The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 24 )**** SUPER MAHAA EPISODE***


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 24 )**** SUPER MAHAA EPISODE***
Hi guys…thanks for supporting me   very blessed to have u ppl  I am sorry I cant make really made their wedding on my 25th episode…as I got struck with the bachelor’s party  of thahaan hope u enjoy it
Here it goes

At pandey nivas,
Bihaan and dhuruv was eating breakfast…vasundra comes there…
Vasu : dhuruv do u have any important meeting today
Dhuruv : kyu ma ?
Vasu : u guys have to get dresses for ur wedding
Dhuruv : ya I am free only can we go ?
Bihaan : get me for also dhuruv
Vasu : can I stop this marriage of urs ? ( to bihaan )
Bihaan gets shocked….
Bihaan : maaa
Vasu : I am seeing it from the beginning ur showing no interest towards the wedding..i noted yesterday too..u didn’t talked to thapki…I don’t know what happened between you two…I don’t want to spoil her life
Bihaan : there is nothing like that ..pls don worry about it..i don’t have any problem with is rahul birthday..i thought of going there..
Vasu : do whatever..dhuruv u can go to chaturvedi home…thapki and shraddha will be ready there..just pick them and go to moksh shop for getting dress and come..i don’t care if he comes or not

Dhuruv : why are you not coming ma?
Vasu : sorry beta..i need to go with babuji to give the remaining invitation na..
Dhuruv : then okay ma..don worry
Bihaan : ma…I am sorry ma..pls talk to me
Vasu : I was busy now..
Vasundra leaves the place…

Dhuruv : whats brewing between you two?
Bihaan : nothing bro..i am serious..u just go and do the shopping..i will try to come after the birthday bash
Dhuruv : pls come for thapki…bye
Dhuruv leaves the place…bihaan kept thinking
Dhuruv goes to chaturvedi home…shraddha and thapki were standing outside
Dhuruv : why u guys are standing outside?
Shraddha : ma and pa went to give invitation cards…
Dhuruv : atchaa…come inside
Asusually shraddha sat at the front…thapki searched for bihaan in the car and sits at the back..dhuruv notices that

Dhuruv : don worry thapki..bihaan has went to his friend birthday bash..he told he will try to join with us
Thapki : ( fakely smiles ) ok jiju ( mind voice – I know he wont like to talk with me..thats why he didn’t came )
Shraddha : dhuruv..i will select the dress this time
Dhuruv : did I told anything no for ur decision
Shraddha smiles..

Shraddha : I know my sweet boy ( holds his hands )
Dhuruv : ok let me drive
Shraddha leaves his hands and smiles..they reached the shop..dhuruv got a call..he started to speaking…
Shraddha : do u going to shop for urself or for bihaan too?
Thapki : bihaan wont like my taste..i will shop for myself alone di ( says worriedly)
Shraddha : are u missing him?
Thapki : nothing like tat di..
Shraddha : I saw u were crying in front of his room yesterday…I thought of asking u..when did u started to hide things from me

Thapki : diii..i am just a small tiff between us…nothing to worry..i hide it from u because u would feel for me..
Shraddha : is everything will get fine na?
Thapki : smiles ) sure diii
Shraddha : ( in mind voice – its nice too hear thapkii…I want this to happen wit u..u wont get a husband like dhruv..i should be always lucky )
Dhuruv comes there…
Dhuruv : sorry it look a bit…
Shraddha : its ok darl..can we
Dhuruv : yaa sure..

They started to climb the steps..suddenly someone grabbed thapki hands from the back…thapki turns and sees…and it was B for bihaan pandey..they share a eyelock…( music dhuruv notices thapki was not coming along and turns and sees bihaan

