The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 25 ) ***DOUBLE MEGA EPISODE***

The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 25 )
Hi guys…thanks for supporting me   very blessed to have u ppl  I am very sorry to say this I didn’t wrote the next part…I am out of town for the next few days..i don’t know when I will get time…I will post the next part as soon as possible
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Here it goes
At chaturvedi home,
Shraddha : wow….ur doing everything so fast thapki
Thapki : diii..i am sorry
Shraddha : don tell sorry…I am not important to u as before…
Thapki : pls don’t tell like that..i am really sorry for hiding it from u
Shraddha : what about the kiss? He came last night…I heard everything
Thapki : diii…he was drunk…pls don’t mistake us ( cries )
Shraddha : ok don dare to do anything more..and promise me u ll tell every happenings to me in ur life as before
Thapki : ahn diii…promise ( hugs her and leaves )
Shraddha ( mind voice – shittt…I thought they wont join hands..but bihaan kissed her yesterday that means he has feelings for her..i thought they both nodded only for the family…but wat the crap is this…I should do something…it was so romantic…why dhuruv is not thinking of anything like his brother …he is such a idiot)
Bihaan reaches home…he got call from rahul..he attends the call
Rahul : wow Mr. Bihaan pandey taking my call too
Bihaan : stop it rahul..why are u telling like that
Rahul : wat to tell Mr. Bihaan …I didn’t get darshan of urs even in my birthday
Bihaan remembers that he forget his he is drunk
Bihaan : I am really sorry…pls don’t mistake me…I didn’t forget urs..i visited ur home yesterday morning they told ur birthday bash ll happen in the evening…so I came back..u weren’t in home…
Rahul : then y didn’t u come in the evening
Bihaan : I was drunk…I was not conscious even
Rahul : ur priorities changed bihaan…u went wit thapki to our friend store..i heard everything…
Rahul cuts the call..bihaan takes his bike keys and reaches rahul house…
Rahul : pls don come infront of me..i don’t want to get hurt..already I got hurt by her..its good if we are not in good terms…
Rahul shuts the door..bihaan leaves the place and goes to the nearby beach…bihaan remembers how he played with rahul in his childhood days with dhuruv..rahul was his best friend from his childhood life..he joined the college only for rahul…he remembers everything and sits there and cries…( I am really sorry…I didn’t deserve your friendship…I was wrong )

Thapki calls bihaan..bihaan takes the call
Bihaan : pls don disturb me…I will talk to u later
Thapki : I called u to get vasu ma number
Bihaan : note it down ( bihaan tells the number )
Thapki : y u r worried
Bihaan : nothing I am fine
Bihaan cuts the call..thapki hears the waves sound…
Thapki : di..i am going to meet my friend now…give these number to ma and tell her I will b back within short a short time..
Shraddha : its 6 am..where u want to go at this time
Thapki : I will tell u everything once I come back
Thapki left the place and gets in to the auto and goes to beach
Thapki searches for bihaan..bihaan was sitting in the beach …on seeing him she walk towards him…bihaan felt someone touched his shoulder..he looks up and sees thapki…he quickly stands..thapki saw tears in his eyes…he started crying continuously…he hugged her…
Thapki : what happened to u..tell me..i am worried
Bihaan tells everything….
Thapki : don worry bihaan…he will definitely me
Bihaan : I don’t think so…he is so adamant thapki..
Thapki : trust my words..i am mahan aatma na? my words won go wrong
Bihaan smiles at her..
Bihaan : how did u know that I am here
Thapki : I heard the beach sound
Bihaan : so smart
Thapki : don feel for anything…I cant see u like leave
Bihaan : ( smiles ) thankyou..come I will drop u home
Thapki : no need..i need to go to my friend home
Bihaan : at this time?
Thapki : I will go home soon…u goo
Bihaan left the place…

