The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 32 ) ***Mega episode***


The Blessed love – THAHAAN ( part 32 )

hy my wonderful FF lovers  as per t request of we going wt a super mega episode…thanks for t support from t start !! I hav a doubt..s any male s interested in watching t serials…or oly t female population are addicted to a serial
pls clear my confusion…even n my comments box s any male friend s ter..i still don know ur real names..i am bit confused from t start 😉
and t startssss
Thapki : matlabb
Bihaan : love naii u can call t as crush
Thapki : who
Bihaan : Katrina

Thapki :atchaaa
Bihaan : just imagine wat if I and her goin to paris
Thapki : ( laughs loudly )
bihaan : wats ter to laugh chuk chuk ghadi
thapki : u both ll look like sister and brother
bihaan : how dare u call us like tat
thapki : then wat she is 33 and ur 23
bihaan : so wat
thapki : ( laughs again )
bihaan : ms. chuk chuk ghadii enough..may b she s elder but look at her face how s*xy she is..she is gifted..even though she s 33 she looks like 23…god ll always do mistakes…someone may b 21 but they are lookin like 35
thapki : did u mean i am looking like 35
bihaan : i didnt say ur name..but see truth always hurts
thapki : atchaa then go wt that aunty sry beauty
bihaan : ( Laughs ) stop fightin chuk chuk ghadiii…did u forget our friendship deal
thapki : deal??
bihaan : we are friends even lets enjoy t four days..start packing
thapki : atchaa…
bihaan leaves the room

chutki and badki comes there
chutki : thapki wat r u doing
thapki : m packing babhii
badki : we ll miss u all thapkii

thapki : even i ll miss u babhi jii
chutki : hurray..stop missing us there and get some things for us na?
thapki : sure suree..wat u want
badki : i came to know tat scents and perfumes are famous in paris..get me t awesome waala one thapki
chutki : hurray get me some colorful sarees na
badki : hurray chutki will anyone buy sarees ther…b modern..get some dress for her thapki
chutki : but where ll i wear
badki : we ll wear and take photos don worry
thapki : then sure babhii i ll buy definitely

bihaan comes there
bihaan : babhii jii u started to ask her..when i am here
chutki : bihaan devar jii we have seperate list for u dont worry
everyone smiles…vasundra comes there
vasu : by t way wat u guys are doing here
badki : badii saasuma we are helping thapki
vasu : atchaa..even i have eyes…stop troublin her and go to kitchen
chutki and badki leaves
vasu : start packing beta…don waste time…ur flight ll b on today night so jaldii na
thapki nods her head…vasundra takes bihaan outside
vasu : bihaan pls take care of thapkii
bihaan : maa y r u telling this…she s my wife…i ll take care of her
vasu : don act too smart…i knw ur not livin a husband and wife lifestyle still…i think u should need some time..but pls don hurt her at any cost…
bihaan : how u know
vasu : i am ur maa

bihaan : ma…we ll soon bcome t one what u ll dream for..don worry
bihaan leaves…vasundra smiles
bihaan ( mind voice – m really sorry ma for t first time i told u lie…v ll remain as friends forever )
shraddha comes to thapki room
shraddha : can i come in
thapki : diii y r u asking like this..come first
shraddha : bcoz ur always bc wt ur husband
thapki : diii one is important than u

shraddha : ( smiles ) atchaa started packing ?
thapki : ya started but confused dii
shraddha : y
thapki : did u know abt paris…is t cold or hot?
shraddha : ( smiles ) y r u asking
thapki : i was confused wt t clothes
shraddha : wat u going to wear ther..did u hav anything
thapki : see this ( she shows her 4 long churi..)
shraddha : are u going to wear this
thapki : ya its new one dii
shraddha : ( mind voice – wowww…awesome thapkii..u ll look so good wit this churi in paris..oh god i ll miss seein that ) atchaa nice ( smiles sarcastically )
thapki : did u packed t things
shraddha : i ll go for shopping now thapkii..USA na? i should get some trendy dresses
thapki : hmmm

shraddha : y don u go for shopping
thapki : naii dii…i ll manage wt t things wat i have
shraddha smiles and leaves
shraddha and dhurv comes to home after shopping…
dadi : hurray beta..wer u went