Dhuruv : bihaan tum?? I thought u would not come
Shraddha gets irritated on seeing bihaan
Bihaan : the birthday bash is going to happen in the I came here
Dhuruv : atchaa.then come
Bihaan : noo bhaii.. I thought of going to my friend was nearby only..we will go in my bike
Dhuruv : atchaa..then give me a call after u finish
Bihaan : sure bhaaii…
Shraddha ( mind voice – omg where he is taking her along…may be they would have go for a better shop..what should I do )
Shraddha : can we go with them dhuruv ?
Dhuruv : no shraddha..they need some time alone…we will get good clothes here itself don worry
Shraddha and dhuruv starts to go inside the shop…
Thapki was keep staring bihaan…bihaan take her near his bike..thapki sits and holds bihaan shoulders..they started to move..bihaan reaches the shop..his friend welcomed them

Bihaan : see I told u I will get the things in your shop..
Friend : thankyou bihaan now come inside..
Bihaan holds thapki hands and get in to the shop…they first went to the ladies section..bihaan starts to see the red lehengas for thapki..thapki was not interested in seeing dress..she stares at bihaan continuously
Bihaan was not happy with the dress…
Bihaan : can I design a lehenga for her?
Friend : sure…(give a pad and paper) I know u can design well..u will get the dress tomorrow…( his friend leaves the place )
Bihaan : thankyou

Bihaan starts to draw a girl face on seeing thapki and he started to draw a lehenga ..he puts some stone borders in the lehenga..and he started to drew every single design by seeing thapki..thapki didn’t tell anything..just continuously maintained eyecontact..and after 30 mins he finished drawing…he called the worker..and he described the colors of each and everything he needed for the lehenga..the worker noted everything and appreciated for his thinking…

Bihaan : send it to this address. ..( gives chaturvedi address )
Bihaan started to move towards the gents section..thapki followed her..there was no worker in that place…different type of sherwani was displayed there…
Bihaan : hurray mahan aatma..stop looking at me..i am tired..choose a sherwani for me ( smiles )
Thapki : bihaan I am sorry for whatever I told ( her eyes were filled with tears )
Bihaan : its okay leave that…its for good only u told…I just moved back to my old life..i don wanna change it for anyone..don talk about it now..
Thapki silently sees him..

Bihaan : chuk chuk ghadii..i don’t have a whole day..please choose for me
Thapki : ( smiles ) why should I choose
Bihaan : I liked ur taste in the …
Thapki goes to one of the shervani and asks him to buy it..
Bihaan : ur selecting too fast..did u really liked it..or just choosed it
Thapki : once I entered here…my eyes started to gaze each and everycorner..and I thought it would be the best for you..i don’t take so much time bihaan..but once I liked anything I would never move away..
Bihaan : ghajabbbb..
Bihaan calls the worker and ask him to pack it..
Thapki : did u liked it
Bihaan : even I am like you thapki..i thought of getting the same one thapki…u said it before me
Thapki smiles at him…

They pays the bill..and then they went near the restaurant…
Thapki : thankyou
Bihaan : for what
Thapki : for speaking with me
Bihaan : u will thank me first but sure u will regret for this in the future.. ( smiles )
Thapki : I already regret myself for not speaking with u for the past few days bihaan
They looked at each other..

Thapki : why did u talked with me suddenly? Did u missed me at any time
Bihaan : is this very important to discuss it now
Thapki : very important bihaan..u never saw my face..
Bihaan : its not like that chuk chuk ghadi..i just hide it..i saw u all the time when u didn’t see me..i felt hard at first…but I kept myself engaged..we were just it doesn’t impact me soo much…but seeing you crying yesterday melt my heart
Thapki : u still regardin me as ur friend
Bihaan : ofcourse but pls don compare with myself with anyone in ur life
Thapki nods her head..
Bihaan : that’s good…now eat
Thapki : hmmm
Bihaan : if u don’t me can I ask u one thing
Thapki : never mind tell me
Bihaan : u should answer me
Thapki : ya now tell me
Bihaan : why did u kissed me ?
Thapki didn’t thought of getting a question like this…all of a sudden she got shyness in her face..stops looking at his eyes