At chaturvedi home,
Next morning Shraddha hears a calling bell…she goes and sees a parcel man
Parcel man : mam here is the parcel of a lehenga..
Shraddha : who ordered this
Parcel man : pandey son ordered this..i don’t know who
Shraddha gets the parcel ( in mind voice – omg…dhuruv u turned to be romantic soo soon..u ordered a another special lehenga for sweet u kiddo..i am gonna try this on me )
Shraddha opens the parcel and sees the lehenga…( it was sooooo fabulous..i didn’t saw any of the celebrities lehenga beautiful like this..i just cant wait for my day to wear darl nailed it..)
Shraddha starts to wear…it was soo tight for her…( ohhh its so tight..dhuruv should asked about my details before ordering it)
Thapki comes there and sees the lehenga..and gets shocked
Thapki : diii its my lehenga..bihaan specially designed it for me
Shraddha gets irritated…and tries to manages the situation
Shraddha : oo soryy..i thought dhuruv had sent this..
Shraddha fumes in anger ( noway…already in our engagement thapki ruled out the party with her I should not make her to wear this…if she wear one will stare at me even once..i should do something now)
Shraddha removes the lehenga while removing shraddha intentionally tears the dress in the hip part…thapki hears the sound and turns and sees
Thapki gets depressed and started to cry…
Shraddha : ooppss…I am really sorry thapki..i didn’t do it intentionally
Thapki : its okay di..( in a crying voice )
Shraddha : m sorry…don worry we will stitch it u can use it in the future..but now u should not wear this on ur per the ritual we should wear a good dress na
Thapki : how will I tell this to bihaan…he just designed only for me..he will get irritated once I tell this
Shraddha : don tell any cost
Thapki : then what will I wear
Shraddha : I have saved around 3000..we will get a new lehenga
Thapki : but diii.. how can we get with that amount
Shraddha : we have only a day…what we should do now..if u tell him he will gets irritated and ll dare to do anything….so better u have to adjuss with the low one ( in mind voice – I ll get the dirtiest one for u my sister..really sry i have to win this time )
Thapki : I don’t have any problem with wearing the low one…I am getting afraid for bihaan…u r right ..if I tell would end up in a problem
Shraddha : then come ( they both left )
Chutki comes to chaturvedi home…and sees poonam and give some list which was given by vasundra…
Chutki : ma..where is shraddha and thapki
Poonam : they will be in their room
Chutki goes to the room and sees shraddha and thapki absence and sees the lehenga
Chutki : wowww it was soo awesome…I don’t who is going to wear this…but definitely they are going to steal the show
Chutki sees that the dress has been tored in the hip part…
Chutki : ohh then no one will able to wear it on the day…and sees Mrs.Bihaan name on the dupatta ( felt sad ) ( in mind voice – atchaa its thapki dress..but mistakenly the dress was tored…I will stitch it and ll surprise her tomorrow..anyway she is not going to wear this one…she may be went to get the new one )
Chutki takes the dress and hides it from poonam and leaves the place
Shraddha and thapki reaches the store

