The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 26 ) *** Last Mega Episode***


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 26 )

Hiiii guys…thanks for the unconditional support from the start..u guys are just awesomeee   thanks for being wit me…
Here we goes with the grand wedding of THAHAAN  
At chaturvedi home,
Thapki and shraddha reaches home at 1 pm..
Poonam : finally u guys are I will get sleep
Shraddha : y u worry soo much always…we were wit our grooms only
Poonam : u wont understand my go and sleep
Thapki and shraddha goes to the room..shraddha slept soon
Thapki was about to change her dress..her phone rang..and it was bihaan..she attends the call
Bihaan : did u reached home
Thapki : ya I am in home only
Bihaan : cant u tell immediately after u reached
Thapki : I was about to call
Bihaan : atchaa
Thapki : I am sorry
Bihaan : its okay sleep soon.bye
Thapki : bye thanks for the day
Bihaan smiles
bihaan sends their pic to her in whatsapp…thapki sees the pic and make it as dp and puts status as ‘ BLESSED’
bihaan sees this and takes a screenshot and smiles
Both went to sleep…

At morning..
Thapki gets up and packs her things…as its her wedding day…shraddha was also seen packing her stuff..they get in to the car…the car reached pandey nivas
Vasundra waited for their arrival…she welcomed them smilingly…
Vasu : its nice u guys come early…so go and get ready for the rituals
Shraddha and thapki nods their head..badki took shraddha to vasundra room for getting ready..and chutki took thapki to bihaan room…chutki and thapki enters bihaan room
Thapki sees the room…it was soo was packed with speakers and gym materials…and the place is also not soo clean
Thapki : babhii..whose room is this..its soo messy
Chutki : ( smiles ) ur room to be
Thapki : wat
Chutki : its bihaan devarji was actually good today..and u r calling it as messy..if he comes to know this he will smash us ( smiles )

Thapki : ( smiles ) now only I am seeing everything…room is actually nice..ppl should be blessed to live here
Chutki : u finally got t point.
Chutki leaves the room…thapki locks the door…and starts to see bihaan pics all over the ws mostly with his mom and dhuruv…
Thapki : atchaa..bihaan is vasu ma pet…
Thapki sees Katrina kaif pic near bihaan pic..she gets irritated and takes the photo and place it inside the locker.
Thapki takes her things from the bag..and sees the lehenga..( I don’t know what bihaan will tell me after seeing me in this lehenga )she was about to change her dress
Bihaan : stop it…I am here..don turn pls

Thapki turns and gets shocked on seeing him in towel…she turns suddenly
Bihaan : i told u to not turn
Thapki : what are u doing here
Bihaan : its my room
Thapki : vasu ma asked me to get ready here
Bihaan : atchaaa…cant u knock the door and come..idiot
Thapki : shut up u idiot..i came with chutki babhi..i was here for the past 10 mins…how do I know u was here
Bihaan : I forget to lock the door..its stand like this…don dare to turn..i will change the dress and leave..
Thapki : hmm fasttt
Bihaan : ok madam
bihaan changes everything…and ask her to turn…thapki turns and look at him and smiles
bihaan : why are u smiling mahan aatma
thapki : nothing mr.bihaan leave
bihaan comes near to his mother pic and touches her feet and prays something…and searches for Katrina pic
bihaan : did u see any pic here
thapki : what pic..i didn’t see anything…pls leave..i need to change
bihaan : atchaa…
bihaan steps forward to thapki..thapki steps backward…thapki stopped at a point and found a locker at the back…bihaan comes close to her…and sees her..thapki sees him..her heart beats faster…she closes her eyes
bihaan : open ur eyes
thapki open her eyes..bihaan comes close to the extent…he touches her waist and pulls her towards him..thapki looks at him ( saiyaare saiyaaraa plays )bihaan closes his eyes..on seeing this thapki gets tensed and closed her eyes..bihaan takes Katrina pic from the locker and fix the pic where it was…thapki open her eyes and sees bihaan kissing Katrina pic and gets irritated

