The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 35 ) DOUBLE MEGA EPISODE !!!

The blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 35 )

Hyy swthrtsss….thanks for t overwhelmed support from t beginning…   I am really sorry guys for making u wait all t tym…I really tried to write a short one…due to my hectic went out in vain…
Pls no need to check for every day darls…hereafter I ll tell u t exact time and date of t next FF…u ll find tat thing after t precap
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Here we goes…
Thapki sees bihaan coming towards him..she turns towards t beach
Bihaan comes near her…

Bihaan : why u turned after seeing me…wat did I done now
Thapki : why didn’t u wear a shirt too..ur a shameless fellow now
Bihaan : oh madam…boys ll wear this kind of things in beach..first learn t basic things and stop over reacting
Thapki turns and gives him a angry look and started to gaze his body
Bihaan : oyee madam..face is here..wher are u seeing
Thapki : m seeing t face only
Bihaan : atchaa..i thought ur looking my muscle body
Thapki laughs loud
Bihaan : stop laughing
Thapki : then don’t ever crack a joke
Bihaan looks at her
Bihaan : mahan aatma now come

They both went near t sea…they ate at t restaurant
Bihaan : I forget to ask u 1thin
Thapki : kya
Bihaan : are u afraid of t waves..bcoz still now ur getting afraid for every small things
Thapki : stop teasing..i love to enjoy wt t waves..i don’t have any problem
Bihaan : then fine come
Thapki stops at a particular point..bihaan keeps on moving forward and sees she is not coming wt him..he turns and look at her
Bihaan : y r u standing ter
Thapki : its enough I guess..t already reaching my knee level
Bihaan : wat
Thapki : its dangerous to step forward

Bihaan : butcheeee ( smiles loud )
Thapki looks at him
Bihaan : don ever say tat u enjoy t waves..u not even stepping in to t sea
Thapki : ts enough for me..u can goo
Bihaan comes near her and takes her towards t deep
Thapki shouts…
Bihaan : stop shouting
Thapki : leave my hand
Thapki stands in front of him by facing t shore..bihaan sees t big wave s approaching towards them
Thapki : leave my hand pls
Bihaan : if I leave ur hand now…u ll suffer s t okay
Thapki : leave my hand first
Bihaan sees t waves getting closer to t time t reaches… bihaan leaves her hand..thapki didn’t expected a wave from t back..t wave height s same as thapki actual pushes from t backward..thapki started to fall over him…bihaan falls on t sand..thapki closes her eyes..her lips gets landed safely on his chest  thapki hugs him tightly…bihaan got a new feel..closes his eyes…bihaan hugs her too..thapki feels t warmth of his body
T wave went back..they both opened their eyes…they share an eyelock ( music plays )
Thapki gets up suddenly…bihaan also gets up
Thapki : u left my hand seeing t wave from t back..isnt t?
Bihaan smiles loudly and runs
Thapki gets angry and chases him…bihaan runs around t shore…
Thapki : bihaan stop
Bihaan : then tell me u won hit me

Thapki : u hav to bear wat I ll do
Bihaan runs fast…thapki felt tired and stops…bihaan comes near her…thapki started to run..on seeing this bihaan runs too fast and sees a lady coming towards t shore..bihaan asks t lady to save from his stupid wife…thapki hears it and comes near them..bihaan hides from t back of her
Lady : why are u chasing
Thapki : who are u too ask me
Bihaan touches t lady shoulder and ask her to save
Thapki : bihaan how dare u touch her

Bihaan : she is my sister
Lady : wat is happening here are u guys playin
Thapki : sry…he has got some mental issues..i have to take him to t hospital
Lady : oh sry…
T lady takes t hand and ask him to go wt her
Bihaan : wat?? Mental..she is lying don hear t
Thapki : see…if someone tells him like tat..he ll starts to get angry and he ll start to eat t dresses of t ones wo is near
Lady gets shocked and runs
Bihaan : waittt she is lyin
Bihaan turns and sees her…thapki smiles continuously
Bihaan : happy now
Thapki : not yet…still something is remaining
Thapki starts to run towards him..bihaan runs soo fast
Thapki gets soo tired and thought something
Thapki falls over t ground and started to cry fakely…
Bihaan sees t and rushes towards her..
Bihaan : are u okay? Wat happened
Bihaan sees her legs…
Thapki stops crying and places her hands around his neck tightly…bihaan looks at her
Thapki : see now I got u….
Bihaan : reallyyyy ( looks in to her eyes and says silently )
Thapki blushes
( mera ranjhnaaa plays )
Thapki takes her hand…and sees her lipstick mark in his chest…
Bihaan sees tat…
Bihaan : wat u done to me…
Thapki : m srry
Bihaan : y r u putting so much lipstick idiot
Thapki : srryy

