The Blessed Love – THAHAAN (Part 40)

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 40 )

hii my swthrts…i am really really sry for making such statements in the earlier episode… I dont have any idea of quiting my FF as of now…thank you soo much for the support and belief 🙂 love u all as always

Here we goes

thapki and bihaan done the pooja together…

vasundra notices thapki hands

vasu : wat happened to ur hand beta

Bihaan : her hand got burnt

vasu : ( gets shocked ) how

thapki : ma i touched t hot vessel in the stove…i didnt noticed tat t was on…someone forget to turned t off

vasu : but wo done tis

vasu turns and looks at badki and chutki

badki : badi sassuma i didnt do

chutki : ahnn even i didnt do

thapki : maa its ok now i am fine

vasundra nods her head

dhuruv and shraddha started to do t pooja

after tat…everyone starts to get blessings from vasu and bauji

they went home..

everyone came and sat in a hall

bihaan got a call and left t place

dadi : how was t pooja went vasu bahu

vasu : t was too u feeling now ma

dadi : i am totally fine…

badki and chutki gave prasad to dadi ma

bihaan comes there

bihaan : maa my friend krish called…he s going to get married very soon

vasu : ts a happy news na..

bihaan : ya ya..he told tat he planned for a trip b4 falling in to t trap

vasu : matlab

dhuruv : maa..krish wants to go for a trip wit his friends b4 getting married..isnt bihaan ?

bihaan : yaa u r ryt bhaiii

vasu : but y r u telling this to me

bihaan : maa he called me tooo

vasu : where

bihaan : goa

vasu : noway bihaan u r not going anywhere tats t

bihaan : maa pls ma…i want to goo

balwinder : y u r not allowing him…he can go actually na

bihaan : bauji tum…i think t must b a dream…for t first time ur supporting me

balwinder : sometime happens bihaan pandey

vasu : noo noo.. i know for wat this trip s…they ll do nasty things…i wont trust them

bihaan : maaa cant u trust ur bihaan…i won go for anything wrong..

vasu : okay for hw many days

bihaan : 7 days

vasu : ts soo long….

bihaan : it will go just like tat..pls ma

vasu : ok go and enjoy…wat else u want me to say

bihaan : say t same thing wt a smile

vasu smiles and hugs him

vasu : ok enjoy..go safe

bihaan : sure ma

vasu : when u r leaving..

bihaan : today night

vasu : ok then go and pack ur things..thapki help him

thapki hears everything silently and nods her head

everyone starts leaving

thapki comes to her room..bihaan started packing

thapki sat in a couch…

bihaan : chuk chuk ghadi where is my blazer

thapki : its in t cupboard bihaan

bihaan : cant u come and help me

thapki comes and takes t blaz cant u trust ur bihaan…i won go for anything wrong..

vasu : okay for hw many days

bihaan : 7 days

vasu : ts soo long….

bihaan : it will go just like tat..pls ma

vasu : ok go and enjoy…wat else u want me to say

bihaan : say t same thing wt a smile

vasu smiles and hugs him

vasu : ok enjoy..go safe

bihaan : sure ma

vasu : when u r leaving..

bihaan : today night

vasu : ok then go and pack ur things..thapki help him

thapki hears everything silently and nods her head

everyone starts leaving

thapki comes to her room..bihaan started packing

thapki sat in a couch…

bihaan : chuk chuk ghadi where is my blazer

thapki : its in t cupboard bihaan

bihaan : cant u come and help me

thapki comes and takes t blazer and gives t to him

bihaan: y ur sad

thapki : jus a small headache

bihaan : i think i must b ur headache…just enjoy peacefully for the next 7 days i wont be here

thapki stares at him

bihaan : wont u enjoy..u can sleep on t bed wt no restrictions…u can do whatever u want to

thapki : when u r leaving

bihaan : i guess ur too excited abt my departure…i am leaving by 9 pm

thapki : hw ur going

bihaan : my friend ll come and pick up me

thapki : is rahul bhaii coming wt u

bihaan : ofcourse y not..