dhuruv : shopping dadi ma for our honeymoon
dadi : show me
shraddha gets tensed as she bought some short dresses
dadi : soo nice shraddha…u hav to wear like this oly…ther ll b no idiots ll comment on ur dress
shraddha smiles widely
dadi : even i wanted to wear t like this in my younger days…
dhuruv : dadii u ll looked s*xy then
dadii : go inside…u have oly few hrs left for t flight
they both left
thapki comes there
dadi : thapki beta didnt u change ur dress…just 2 hrs more for t flight..go na
thapki : dadi i have changed..i am going wt this churi oly
dadi : wat…get some trendy things na
thapki : its ok dadii
thapki leaves t place
bihaan comes home…

vasu : y are u always late…go and get ready fast
bihaan : jii ma
bihaan goes to t room…thapki was in t rest room..
bihaan : thapki pls b there in t restroom itself for next 5mins…i am going to change my shirt
thapki : jaldiii
bihaan : ok dev ranii
bihaan changes the shirt
bihaan : now come
bihaan wears a blue tshirt wit a black blazer and jeans..

thapki comes out wt a long orange color churi and along wit t sweater..
bihaan sees her and gets shocked
bihaan : are u sick
thapki : noo
bihaan : then go and get ready fast
thapki : y everyone asking t same question..i have changed already
bihaan : wat?? matlab are u coming in this churi
thapki : yaa wats wrong

bihaan : y r u wearing sweater nd al
thapki : bihaan i didnt went n a plane til friends told t ll be cold inside
bihaan : ( smiles )
thapki : wat
bihaan : go and see ur sister…no one ll come like this to airport..b modern atleast for my sake
thapki : i dont have anything to wear..its ok i ll come like this itself
bihaan : go and take the cover outside of our room
thapki : wat
bihaan : do wat i say

thapki goes out of t room and sees t marks and spencer bag and takes t and comes inside
thapki : bihaan wats this
bihaan : open and see
thapki opens and sees dresses and jeans and tshirts and jackets…
thapki : wats this..for whom u have bought this

bihaan : for whom i hav t rights to buy…
thapki stares at him
bihaan : i bought this things for u..i was late…take these things and put t n ur bag..this only u need to wear there
thapki : but bihaan…i didnt wear like these
bihaan : just try t..we are going to paris..just enjoy
thapki : y dont u tell me
bihaan : u won allow me to buy…soo
thapki starts packing t things..
bihaan : change ur dress first..take tat blue dress and wear t now
thapki : nai naii…how can i wear this in front of ma nd al
bihaan : she wont tell anything…jus go and wear t
thapki takes t plain blue dress and goes to t rest room

bihaan started to comb his hair…thapki comes out…bihaan see her image in t mirror and gets mesmerised
bihaan gives t cream color jacket to her
thapki : wats this
bihaan : jus like t sweater
thapki wears t
bihaan gives t belt to her….
thapki stares at t belt

bihaan : wait
bihaan bends down…and touches her waist..thapki feels tensed..bihaan puts t belt and sees her
thapki started to leave..bihaan holds her..thapki gets shocked and turns…
bihaan : waitt
bihaan removes her hair band and makes her hair to fall freely…and does some hair style for her…he puts her whole hair behind and makes her fringer to fall on her face…bihaan removes her earings ( music plays na… )
thapki looks at him
bihaan : now see
thapki looks at her in t mirror
thapki smiles at him…
bihaan : don u say thanks
thapki : why should i

bihaan : for buying these things
thapki : its ur duty
bihaan : duty??
thapki : its husband duty to get dresses for wife
bihaan : atchaa….( steps forwarda and comes near )
thapki leans on t wall
bihaan touches her waist..comes close to t extent…and sees her ( darmaiyan..darmaiyan plays )
thapki : wat ur doing
bihaan : fulfilling husband duty

