The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 23 ) *** Super Mega Episode***


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 22 )
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Here it goes
Kiran calls everyone to the hall…bihaan comes in a black coat suit..dhuruv in a brown suit…thapki stares at bihaan..bihaan never turned to see thapki..
Kiran : welcome chaturvedi family to our pandey nivas family…now the sangeet is going to happen…I am going to announce the team members…

Everyone gathered there including the guest….
Dadi : ya kiran first we should call the team leaders..every one started chear for them
Dhuruv : Bihaan is our team lead
Badki : Thapki is our lead
Sheen a comes to the party and sees bihaan and hugs him..thapki gets irritated on seeing her..sheena gives a victorious look to thapki
Kiran : the team members in bihaan bhai team are dhuruv,sanjay, ashwin..(everyone cheers for them) and the team members in thapki bhabi team are suman, preeti and shraddha babhi…its going to be bhai vs babhi ji for me ( everyone roars ) okay I want thapki babhi and bihaan bhaii to step up forward for the toss
Bihaan and thapki goes near kiran..thapki keep staring at bihaan..bihaan never saw thapki…kiran puts the toss..bihaan says for head…
Kiran : its head..bihaan bhai group going to perform now..bihaan dhuruv shraddha thapki will going to give a individual performance…sanjay and ashwin will dance together and suman and preeti will dance together…and finally the group has to deliver a group performance…the scores will be given by the guest present here..i will sum it up at the end and I will tell the lets the sangeet going to start…and our first performance is none other than dhuruv bhaiii
Shraddha shouts for dhuruv..dhuruv gets tensed..bihaan goes near and hugs him

Dhuruv performance :
Diliwaali song started to play..dhuruv was standing in the centre of the stage…he was turning towards the soon as the song plays dhuruv turns and dances…everyone claps…shraddha gets flattened by dhuruv performance…dhuruv dances a way better than his performances in the previous life…bihaan shouts for dhuruv…everyone felt nice for dhuruv…dhuruv finally felt happy for the performance and at the end…dhuruv went to shraddha and kneels downs and asks her hands for to join..shraddha gives and goes to the stage with him..dhuruv teaches steps to her..they both danced together..everyone roared..
Kiran : woooww…it was a bestest performance of dhuruv was amazing..but bhaii why did u asked shraddha to join…she is not ur side..u going to loose the marks as per the rules
Dhuruv : am sorry bihaan we are going to lose
Bihaan : don’t worry about the competition..see bhabhi ji face..she is too happy…that’s enough for us..and the competition is still on..nothing to worry
Kiran : dhuruv bhaii may lose point due to that…lets shraddha bhabhii is going to come…everyone cheer for her…

Shraddha performance :
Pinga song plays..shraddha and her friend starts to dance…she did the same step of the original song…shraddha herself a great fan of priyanka…she just perfectly matched the moves of priyanka and her friend to sizzled a lot..dhuruv sees her alone..and felt very proud of her…everyone starts to claps…thapki shouts for shraddha…they both actually sizzled like deepikaa and priyanka…the performance ends..dhuruv stands and claps for her
Kiran : that was an amazing performance priyanka ji…sorry shraddha bhabhii ji ( smiles at her ) and her friend too danced soo good  and our next performance is none other than B for Bihaan pandey bhaii
Everyone shouted bihaan…as they were waiting for his performance…the hall erupted with sound..thapki looks at and found herself happy for seeing his dance for the first time

Bihaan Performance :
And it was none other than B for Badtameez dil song…bihaan comes to the stage by mimicking ranbir voice..everyone cheered for him so as thapki..thapki started to clap unwittingly…
Bihaan comes to the stage and started to dance…bihaan was looked like a ranbir kapoor..he just seems like him in the stage…his moves was absolutely perfect..and the attitude he maintained in his performace made everygirls to cheer for bihaan..they continuously shouted bihaan name..thapki didn’t notice anything other than his dance moves..everyone flattened with his performance including shraddha..shraddha started to shouts for him…he was like a hero in the stage…his friends joined with him in the stage…he never gave a tired look from the start to till the end…sheena goes to the stage and dances with him…bihaan gets shocked on seeing sheena..but danced with her too… his performance ended by giving a rab ne bana di Jodi pose with sheena
Everyone shouts bihaan…vasundra was too happy that her both sons was done extremely well…
Kiran : did I need to tell anything of bhaii performance…he just ruled it like RK…thank you bhaiii for giving us the performance ..and king performance has been ended..but here is the queen..we will see whether she matches her betterhalf
Bihaan sits in a sofa…and listens to kiran
Kiran : she is going to sizzle in kalachashma with her friend varun
Bihaan gets irritated on hearing his name…everyone shouts for thapki…bihaan looks frustrated..thapki looks on bihaan…bihaan stares at her angrily

