
bihaan : atchaaa…saw ur sister….happy noww…now leave..
rahul : wat a respect u r givin for ur friend bihaan…my sister is better than u
bihaan stares at him angrily
rahul hugs him and leaves
thapki goes to t kitchen and remembers rahul words…and smiling unknowingly
shraddha comes there and sees thapki
shraddha : thapki ( shouts )
thapki : dii
shraddha : why r u smiling …wat happpend now..
thapki : nothing dii
shradddha : atcha..hw r u feeling now…ar u okay
thapki : ya fine dii
dadii calls thapki and shraddha
thapki : jii dadi ma
dadi : hurray beta navaratri s coming…u need get toys for t…its ur first navaratri…so get money from ur husband and buy t things…that is a ritual
shraddha : jiii dadi ma…but hw can thapki do this rasam…bihaan is not working yet
thapki gets upset after hearing this
shraddha : thapki i think u should wait for another year for to celeberate..may b ur husband will work by next year atleast
thapki : diii plss..don tell anything about him
shraddha : dadii ma…see i am just saying t for her goodness…i want her to perform this ritual correctly
vasu : shut up shraddha…thapki take t money from my cup board and buy t things…i dont want to see anyone raising questions against my son
bauji : wats wrong wt shraddha…she is saying everything correctly vasundhra jiii…a married man should know t responsibilities and should stand by her wife side…and never let her down at any cost..bihaan should understood this
vasu : how can u degrade our son capabilities..he may take some time..but he will become a big one someday..why dont u think of thapki ?
bauji : he has crossed his limits vasundra jii…he should atleast know some things…u r nt allowing him to realize t things…i dont want thapki to perform this rasam wit our earning
vasundra stares at him angrily
thapki : ma…bauji is right…i will perform this ritual by next year…pls maa..leav t
shraddha smiles..

( mind voice – well done shraddha…u nailed t…now thapki was not able to perform this rasam )

thapki cries and goes to her room
bihaan was sitting in t bed and playing in t phone…on seeing thapki bihaan stops playing
bihaan : oye madam…i know rahul told everythin…don take t seriously..actually t trip was soo boring..thats y i came here..i used u as a reason
thapki didnt tell anything
bihaan : madam…reply me..i am talking to u oly
bihaan goes to thapki and sees tears in her eyes
bihaan : wat happened …why are u crying…tell me first
thapki : i am alright..pls leav me alone
bihaan : but thapki..i didnt do anything wrong this time…why did u cry soo much…
thapki kept silent and cries heavily
bihaan gets upset..bihaan places his hands on her shoulders..thapki turns and hugs him tightly…bihaan hugs her.. ( ranjhnaa plays )
bihaan wipes her tears
thapki stops hugging him and sits on t couch…bihaan gives water to her
thapki drinks t
bihaan : can u tell me now
thapki : nothing bihaan…i missed my family..
bihaan : really
thapki : hmm
bihaan : i was scared idiot..if u want to see them..go and see…wo stopped u..pls dont cry for this
thapki smiles artificially..bihaan leaves
bihaan goes to vasundra room
bihaan sees vasundra was crying
bihaan : wat happend..why everyone is crying
vasu : bihaan who else is crying
bihaan : thapki…wo else..she is missing her she is crying..but wat abt u why r u crying
vasu : she is not crying for tat
bihaan : wat
vasundra tells everything to bihaan
bihaan gets heartbroken on hearing everythin
vasu : bihaan ur not a child anymore…u should know ur responsibilities…i want thapki to do t rasam..but t wont going to happen
bihaan : ma pls stop cryin…it will happen witout any problem
bihaan leaves
bihaan recalls how thapki lied to him for not making him upset ( Mind voice – I am really sry i let u down in front of everyone but i promise u this is t first and last time )
bihaan calls his friend krish
krish : hello bihaan
bihaan : krish i want to join wit ur company only for today
krish : wat
bihaan : i need a job krish just for one day wt salary…is t okay for u
krish : ya bihaan but
bihaan : i am on t way…we will talk then
bihaan cuts t call
shanaya : wos tat

