The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 30 )

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 30 )

Thanks for the support ppl…truly blessed to have u ppl around me 🙂
here we goes
bihaan leaves home
thapki comes to the kitchen
badki and chutki sees the bandage in her neck and laughs at each other..thapki notices it and kept silent
vasundra comes there
vasu : shraddha i want u to cook for t afternoon beta..its our tradition…u r our elder bahu
shraddha : ji maa ( i really dont know anything what should i do now )
vasu : badki and chutki..u guys can go and do the household chores..and thapki get medicines for dadi ma
vasundra left the place
shraddha : thapki wait

chutki and badki leaves the place
shraddha : pls help me in cooking..i dont know anything
thapki : ya diii…u cut t vegetables..i ll give medicines to dadi ma and ll come
shraddha : okay go and come fast
shraddha starts cutting the vegetables..thapki takes medicines and goes to dadi ma…vasundra comes to the kitchen
vasu : shraddha 4 of my friends are going to come..they are going to test my bahu’s capabilities make sure u do better beta…
shraddha : hmm ji ma…tum don worry
vasu : ( smiles and leaves )
shraddha : where is that thapki…cant she come soon..idiot always wants me to struggle
thapki comes there
thapki : sorry took some time.

shraddha : atchaa…start doing t
chutki and badki comes there
chutki : hurray thapki wat r u doing here…come and help us na..shraddha ll do t cooking as per badi saasuma words..come
thapki : but babhiii u go i ll join later
they took thapki forcebly…shraddha worries on seeing thapki
shraddha : this is my first duty..i should do well…or otherwise i ll lack support from vasundra ma
shraddha gets an idea and smiles ( now i will do it )

At afternoon
the guests arrived…vasundra welcomes them…bihaan and dhuruv also joined wit them
everyone sat in the dinning table…shraddha comes there and greets everyone and started to serve them…
bihaan searches for thapkii…
vasu : bihaan wat r u doin…sit and eat wit them
bihaan : jii maa
everyone starts to eat..the guest started to praise shraddha for her cooking abilities..vasundra gets glad and stares at shraddha…shraddha smiles at her
thapki comes there..bihaan smiled after seeing thapki face
bihaan started to eat..and thinks of something…
vasundra introduced thapki to everyone she greeted them…thapki started to serve
everyone ate the food and congragulated vasundra for selecting a good bahu…they chatted wit dadi and vasundra and left the place…vasundra finds happy on hearing the words..
vasundra goes to kitchen..
shraddha : maa…

vasundra : u got a good name for our family
shradhha : its my pleasure
vasundra : atchaaa
shraddha : i am really happy on seeing ur face
vasundra : but i am not that much happy shraddha
shraddha gets puzzled
shraddha : maa
vasundra shows the hotel bill
FB shows

shraddha ordered food from outside….and she asked them to deliver the food through the backside of her house..vasundra notices t from the balcony
FB ends
vasu : i got this bill through t bin
shraddha : ma m really sorry ma…i dont know how to cook..i don want to spoil our family name so i done pls forgive me maa
vasu : if u dont know cooking u could have tell me that…but this things are worst..i didnt expected this…this is ur first time..i am leaving u without any punishment…i ll give 1 week of time..u should learn everything
shraddha : surely i ll do maa..but pls forgive me this tym only
vasu : ( smiles ) its okay beta…but pls don repeat this
shraddha ( omg…i thought she is brainless…but she is very clever..i should do everything after thinking t for hours…thank god now i got escaped..hereaftr i should b careful )
thapkii goes to her room..bihaan was sitting on the bed and playing
bihaan : chuk chuk ghadi…didnt u cook food today
thapki : naii..shraddha cooked t food
bihaan : i don think she cooked t
thapki : matlab

bihaan : i guess she got t food from the nearby hotel
thapki : wat are u saying
bihaan : i know t taste…she would have bought t thats for sure
thapki thinks ( may be he is right..she doesnt know to cook )
bihaan : she is smart na?
thapki : hmmm
bihaan : why are u looking so sad
thapki : nothing
bihaan : atchaa…but ur face telling somethin
thapki : nothing bihaan
bihaan : then okay

thapki sits on the couch and looks at him
bihaan : now wat
thapki : nothing
bihaan : then y r u staring at me
thapki : did i want to pay for seeing u also
bihaan : its free for u only ( laughs )
thapki : ur so cruel..i am feeling so bored…y cant u take me out for some place
bihaan : atchaa this is the matter
thapki : okay tell me where can we goo
bihaan : can we go to movie
thapki : wat movie
bihaan : baar baar dekho
thapki : ok then m coming for siddharth
bihaan : wo s siddharth
thapki : herooo of t film…u don know t hero too
bihaan : wo cares abt others wen katrina s ter
thapki : then get readyy fast
bihaan : ok wait
they both started to get ready and reached the hall
shraddha was sitting near vasu and was learning how to stitch
shraddha : ( Mind voice – is this too important now )
bihaan : ma…we are going for a movie
vasu : u can goo happily beta
shraddha : ( Mind voice – am i too old…i am stitching t old clothes..she is enjoyin a date…why always bad things happens to me )
bihaan takes the bike
thapki : are we going in a bike
bihaan : ahn
thapki : can we go in a car
bihaan : but why

