The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 27 )


The Blessed Love- THAHAAN
Hiii my fellowssss…..big hug to all for being wit meeee   thanks for commenting  I am really sorry…I got busy up wit my applications for my higher studies…it got ended today 
Here we goes 
Bihaan and dhuruv went to the same room…
Bihaan : this feels weird bhaaii…
Dhuruv : what
Bihaan : getting married
Dhuruv : u still now didn’t realize the meaning of marriage my chotu bhaiii…I thought its not the right time for u to getting married…but after seeing thapki I realized…it would..bihaan ur still a child…u need to have a person who should b able to show u t right path…thapki ll do t
Bihaan : bhaiii m 23…not too old…and why everyone regarding her as a mahan aatama…still now I didn’t understand…

Dhuruv : u ll realize it soon…
Bihaan : atchaa…lets see ( they both smiles )
Badki comes there and asked both of them to come to mandap
Bihaan : bhai lets take a selfie
Dhuruv : gud idea..
They started to take selfies..
Badki : hurray devarji..even m standing here..come on lets take a awesome wala selfieee
Bihaan and dhuruv started laughing and takes selfies…
Vasundra comes there
Vasu : its my mistake for sending u here…ur taking selfies niceee
Badki : badii saasuma…I am not the one..i told them to not waste time…bihaan devarji oly took selfies

Vasu : leave…
Bihaan : maaa….why are u worrying..come on lets take a awesome waala selfie…isn’t babhi ji??
Vasu smiles…and takes pics wit them
Vasu : atchaa…now u guys leave to the mandap
Dhuruv goes wit badkii…bihaan stands and thinks
Vasu : what are u thinking
Bihaan : I don’t know ma..but m feeling nervous now
Vasu : its usual bihaan…ur not anymore irresponsible…a person is going to enter in to ur life…u should b responsible for her…u should always b t reason for her happiness..
Bihaan : maa..ur happiness is the most important thing in my life…I want the smile to stay permanently on ur face…I can do anything for that sake.
Vasundra hugs him..

Bihaan comes to the mandap
Bihaan sits in the right side of the stage….the priest started telling mantras….bihaan remembers each and every moment wit thapki…
Priest asks vasundra to get the brides on the stage…
Shraddha comes first with a smiling face…and sits besides dhuruv and smiles at him…thapki comes then to the mandap…her face is tensed…she stares at bihaan…bihaan gets tensed on seeing her face

thapki sits beside bihaan…priest asked them to repeat the mantaras…they started to repeat it..priest ask him to hold her hand and tell the mantras..bihaan holds thapki hands…bihaan kept silent on seeing thapki..vasundra on seeing this..shakes bihaan..bihaan sees the priest and repeats the mantras…( mangalam song plays)
on the other end, shraddha and dhuruv romantically stares each other and repeats the mantras…
priest asked thapki and bihaan to stand…and asked someone to tie his shawl with her lehenga…vasundra ties the shawl…priest told the couples to take 6 rounds…
dhuruv started taking rounds….shraddha smiles and follows him…bihaan also started to take rounds..thapki abruptly stops and gets nervous and didnt move a bit..bihaan turns and holds her hands…bihaan sees and smiles…thapki sees her hand is safer with bihaan..she got relieved and sees bihaan and get lost…

chutki : hurray bihaan devarji stop romancing and take rounds…there is still time for this
Bihaan started realising what he is doing and he removes his hands and turns..thapki smiles..bihaan started taking rounds..thapki followed him…the priest started to tell the rules of the marriage during each round for both the couples…
RULE 1 : u should not leave each other hand at any cost..( thapki remember how he always been with her during the past )
RULE 2 : u should stand with them during ur betterhalf toughest sides ( bihaan remembers how thapki helped him to get his friend back )
RULE 3 : u should always b t reason for the smile of ur betterhalf ( thapki recalls how he always taken care of her by getting the best dress and everything )
RULE 4 : wife should treat husband family as her family and should take care of others ( bihaan remembers how thapki helped vasundra in the temple )
RULE 5: Husband should see the good things over the bad things ( thapki recalls how he didnt make any issue of her stuttering )

RULE 6 : child is the best gift for a ideal couple…giving life and taking care of the child will make u both as a complete couple ( Bihaan and thapki looks at each other and takes rounds )
chutki : badkii see bihaan started to stare her even taking the romantic he iss
Badki : ahn ahn..chutki..i never saw him like this…they are just awesome waala couple like me and sanjay
chutki : hurray badki we are old..don compare with them..they are cute
vasundra : cant u guys shut ur mouth even now
badki and chutki stares at each other and keeps silent
priest : u guys are taken promises in front of the fire…u should not do anything take this mangalsutra and ties it in her neck..

