The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 28 )

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 28 )

Thanks for the immense love and care !!! feeling blessed always πŸ™‚ i was quite busy with my applications still..pls pray for me guys…. πŸ™‚ i will post as soon as i get time !!
here we goessss wit a bang πŸ˜‰
bihaan closes the door..thapki gets tensed on seeing this…bihaan walks slowly towards thapki..thapki heart beats faster..bihaan sits near her…bihaan sees her hand and places his hand over her’s…thapki takes her hand…
bihaan smiles and takes the shawl from her face…he sees her face..thapki looks at him and get lost….bihaan continuously stares at her and smiles
thapki gets nervous and blushes for his gesture
bihaan : thapkkiiiiiiii
thapki didnt tell anything…
bihaan : thapkiiii ( in a husky tone )
thapki : hmmm
bihaan : u know ur looking sooo beautiful today like a star in the skyyyy

thapki gets shocked on hearing these words and turns and looks at him…
bihaan : why u r not telling anything…are u nervous darl
thapkii gets more tensed..and gets sweat
bihaan : oh my sweetheart how can u get sweat even when the ac is on…
bihaan takes the ac remote and reduces the temperature
bihaan : its our first sugharaat
thapki looks at him…
bihaan : can we do what an ideal couple will doo….
bihaan blushes at thapkii..thapkii was shocked on hearing his words…bihaan comes closer to thapkii…thapki moves…bihaan holds her hand…bihaan starts to come closer…thapki on seeing this slowly lies on the bed…bihaan comes closer…thapki closes her eyes…
bihaan : open ur eyes mera jaan

thapki opens her eyes and gets lost over his eyes…music plays ( humdard hai….plays )
bihaan comes closer to the extent..thapki closes her eyes bihaan speaks in a low tone ‘ my swthrt ur t first and last one to spend this much time in my bed’
thapki opens her eyes and gets shocked on his words
thapki : what
bihaan : why are u always giving so much movie type reactions…u know for wat v r married..then y ur still n t dress….and sat like a new bride waiting for her sugharaat…now go and change chuk chuk ghadiii
thapki : ur such an idiot…
bihaan : how dare u call me idiot…i called u as my sweetheart ( smiles )
thapki : get lost
thapki goes to the rest room and changes her dress and comes..thapki stares at the bed
bihaan : what are u seeing now…this bed is for me…u can sleep well on the floor
thapki : me…floorr??
bihaan : ranii sahibbaaa….cant u sleep on the floor? u will always sleep in the bed right
thapki : stop kidding..
bihaan : then chup chop and sleep

thapki takes the blanket and puts it in t couch..bihaan sees this..
bihaan : bad idea chuk chuk ghadii
thapki : don care…its our first day..u started to torturing me…did u forget t promises u made in t morning
bihaan : i know mera patni…come and sleep wit me then…i used to hug t pillow during sleep…if u okay wit t come we will sleep happily ( smiles sarcastically )
thapki : its ok mera pathii…i will sleep here itself…
bihaan smiles at her..thapki felt uncomfortable in the couch…she takes the blanket and put t on t floor…bihaan sees this
bihaan : tats why i told u to sleep on t floor..cant u listen to ur pathi words…what a wife u r
thapki : i will listen hereafter…see i am mahan aatma…i ll tell watever happened today to vasu ma
bihaan : don dare to do that…
thapki : then don use bed…go and sleep on the floor…
bihaan : wat
thapki : if u dont then i will tell her
bihaan : blackmaill
thapki : ahn ahnn….now decide urself
bihaan : atchaaa i will sleep from tomorrow…i have backpain today that too bcoz of allow me to sleep here for one day…
thapki : ( laughs ) then okay…but make sure on tomorrow onwards
bihaan : its my fate…i am asking permission to sleep in my own bed
thapki : what ur murmiing
bihaan : nothing mahan aatma..u sleep

bihaan falls in to sleep as he was soo tired..thapki didnt get sleep as it is a new place..she started to walk and sees bihaan ( how cruel he is..he doesnt even care about me..he fell in to sleep earlier without seeing my state…its new place..i won get sleep until i used to it)
thapki goes to the balcony…( wow…its soo cute…nice balcony..i didnt notice this place exist even ) thapki starts to see the stars…( god…its so new place…please b with me always)
thapki comes and takes her bag…and puts her clothes in bihaan cupboard…she saw the albums in the first rack…( wat album is it..may be it will be his childhood album…let me see it ) thapki was not able to take t album due to her height…she searches for a chair…there was no chair in her room..she places her feet in the first and tries to takes the album..she got slipped and fell down and all t books started to fall on her…thapki shouts due to pain
bihaan wakes up on hearing the sound….and sees thapki state…and laughs uncontrollablyyy…thapki sees it and cries…bihaan sees it and comes to her rescue