thapki : i feel scared on going in a bike
bihaan hold her hands…and sees her
bihaan : sit
thapki sits on his bike….bihaan takes her hands and put it on his shoulders..
bihaan : now u need not to worry..can we goo
thapki : ( nods )
bihaan takes the bike…bihaan drives fast…thapki gets scared…bihaan puts a sudden break for a speedbreaker..thapki puts her hands around his waist….bihaan looks at her from the mirror..thapki takes her hand on seein his face in t mirror…and reaches the mall..bihaan goes to the ticket counter

bihaan : 2 tickets for baar baar dekho
cashier: sir ur so lucky…ter s only two tickets are left..and u gonna get it
bihaan smiles and gets the tickets
bihaan sees thapki sitting on the sofa and approached her…in between he got collided wit a unknown guy and his tickets fell down…bihaan mistakenly takes the two tickets of that person and leaves
thapki : do u got t tickets
bihaan : ya come…
thapki : which screen
bihaan : screen 1
they both goes to the screen 1…the ticket checker sees them and smiles wierdly
bihaan : wats ter to smile
checker : are u guys newly married
bihaan : ya but why are u asking
thapki : show ll start soon..pls allow us fast
checker : madam is soo interested..u guys can goo
thapki : why he is behaved so strange
bihaan : even i dont know come
thapki and bihaan enters the hall and sees oly couples are in the cinema…they only sat in the corners and they hided their face wit t shawl
thapki : bihaan wats actually happening here
bihaan : even i am confused..why they are covering t faces…its okay come we will sit and watch
thapki and bihaan sits in the seat…t movie started..bihaan started to shout…everyone turns and gave him a wierd look

thapki : why are they saw us like tat
bihaan : they don know how to encourage a film too leave t
the film starts…its sunny leone entry in t film..bihaan was confused on seeing her on t screen..
bihaan : i didnt know she too acted in tis film..but when ll my katrina come
thapki : wait wait she ll come
and all of a sudden…bed room scene started to come…thapki and bihaan looked each other
thapki : bihaan for which film u bought t tickets
bihaan : baar baar dekho oly..i dont know wat is happening here
the bed room scenes started to get worse
thapki : bihaan wat thiss ( shouts )

they started to hear t kissing sounds…
thapki turns and sees all the couples started to kiss each other…they shared some cosy moments
bihaan gets nervous and sees thapki..thapki too gets tensed
bihaan : i think we came for a wrong movie
thapki : bihaan seee swetha is here
bihaan :atchaaa..its not a surprise she came wit prem
thapki : wat if she see us
bihaan : wo cares
swetha turns…thapki bends and puts her head on his lap…thapki sees bihaan…bihaan stares at her..thapki grabs his collar and pulls him towards her…bihaan lips gets placed on her cheeks…bihaan getss tensed..bihaan closed his eyes..thapki gets nervous and smiles uncautiously ( darmaiyan darmaiyan…plays )
bihaan opens his eyes and bends up slightly
bihaan : wat are u doing
thapki : i dont want her to see us
bihaan: then come we ll go out
they both started to go and they opens t door they saw bihaan friends standing outside
bihaan : no nooo we should not go friends are ter…
thapki : but wat should we do here
bihaan : come we will see t film
thapki : wat ( shouts )
everyone turned and gave them a angry look
bihaan : come plss
bihaan holds her hand and they both sat
Bihaan : don see t screen look at me we will talk something okay
thapki : ( nods )

bihaan : talk something na
thapki : when will ur friends leave
bihaan : i really don know
bihaan turns and watches the screen uncautiously…thapki taps his shoulder
thapki : why are u watchin this are u not ashamed
bihaan : actually she is looking good…t film is not
thapki : ur a shameless person…
bihaan : ( smiles ) may be
thapki hears a kissing sound she turns and sees someone sharing a liplock..she turns and sees bihaan…bihaan look at her…thapki holds his hands..and smiles..bihaan touches her face…they shared an eyelock ( )

