The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 4 )


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 4 )

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Thapki was worried over the incident which happened in the college. She recalls the words uttered by bihaan and felt very depressed for her weakness. ( in mind voice ‘ Why i am worrying this much this is not unusual for me..but still his words are taunting me )
Shraddha comes to thapki and ask her why is she worrying ? thapki smiles and said nothing diii..come lets go and eat. They both started to move.

DHURUV : ( knocks the door ) its 10 am..still you are sleeping ? get up young man
BIHAAN : ( disturbed by his bangings ) bhaiya..its so early..why are you doing this to me ?
DHURUV : open it for my sake pls
BIHAAN opened the door. And dhuruv came in and sat on his bed.
BIHAAN : what you want bro ?
DHURUV : Just came to see you (smiles at him )
BIHAAN : atchaaa…got ur dharshan…now leave.
DHURUV : wont u respect ur brother ?

BIHAAN : do u want me to get blessings now.
DHURUV : haaa…there is still time for that…i came here to ask a favor for me
BIHAAN : I know it before…tell me
DHURUV : I want to talk with shraddha…I want her number at any cost.
BIHAAN : go and ask babu ji then.
DHURUV : he wont entertain this..but i need to meet her before our engagement…we just need to know each other be comfortable

BIHAAN : How should i get it?
DHURUV : you are B for Bihaan pandey. U will ( says sarcastically )
BIHAAN : Gazabbbb….But still bihaan pandey need some information atleast.
DHURUV : she studied in your college…busineess studies.
BIHAAN : This is enough…now leave..i ll get it 🙂
DHURUV hugs him and leaves. bihaan calls his friend and ask him to find shraddha number by telling her information.

Later bihaan got a text from his friend..he opened it and he saw his friend message her number. Bihaan then decided to give her number to dhuruv by meeting him in his office.
DHURUV : is it real ??? and finally you are in our office.
BIHAAN : just relaxxx…ter is still time for it…i came here to give babhi ji’s number.
DHURUV : you are too fasttt ( says surprisedly )
BIHAAN : ok then i leave bhaii.
DHURUV : wait i need to call her.
BIHAAN : why should i wait ?
DHURUV : you are the one who is going to call her now..
BIHAAN : are you kidding ??
DHURUV : cant u see m very nervous ? you just call her and tell dhuruv wants to talk and then leavee…pleaseee mera bhaiii
BIHAAN : ok give..

BIHAAN dials the number in DHURUV’s phone.
Thapki sees shraddha phone is ringing. and she saw some unknown number. Shraddha is bathing and ask thapki to attend the call .
Thapki attends the call and both of them say hello at the same time ( BIHAAN ANSD THAPKI )
Both of them gets shocked…as the voice is familiar to them. they didnt say any thing over the phone. Bihaan started to think about the girl whom he teased and so as thapki started to think about bihaan.
DHURUV : ( shakes bihaan body ) and ask him to speak
BIHAAN : ( cuts the phone ) and says may be it is wrong number
DHURUV : who picked the call ?

BIHAAN : a girl.
DHURUV : then what?? what happened to you ?
BIHAAN : ( suddenly came back to his world from imagining her ) nothing…the signal got just try again this time,
DHURUV was clueless about his behaviour and starts to dial the number again.
Thapki who is lost in his thought..( in mind voice : why should i thinking about the heartless person now..i should erase him from my memory ASAP )
the phone rings again…and its the same number. Thapki got the courage and went near the phone…suddenly shraddha came and picked the call.
DHURUV : hi is this shraddha ?
SHRADDHA : yeah..who is this ?
DHURUV : this is dhuruv paandey.

SHRADDHA : ( got shocked ) how did you got my number?
DHURUV : its not important to discuss now . I want to know about you. can we meet?
SHRADDHA : why not..when ? Where?
DHURUV : ( seems suprised ) i thought you would refuse…
SHRADDHA : why should i..i want to marry a man whom i know personally..let get along.
DHURUV : ok then…i will text u the place. will catch u later.
SHRADDHA : excited to meet you…waiting for ur text..bye
DHURUV : u r not like other girls…u r surprising everymoment…keep surprising me till t end.
SHRADDHA : keep byee
DHURUV cuts the call and turns towards bihaan…and said ‘ she is okay with our meeting’ thank you broo !!
he hugs him and tries to kiss him.

Bihaan stops dhuruv…are u mad…m not shraddha and push him towards the chair..
DHURUV : sry mera bhaiii..but thank you soo much
BIHAAN : don say thanks to meee..enjoy ur date..m leaving bye
BIHAAN ( in mind voice : never saw him this much happier before..will a girl has the power to change our love exist in the world ? …will i fall for a girl like this..will she change my world…will i wait for her text..will i wait deadly for to meet her …lets see )
BIHAAN smiles and started moving…

PRECAP : Bihaan went to the temple with his mom…and sees thapki in a saree…and get lost nd walk towards her to apologise…she started to faint due to her fasting…bihaan holds her…they had an eyelock

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