thapki : wats his number

bihaan : why

thapki : bihaan wat if i want to contact u

bihaan : call my number

thapki : wat if u wont attend my call

bihaan : why am i gng to do tat

thapki : what if ur phone battery s down

bihaan : y r u imagining this much

thapki : i asked his number

bihaan gives his number

thapki : ok call me after u reach ther

bihaan : hmm

badki and chutki comes ther

badki gives him some coolers and chutki gives some umbrellas

bihaan : babhii wat s this

badki : bihaan u ll need this in goa..jus wear this awesome waala coolers and go to t beach..everygrl will stare u…

thapki stares at him angrily

bihaan : i dont need any girls’s attention babhi ji…but i love these coolers thank u babhii

chutki gives umbrellas

bihaan : babhii wat am i going to do wit this umbrellas

chutki : hurray bihaan devarji…i saw many film…t hero will always hold some umbrella while walking n to t beach..try t na

bihaan smiles

bihaan : thank u babhii jii

badki : bihaan v r having a small obligation

chutki : ahn devarji pls help us

bihaan : wat babhii

badki : we want to taste wine…pls get t for us pllsss

chutki : even if u dont get t …v r okay wt t..but pls don tell t to badi saasuma

bihaan : babhii i will surely get t for u…v ll drink together…wat say

chutki : ur sooo good bihaan

badki : okay bihaan u goo and enjoy…v ll have some awesome waala time later

bihaan : sure babhii

chutki : thapki ask something to bihaan don leav t chance

thapki stares at him

vasundra calls bihaan

bihaan takes his stuffs and comes down

vasu : see ur friend s waiting for t long time

bihaan : ok ma then i ll leav

bihaan gets blessings from dadi and babuji

thapki takes his bag and follows him

bihaan goes and puts his bag in t car and come back to get t luggage from thapki

bihaan : okay thapki bye..i will leav now

thapki didnt say anythin and started to move..

bihaan holds her hands..thapki turns

bihaan : i forget to ask u..wat u want

thapki : wil u give me wat i want

bihaan : ya sure

thapki : pls call me atleast once in a day ( in a sad voice ) ( mera ranjhaa plays )

bihaan stares at her..thapki has tears in her eyes..bihaan looks at her

bihaan friend comes there

krish : wat r u doing here

bihaan : byee thapki

thapki turns and leaves

bihaan gets in to t car and remember her words

bihaan : ( mind voice – s she missing me…no noo she wont miss me..but y did she told like tat…y is she had tears in her eyes …god i am so confused )

krish : bihaan

bihaan was in deep thinking…krish shakes him

bihaan : ahn

krish : wat happend to u

bihaan : nothin tell me

krish : rahul told tat he ll come directly to t place

bihaan : hmm…can i sleep..i am tired

krish : sure

bihaan started to lean his head in t window and thinks about thapki

thapki goes to t room and sits in t bed and thinks about bihaan

( mind voice – he didnt feel anything for leaving me and going…he is very happy and excited but why i am feeling his absence now itself..i am missing him soo much…i dont know why)

bihaan reached t airport…

they checked in to the plane

bihaan sat in a plane and starts to remember how he and thapki travelled in a plane to paris…

the air hostess announced everyone to wear t seat belts

bihaan thinks how he helped her in wearing t seat belt

bihaan smiles

krish : bihaan wat happend to u..ur behaving soo strange from t time u get in to t car

bihaan : nothing like tat krish…i already told u i am very tired..

krish : ok don b like this..atleast tmrw…v need to enjoy

bihaan : sureee

bihaan tries to sleep…but whenever he closes his..he remembers thapki face

At mrng..

they reached goa

they went to t hotel nearby

krish : guys i booked a large room for all of us…

bihaan : large room??