( shanaya is krish fiance )

krish : my friend bihaan…he wants to work for our company for one day
shanaya : wat does he mean
krish : anyways…our manager is on leave today..he will do his work then
shanaya : hw can you give such an important work to ur friend..hw will u trust him
krish : u doesnt know anything about bihaan..u ll see t later
bihaan comes there
krish hugs him
krish : wat makes u to come
bihaan : tats not necessary to discuss now…i want a salary of rs.10,000 tell me wat kind of work i need to
krish gives t file to bihaan
Krish : this is our dream project bihaan..actually v hav two days time….but i want u to finish t soon
bihaan : ok then wer s ma cabin
krish : u can use my manager cabin
bihaan goes there
shanaya : baby are u out of mind..u know ts our dream project…v are working t for t past few days..but still v didnt find any idea..and u r giving him just like tat
krish : wait and see..come lets have some coffee
they both went
bihaan got through t files and started to work faster
thapki calls bihaan
bihaan : ahn thapki
thapki : wher are u
bihaan : i came to meet my friend
thapki : u didnt have breakfast yet
bihaan : i ate here…
thapki : wen ll u come
bihaan : i will come soon..i ll talk wt u later bye
bihaan cuts t call
after 2 hrs
bihaan goes to krish cabin
bihaan : i finished it
shanaya : wat
krish : thank you so much bihaan
bihaan : i am doing my work krish…i need my salary
krish gives him 10000
bihaan : ok then i will leave
shanaya : but bihaan how did u finished t soon
bihaan : shanaya…just give these kind of works to lazy fellows like me…v ll always find a short cut to finish t soon…
shanaya smiles
krish : bihaan why cant u join our company
bihaan : krish if i wish to work…my first choice would b my bhaii channel…i wont think other than that…u know t well..and thanks for ur help bye
bihaan left t place
shanaya : he is soo talented baby
krish : i know
bihaan goes to home
thapki was sitting in t sofa
bihaan : wer r others
thapki : they went to t market
bihaan : why didnt u go
thapki : bihaan i have to take care of t house na
bihaan : come on lets go
thapki : were
bihaan grabs her hand and made her to sit in his bike
thapki : bihaan wer u want me to come
bihaan : dont u trust me
thapki : ya i trust u..then chup chop and come
thapki holds his shoulders..bihaan looks at her
bihaan reached t market
thapki : why u get me here
bihaan gives t money
bihaan : go and finish ur rituals..i earned this money with no one will question my wife
bihaan looks at her…thapki was teary eyed
( music plays )
thapki : bihaan
bihaan : hmmm
thapki : thank you soo much…pls ask me something i will do t for u
bihaan : will u do anything
thapki : ya anything
bihaan : then okay
bihaan holds her hand..
thapki gets shocked
thapki : wat r u dng
bihaan : wait mahan aatma
thapki looks at him
bihaan : i need a promise from u
thapki : wat promise
bihaan : thapki i dont worry about t truth..but i always worried wit t lies…pls don lie to me
thapki : sorry for not telling u bihaan
bihaan : its okay
bihaan smiles
thapki : hmm then wat u want
bihaan : wat
thapki : u told u want me to do something
bihaan : ya i asked u to promise thats t
thapki : jst a promise…idiot
bihaan : wat
thapki : i mean nothing…wait here..i will get t things and come
bihaan smiles ( mind voice – thapki bihaan pandey..i think i know wt u thought )
shraddha sees bihaan and comes near him
shraddha : bihaan jii wat r u dng here
bihaan : babhii ji thapki wants to buy somethings for navaratri wit my money…i mean our we came here
shraddha : bihaan ji..i know thapki would have told everything…i just said..because of her happiness oly..hope u wont take t wrong
bihaan : its okay babhii jii don worry..did u got t things
shraddha : ya ya
bihaan : hmm then ok
shraddha smiles and leaves

PRECAP : thapki gets call from bihaan and attends t and gets fainted in front of t family members..everyone gets shocked

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