bihaan : what are u doing chuk chuk ghadii
thapki : i thought to put clothes in the cupboard..
bihaan : ur dresses wer in the lower cup board..then how did the books fell down
thapki : how do i know..stop ur investigation and help me..its paining bihaan
bihaan takes the books from her and sees the cut on her neck..
bihaan : why u always troubling urself…see there is a cut in ur neck…it started bleeding too
thapki notices it…
bihaan : stand up first

thapki tries to stand but she is not able to make it…bihaan sees this
bihaan : wait
bihaan bends and lifts her in his arms and takes her to t bed..she puts her on t bed
bihaan takes the first aid box and puts oinment on her neck..thapki stares at him ( saiyaare saiyaara plays )
bihaan : i ll sleep on the floor..u sleep on t bed
thapki : its ok bihaan i will sleep on t floor..u already had back pain
bihaan :chuppp…and do watever i say
bihaan goes and sleeps on the blanket..thapki sleeps on t bed..

at morning,
thapki wakes up early and finds bihaan is in deep sleep…she do everything silently and goes to t kitchen
badki : thapkiii…u cme early..have u enjoyed last night
chutki : badkii shut up…how can u ask like this..chup
thapki smiles at them
vasu : u guys started now..wen u guys going to change
badki and chutki stares at each other
vasu : thapki u have to make breakfast today
thapki : sure ma
badki sees thapki neck and misunderstood as love bite and asks chutki to see it
badki : see…hw romantic they have been last night..its love bite
chutki : wat does it mean
badki :u traditional idiot…( she explains everything ) atchaa…then bihaan devarjii done this…i didnt know how romantic he was

vasuu : wat u guys are talking
badki : nothin saasuma
vasu : i know u ll talk useless things..don disturb her ( vasundra leaves )
badki : i have to show this to ashwin…
chutki : for wat
badki : to see how romantic his brother is
chutki : but how
badki : we will take awesome waala selfies wt her

chutki nods and goes towards thapki
chutki : can we take selfies
thapki : ya but y now
badki : its ur first day in kitchen thats y..come on pose na
badki takes the phone..thapki stands at t center..badki asks thapki to stand in t that the bite will seen
thapki : but kyu
badki : chutki is too she should stand in t center thapki
thapki nods and stands in t corner…and badki takes selfies ( badki and chutki leaves )

shraddha comes t hall
shraddha : i am sorry ma..i woke up late
vasu : its okay beta go and help thapki she was alone
shraddha nods and goes to t kitchen
shraddha : was ur first everything fine
thapkii :ahn ahnn dii
dhuruv comes there and didnt notices thapki…he hugs shraddha…thapki sees it…on seeing thapki dhuruv kept a distance…thapki smiles and left t place
dhuruv : oh shut i didnt see thapki
shraddha : its ok my swwthrt…
dhuruv : i need to go to office for just this day alone..i will come soon my darl
shraddha : ok keep ur words true
dhuruv leaves

shraddha and thapki comes to t hall and serves everyone…
dadi sees thapki neck
dadi : thapki beta..kya jua? how ur neck has been cut
thapki kept thinking
badki : thapki can u get salt
thapki nods and goes inside
badki : dadii ma..its love bite..why are u asking her
vasu : wat u mean
badki explains everyone…
shraddha gets irritated
vasu and dadi starts smiling..balvinder comes
balu : why are u guys are smiling
vasu : nothing
balu : wer is dhuruv
shraddha : he has some important meeting he left
balu : ok ma…did he had breakfast
shraddha nods…

everyone appreciated thapki cooking…shraddha ( oh god..she started to rule i should do something then )
vasu : why are u guys standing..come on eat na
shraddha nods and sit and takes the plate
thapki kept thinking…
vasu : why are u not eating
thapki : ma..bihaan
chutki : hurray thapki if u want to wait for him then u need to skip breakfast
balu : suman bahu is correct..don wait for him…hav food beta
vasu : u guys always bulling my son..he may felt tired today
balu : not today..all t day..tell clearly vasundra
thapki sees the stairs…

Precap : bihaan holds thapki hands and takes her to his room and shuts the door..thapki gets tensed..


  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    Hey Suhana dii I love ur ff a lot. I love it so much. I love it to the core. Finally thahaan marriage happened . And this episode is cute πŸ™‚ u r too good and believe me i read many ffs this is the only ff i commented on and also urs is the only Tpk ff i found for these 2-3 days . And sorry for not commenting in prev episodes as I was Super busy and also internet issues. Will try my best to comment on ur ff upcoming episodes πŸ™‚

    • Suhana


      thankiewww so much joyeeeee πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ u always been ter all my times πŸ™‚ no need for asking sorry dr πŸ˜‰ thanks for reading t my dr !!! enjoy a lot πŸ™‚

  2. Bill

    Suhana u just rockkedd!!
    Precap is also interesting. I’m getting eager to read next part.
    Will u post it tomorrow also?