Bihaan : u always make me embarrassed
Thapki kept silent
Bihaan : oyee madam…stop ur mouna virath…now come to t beach….its ok…i dont have any issues now
Thapki smiles at him
They both goes to t beach..and enjoys wt each other by pushing and playing
They both sat in t beach bench…

Thapki : soo tired
Bihaan : don say like tis..we r leaving to someplace now
Thapki : are u kidding…m not coming…see our state…
Bihaan : v ll go to t parlour and v ll goo..ts my bday don say nooo
Thapki nods
They changed their dress and they got a cab and they went to spa nearby…
Bihaan : wait v ll buy new clothes first
They both get in to a shop..bihaan buys a black gown for her and a black suit for him
Thapki : but bihaan wr r v goin
Bihaan : waittt
They both entered spa…
Bihaan goes to a male section and thapki goes to a female section
T beautician welcomed her and dries her hair first…and asked her to wear t dress…thapki wears t dress…she started applying makeup for her

T male beautician asked bihaan to wear t suit and come..bihaan removes his shirt and sees t lipstick mark in t mirror…and smiles and clicks a selfie…( mind voice – tis should b remembered thapki )
Bihaan gets ready witin 10 mins and waits for her in t lobby
Thapki comes out of t room…thapkii was dressed up like a celebrity..bihaan started to get lost over her eyes..bihaan gets up and looks at her
Thapki : wer r v going
Bihaan kept silent and gazes at her
Thapki shakes him..
Bihaan : u r luking soo cute today

Thapki pinches him…bihaan shouts

Thapki : then ts real onlyyy…
Bihaan smiles at her…
Thapki : wer r v goin
Bihaan : discotheque
Thapki : are u brainless…I wont come to tat place
Bihaan : its my routine for every bday…I don wanna miss anything today..pls come wt me
Thapki looks at him
Bihaan calls t cab..nd gts in to t…thapki stands still
Bihaan : are u comin r not?
Thapki gets in to t cab…
They reached t place…
They got a couple ticket and gets in to t
Thapki sees t place and stares everyone and gets scared..bihaan holds her…
They both sat in a table..
thapki : bihaan i didnt know we have some place to eat in t pub
bihaan : ur dumb…
thapki : chup and order a spicy channa batura
bihaan : ( starts laughing ) oyee madam…v r n paris not noida…and here v ll get drinks alone or any non veg starters
thapki : then order a juice
bihaan orders a orange juice
bihaan stares at t dance cube..where every1 s dancing…
thapki : go and dance if u want
bihaan : alone?? dancing is not fun then..ll u come?
thapki : don even dream
bihaan : then ok..i won go
someone touched bihaan shoulder..bihaan turns..a young lady comes towards him…she smiled at him..
lady : hi swthrt..i came wt my idiot frnd..i want to enjoy t party…can u b my dance date..i heard ur conversation too
thapki : did he asked u? jus don disturb us and leave
lady : u jus shut up…did i talked to u..u say Mr.Handsome
thapki fumes in anger
bihaan : its ok no need…i am already in a dinning date wt her..u can go
lady : then its okay..bye
bihaan smiles…t lady turned back and kissed him in t cheeks all of a sudden..and said ‘now u won forget me ‘
bihaan stares thapki innocently..thapki gets irritated and started to move…bihaan gets up and holds her
bihaan : y r u leaving now

thapki : u just enjoy bihaan..i am not going to do anything here
bihaan : thapki wt did i done wrong..its hr fault..ur just takin our relation seriously all t time..if a girl kissed ur friend…ll u react t same way…jus chill
thapki : ofcourse i wont…can u ans me a simple question now
bihaan : wat
thapki : will u smile if someone kissed me

