The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 33 ) ***Mega episode***


The Blessed Love – Thahaan ( Part 33 )

hy my fellows..hope every1 doing well nd good…guys i started to work for 2 months…so i will not b able to write as before…i assure i wont stop my writting till i get satisfied..or till i ll do justice to t characters what i have taken..but ll u pls let me know..if u r okay wt daily short updates or 3 mega episodes per week..i can do t any of tat…if u tell me clearly…pls do comment…that ll made me to take a better decicion 🙂
AND A BIG HUG FOR ALL OF THEM WHO ARE WITH ME TILL NOW 🙂 sure i ll make more friends b4 this FF ends 🙂
here it goes !!

vasu : i booked a cab for u guys
dhuruv : but ma kyu…arent u comin to t airport
vasu : no beta…wat i am going to do by coming ter
chutki : badi sasuma..v ll go then
vasu : did i asked need for any1 coming and dropping u..u guys ll take care of urself…its just 4 days i dont want to spoil a min of ur pls go and enjoy
dhuruv and shraddha smiles at each other
cab comes to t place…its innova car
thapki and bihaan sat at the back..dhuruv and shraddha sat at t front…everyone came out and given them a happy send off…
the car started to move
dhuruv : bihaan when is ur guys flight
bihaan : 8.30 bhaii..urs
dhuruv : its 7.30
bihaan : hmmm ok then..u guys ar leavin first
dhuruv : yaa…

they reached t airport…they checked in..they sat at t waiting hall
bihaan got a call from his friend…he started talkin over t phone..shraddha and dhuruv started to take selfies…thapki stares at everyone
shraddha : thapki can u take pic of us
thapki : sure dii
thapki takes t camera and started to click pics…
dhuruv : come on thapki v all take a pic together
dhuruv holds t phone and started to take selfie…thapki sees bihaan…dhuruv notes that…
dhuruv : bihaan how long ll u talk
bihaan turns
bihaan : bhaii sorry…i am talking to my frnd after a long tym
dhuruv : then no worries talk to him after 4 days..tat won make a difference
dhuruv grabs his phone and cuts t call
bihaan : bhaiii
dhuruv : come v ll take pics
bihaan comes and stands near thapki..thapki smiles..dhuruv takes selfies
dhuruv : its enough i guess…i am gonna get a coffeee..wo else need
shraddha : me..
thapki : me too
bihaan kept silent
dhuruv : don u need
bihaan : no bhaii
dhuruv goes and gets coffee…and gives t to them
dhuruv and shraddha ate t coffee
dhuruv : bihaan its getting late…v need to leave..bye take care…enjoy this trip to t core
bihaan : u too bhaiii enjoy
they hugged each other
shraddha : thapki u too enjoy
thapki hugs her..
dhuruv and shraddha left t place
bihaan started to play game in his phone…thapki slowly drank t coffee…
thapki : bihaan i ll go t washroom and come
bihaan : hmm

thapki started to move
after 5 mins..
thapki comes to t waiting hall…she saw bihaan drinking t coffee of hers…she comes near to him
she started to looking at him continuously…bihaan wasnt looked at her
thapki : bihaan
bihaan : wat
thapki : ur drinking coffee
bihaan : so wat
thapki : its my cup na?
bihaan : u didn’t have t fully..i felt thirsty so I drank t..did u hav any prblm now
thapki : naii naii koi prblm nai…I didn’t expect u ll drink t from my cup
bihaan : wats t big deal…I don mind if t person s one of my family member
thapki looks at him and smiles
they started to hear an announcement about their flight
bihaan : thapki come we have to go
thapki takes her bag…bihaan pulls t trolly..they both entered t flight..thapki sat near t window…bihaan sat near her
thapki felt nervous as its her first flight..she looked everyone strangely
air hostess announced everyone to put t seat belts…thapki tried to put..bihaan sees her and helped her..thapki looked at him

