The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 41 ) *** DOUBLE MEGA EPISODE***

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 41 )

Hi my dr sweethearts….thank you so much for the support and love always   I started this FF without any belief..but see I am gonna reach 50 episodes…its just bcoz of ur love…I will see when it will end 😉

Here we goes…

Bihaan : why are u saying this

Krish : bihaan u wanna spend tym wit ur wife right

Bihaan : don talk like a stupid…u guys clearly know y I married her…I just felt bored so I called her to ask abt t others

Rahul : yaa we know Mr. Bihaan pandey…we heard wat nd al u spoke wt her..don act too smart

Bihaan : she didn’t have breakfast still so I just spoke wt her..wats wrong wt t

Krish : atchaa mr.caring bihaan pandey…just go home and feed her

Bihaan : shut up krish…

Krish : bihaan this is purely a bachelor’s party..i invited u bcoz we know abt ur marriage..but ur acting weird

Bihaan : m sorry

Rahul : nothing to ask sry bihaan…we want to enjoy..don spoil our mood…come wt us

Bihaan : hmm sure come 

Krish : but one condition

Bihaan : wat

Krish : u have to switch off ur phone

Bihaan : are u mad…wat if someone calls me for emergency

Krish : they are having rahul number…if ter s an emergency ma all call him

Bihaan : but…

Krish : if u r okay u can come..otherwise u can go

Bihaan : ok then

Bihaan switch off his phone…

***Scene shifts***

Thapki : ( mind voice – why did he cut my call suddenly…wat happen to him )

Thapki calls bihaan ( why his phone s switched off…is he fine )

Vasu : thapki beta come here

Thapki : jii ma

Thapki leaves t place

***Scene shifts***

Bihaan started to enjoy with his friends…in t beach..

After few hrs

Krish : ts enough for today guys..i am hungry now

Bihaan : ya then v ll go

They started to walk towards the restaurant nearby

Suddenly someone grabbed bihaan shoulders from t back..bihaan turned and saw a young girl…

Girl : hey young man..pls save boyfriend s torturing me

His boyfriend came ter

Boyfriend : no no don help her…she s afraid of t waves..she is not coming wit me

Girl : so wat…pls help me na

Bihaan looks at her…everyone starts to smile by their behavior

Boyfriend : don trust her

Bihaan : ar u guys married

Girl : no no we r just dating

Boyfriend : ya ya wo ll marry a grl like her

Girl : how can u say this..idiot

She starts to chase him…t boy started to run..bihaan sees them and remembers how he got chased by thapki

Krish : they are idiots ( laughs )

Rahul : tey are enjoying dude

Friend 1 : yaa I need a girl like her..tey ar jus lovely

Rahul : pls don trust a girl…she has a devil heart

Friend 2 : rahul al grls r not like this..they r some grls wo r actually caring,possessive and a kind heart

Krish : yaa exactly just like my fiancée

Bihaan silently listens their conversation and smiles

Krish : bihaan pandey why don u tell anything

Bihaan : wat u want me to tell

Krish : hw is ur thapki

Bihaan : ( mind voice – why everyone s reminding her..i am already kind of missing her…I want to forget her so that oly I ll enjoy tis trip)

Krish : bihaan ( shouts )

Bihaan : ahn..ahn

Krish : kya ahn..ahn..bolo abt ur thapki

Bihaan : she is a innocent girl..she ll believe everyone..she s very kind and a good hearted person

Krish : for t first time in t history…I am hearing such a good words for a girl from ur mouth

Bihaan : at first even I thought she has an attitude..but she s not

Krish : ok ok walk fast..v hav to eat

They reached t restaurant near by

Bihaan : I need veg pasta

Krish : OK

Everyone orders t food

Bihaan : then guys wats next

Krish : v r going back to our room now..then at 8 pm…v r gng to pub

Bihaan : pub ??

Rahul : s t necessary?

Friend 1 : tis trip s kinda boring wtout girls…come on yaar

Bihaan : m not coming

Krish : we are going tats t…lets enjoy guys pls

Bihaan and rahul nods

They reached t room..

