The Blessed Love – THAHAAN (Part 38) *** Mega episde***

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 38 )

Thank you loves    for everything

And here we goes…

The cab reached pandey nivas

Vasundra and everyone waited outside for their arrival…

Everyone got down..ashwin and sanjay helped them to carry the luggages

They entered in to t house

Dhuruv and bihaan got blessings from dadi..and sat besides her

Vasu : and how was ur trip beta 

Dhuruv : very good ma

Bihaan : ya maa its nice

Vasu smiles at him

Badki : ahn ahn badi saasuma they would have enjoyed very much

Chutki : ahn badkii

Thapki : ahn baabhi jii t was so nice

Badki :thapki I asked u to get an awesome waala scent na

Chutki : wat abt my dress

Vasu : can u guys pls give some time for rest..then ltr u trouble them

Thapki : babhii I bought everything..don wrry

Shraddha : maa I feel so tired can I go and take rest

Vasu : sure beta

Shraddha sees dhuruv

Dhuruv : yaa even I feel tired..

Vasundra and bihaan looks at each other and smiles

Thapki takes her luggage and started to leav

Bihaan sees her and comes and helps her

They get in to their room..bihaan drops t luggage on t floor and lies on t bed..

Bihaan : its going to be home again

Thapki : hmmm

Bihaan : hy chuk chuk ghadii did u purchased for everyone

Thapki : ya but y u r asking

Bihaan : cant u see babhi face..they are having lot of expectations

Thapki : I will satisy them don worry

Thapki lies on t couch

Bihaan sees t and throws t bedsheet..t hits her face

Thapki : cant u come and give idiot

Bihaan : oye madam…this itself a sweet gesture

Thapki : wo needs t ..thapki threw t bedsheet on t floor

Bihaan closes his eyes and sleeps

After few hrs..

Thapki gets up and sees t clock and ts 4 o clock

thapki goes to take bath…

in bathroom..thapki sees a cockroach in t bathtub…she started shouting..

bihaan gets disturbed and rushes towards t bathroom

thapki comes out and screams ” bihaan cockroach”

bihaan goes to t bathroom..( murmurs : i dont know why girls are always gets fear for cockrocah )

bihaan sees t cockroach escaped through t tap holes

bihaan : chuk chuk ghadi t cockraoch ( he turns and sees her in towel and gets stunned ) cock…cockk..( stutters )

thapki : wat happened…s t still ter

thapki realises that she was with towel…she goes and hides behind t curtains

bihaan turns…

bihaan : chuk chuk ghadii..y u came like this..

thapki : bihaan cockroach was ther

bihaan : ok i won turn..go to t bathroom now

thapki runs to t bathroom she gets slipped and started shouting

bihaan turns and sees her..bihaan gives his hands to her…thapki was not able to stand…bihaan bends down and lifts her in his arms…they shared an eyelock ( jiya dhadak dhadak song plays )

bihaan places her in t bed..bihaan leather necklace got struck wit her mangalsutra…bihaan didnt notice tat..thapki sees tat..bihaan lifts his head..thapki holds his head…bihaan sees t

thapki removes t gently….bihaan looks at her

bihaan takes t bedsheet and puts t on her

bihaan goes out of t room ( bihaan started to think about how she looked wt t towel and blushes )

thapki takes few mins to relieve and gets up and locks t door

thapki ( omg..he saw me with towel..t was soo embarassing…i am such an idiot )

thapki smiles and goes to t bathroom

After few mins..thapki takes her bag and goes down

Chutki and badki was sitting in t sofa and listening to dadi stories

Thapki comes there

Badki : hurray thapki are u leaving home…wt happened..bihaan devarji told anything

Chutki : thapki tum don worry we will talk to devarjii

Dadi : hurray chup..stop ur imaginations..did she told anything

Thapki smiles

Thapki : babhii nothing to wrry I came to give what I bought for you

Vasundra comes there..

Thapki gives sarees to dadi ma…and cosmetics to badki and few modern dresses to chutki

Vasu : thapki why did u wasted ur time with these things beta

Thapki : maa its not like tat..its always pleasure to shop for our dear ones

Thapki gives a pearl worked saree to vasundra

Vasu : its soo nice beta thank you

Thapki smiles

Badki : thank you thapki ts soo nice I am gonna use t and see now itself

Chutki : even me badki come lets goo thank you

Vasundra stares at them

Vasu : I don’t know when these guys will mature

Dadi : vasu Bahu I want them to stay like this…

Vasundra and thapki smiles

Thapki goes to the room

Bihaan was playing game in his phone

Bihaan : wer are u

Thapki : I went to give the things wat I bought for them

Bihaan : oh trying to getting a good name in my family ah

Thapki : jus shut up bihaan…u will think like tat oly

Bihaan : u shut up idiot

Thapki places her suitcase in anger and t falls down…bihaan sees tshirsts and blazers in t suitcase

Thapki gets shocked ( thapki got things for bihaan too )

Bihaan : chuk chuk ghadi for wom did u bought these things for

Thapki : for my dhost

Bihaan : wat ….

thapki : i bought things for i did for him too

bihaan : y did u wasted our money for ur stupid friend

thapki : bihaan i belong to this family..and this money is not urs too

bihaan gets upset and leaves t place

bihaan : ( mind voice – she bought these much things for everyone except me…did anyone n t world buy these things for a friend in their honey moon..anyway she s correct..ts not my money too..i dont have any rights to ask her too )

thapki : ( Mind voice – why did i spoke like this…i bought everything for him..but if i told him he would have thought that i am in love with him..but i spoke little wrong..i should apologise to him )

thapki calls bihaan

bihaan cuts t call

thapki calls again…bihaan switch off his phone

thapki gets upset..