The shopkeeper showed a ghaadi red color lehenga…and it was soo cheap..looked like a very very low grade dress
Shraddha : wow its nice thapkii…can we buy it
Thapki : its ur wish..if u want me to buy it ..then I will
Thapki gets a call from bihaan..thapki was nervous..on seeing bihaan call..shraddha told her not to tell about the dress
Thapki attends the call
Thapki : hello
Bihaan : why are u taking this much time to attend a call
Thapki : sry I was in a market…now tell me what
Bihaan : did I always need a reason to call u
Thapki : no bihaan..but now m in a market
Bihaan : why u went…don u rememeber…its our marriage day tomorrow..and u r roaming here and there..what are u buying in the market
Thapki : why should I tell u
Bihaan : ur voice seems to be worried..are u okay
Thapki : nothing m fine…
Bihaan : ok I called u to tell u something
Thapki : what
Bihaan : we have organized a bachelors party in taj hotel…it will start at 6 pm..come at 5 pm…I will be ter..i already spoke with your don worry…come in a nice dress…all my friends will come
Thapki : ok I will come..bye
Thapki cuts the call and tells shraddha about the bachelors party…
Shraddha ( Mind voice – dhuruv didn’t tell me I am also the part of that party )
Thapki : diii wat r u thinking
Shraddha : nothing order t dress
Shraddha ( oh my sweet sissy…I have to do it for u already won it before )
Thapki gets sad…( I should make that dress ready atleast..i should preserve it for bihaan )
Thapki and shraddha goes to the room and gets shocked as the lehenga is missing
Thapki : ma..did u see any lehenga in my room
Poonam : no I didn’t …where did u guys went without informing me…
Thapki : ( cries )
Poonam : what happened why are u crying
Shraddha : thapki ur lehenga is here..come
Thapki gets happy …
Thapki : nothing m alright..see I am smiling..( thapki runs to her room..shraddha closes the room)
Shraddha : why you are acting soo much..i didn’t find ur dress..i just lied for ma sake
Thapki : diii…I don’t even worried as I am not able to wear it on my day…but I feeling so upset after the dress disappearance…u know how long he took for to design the lehenga..i am not deserving him ( cries loudly )
Shraddha : we kept the door open… maa to went outside …so may be someone came and took the don think about this again…pls
Thapki stops crying and sits on the bed
Shraddha goes out and calls dhuruv
Shraddha : hello
Dhuruv : tell me darl
Shraddha : do u organize a bachelor party tonight
Dhuruv : how do u know that…I thought to surprise u
Shraddha : darl….i was waiting deadly
Dhuruv : sweetheart…I have also sent u a will reach u…wear it and come like a queen..i was in a meeting now..bye love u soo much
Shraddha : love u toooo
Delivery boy comes and gives the was a plain black maxy…shraddha ( its so simple..its okay…I will make thapki to wear something nasty )
Shraddha : thapki see this…dhrurv sent me this dress for the party
Thapki : nice dii
Shraddha : oh hooo u still thinking of it…leave that and get ready for the party
Thapki : I was not interested di
Shraddha : cheer up atleast for bihaan
Thapki smiles..
Shraddha take a long red churi and ask thapki to wear it
Shraddha : I was actually thought of wearing this..but dhuruv sent me this
Thapki : but dii…its going to held at taj..if I come in this..will they accept me
Shraddha : its ur one will stop u…u will always love our tradition na..if u okay with it…wear..or other wise don wear
Thapki : I will wear this itself..i don’t have anything right now

They both get ready after the lunch..thapki wears the churi…shraddha ask her to plate the hair…she does it on her insistence…thapki was looked like a village girl..and shraddha looked like a modern girl…as shraddha plan is that..
Shraddha ( wow I am gonaa steal…no one will come in churi at the taj…she gonna get nicely from bihaan..they both will fight again ) smiles
They both reached the hotel…thapki steps out of the car…everyone looked at thapki and started smile..she entered the hotel along with shraddha…they were in a lobby..shraddha got a call and she started to talk..thapki stands alone…someone grabbed her from the back..she turns and sees the man with a black scarf…he pulls her and takes her to his room
The man pushed thapki in to the bed…thapki starts shouting…the man closed the door
Thapki : ( started crying ) pls leave me..pls don do anything to me
The man started to come near her
Thapki : just stop wherever u stand..u don’t know anything about me…if my husband comes here..he will kill u..don ever do anything..leave me first
The man sits near her and opens the scarf and its Bihaan
Thapki hugs him…
Thapki : why did u do this..i was worried
Bihaan : I thought to teach u a lesson
Thapki : what u mean
Bihaan : why u came like a village u want to spoil my respect
Thapki : I am sorry
Bihaan : I know u will come like this..i already bought a dress for hav it
Thapki opens and sees a dark blue sleeveless gown
Thapki : bihaan its sleeveless
Bihaan : wats wrong with that wear it…otherwise I will make u too wear it
Thapki : I will wear it…now leave
Bihaan : go and change it in the bathroom