At night,

Everyone gets ready ..and got in to a car and reached t pub

Bihaan and rahul sat in a sofa…

Rahul : ts boring bihaan

Bihaan : can v drink a little

Rahul : sure

Bihaan order drinks

His friends starts to dance wt t girls

After few mins

Rahul : bihaan I think ts enough

Bihaan : no no I want more

Bihaan drinks soo much even rahul insisted him

After few hrs

Krish : come on guys lets dance

Bihaan : sure mera dhost

Bihaan and others dance wt t girls…bihaan danced alone..but t girls around ter grabbed his shoulders and try to dance wt him..bihaan removes ther hands..

Rahul : can v leave..

Bihaan : hurray yaar..kyu

Rahul : chup chop and come wt me

Krish comes wt a girl

Rahul : wat r u dng

Krish : she wants to come wt me

Rahul : ur gng to gt married…don do these shameful things

Krish : naii naii v r gng to talk oly

Girl : ya

Bihaan : calm down young man…its his decision

Rahul sees t other two friends coming wt girls

Rahul : I don think we r on t right whatever u guys want

They got in to a cab

Bihaan leans his head on rahul shoulder

They reached t hotel

krish : v r going to pub n this hotel

friend 1 : ya even we want to come

rahul : go to hell..bihaan come we will leav

rahul and bihaan goes to t room

scene shifts…

thapki gets tablet and goes to vasundra room

she overhears t conversation

vasu : I was soo worried for bihaan

bauji : y

vasu : he went for a bachelor’s party…I don’t trust his friends… bauji : don worry…rahul s ter

vasu : but I don’t trust his friend krish

bauji : why

vasu : I don’t like t way he talks to t girls..i saw him many times in his collg

bauji : so wat

vasu : ths s a bachelor party…wat if he enjoys wt some…

bauji interrupts

bauji : cant u trust ur son

vasu : but bihaan will do everything..if he gets drunk

bauji : don wrry…nothing ll happen…u frst sleep

thapki gets worried and enters t room

vasu stops talking on seeing thapki

vasu : thapki did u talked wt bihaan

thapki : ya maa..n t mrng

vasu : ok beta..go and sleep

thapki leaves

thapki goes to her room and calls bihaan

( his phone s switched off from t mrng…I should call rahul bhaii )

***Scene shifts***

Rahul goes to t restroom

Rahul phone rings…bihaan attends t call

( Bihaan ll speak in a drunken voice for t next few scenes)

Thapki : hello

Bihaan : hii wo s tis

Thapki : bihaan ar u drunk

Bihaan : i asked u wo r u..u are asking me a question stupid lady..but by t way hw u knw tat i am drunk

Thapki : bcoz ur not able to recognize ur wife voice

Bihaan : thapki…I mean chuk chuk ghadiii

Bihaan hears t calling bell sound

Bihaan : wait

Bihaan opens t door and sees a girl standing ter

Girl : hi mr.handsome..can I get in

Thapki hears t thro t phone

Thapki : bihaan ( shouts )

Bihaan : sure my swthrt

T girl gets in and sits on t bed

Bihaan : wo r u

Girl : ur fan

Bihaan smiles

Bihaan takes t phone and talk

Bihaan : chuk chuk fan s here….i need to talk wt her..i ll talk wt u latr

Thapki : bihaan wo s she…wher r u…wat r u dng wt a girl in tis tym

Bihaan : wo r u to ask me

T girl gets up and hugs bihaan

Bihaan : hurray yaar..wait…don hug me..i ll cut this call

Thapki : bihaan ( shouts and cries )

T girl grabs t phone and cuts t call and switch t off

Rahul comes out and gets shocked on seeing a girl in t room

Rahul : bihaan wat r u dng

Bihaan : I didn’t do anything..she s t one

Rahul grabs her hand and ask her to leav

T girl left t place

Rahul : why did u let her in

Bihaan : she oly came in

Rahul : hmm

Bihaan started to sleep

***Scene shifts***

Thapki cries heavily and calls him again and again

( mera ranjhaa plays )