the flight started to taking off…
thapki felt tensed and holds bihaan hands..
bihaan : hurray chuk chuk ghadi wat happend
thapki : nothing m fine…
thapki takes her hand..
bihaan started to hear songs…
thapki felt very cold…
bihaan : wat happend to u..why are u overreactin
thapki : shut up..i am feeling so cold here…everything bcoz of u…if i was in churi i wont felt cold this much..
bihaan : do u want a bedsheet
thapki : did u bought t ( asks childishly )
bihaan : smiles
thapki : wat
bihaan : ur soo cute
thapki : wattt
bihaan : matlab…ur very funny wait
bihaan asked t air hostess to get a bed sheet for her..
thapki : y r u asking her…do u know her b4
bihaan : chupp…its international flight..v ll get everythin…now chup chop and get t bedsheet
air hostess gives t bedsheet to him and smiles at him

thapki : see how she is smiling
bihaan : its ter duty
thapki puts t bedsheet on her and sees bihaan
bihaan starts to watch a movie
thapki stares at him..bihaan looks on
bihaan : wat are u seeing
thapki : wat are u doin
bihaan : watching movie…
thapki : wat movie
bihaan : ajab prem ki ghazab kahani
thapki : awww…ranbir
bihaan : wat
thapki : m a big fan of him
bihaan : m watchin oly for katrina…
thapki : wo cares…can i also see t pls
bihaan shares his headphone plugs wt her…thapki started to blush on seeing ranbir…bihaan sees this and gets irritated and forwards t scene
thapki : bihaan why are u forwarding t
bihaan : m seeing t for katrina..i don want to waste my time on cing his face alone
thapki : atchaa

they started to see t film and laugh at each other on every funny scenes….thapki finds sleepy at t end..she uncautiously leans on his shoulder and sleeps
bihaan sees this..and takes t earplugs and puts the bedsheet properly on her…bihaan takes t sleeping masks and puts on her eyes…..thapki puts his hands around his hands…and sleeps comfortably..bihaan sees this and smiles…he takes t phone and takes a selfie…bihaan started to hear t songs…
( tu safar mera song plays )
bihaan looks at her for few mins and started to sleep by leanin his head on her head…
after few mins thapki wakes up and sees bihaan head on her head…she sits bihaan head was placed safely in her shoulder…thapki removes the earplug from his ears…and puts sleeping mask for him and shares t bed sheet and leans her head over his head and sleeps

At morning…
bihaan wakes up and sees his hands over thapki neck…he takes it suddenly..thapki wakes up and sees him..
they both stared each other and kept silent
bihaan asked two coffees..bihaan gave t to thapki
they both drank coffee..thapki looks at him
bihaan : wat dev rani
thapki : i was hungry bihaan
bihaan : wait i ll order food
thapki : ok then i ll go to restroom and come
bihaan orders food…
they both ate t food..
thapki : it was not nicee
bihaan : chup chop and eat…u ll get these kind of dishes n flight
thapki nods
thapki : when v ll reach
bihaan : within 1 hr
bihaan looks at a air hostess
thapki : mr.b for bihaan pandey..wat r u seeing
bihaan: chuk chuk ghadii..see cute she is..her husband s really lucky
thapki : go and marry her
bihaan : wat to do…my fate s wt u
thapki stares at him angrily
bihaan : i know how u guys feel…all air hostess are girls..u won see any good looking guy
thapki : even if they are here i wont see
bihaan : ter any prblm in ur brain ( smiles )
thapki : bcoz m married Mr.bihaan pandey
bihaan looks at her…
thapki : but ur flirtin
bihaan : dont u flirt wt ranbir sterday
thapki : shut up u idiot…I didn’t blushed at him..i was a big fan of him…I ll always get excited when