thapki : wat ( pushes him )
bihaan : ( smiles )
thapki : u always finds a reason to touch me
bihaan : shut up…i don hav any such intentions in ma dreams too…u oly told myself as ur i just done that
thapki : thanks mera okay
bihaan : ( smiles ) ya
thapki : did u packed everything
bihaan : i ll do t in a while if u dont disturb
thapki : atchaaa
bihaan starts packing…thapki comes and gives some bag
bihaan : wats this
thapki : open t nd see
bihaan opens and sees t blazer

thapki : s t nice
bihaan : y did u bought this without my notice
thapki : did i asked u wen u bought things for me
bihaan : ok stop shouting…
thapki : u didnt tell me s t nice or not
bihaan : wo cares..bihaan puts t blazer in his suit case
thapki gets upset and leaves the place
as soon as she left… bihaan takes t cover and opens t…and wears t
( wow…its nice oly..even chuk chuk ghadi do something good )
thapki comes inside and sits on t couch
thapki didnt see him…bihaan comes near her
bihaan : y are u looking sad
thapki : y should i tell u

bihaan : see me first
thapki sees him wearing t blazer
bihaan : its soo nice…thank u
thapki : then y r u reacted tat way then
bihaan : jus tried to tease u..sry
thapki smiles at him…

bihaan : stop smiling and go and take t bag..v have to go
thapki gets a chair..she finds water in t chair…she cleans t..and place t near t bed and stood on t chair…
bihaan : wat ur doing
thapki : my heels was there
bihaan sits on t bed and puts shocks…thapki got slipped due to t water and falls over bihaan…they both falls over t bed…thapki closes her eyes and hugs him due to t shock…bihaan hugs her…thapki opens her eyes and sees him…and she finds his hand around her..they both get lost in each other eyes 🙂 they shared an eyelock ( saiyaare saiyaara..plays )
chutki comes to t room and sees them n t bed
chutki : hurray bihaan devarjii..why don u close t door and romance
thapki and bihaan come back to his world after hearing her words
thapki and bihaan gets up and sees her
chutki : i disturbed ur romance…
thapki : nai naiii…its not like tat..i was trying to take tat cover..i got slipped
chutki : ( smiles ) cool…vasu ma asked u guys to come..everyone s waiting
thapki : nods
chutki : thapki u r looking too good in modern dress…get me a dress like this in paris
thapki : sure babhii jii
chutki leaves

bihaan : u made me embarassed today
thapki : m sorry
bihaan takes t chair and gets t cover to her
thapki smiles..
they both reached t hall..
dadi : thapki beta..where did u bought this dress all of a sudden..u told me there is no modern dress for u too wear
thapki : dadi ma..bihaan got t
dadi : atchaa..bihaan did u ever got me anything

bihaan : dadii ma..tell me wat u want
thapki : did thapki asked u
bihaan kept silent
dadi smiles

shraddha and dhuruv comes there..shraddha was in blue jean and black top…dhuruv wears a tshirt and jean…
shraddha sees thapki and gets irritated
shraddha : ( mind voice- i know these things would bought by bihaan..he never let her down….anyways these guys are not coming wt us..y should i need to worry )
vasu : ok its t time..u can leave guys…b happy and enjoy t trip and come..
they got blessings from everyone..they starts to leave

Precap : in t flight..thapki leans her head on bihaan shoulder and sleeps..bihaan sees it and smiles and takes a photo

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      thankiew divyasri darl..i know u wer busy pls don ask sorry darl 🙂 🙂 jus b wit me its enough…i am also belongs to category of t ppl wo searched t previous one has a word abt t…ther s no scenes of tat serial available n t net tooo…its actually a irritatin thing for us…i just put t as a cover pic bcoz i love t pic of them 🙂 if i get to knw about tat serial i ll let u know darl !!

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      thankiew dolly swtheart for ur kind words 🙂 i want every man to b a fashion analyst for their betterhalf..i guess its just reflected thro his character 🙂 🙂 i uploaded t next few mins b4 ll get uploaded n t midnyt oly…u can see t tomorrow mrng dr 🙂 i am just waiting for ter cal…they ll let me knw by october oly…fingers crossed !!

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      thankiew ramyasri for finally commenting 🙂 🙂 thankiew for t wonderful words 🙂 t means a lot darl 🙂 b wt me always !!! love u 🙂

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