On the other hand..shraddha searches for thapki…dhuruv comes and takes her to the party hall
Thapki comes out from the restroom…it was a plain blue dress..which covered till her kness…that was a perfect fit…
Thapki : how u got this was so perfect on me
Bihaan : I know which one suits u well
Thapki : how u know the size
Bihaan : I observed u cleanly
Thapki : what
Bihaan : nothing…leav the topic otherwise we will fight
Thapki : come on letts move
Bihaan : go and see ur face in mirror
Thapki : omg ( due to her tears..her makeup messed her face) now what should I do
Bihaan comes there and ask her to sit….he takes a tissue paper and cleans her face…he opens the drawer …thapki sees a makeup kit there..bihaan takes it and applies makeup remover cream first..and then clear her face..he puts foundation with a brush..thapki gets shocked and sees him continuously..without noticing her..he also applies highlighter…he puts eyemake up too…depending on her dress…he puts eyeliner and kajal too..bihaan takes the lipstick on seeing her lips…he remembers how he kissed her..his hands started to shake and gives to her and ask her to apply..thapki applies lipstick
Bihaan : smile pls
Thapki : for wat
Bihaan : I said smile
Thapki smiles..bihaan puts blushes in her face…bihaan combs her hair..and takes a curler and curles the hair in the end alone…and straigtens the remaining part
Bihaan : look at u now
Thapki sees her face and gets mesmerized for her beauty..its the first time..thapki felt herself as beauty…
Thapki : thank u soo much…how did u know these things
Bihaan : I just googled it
Thapki : then we will set up a parlour in the future ( smiles )
Bihaan : ( gets irritated )
Thapki : ( holds his hands ) I was just kidding…don take it serious…I know u ll do it for me oly
Bihaan smiles at her..
Bihaan : I have 3 gifts for u…as its ur last bachelor night..the groom needs to give it to the bride
Thapki : wats that
Bihaan gives 3 gifts and ask her to open it
Thapki opens the first gift…it was a belt
Thapki : why should I need a belt
Bihaan : it was a dress belt..u wont understand these things..
Thapki : how did we put it
Bihaan gets the belt from her and bends down and touches her waist..thapki put her hand in his shoulders..bihaan looks on..and smiles and put the belt
Thapki : wow bihaan..its too nice…especially the stone in the centre..which actually glitters like a diamond
Bihaan : it’s a diamond
Thapki gets shocked…

Thapki : why did u spend so money on little things
Bihaan : just shut up and open the second one
Thapki opens the second one…it’s a black clutch…
Thapki : bihaan its too nice..i have so many clutches…
Bihaan : it to me
Thapki opens her bag and shows her was a normal one…
Bihaan : cant u find difference between these two
Thapki : this one glitters and ll not able to use everyday
Bihaan : ur right..this one is just made for the parties
Bihaan tells her how to hold a clutch..thapki imitates him…
Thapki : whats inside
Bihaan : see ( smiles )
Thapki opens and sees a card…she takes it and sees and the card has been printed with a big name and it reads “ Mrs. Bihaan too be “ thapki smiles at him..and also the clutch has thapki photo and bihaan photo separately..which was inserted in the photo space
Thapki : how did u got my pic
Bihaan : I took it on our sangeet
Thapki : U
Bihaan : ya wit my phone
Thapki : when…we didn’t talked on that day
Bihaan : I took it without u noticing it
Thapki starts blushing..
Bihaan : I inserted my pic too..jus for the rememberance of this day….stop blushin
Thapki : who is blushing..u shut up
Bihaan : teekay open the next one
Thapki opens the third one and saw a black shinning heels
Thapki : it was too highhh
Bihaan : don tell anything and wear it..i know u like high heels
Thapki : how
Bihaan : u always wearing the high heels..then wat
Bihaan bends down and place the scandal…thapki puts her hands in his shoulders and puts the scandal…
Bihaan : we both are same height now
Thapki smiles and walks and got slipped by the towel and started to fall..bihaan holds her and grabs her towards him..bihaan fell on the bed..thapki fell on bihaan..they both had an eyelock ( saiyaaraee… plays )
Thapki stands and bihaan looks on
Bihaan : come on lets leave
Thapki :wait ur looking tired
Bihaan : soo