bihaan : can v leave
thapki nods
bihaan : give me ur shawl i have to cover my face
thapki : wat ll i do then
bihaan takes her shawl and cover their faces and comes out..the checker started to laugh at them they came out of the mall
thapki gets relieved and grabs her shawl
thapki : u made me embarassed today cant u able to get a correct ticket too
bihaan : shut up..i got a correct ticket only…i dont know how i got this
thapki : i dont know wt the checker would have thought about me
bihaan : ( smiles ) he felt ur sooo
thapki : wat
bihaan : nothing come we will eat and goo
they both reached t restaurant..
thapki : can i ask u one thing..will u tell me t truth
bihaan : sure ask
thapki : did u ever see these types of films b4
bihaan : friends ll saw..i wont
thapki : y
bihaan : i dont have interest in these stuffs
thapki : ohhh
bihaan : y u asked
thapki : general knowledge
bihaan : atchaa..did u saw b4
thapki gets shocked
thapki : how can u ask these kind of questions to me
bihaan : same general knowledge
thapki : shut up
bihaan : tats not t ans na?
thapki : not at al
bihaan : hmmm
thapki : y did u kissed me

bihaan : wat…when did i kissed u
thapki : don act..n t cinema hall
bihaan : tat was not intentional…tat too happened bcoz of u
thapki : hmm don dare to come near me
bihaan : i don have any intentions
thapki : atchaa eat t food..we ll leave
they both had food..they started to leave
bihaan takes the bike
thapki : bihaan can i ride t bike
bihaan : do u really know how to
thapki : i know trust mee
bihaan : ok b careful its my bauji frst gift

thapki takes the bike and started to ride
bihaan : hmmm she is riding good..but why she is worried on coming in a bike earlier
suddenly a car comes in her way…thapki turns t bike and falls down…bihaan rushes towards her
thapki was on t road and starts cryin
bihaan : chupp…see t scratches on my bike…its my mistake for given you my bike…ur always creating troubles in my life..i don know why u cme to my life still
bihaan takes t bike and cleans it
thapki sees it…and stands on herself….blood starts coming from her hands and legs..thapki started to walk sadly
bihaan sees her walking alone…bihaan parks t bike in a corner and runs towards her
bihaan ; wat happend to u…ar u fine
thapki : i am sorry for touching ur bike..u can go and take care
bihaan : i am sorry
thapki kept silent

bihaan sees her wounds
bihaan : omg see ur hands and legs are bleeding…come we ll go t hospital
thapki : no need
thapki sees the auto coming towards her..and stops the autooo and started to get in…bihaan holds her hand..thapki removes his hand and leaves
bihaan takes his bike and follows the auto
they reached home…bihaan parks his bike and comes towards thapki
bihaan : i am really sorry thapki ( bihaan holds her hands )
thapki starts leaving..she reached his room
thapki sits in the couch and remembers his words and cires..bihaan comes there and closes the door and sits near her…i am reallyy sorry thapki…pls talk to me
thapki kepts silent

bihaan takes the first aid box and starts to put oinment
thapki throws the oinment
thapki : pls mr.bihaan pandey its not hurting me..but ur words…pls leave me …i mean leave from trouble
bihaan starts crying…
thapki gets shocked on seeing this
thapki : why are u cryin now
bihaan : thapki tat bike was t first and last gift given by bauji…we wernt in gud terms…he won talk to me like he is talkin to dhuruv..i am mishcevious from my he always kept distance from myself..tat bike is the first and last thing he gave me in personal..i preserve it like a god..t words what i told ter just came out from my mouth on seeing t bike..nothing s true
thapki wipes his tears…
thapki : i am sorry..i didnt know these things…i just overreacted
bihaan : its my fault..
bihaan stands and lift her in his arms and takes to t bed
thapki : wat ur doing

bihaan : wait
bihaan takes the night dress and gives it to her.
bihaan : change t first
thapki : what
bihaan : then oly i can put bandage
bihaan goes to t restroom..thapki changes clothes
bihaan comes and takes cotton and rubs it over her hand first and then puts band aid…thapki stares at him…( ranjhaa…mera ranjhaa plays )
bihaan : take ur bottom
thapki : wat
bihaan : cant u see ur knee is wounded..i have to put bandage…tilt ur bottom
thapki : naii naii i will put it on myself
bihaan : why are u overreacting..i am ur husband oly…do watever i say
thapki tilts her bottom…bihaan places her legs on his legs…and puts oinment on her knee..thapki looks at him…bihaan puts bandage
thapki : thank u

bihaan smiles at her
bihaan : why are u lookin at me now
thapki : ur looking so innocent while crying
bihaan : ( smiles ) but wat to do i won cry often
thapki : i saw u cried for two time for ur friend and this time for bauji
bihaan : i will cry only for my loved ones
thapki didnt tell anythin
bihaan : u sleep on t bed..i ll sleep on t floor
bihaan goes and sleeps
thapki : ( bihaan ar u telling me tat m not ur loved one…i know ur not given any space for me in ur heart..but it hurts )
bihaan ( mind voice – but thapki today i cried for u oly..i cant see u in pain…may be our marriage has no value to u..ur getting some attention from my heart always )

precap : bauji got tickets for their honeymoon…shraddha blushes at dhuruv..

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