Bihaan : chuk chuk ghadii..i know ur t one who place this inside..
Thapki : nw what..i don’t want to see her face..i don’t like her
Bihaan : atchaa..i was about to take this pic..y ur giving so much filmy reactions…
Thapki : stop ur nonsense…don dare to touch leave
Bihaan smiles and leaves…shraddha calls thapki..thapki goes to shraddha room for giving something and then returns to her room and sees the lehnega which was designed by bihaan and gets shocked…
Thapki ( how this comes here..i thought it was lost…where is the lehenga which I bought yesterday…I saw it few mins before..what is actually happening here )
Chutki comes there and sees the lehenga
Chutki : hurray…I thought to surprise u with this it was tored..but how did this came here
Thapki : babhii what are u talking
Chutki : thapki I took this lehenga from ur home for stitching it and I actually thought to surprise u….but I don’t know how this came here..i locked t room too..omg tat means someone went inside or wat
Chutki rushes to her room thapki follows her
Chutki sees her room locked..she opens the room and sees the lehenga in her cupboard
Chutki : see thapkii this was the one I took it from ur room..i stitched it too
Thapki gets shocked again and thinks ( wat is actually happening…I am really confused..wher is my new lehenga which I bought yesterday…whose lehenga was in my room )

Vasundra calls chutki…chutki leaves the room…thapki goes to her room and sees the lehenga…it was found to be a new one…she was puzzled…
Bihaan comes there and touched her shoulder…thapki gaves a jerk and turns and sees bihaan…
Bihaan : don think too much…I placed that lehenga when u weren’t in the room…I came to know about the lehenga through chutki babhii..i ordered a new one
Thapki : ( keeps silent and stares bihaan )
Bihaan : I know u never love me…but atleast u should value the one which I brought for u…I bought it for my pride…not for u…u never even cared enough to tell me..we spent so much time after that…I thought u would tell me..
Thapki : ( in tears ) I am really sorry….i was scared
Bihaan : am looking like a ghost or what…I shared everything wit u for the past few days…but u proved that I made a mistake for valuing so much..

Thapki cries continuously…bihaan throws her new lehenga which she brought yesterday on the bed…and said..’ I don’t care whether u will wear it or not…u deserve tears’
Bihaan leaves the place. Thapki sits on the bed and cries ( I deserve always tears bihaan…u r right )
Bihaan start to ready and remembers he left his watch in his room..he moves towards his room..he found it unlocked..he opens it and sees thapki was sitting in the bed and crying.
Bihaan goes near and calls thapki…on hearing his voice..thapki stands and moves a distance…
Bihaan : I came to take my watch
Thapki didn’t tell anything..bihaan takes his watch…bihaan felt wrong for shouting her early..
Bihaan :aren’t u start to ready
Thapki : ya I will
Bihaan : stop crying first
Thapki : ok
Thapki wipes her tears…but the tears starts to coming from her eyes continuously
Bihaan : I am sorry

Thapki : y u r asking sorry…I deserve everything. I deserve always pain
bihaan comes near her..her tears starts to roll from her eyes..bihaan places his finger on the cheeks…the tears got placed on his finger..thapki saw him..
Bihaan : u dont know the value of tears…it should not be wasted often…I know my words are the reason for ur state…it came out in anger..i didn’t meant intentionally…so pls stop it for my sake…i didnt care about the dress…i just shouted at u for u never told me anything…i am really sorry for shouting at u…u ur heart is so pure and innocent…t always deserve happiness thapki…today is our wedding day….we just entering in to a new relationship with zero expectations…on this day..i want to assure u one thing…i will be with u till my end..i will always assure your happiness..i want to start the day with a tears anymore…please
thapki was not able to smile..she cries on seeing him
Bihaan : ur looking soo beautiful while ur crying
Thapki got shocked on hearing his words..and turns towards him
Thapki : bihaan pls…I will be normal in a while..pls stop ur nonsense
Bihaan : I am serious ur looking sooo cute when u r crying…ur looking like a baby…pls stop crying…otherwise I will fall for u