Thapki takes the tissue paper and cleans his face..and puts the button in his shirt…and puts the tie properly and places a blue kerchief in his pocket..and takes the comb
Bihaan : don do anything wit the hair..i just applied cream..
Thapki : no problem..with the comb she sets his hair with spikes..
Bihaan : ghajaabbb..u too know come on
Thapki : can we take selfie..pls
Bihaan nods and thapki takes her phone..both stands at the separate corner…seeing this…thapki comes near to bihaan and ask him to take a selfie..thapki puts her hand in his shoulder and give a pose..bihaan looks thapki…they both stare each other..and the phone clicked the selfie automatically..thapki sees the pic..
Thapki : it was candid and u should make it as a dp…
Bihaan : whyyy
Thapki grabs his phone and make the picture as his dp…and puts status as a lovely day
Bihaan smiles at her   
Thapki : send me this pic later
Thapki stares at him continuoslyy
Bihaan : chuk chuk ghaddiii wat are u seeing
Thapki : u look so handsome today…ur looking like RK
Bihaan : ( gets shocked ) I didn’t dream of getting a compliment from u in my life..thank u
Thapki : but u never told anything about me
Bihaan : do I need to ( smiles )
Thapki : don tell then
Bihaan hold her hands…touches her waist…comes near to her…thapki blushes and leaves his hand..bihaan starts to walk towards thapki..thapki starts to walk back…thapki stops walking and sees the wall at back…bihaan comes close to her
Bihaan : am I looking handsome today
Thapki : hmmm ( silently nods )
Bihaan bends down and goes close to her face..thapki closes her eyes…bihaan sees this and whishpers in her ears ‘ ur asual ugly’

Thapki pushes him
Thapki : thankiew ( starts walking )
Bihaan : ( bihaan hugs her from the back ) ur looking soo hot today
Thapki turns and look at him ( saiyaare saiyaara saiyara plays )
Bihaan : ( moves a distance ) its getting late can we leave
Thapki holds his hand. They reached the party hall finally
Thapki : bihaan..thanku soo much for the lovely gifts..but I didn’t give u anything
Bihaan : its not a problem…I feel happier because of u…that’s enough..thank u for being with me forever
Thapki : ll b wit u forever..but still I want to give u something…so close ur eyes
Bihaan closed his eyes ( did she going to kiss me)
Thapki : open ur eyes now
Rahul was standing in front of bihaan and smiling at him
Bihaan : ( hugs him ) did u forgive me…
Rahul : ya just for my sis thapki
Bihaan : what ?? sister??..when did this happened
Rahul : thapki came to my home and apologized for ur sake…I cant see my sister in I forgive u
Bihaan hugs him again…
Bihaan : I got my life back 
Rahul got a call and leaves
Bihaan : thankyou soo much..i thought u r going to be the pain in my life…thank u for everything…wat u want for this
Thapki : stop thanking me…I am not a stranger anymore
Thapki holds his hands tightly..bihaan looks at her..
They entered the hall…his friends played a song for both of them ( tum hi hoo song plays ) they both stare at each other
Shraddha gets shocked on seeing thapki…she wasss sooo cute…even she find her as a celebrity everyone went near them and took pics…bihaan introduced her to his friends and felt very proud…thapki friends too arrived there..bihaan invited them…thapki felt happy and everyone regarded her beauty..shraddha looked like a normal one
Shraddha went near to thapki…
Shraddha : where did u got these things..u didn’t tell me ( in a rigid manner )
Thapki : no dii..everything is bihaan gift…as its bachelor party..its groom duty to gift something to the he did it
Shraddha : wo did the makeup and hairstyle
Thapki : ( smiles ) bihaan did it
Shradhha gets shocked and gets irritated…
Dhuruv : are u okay
Shraddha : I heard that groom has to gift something to the bride..u didn’t gift me anything
Dhuruv : darl I gifted the party dress which u are wearing..
Shraddha : is this the oly gift
Dhuruv : wat
Shraddha : nothing
Dhuruv takes shraddha and meets bihaan and they clicked pics together..shraddha didn’t smile enough and all the friends requested to dance..
The song started to play ( humdard hai ) dhuruv and shraddha danced at the right corner of the stage..and bihaan thapki danced at the left side…thapki and bihaan got lost in to each others eyes…after the song..bihaan requested the DJ to play the party type of songs..and asked rahul and everyone to join…everyone came to the stage and danced together…thapki and bihaan looks each other and smiles


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