Bihaan : I asked u..ur giving movie type reactions
Thapki : why are u asking about that now
Bihaan : I just want to know because it was my first kiss
On hearing this..thapki starts to smiles widely and had a great relief
Thapki : u did so much for I kissed u..wats wrong in this
Bihaan : ghazabbbb
Thapki : now got ur answer…( smiles )don u hav any girlfriends before
Bihaan : never had..
Thapki : so sad..i know girls won like ur attitude
Bihaan : not like that..many girls proposed me..u should ask someone in the college Ms. Thapki ?
Thapki : atcchaa romeo
Bihaan : but I never liked anyone..u know even I don’t came with restaurant and I didn’t even give a lift to any girl in my life..ur the first and last
Thapki felt proud…

Bihaan : do u have any boyfriends..i mean did u have been in a relationship..feel free and tell me na ?
Thapki ( waiting for this question mr.bihaan now see )
Thapki : don ask about it
Bihaan : kyu
Thapki : I had been in a relationship for 5 years
Bihaan : wat ( got shocked ) but ur friends told me u are not been in a relationship
Thapki : tat means u asked everything about me before..such a cheapless act..
Bihaan : shut up…I don’t mind if u ever been…I just asked them
Thapki : hmm they never happened in my school
Bihaan : tat wont be a love..may be just an infactuation
Thapki : nowayy….i loved him a lot
Bihaan : then why u left him
Thapki : fate bihaan..he moved on with another girl
Bihaan smiles loudly…

Bihaan : he cheated u.
Thapki : ya..but I am in love with me
Bihaan : did u still have feelings for him
Thapki : its my first love bihaan
Bihaan : did he got married..
Thapki : who knows…don want to know about it..that was the happiest days in my life bihaan..we will always been together..
Bihaan started to fumes in anger..thapki sees it and enjoys it

Bihaan : why are u telling these things..i don’t want to listen these stupid things..
Thapki : u only asked MR. B for Bihaan pandey
Bihaan : ok do u kissed anyone before me
Thapki : yaaaa ofcourse…
Bihaan didn’t speak anything…
Thapki : is ter any problem for u..
Bihaan : nothing eat fast..we need to leave

They both ate fast…bihaan gives a call to dhuruv..dhuruv reaches the spot..and takes thapki along with them…thapki said bye to bihaan…bihaan didn’t tell anything…bihaan takes his bike and reaches his room
Bihaan keeps thinking about her..( she is already been in a relationship..why does it bothers me…if my friend was in a relationship..will I found this much worried…she kissed someone else before me..i was very true to her..but she is)bihaan started to drink…as he wants to forget the things
Bihaan phone beeps..he takes and sees thapki message

Thapki : hi
Bihaan threw the phone to the bed..gets irritated…bihaan takes his bike and reaches thapki house in the midnight…bihaan calls was around 2 o clock…thapki takes the call
Thapki : why are u calling at this time Bihaan ( asks silently )
Bihaan : come out…I was in ur home
Thapki : what
Bihaan : I said u to come out
Thapki comes out..bihaan was in the lawn
Thapki : what are u doing here
Bihaan : I just wanted to ask u something
Thapki : wat now..cant u ask it in the phone itself
Bihaan : I want to give u something too
Thapki : ask and give it fast…
Bihaan : did u get kissed by anyone
Thapki understands how her stories ruined his minds and started to tell everything

Thapki : bihaan listen first..
Bihaan interrupts…
Bihaan : first tell me the ans
Thapki : did u drunk ?
Bihaan : its none of ur business..tell my ans
Thapki : never….now u can goo
Bihaan started to fall as he was not steady..thapki holds him they share an intense eyelock…bihaan hold her face with his hands..thapki holds him around his waist..( ranjhna…ranjhnaa plays )
Bihaan : close ur eyes first
Thapki : why
Bihaan : need to give something

Thapki closes her eyes..bihaan bends his head and kissed her on her forehead..thapki gets shocked..she opened her eyes…without a second..bihaan kisses her was a deep passionate kiss…thapki opened her eyes..was stunned over his act…she closed her eyes..he hugs her tightly…they both feels the warmth…thapki hugged him uncautioulsy..their kiss last for about 10 mins..bihaan opened his eyes and sees her
Thapki face was filled with shyness..