  3. Jacqueline Nicole

    WARNING !!
    This ff is addictive disease listen to ur own risk… u have been warned!!
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    You nailed it suhana darlβ™₯
    Please upload next epi soon. I am waiting for that !!

    • Suhana


      hahaa….thanks fr t warning πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ u warned enough don worry πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ thank u for readin t πŸ™‚ i uploaded t darl…t ll reach u soon πŸ˜‰

  4. anu

    amazing yar I love u a lot and one more thing which I want to say as a reader please add tashan e tadka more their taunts more as we loved that its too good and If u think i m wrong than write what u want I never forced u its awesome as well .


    |Registered Member

    as usual …u r always rocking dear….you always surprise me with ur stories. ….You are really Superb and the BEST….. i love u baby….. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  6. arooj

    Dear I love it from the core . Finally thahaan marriage happened jis Kai liye hum intezar kar rahe thae . And I know takes thapki to her room bcz of love bite oh! Sorry cut mark πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    • Suhana


      arooojjj swthrt u guessed t right…u just livin wt t story where i used to liv πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ thanks for being wt me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. dolly

    laughing out loud………funny thahaan always……!!!!!!!my best wishes to you for higher studies….rock there toooooo…..all the very best once again……….!!!!!!!!i wanted to ask u a question for a long time…..which state you are from????????keep writing for our thahaan……..!!!!!waiting for next upload……..when will be the next part……..??????

    • Suhana


      dollyyy sweethrt πŸ™‚ thankiew soooo muchhhhhh for t wishes for my higher studies πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ its my dream to get in…god will surely help me if i have a bunch of lovely ppl lyk u πŸ™‚ thankiewww :*
      m from chennai…but currently in delhii darl :* i uploaded t darl…t ll reach u soon πŸ˜‰

  8. joylin

    Awsum super duper ff i loved it 😘😘😘(ΰΈ‡Β Λ™oΛ™)ΰΈ§(ΰΈ‡Β Λ™oΛ™)ΰΈ§Ω©(ΰΉ‘^o^ΰΉ‘)ΫΆΩ©(ΰΉ‘^o^ΰΉ‘)ΫΆ

  9. Anjana

    Heyy Suhana!! Good luck, you’ll get the best university!!!
    N thanks a lot for keeping our thahaan so happy all the time! Luv ya <3

    • Suhana


      thankiewwww soo much anjana for ur wishes..may ur wishes come true :* :* :* luv u soooo much…pls b wt me all t tym :* thanks for reading t darl πŸ™‚

  10. nd2

    Awsm epi. Serously im getting addicted to ur ff, cz always whn i cm to this page i ll always search fr ur ff. Waiting fr nxt. This is the n of the
    best ff

  11. Jahnabi

    πŸ’˜πŸ’•β€ Lots of luv & my best wishes for ur higher studies dear Suhana… u r very talented….May all ur dreams come into true soon…😊..pls don’t stop ur ff it’s outstanding😍 keeps our Thahaan always happy 😜…in original tpk they are always in problem ,trouble,& danger πŸ˜ͺ…my good wishes will always be with u….😊

    • Suhana


      thankiewwww soo much jahnabiii…ur wishes made my day πŸ™‚ thanks for being wit me darl πŸ™‚ may ur life filled wt happiness :* :* they ll b together forever don worry !! but darl t tiffs btwn them makes their love stronger πŸ™‚

  12. sweety

    Wooow!!! Thahan scene was soo funny!! Poor thapki, she had lot of expectation…bt.. I hope thapkis’ imagination will come true in upcmng epi…love bite scene was fantastic…lol.. Asusal u described it beautifully dlz.. I will pray for u ,may god bless u dr..

    • Suhana


      thankiewww sweety swwthrt :* :* for ur unconditional love πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ur words always put a smile on my face asusually πŸ™‚ ur so loving…thankiew so much for being wit me…i pray for ur goodness too πŸ™‚

  13. sayli dhule

    Suhana what an episode. Love bite πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. But when will thahaan confess their love to each other???

    And plz Upload next part soon can’t wait

  14. shivani

    sorry for late reply dear..thx again for the cute conversation of thahaan…as usual u not fail to give an amazing part…wish u all success in future dear… πŸ˜‰

    • Suhana


      thankiew sooo much shivani swthrt for ur heartfelt wishes πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ i ll sure get my best bcoz of ur wishes…thanks a lot πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ for reading t…wish u all happiness in ur life dr πŸ™‚

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