I see him tats t…
bihaan : ok mahan aatma..hereafta i ll regard everyone as my sister except katrina and
thapki : andd
bihaan : my mother
thapki fumes in anger…
bihaan : cool…except u and katrina
thapki smiles…
t flight landed
they both hired a taxi and reached a hotel…
they booked a room and went to t room…bihaan puts everythin on t side and lies on t bed..
thapki calls shraddha from t landline phone
shraddha : do u guys reached
thapki : ahn dii..u
shraddha : just now..v are eating here
thapki : ok dii..bye enjoy
shraddha : u too

thapki cuts t call and sees bihaan in t bed..and goes to t balcony and sees t beauty of paris and gets mesmerised
bihaan : there is still time for to admire t beauty of paris..come and take rest first
thapki : where u want me to rest…u just occupied t bed
bihaan : couch..see ts just made for u
thapki : do u want me to sleep on t couch
bihaan : wts wrong wt this
thapki : bihaan this place s very cold
bihaan : hmm sleep wherever u want
thapki : i ll book a new room then
bihaan turns and sees her
bihaan : u want to stay seperately
thapki : wat should i do then
bihaan stands and sees her
bihaan : mahan aatma u just stay here..i ll sleep n t couch then
thapki holds his hands
thapki : how can u sleep n t couch..ts very cold
bihaan : wat u want me to do then..if i book a room using t card…mom ll come to know everythin
thapki : v ll share t worries
bihaan : are u n sense
thapki : ya ( smiles ) u sleep n tis corner..i ll use this corner
bihaan nods and sleeps
thapki also slept….

at evening
thapki wakes up and sees bihaan s n deep sleep
thapki goes and get ready for goin out..
thapki : bihaaan ( shouts )
bihaan murmurs something..thapki comes near to him…
bihaan : katrina pls don kiss on my lips…chuk chuk ghadi wants me to do some justice to my relation…kiss me n t forehead..first u and then me ( smiles )
thapki : atchaa do u want a see
thapki pours water on his face..bihaan wakes up and shouts thapkii
thapki : y r u shouting
bihaan : y r u done this
thapki : u blabbered something
bihaan : soo
thapki : nothing i am going out…ar u cmng wt me
bihaan : noo go alone and enjoy

thapki goes out
bihaan : ( wat happened to this chuk chuk ghadii…she just went witout asking again…wat did i blabbered..did i told something bad about her..who knows )
bihaan gets up and goes to t washroom..
thapki goes out and sees the stalls near t hotel..she goes there and stares everythin….
bihaan was in t room and gets worried as it was 2 hours since she left… ( i dont know where she is…she dont have a phone too…how will i reach her )
bihaan takes t blazer and goes out…
thapki comes to t room and searches for bihaan ( where t hell he s..he told he is not coming see he alone went somewhere to enjoy..such a idiot )
bihaan searches her all over t place…and then he comes to t hotel
bihaan stands in t hotel entrance itself..t receptionist notices tat and tells him that his wife has

came already and got t keys of his room
bihaan goes to t room..thapki was watching tv..
thapki : wer did u go
bihaan kept silent
thapki : dont u want to talk wt me too..nice
bihaan : wen u came
thapki : why should i tell u
bihaan : ok don tell..can v eat now
thapki : i ate already…if u want u can order
bihaan : noo..i am not feelin hungry
thapki : atchaa
bihaan sees t bags
bihaan : wat u bought
thapki : tats none of ur business bihaan pandey
bihaan : sorry
bihaan ( wat happened to her..y she is talking to me like this…did i done anything wrong )
bihaan goes to t balcony and spends some time..bihaan turns and sees her as she was interestingly watching tv…
bihaan goes to sleep ( mind voice – i didnt have anything..she doesnt even cared about cruel she is ) bihaan puts eye masks and sleeps..thapki sees this and smiles

precap : thapki pours water on bihaan face…bihaan removes his mask and started to shout and sees t decorations in t room…thapki takes t cake and comes near to him..bihaan realised tat t was his birthday..thapki places t cake in front of him…thapki tells him happy birthday bihaan pandey…bihaan hugs her tightly and cries..thapki was stunned over his reaction 🙂

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  1. Really really superrrrr episode.. Waiting for the next episode:-)

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