bihaan : bakwas…hw dare u speak lyk tis..
thapki : y it hurts bihaan jii..i am not ur patni.. if a boy kissed ur friend…ll u react t same way…jus chill
bihaan : i am sorry
thapki turns and leaves..bihaan holds her hand tightly
bihaan : m sorry for watever happened…i didnt expect she ll do lyk tat…pls don leave me
thapki comes and sits in t chair..
bihaan : wy ar u soo silent
thapki kept silent
bihaan : do u still angry over me
thapki : no..leav t
bihaan sees t same lady passing ter..bihaan gets up and holds her hand
thapki : bihaan wat r u doing
lady : wat mr.handsome now u want a dat
bihaan : shut up..because of ur stupid mannerism…she is not speaking wt me..she is my wife…say sorry to her otherwise i wont leav her
lady : oh i see…i am sorry miss. i don want to be t reason for anyone split..
thapki looks at her
lady : still angry..then i ll regard him as brother..isnt t okay bhaii
thapki starts smiling loud on hearing this
thapki : ur mad..ur just changing things frequently
lady : tats wat t life..don take everythin seriously..and now see Mr.king now ur queen is leav my hand
bihaan leaves her
thapki : bihaan ur completely mad…such a motti budhi u have
bihaan smiles and goes to take t drinks wat tey ordered
t lady comes to him
lady : don ever lose her…she loves u so much
bihaan : ( gt shocked ) hw u sayin
lady : its girls psychology u wont get it…bye

bihaan takes t wrong tray and comes…
thapki takes t and drinks
thapki : bihaan tis juice has different taste
bihaan : its different n paris
they both drank t fully…
t alcohol content starts working…
( readers note : jus imagine they are speaking in a drunken tone…like they spoke in t TPK drunken episode )
thapki : do u want dance Mr. B for Bihaan pandey
bihaan : nai naii…u didn’t come wen I askd u
thapki : atchaa then I ll go
thapki goes to t dance cube and shouts at t DJ
thapki : DJ pls play some hindi gaana
DJ : sure…now enjoy wt kaala chashma
Thapki : oh my fav..tyyy
Thapki starts to sizzle…
Everyone over ter enjoyed and followed her step…some one came near to her and danced wt her
Bihaan gets irritated..and goes to t cube
Bihaan : how dare u touch her…she s leav
Bihaan pushes him in to t crowd..
Thapki ( to t man ) : oh sry..he is mad..
Bihaan : oye madam..wo is mad
Thapki : tum nai baby..tat fellow
Bihaan : babyyyyy
Thapki blushes at him and dances wt him
DJ : wahhh..tat was awesomatic..thankiew Indian a romantic song for u guys..enjoyy
DJ plays tum hi hooo
Thapki touches his shoulders..bihaan touches her waist..and t crowd roars for them…they started to dance by looking in to her eyes
After t song ended…they left t stage…
Thapki : bihaan I don’t think I drank orange juice
Bihaan : even I think t same
Thapki : see our stage how can we leave

Bihaan : don worry babyyy..i ll take care
Thapki : ur soo cute
Bihaan gets a cab..they both get in to t cab..they reached t room
Bihaan locks t room..
Thapki falls on t bed
Bihaan : oh madam..don u want to change ur dress
Thapki : bihaan pls don say I was tired
Bihaan : even me

Thapki : then come and sleep here
Thapki : why don u wear anything
Bihaan : ts hot..
Thapki turns..her heart beats faster after seeing him..
Bihaan throws his shirt and gets slipped and falls over thapki…thapki gets stunned and holds him.. ( jeena jeena song plays at t background for t whole scene )
Bihaan : m sorry ( says silently )
Thapki closes his mouth…and stares at him and get lost…thapki holds his face by her hands…without a second thought thapki kissed him on his lips..

Bihaan opens his eyes widely…thapki hugs him tightly…bihaan closes his eyes and hugs her too…
After a few mins..thapki stops kissing and turns…bihaan hugs her from t back…thapki blushes..bihaan touches her belly..thapki turns towards him…bihaan kisses her neck
Bihaan : thapki even u know how to kiss
Thapki : I learned t from u
Bihaan : I teach u even more perfectly
Bihaan started to kiss her…they both hugged each other and shared a intense lip lock…after few mins..they slept by hugging each other.

Precap : NYD

Next one : Saturday Night at 9 pm ( I ll upload my FF on afternoon so t ll sure reach u all wtin 9 so don’t need to check regularly drls…open and see my next at 9 )


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