dhuruv takes the mangalsutra first and ties it around her neck
shraddha : ( mind voice – wow…is this the moment arrived what i waited for long…now i am not a middle class idiot shraddha…m Mrs.Shraddha dhuruv pandey…the royal princess )
bihaan takes the mangalsutra and sees thapki…thapki looks at him happily with tears…bihaan sees vasundra…vasundra eyes was filled with tears…bihaan ties t around her…thapki holds his hands tightly….bihaan looks at her and smiles…poonam hugs thapki…
Priest : put the sindhoor on her forehead..this is the final and most important thing in a marriage..ur making her as yours…this sindoor will always remains on her forehead as long as u live…so both of them close ur eyes and pray and then u put sindhoor on her head
bihaan closes his eyes ( mind voice – ( remembers vasundra pic ) maa ur t only god in my life…still now i dont know about the importance of marriage..i dont think i will be a good husband for thapki..but i assure i will make her smile till my last breath…after my family she will be the most important girl in my life…i will b with her..pls maa bless her a long life with happiness )

thapki closes his eyes ( Mind voice – i am not a innocent child anymore..i should be responsible..i assure tat i will always do anything for bihaan happiness..its going to be my family…pls bless bihaan with a very long and happy life…i want to die first before him )
thapki opens her eyes..bihaan puts sindoor on his forehead..thapki sees him and smiles happily
the rituals are done…u guys go and take ashirvad from ur parents….dhuruv got blessings from vasundra and balu and from poonam and kk.
bihaan and thapki too got blessings from vasundra and balu.

Balu : bihaan ur not a child anymore…pls take care of her
bihaan nods..
poonam and kk blesses them..
kk : bihaan…i believe ur t one who sent by god only for thapki…she faced so many challenges because of her weakness..i always feels bad for her…before i die i wanted to see her in someone safer hands…finally god made this day ( KK cries and hugs thapki )
thapki started to cry…on seeing her parents crying…
KK : i dont know how i going to live without seeing my daughters face
shraddha sees them ( Mind voice – oh hoo overacting started…i am going to settle in a good family..they should b happy )

Vasundra : why u are worrying so much…its ur family poonam..u can come at any time and stay here with us..thapki stop crying beta..u should console them
thapki nods and tries to smile…bihaan holds her hands..thapki looks at him..bihaan gesture her to smile
thapki smiles…bihaan smiles on seeing her..thapki holds his hand tightly
chutki : ahn ahn…enough poonam jii..u should smile now…lets go for the bride entering ceremony
badki : chutki where do u find these names
everyone smiles…vasundra ask dhuruv to lift shraddha and enter the home…dhuruv lifts shraddha…shraddha smiles widely
bihaan bends and lifts thapki..thapki holds his shoulders..and enters the home…they reached the pooja room .thapki and shraddha lit the candle
everyone prayed…
dadi : bihaan and dhuruv u can go spend time wit ur friends..we have rituals pending for our bahus..don disturb us

bihaan and dhuruv leaves
badki :ashwin go wt bihaan..why are u standing here
chutki: ahn ahn..sanjay u too go from here
sanjay : hurray yaar we have some important work
Badki : wat work
Ashwin : we are doing sugha raat preparations
badki : ahn ahn…ashwin u should do awesome decoration
chutki : it should b decorated like a five star room..not like ours
sanjay : ahn madam jii..we will take care
shraddha and thapki started to chat with their friends and done their remaining rasam…
At night…
badki takes shraddha to dhuruv room…
Badki : all the best shraddha
shraddha : babhiii ( smiles )
dhuruv was waiting for shraddha…as soon as shraddha enters the room…badki locks it from outside..
badki : enjoy dhuruv pandey

dhuruv goes to t door…and say ” babhii ji open t”
shraddha : does it bothers Mr.dhuruv pandey
dhuruv turns and comes near her
they both hugs…….
chutki takes thapki to her room….
chutki : wher is bihaan devarjiii

thapki searches for him
chutki : hurray wer would have been..atchaa..tum wait karooo….i will send him
thapki goes inside and sits on t bed…
bihaann comes there after biding bye to his friends…
kiran : bhaiii..why are u late
Bihaan : why are u standing here by t way

Kiran : give me 1000 rs i will leave
Bihaan : what..why should i
Kiran : otherwise i wont allow u inside..key is here…
Bihaan : then i will stay outside
Kiran : ( laughs ) are u in sense
Bihaan : kyu

Kiran : babhii is inside
Bihaan : why should u lock her..give me t key first
Kiran : give me 1000 rs i will give
bihaan : here it is now giv and leave
kiran : thank you bhaii…i thought to get it dhuruv bhaii too but he went inside…
Bihaan : atchaa…fraud sister
kiran : ok ok happy sugharaaat ( kiran leaves )
bihaan : sugharaat ( smiles and opens the door )
bihaan sees thapki sitting in the bed on a yellow lehenga…wit shawl covering her face..
bihaan comes inside and locks the door…thapki gets tensed and stares at him

to be continued…….

precap : not yet decided

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