Thapki stops crying…
Bihaan : now see..u stopped crying finally…
they both smiles…
thapki : thank you soo much bihaan…hereafter i wont hide anything from u…now even i accepted u as my best friend…till now no one saw my nature beyond my weakness ur the second one after ur mom….i should always thankful to both of u till my life ends…i assure for ur happiness tooo
bihaan : atchaa…now i am leaving…wash ur face and come
bihaan started to leave and got slipped by the towel and he falls on the ground and he shouts…
thapki started to laugh at him as he shouted like a kid….bihaan sees her….
Bihaan : i came to console u…but u r smiling on seeing my state…cant u help its paining
thapki : srry srry wait

thapki moves towards bihaan..she too got slipped and falls over bihaan…thapki lips touched his neck hardly..bihaan was stunned..thapki looks at bihaan..they shared an intense eyelock ( tu mera humdard plays )
bihaan : its paining ..move from me
Thapki stands and helps him
Bihaan : wat is ur weight..
Thapki : 50 kg..
bihaan : don lie…i guess u wer atleast 80 kgs
thapki : bihaan stoppp…did i seem like tat…
Bihaan : ( laughs ) who knows….but ur t reason for my back pain now
thapki : even i got slipped
Bihaan : its my mistake mahaan aatma…for asking your help
bihaan leaves the room thapki sees him and smiles
chutki comes and put makeup for thapki and they both leaves to the hall….badki comes with shraddha….shraddha comes in a light red lehenga…the lehenga is soo heavy…it has pearls all over the body…it looks like a costliest one….but not pretty enough…asusual his makeup messed up on that day…

thapki comes to the hall…she comes in a dark red lehenga…it was soo simple and royal…the stone borders in the lehenga easily grabbed everyone attention…her simple jewells add more beauty to her face…she seems like queen in the palace..
shraddha sees her and gets shocked…shraddha friends complimented thapki for always choosing the best…shraddha hears this and fumes in anger…thapki comes towards shraddha
shraddha : wow thapki…wat a plan…even after i told u…u informed bihaan and got this one right..well done ( in anger tone )
thapki : ur mistaking me…( thapki tells everthing )
shraddha : atchaa ( again…she always winning everyomoment…why cant i…god is doing all favours for her..see thapki…what u gonaa heal for this )
dhruv comes in a royal blue sherwanii…along with bihaan..bihaan comes in a sandal color sherwani with red stripes border which perfectly matches thapki lehenga…
Bihaan : bhaai ur looking too great today
Dhuruv : thanks bihaan..but ur stealing the show ( laughs )

thapki lip impression was seen in bihaan neck part..dhuruv noted this and laughss terribly
Bihaan : but bhaii why are u smiling now
Dhuruv : wow bihaan u changed a lot..ur enjoying everythin
BIhaan was puzzled
Bihaan : what
Dhuruv : nothin…see there
they both look at shraddha and thapki
Dhuruv : bihaan thapki was looking soo good…a perfect match for u…she is very simple and royal…ur blessed
Bihaan : blessed ?? i designed a lehenga..that oly makes her good…if she is not wore that..she wont be tat much beautiful ( says victoriously )
Dhuruv : atcha…when did u start this buisiness..and bihaan the face and the heart matters always…
Bihaan : atchaa…see babhiijii she looks stunning
Dhuruv : pls bihaan…stop kidding…she always puts over makeup and ruins her face..she is not like her sister..u should feel happy…but anyways shraddha is beautiful she is ruining it…asusual i need to lie now for her happiness na ??

bihaan and dhuruv starts smiling at each other
thapki and shraddha comes there…
shraddha : baby wer r u?? how i am looking today
bihaan starts to laugh uncontrollably….dhuruv also smiles but hides…shraddha turns and sees bihaan…on seeing this bihaan continue laughing by staring at thapki
shraddha : bihaan why are u laughing now
bihaan :babhii jii see thapki face…how much make up?? wahhh…its soo nasty right..on seeing her..we both remembered a ghost serial
Dhuruv : no no nooo thapki…he is lying..i started to laugh on seeing him thats it
shraddha : smiles victoriously ( woow bihaan find her as a ghost..that means i looks stunning….)
shraddha sees lip impression on his neck and gets irritated..
Shraddha : but bihaan wat is that?
bihaan : what babhii
dhuruv : nothing…we should leave