At night,

everyone came to t dinner table

thapki serves everyone

bauji : thapki beta where is Mr.Bihaan ji i didnt get his dharshan from the mrng

thapki : bauji he went to see his friends

bauji : oh i see

vasu : he didnt saw them for the past few he only he went ther

bauji : even he didnt see me

vasu : hurray he ll come u dont wrry

bauji : do watever

bauji : dhuruv how was ur trip

dhuruv : it was very good pa..

bauji : tats good beta

they ate and everyone left to t room..thapki didnt eat and waited for bihaan

bihaan comes very late and sees thapki sleeping in t sofa..

bihaan gets angry on seeing her..he started to move towards his room..he collide wit t flower vase and t falls down
due to t sound..thapki wakes up and sees bihaan

bihaan calls t maid to clean t and starts to move

thapki : bihaan why are u soo late today..i am waiting for u

bihaan didnt tell anything and start to move

thapki : bihaan i am speaking to u

bihaan : wat s ur prblm..i hav to rights to come home at any time

thapki : ok come and eat first

bihaan : i ate already

thapki : where

bihaan : did i need to tell u

thapki : why are u talking like this to me

bihaan : i dont have any mood to fight now..i need to sleep…will u stop troubling me

baujii comes there

bauji : bihaan why are u so late

bihaan : sry pa..i went to my friend’s bday party

bauji : go and eat first

bihaan : i ate at t party

bauji : y cant u call and tell thapki..she is waiting for u for t past 3 hrs

bihaan : t battery s down in my phone

bauji : wow u r giving answers to everything..bihaan u r married now…b responsible atleast now…u should think of her always..i dont know when u ll change..thapki beta u go and eat…don ever wait for him

bauji leaves t place angrily

bihaan : woww..finally u got some pravachan from my bauji..are u happy now..

thapki : wat did i done now

bihaan : don act smart..v r not a typical husband and wife then why are u waited for me..are u want to show off something

thapki : u wont understand anything…jus go

bihaan goes to t room..thapki follows him

thapki takes her bedsheet and lies on t floor

bihaan : didnt u eat

thapki kept silent

bihaan : ( she will do mistakes often but finally i have to suffer )

bihaan : mahan aatma go and eat na

thapki gaves him a angry look

bihaan gets up and goes down

thapki sees this ( I thought to apologise him..but he won deserve this..always reminding our relation..i know he is not regarding me as his wife still..but y did he keep on telling that )

bihaan comes to t room wit a plate..he places on t table..

bihaan : thapki

thapki turns and sees bihaan

thapki : wat

bihaan : get up…

thapki : y

bihaan : pls stop asking and get up

thapki gets up

bihaan : i bought dinner here itself can v eat

thapki : tat means u didnt ate anything still

bihaan : ya i lied

thapki : but y

bihaan : nothing leav t

thapki gets up and serves him

bihaan : stop serving and eat wit me

they both ate silently

bihaan goes to t bed..thapki sees him ( i should apologise him atleast now )

thapki : bihaan

bihaan : wat

thapki : are u still angry on me

bihaan : why should i

thapki : then y u didnt attend my call

bihaan : i didnt saw

thapki takes t bag…and gives t to bihaan

bihaan : wat r u dng

thapki : i bought these things for u not for my friend

bihaan : thapki pls don lie…i dont have any anger towards u

thapki takes t shirt and shows t to him…al t tshirts had BIPKI on t left corner…

bihaan : wat does t means

thapki : BI for BIHAAN PANDEY and PKI for THAPKI

bihaan : matlab..did u designed t shirts and bought this for me

thapki : ya i saw a shop i got this

bihaan : but y u lied in t mrng

thapki : i thought to surprise u

bihaan stares at her lovingly

thapki : i am srry

bihaan : i have to say sry..i just overreacted

thapki : but i should not spoke like tat..i am sry bihaan

bihaan : thank you so much…i really love these tshirsts

thapki smiles

bihaan :but i didnt get anything for u

thapki : its ok no prblm

bihaan : wait one sec

bihaan takes his phone and goes to his vault app and takes t lock pic

bihaan : thapki did u wrote our name on t lock bridge

thapki gets shocked ( how did he know tat..did he saw t pic )

thapki : no noo

bihaan : then wat s this

thapki sees t pic

thapki : how did u know this

bihaan : oh tat means u wrote our name

thapki : ya did john told u

bihaan : no noo u only telling this

thapki : wat

bihaan : see t pic clearly

thapki sees t pic again and notices t another lock nearby which reads ” THAHAAN FOREVER ”

thapki : which means..did u??

bihaan : ya i wrote our name

thapki blushes

bihaan : i thought u ll write our name n front of me on tat day

thapki : i saw ur very disinterested over these things..soo

bihaan : chuk chuk ghadii..i want u to stay wt me always as a friend…so i did t

thapki smiles

bihaan : ok stop smiling and go to sleep

thapki sleeps on t floor..bihaan goes to bed

thapki : mr. Bihaan u told u ll also sleep on t floor on tat day

bihaan : i know my patnii..i ll do ( bihaan takes his bedsheet and sleeps on t floor )

bihaan : kush ??

thapki : bahuut

they both smiles and started to sleep

PRECAP : bihaan helps thapki for wearing a saree..bihaan touches her waist..thapki heart beats faster..bihaan looks at her ( music plays )

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