At mrng…

Rahul wakes up

Rahul : bihaan utto…

Bihaan : my head s paining so much rahul

Rahul : u had so much of alcohol yesterday…then this ll oly happen

Bihaan : omg..i started again..why don u stop me

Rahul : did u allowed me to do

Bihaan : ok order lemon juice

Rahul orders

Bihaan : wer r t others

Rahul : wo knows..they wnt wt some girls to t pub in this hotel

Bihaan : girls wat u mean

Rahul : they told they are going to hav a friendly talk

Bihaan : why u allowed them..this s totally wrong..krish s going to can he even think of a girl…idiot

Rahul takes his phone

Rahul : wo switched off my phone

T roomservice boy gives t juice

Bihaan drinks t

Bihaan : now m feeling better

Rahul : bihaan ( shouts )

Bihaan : wat

Rahul : thapki called me 400 times

Bihaan : are u in sense…wat happnd to her

Bihaan calls thapki

Thapki was in deep sleep..

Bihaan : she didn’t attend t call

Rahul : don wrry..v ll call ur mom

Bihaan calls his mom

Vasu : finally u got some time to call me

Bihaan : ahn maa…hw r u

Vasu : m fine..

Bihaan : ma wer s thapki

Vasu : atchaa..u called me to ask thapki…

Bihaan : ma pls tel me

Vasu : wait

Vasu goes to her room and sees her in deep sleep

Vasu : she is sleeping

Bihaan : is she fine

Vasu : ya very much..y r u asking..

Bihaan : nothing maa..ask her to cal me once she gets up

Vasu : ok beta..tum take care

Bihaan : jii ma

Rahul : wat happnd

Bihaan : she is sleeping

Rahul : wat

Bihaan : when did she called u last

Rahul : at 7 am

Bihaan : tat means she didn’t sleep n t previous night..wat happened to her

Rahul : bihaan see…u attended her call and spoke to her for 5 mins

Bihaan : wat..but when

Rahul : last night after tat oly she called u these many times..wat did u told

Bihaan : I didn’t remember anything..i was drunk

Rahul : wait I hav a autocall recorder

Bihaan and rahul hears t conversation

Bihaan gets shocked

Bihaan : wos tat grl

Rahul : i dont know….but u oly let her in

Bihaan : wattt

Rahul : don wrry..once i saw her…i made her to move out..but i really dont know when u talked wt thapki

Bihaan : she would have misunderstood..she called 400 times..i really dont know how i am going to convince her

Rahul :don worry..i ll tell her

Bihaan : will she listen??

Rahul : bihaan calm down..u didnt do anything wrong

Bihaan places his hands in his head

Bihaan : everythin happened bcoz of me…thank god u r ter..if u r not here..i really don know wat would hav happend

Rahul : bihaan listen…just call her and talk..u ll relieve

bihaan calls his mom again

vasu : bihaan

bihaan : ma pls give t phone to thapki i want to talk wt her

vasu : she is sleeping..wats hurry

bihaan : i want to ask her something

vasu : wat

bihaan : i didnt see my blazer in t bag…i want to ask her whether she puts it in my bag or not

vasu : u can ask t later na

bihaan : pls ma

vasu : ok wait

vasu goes to her room and wakes her up

thapki : maa m srry

vasu : bihaan wants to talk wt u

vasundra leaves t place as bauji is calling her

thapki remembers everything…tears started to roll down from her eyes

bihaan : thapkii

thapki cuts t call

bihaan : she cuts t call

rahul : call her again

thapki attends t call this time

bihaan : thapki pls listen to me

thapki : ya bihaan wat u want

bihaan : thapki last night..

thapki interrupts

thapki : bihaan ther s nothing between us..don need to explain anything..i dont care if u stayed wt a girl too..if u want to ask anything…ask or otherwise stop calling me…don waste my time…why should i feel bad..if someone spend a night wt a girl…wo cares..ur nothing to me..i realised t yesterday..i am really sry for called u these many times and thank you for making me to realise t things so soon

bihaan cuts t call in anger and threw t phone in t bed

rahul : wat happend

bihaan : nothing leav this rahul..

bihaan left t place

bihaan goes down and sits in t bench….and remembers her words…tears starts to come from his eyes ( sad version of mera ranjhaa…plays )

rahul calls thapki

thapki : y r u calling me again and again…cant u understand

rahul : i am rahul

thapki : sry bhaii

rahul : pls listen to me..nothing happend last night….