dhuruv holds shraddha hands and leaves the place…
thapki stares at him angrily
bihaan : ( stops laughing ) hurray chuk chuk ghadii…don take it serious i was just kidding
photographer comes there and ask them to stand closely…thapki started to leave
bihaan : cant u hear his words
Thapki : why u want to take with a ghost…go and find a princess then
bihaan : why should i go for a princess when i have a queen
bihaan holds her hand and pulls towards him and puts hands on her shoulder and gives a pose…thapki smiles at him

photographer clicks the snap and leaves
bihaan : i didnt meant u as ghost…i just managed the situation for dhuruv sake
thapki : what
bihaan : cant u see ur sister face…terrible make up…we made fun of her….on seeing dhuruv reaction i started to laugh…when she asked about the reason i used u
thapki : she looks good only…its her taste…don comment about others…and how can u call me as a ghost in front of others
bihaan : don overreact..i told it in front of dhuruv and ur sister only…i have the rights to tell anything…
thapki : atchaa ( starts to leave )
Bihaan : ok sorrryy…u itself know how ur looking today…did it really matter of what others think
Thapki : it really matters to me what u think ( thapki tells it fast ) and looks bihaan
bihaan looks at her… they share an eyelock ( darmaiyan..darmaiyan…plays )
thapki friends came and thapki starts introducing everyone to bihaan..they noted their impression and smiles continuoussly…bihaan and thapki was confused..everyone starts to take photo of bihaan…
thapki : what u guys are doing
Someone told about her lip impression in his neck through ears
thapki gets shocked and sees the impression…bihaan gives a confusing look
sheena comes there…bihaan welcomes her…she saw the impression and gets irritated
sheena : bihaan what is this
Thapki : its none of ur buisiness

thapki hold his hands and get him to a room
thapki locks the door…
Bihaan : what are u doing
Thapki : smiles
bihaan : why everyone is behaving wierdly…am i looking like a cartoon
Thapki : go and see the mirror
bihaan sees the mirror and gets shocked…
Bihaan : omg…this is why everyone laughed outside…everything happened because of u chuk chuk ghadiii…what they will think about me…why are u applying so much lipstick idiot…
Thapki : ( smiles )
Bihaan : whats ter to smile idiot..
Thapki : why are u worrying so much ? its okay its happened…i should feel embarassed not you
Bihaan : they would have thought u kissed me..we shared some cosy moments
Thapki : its okay..who cares…i am ur wife in front of the world..we know what happened…is it really matters of what others think…
bihaan : hmmm stop looking and clean it
Thapki : but bihaan can i take a pic with u before cleaning it
Bihaan : ( smiles ) ur mad
Thapki : just for the rememberance
thapki takes her phone…she puts her hands around his shoulder…bihaan looks at her…thapki ask him to turn so that the impression will seen..bihaan turns..thapki clicks the pic…
thapki : its soo cutee
BIhaan : atchaa…stop ur fun and clean this
thapki takes the tissue paper and cleans it
badki and chutki comes there and ask them to come to the mandap for garland changing ceremony
they both went…everyone was standing near the mandap
dhuruv and shraddha exchanges garlands…and smiles
bihaan and thapki stares at each other…
bihaan takes the garland and looks at her…thapki blushes…sanjay and ashwin lift thapki suddenly…thapki gets shocked
sanjay : come on Mr. B for Bihaan pandey…tryy now
bihaan : this is not fair…u both are helping her alone..
ashwin : ya we are on the bride side…isnt thapki?
thapki smiles and looks at bihaan
on seeing this dhuruv comes and lifts bihaan…
dhuruv : now i will be here for bihaan side…no one will beat him now
vasundra and balwinder smiles on seeing this…
bihaan happily puts garland for her…
Bihaan : i will never lose if ur my side bhaiii
thapki : jijuuu now help me tooo..pls
Dhuruv : sure thapki ( dhuruv slightly bends down )
thapki puts garland for him
shraddha sees everything and gets irritated….
bihaan hugs dhurv…
vasundra : ahnn…ahnn…now u guys go and get ready for the wedding..we will call you guys in few minutes….

Precap : bihaan ties mangalsutra for thapki…thapki cries happily….bihaan sees her ( mangalam song plays at the background )

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