krish : ya…five of us can stay in t same room..then oly v ll enjoy bihaan pandey

bihaan smiles

rahul comes there and joins wt them

rahul : bihaan how was ur honeymoon

bihaan : fine

krish : he is just enjoying…first he went to he s here in goa..ur just blessed

bihaan : shut up krish

bihaan lies on t bed with others

krish : guys come on get ready..v r leaving to t beach

bihaan : v can go little later

rahul : no bihaan v need to enjoy each and every min

bihaan : ok then

bihaan goes to t restroom and gets ready

bihaan sees other’s getting ready and takes his phone and calls thapki

thapki was in t bathroom…on hearing t ringtone..thapki comes out and takes t phone

thapki attends t call

bihaan : oye madam wat dng

thapki : bihaan ar u reached safely

bihaan : yaaa 2 hrs b4…now v r gong to beach

thapki : did u had breakfast

bihaan : no hereafter oly

thapki : dont forget to eat

bihaan : hmm wat r u dng

thapki : just now got up

bihaan : woww…see this s t first time n t history..i was about to eat t breakfast…and u didnt even took bath yet

thapki : how can i see u bihaan

bihaan kept silent

thapki : ok leav t…wat s t plan for today

bihaan : i dont know anything..they told v r gong to beach…later they will only decide

thapki : i knw u wont hav any fear for t waves..but pls b careful

bihaan : sure madam…go and eat first

krish comes ther and grabs t phone

bihaan : krish…give me t phone

krish : babhii i know bihaan s missing u totally..but pls don call him frequently and make him to miss u more

thapki : i am sorry

thapki cuts t call

bihaan : why did u done this..she may felt bad

krish : babhii would have understood me…its purely our trip..i dont anyone to disturb

bihaan : i got up early…u guys are getting i just used t time…

krish : bihaan everyone went to eat breakfast

bihaan : why didnt they call me

krish : bcoz ur bc wt ur phone

bihaan : ok come

thapki : ( i should not call him during ths trip..if i call him..his friend will feel tat i am wasting ther tym..but how can i be here wtout calling him )

thapki goes back to t restroom

bihaan ate breakfast and they went to t beach

bihaan walks in to t beach…and sees t couple enjoying each other wit t waves…and remembers t moments spent wit thapki in paris….bihaan get lost in her thoughts….

krish : bihaan ( shouts )

bihaan keeps walking

rahul : bihaan

bihaan never turned

his other friends runs towards him and hold him

bihaan turns and sees his friends wo wer standing at t back

friend : bihaan wat happend to ur ear..s t wrkng

bihaan : ahn ahn working

friend : come first

bihaan comes there…

krish : ok guys…can v change t dress here..

rahul : ya

everyone starts to change ther dress

krish : b for bihaan u going to come in to t beach wt this blazer

bihaan : i didnt get anything

rahul : are u can u forget these things..he told clearly

bihaan : i am sorry…u guys can go..i will take care of ur belongings by sitting here

krish : bihaan did u came here to take care of our belongings

bihaan : i am having cold..i wont step in to beach

rahul : bihaan wen did u start to giving these kind of reasons

friend 1 : its okay..if he dont want to come leav him

bihaan sits in t beach…

they went to t beach and enjoyed wit each other…bihaan silently sees them and takes his phone and calls thapki

thapki was in t pooja room…her phone starts ringing

thapki comes out and sees her phone

( mind voice – why bihaan s calling now )

thapki attend t call

bihaan : did u ate t breakfast

thapki : no bihaan i ws in t pooja…u

bihaan : y r u taking so much time..ts already 10

thapki : i am going to eat now

bihaan : hmmm

thapki : didnt u go to t beach

bihaan : m in t beach oly

thapki : dont u go and play wt them

bihaan : not interested

thapki : u saying ths

bihaan : ya…today i was so disinterested thapki

thapki : wat happend

bihaan : nothing…did u remember t last v went to t beach…

thapki : ya

bihaan : ter s a couple here..they are just like us…she s so afraid of t waves..her husband is just like me..troubling her and enjoying here

thapki smiles widely

thapki : don u feel ashame mr. B for bihaan pandey

bihaan : why Mrs. T for Thapki bihaan pandey

thapki : u r watching some personal things of them..

bihaan : hello madam..they r n t beach..ts a private place..they didnt even cared about tat

thapki laughs…

krish and others comes and sees bihaan speaking with thapki..and gets irritated

bihaan turns and sees them

bihaan : thapki i ll call u later

thapki : wat happend bihaan

bihaan cuts t call

bihaan : wat u guys are doing here without enjoying….do u need anythin

krish : bihaan u cn go back to ur home

bihaan gets shocked


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