Bihaan : now I am the first and last one to kiss you
Thapki didn’t say anything..
Bihaan : bye chuk chuk ghadii..
Bihaan takes his bike..he was not steady..thapki tries to hold him…
Bihaan : I will reach home safely
Bihaan takes his bike and leaves the place…thapki sat on a swing…and started to think about her first kiss again and again..( omg wat is actually happening with me..why did I allow him to kiss me…did I started to love him )
Thapki was very nervous…and goes to her room and walks continuously and gets thinking of him…
Bihaan reached his home..silently goes to his room and slept…

At morning,
Bihaan tries to wake up…as his head was paining a lot..vasundra comes there and gives him nimboo paani
Bihaan : thank u maa…
Vasu : I have two questions bihaan
Bihaan : what ma
Vasu : why did u drunk yesterday?
Bihaan remembers that he drunk yesterday..he starts to think what happened yesterday..but he didn’t remembers anything
Vasu : u went somewhere in the middle of the night
Bihaan : what
Vasu : ur bike is parked outside the compound
Bihaan : ma wat are u saying
Vasu : I don’t find anything good in u now a whatever u want to..i am feeling sad for thapki
Bihaan starts to remembers everything after he heard a name thapki…vasundra leaves the place..bihaan sits in a couch and he remembers how he kissed her yesterday
Bihaan ( mind voice – wat t hell I did yesterday..why did I went to her home..i kissed her too..i called her as a friend and I did such a shameless act..what she would have thought about me..i should apologise her..everything happened because of my drunken state )

Bihaan calls thapki…thapki wasn’t slept she fallen in to deep sleep at the morning..she didn’t picks up the call
Bihaan takes bath and comes to the hall…vasundra was worried for how to give the cards to chaturvedi they were running out of invitation cards
Bihaan : I will go and give it to them
Vasu : are u in sense
Bihaan : maaa
Vasu smiles and give it to him..bihaan reaches chaturvedi home..and give the cards to poonam and searches for thapki…on seeing this
Poonam : thapki was sleeping as she wasn’t properly slept yesterday
Bihaan : oh okay I will leave
Poonam : wait bihaan..i wil give u coffee…u never had anything in our home
Bihaan : ok ma

Poonam smiles and goes…bihaan waiting for it and steps in to thapki room..thapki was sleeping in a bed..she seems to be soo innocent while sleeping..bihaan doesn’t want to disuturb her..he watches her and started to move..suddenly he got collide with the desk..the flower vase fell down..thapki opens her eyes and get shocked on seeing him in her room
Bihaan felt irritated by his act..and sees thapki innocently..thapki comes near bihaan..

Thapki : why are u here now
Bihaan : I came to ask sorry for the last night..i was not conscious..i was drunk
Thapki : just go away…I don’t want to hear your stupid reasons right now
Bihaan : I am sorry thapki please forgive for such a cheapless act
Thapki : leave now
Bihaan left the room…poonam gives him coffee.. he drinks it and started to leave..thapki comes from the back side…and holds his hands and take him to her room

Bihaan : what are u doing
Thapki : I cant talk with u outside as I was wearing a night dress
BIhaan : wat rubbish is this
Thapki : ya rubbish only….i feel awkard wit these dress in front of everyone except my family
Bihaan : then u r talking to me
Thapki : cant u find urself important to me ( shouts )
Bihaan looks in to her eyes and get lost
Bihaan : I am really sorry
Thapki : its okay…forget about that…don dare to do that again in ur life time
Bihaan : ahn..ahn..teekay
Thapki : I am sorry too…that relationship stories and all was a lie…I never been in relationship with anyone
Bihaan : atchaaa…then its not my mistake
Thapki : how dare u kiss me
Bihaan : How dare u tell a lie..tat provoked me
Thapki : J for Jelan
Bihaan : ahnn ahn..jelan…ofcourse…it doesn’t matter whether I love u or not…I don’t want my girl to even stare at anyone
Thapki : ur girl?? Matlab
Bihaan : Ur to going to mrs. Bihaan one will change stop ur dramas…and sorry once again
Thapki : stop asking sorry now leave
Bihaan smiles and leaves the place….
Thapki smiles at him and turns and gets shocked on seeing shraddha

Precap : bachelors party

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