thapki : bhaii pls don talk abt him

rahul : thapki wait and listen for my sake

rahul started to tell everything…

rahul : t only thing wat he did wrong was…he drank soo much..he was not in conscious..but other than tat he didnt doo anything..don hate him…he is not bad..he wont fall for anyone..u r t first and last girl in his life..i never saw him this much worried

thapki starts to cry..

rahul : stop cryin thapki

thapki : i am really sry…i was worried last night…u won know hw i felt wen he s wit whole world shattered..i really don knw wat relation v r i care for him always..and i want him to wit me always…i spoke soo rude wt him..ts my mistake

rahul : thapki don try to find wo done t mistake..just try to console him first

thapki : where is he

rahul : he went down..i will call u n ur number once he comes

rahul cuts t call

rahul : ( mind voice – I dont feel its a picnic…i am doing some consultation here…and wer r t rest…i dont know wat kind of trouble they ll bring )
krish and others comes there

rahul : where u stayed yesterday

krish : we really don know..but v find ourselves in t pub this mrng

rahul : don try to find t…go and take bath first

krish nods

rahul goes down and searches for bihaan

rahul sees bihaan sitting in t stone bench and comes to him

rahul : bihaan

bihaan : i need some time

rahul : i spoke wt her..i told her everything

bihaan : ter s no need rahul..she didnt have trust on myself

rahul : how will she have…if u get drunk u wont realise wat u r dng

bihaan : i agree wt u rahul..but i wont give space for anyone in my dream too..
rahul : even u would have reacted t same way..when u find her in this situation bihaan

bihaan : don argue for her

rahul : then wen u ll bcome normal

bihaan : as she told i dont have any relation wt her..y should i worry..come on lets enjoy

rahul : atchaa…then wat is t meaning of t tears which is rolling down continuously from ur eyes

bihaan : may b sometimes t tears resembles t end for everything

rahul gets shocked..bihaan walks away

thapki calls rahul

thapki : did u find he okay

rahul : he is fine..pls don talk to him..he is n a very bad mood…talk wt him later

thapki nods and cuts t call

bihaan comes to t room and gets ready

bihaan : can v pls go and enjoy somethin…pls don get me in to trouble wt ur irritating plan

krish : wat

bihaan : nothin can v go to themepark

friend 1 : tats soo childish

friend 2 : i agree wt bihaan t ll b good

rahul : even i agree wt them

krish : ya then v can go..

friend 1 : atchaa..if tis okay for everyone..then v ll go

they went to t themepark…bihaan forgets thapki and enjoys with them

at evening

friend 1 : finally a well made day guys

rahul : yaa

bihaan : bcoz t idea is given by bihaan pandey

krish : oh thankyou bihaan pandey

rahul : then wat next

bihaan : CBR

rahul : wat t means

bihaan : complete bed rest

everyone laughs

bihaan : v r going to sky dive until then its CBR

everyone came to t hotel and lies in t bed and sleeps

At night,

vasundra calls rahul

rahul : ma

vasu : how was ur trip goin

rahul : ts soo amazing

vasu : hmm gud beta..enjoy wer s bihaan

rahul gives t phone to bihaan

bihaan : ma hw r u all

vasu : totally fine

bihaan : maa then y did u called me at this time..s everythin okay

vasu : ya ya..i just called u ask abt t trip

bihaan : ts going totally good..don wrry

vasu : hmmm

vasu gives t phone to badki

badki : devarji did u bought t thin

chutki : don tell t to sasuma

bihaan : babhi ji don wrry i bought t yesterday tself

chutki : bihaan devarji did wine ll help to reduce t fever

bihaan : i heard some ppl are taking t as a medicine for high fever

chutki : then buy an extra one

bihaan : why who s having fever

chutki : thapki

bihaan gets shocked

bihaan : wat…s she unwell??

PRECAP : someone knocks t door heavily at late night…thapki goes and opens t door and gets shocked to see bihaan standing outside

NEXT : Ppl I am not able to post tomorrow…I ll upload my next ff either in t Saturday evening or in the Sunday mrng..

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