Thapki performance :
And it started…as Katrina kaif..thapki was too in the red lehenga…with a coolers on her face..she came to stage with varun…and the song started…thapki sizzled it completely as before in the cultural..while dancing she looked at bihaan face alone…varun danced too good but fails to match with thapki as she danced extremely well…everyone focused on thapki alone…everyone shouts for thapkii..bihaan notices that his friends also shouted for thapki…he saw her performance silently and get lost once again..but never showed in his face…varun hold thapki hand at the end..bihaan gets irritated on seeing this..thapki leaves his hand suddenly on seeing bihaan
Kiran : what is actually happening here…is my bhaii and babhi are dancing or any celebrities ?? they are rocking and mindblowing…thapki bhabhii ur the best competitor for bihaan bhaiii till now I saw in my life…crowd erupts..ok then our next performance is sanjay and ashwin

Sanjay and ashwin performance :
They both went to the stage..and stands facing the wall. ( badki and chutki gets surprised ) Beat pe booty song starts..bihaan and dhuruv shouts for sanjay and ashwin..they started to dance…that was really fun…they tried to copy tiger shroff..but manages to spoil his moves to the extent..everyone started to smile for their performance..seeing this bihaan and dhuruv goes to the stage…they joined the club…bihaan turned in to a tiger shroof in a while   they danced together…sanjay and ashwin followed bihaan they finished the performance
Thapki laughed to the extreme on seeing those two moves at first…and later bihaan entry thapki focused bihaan alone
Kiran : sanjay and ashwin bhaii beat pe booty dance will get famous within a day ( smiles ) ok our next performance is suman and preeti ‘s
Suman and preethi performance :
Chikni chameli song started..sanjay and ashwin started to cheer for them…thapki shouts for them..they started to dance..they danced good but not up to the level..everyone cheered for them…thapki and shraddha joined with them…finally
Kiran : thanks bhai and bhabhi ji and now the group performance going to erupt
Dhuruv bihaan sanjay ashwin comes to the stage…bachna ae haseeno song starts in the background…they just ruled out the stage with their moves..everyone seems to be perfect in their moves…to a surprise..sanjay and ashwin too sizzled up to the maximum
Everyone clapped for them…

Then shraddha thapki suman preethi came to the stage …radha on the dance floor song plays in the background…thapki stands at the centre..starts to grab attention of everyone…they danced well..but at the final stage..suman slips her leg and falls over shraddha..they both fell down..they stopped the dance…shradhha fumes in anger
Shraddha : bhabhiii…cant u be careful…we are gonna lose now
Chutki : I am sorry shraddha
Thapki : its okay bhabhii don worry it doesn’t matter
Shraddha calms down and consoles chutkii
Kiran : hurray babhii..u messed up finally…ok now the results time…
Kiran got the points for everyone from the guest and announced Bihaan & co is the winner of this sangeet
Vasundra finds herself happy..bihaan dhuruv sanjay and ashwin hugs each other..bihaan atlast sees thapki and smiles victoriously
Kiran : ok bhaii…it was just a mild difference…thapki & co done well..lets cheer for them too…and one thing…this sangeet wont get complete till bihaan bhaii shakes his legs for Katrina song…I would request bihaan bhaai to go the stage and dance for kaala chashma
Bihaan goes to the stage..
Kiran : whomever wants to dance with bhaii can go to the stage
Bihaan looks at thapki..chutki asks thapki to go..thapki stands and moves to stage..sheena goes to the stage priorly to thapki..bihaan gets shocked on seeing sheena…thapki too comes on the stage
Kiran : oh hooo..bihaan bhaii has to choose now
Bihaan : we will dance together..
Thapki felt upset for his decision..

The song starts…bihaan stands in the centre…sheena stands on the left side…and thapki stands on the right side..they started to dance..sheena also sizzled with her dance but not up to the level of thapki..bihaan dances freely as its not a duet song…thapki looks at bihaan and danced..and finally when they came to finish of the stage..both gives hands to bihaan to give a final pose..bihaan gives his hands to thapki and ignored sheena..thapki smiles with tears..sheena saw them angrily and left
Kiran : bhaii don come from the stage..i request dhuruv and shraddha to step up and dance for a duet song
Shraddha and dhuruv goes to the stage
TERE MERI PREM KAHANI AE MUSHKIL song plays…thapki and bihaan get lost in each other eyes and dances slowly..bihaan hold thapki waist…thapki grabs his shoulders..they danced for a while..everyone clapped
Bihaan left the stage..thapki followed him…bihaan was about to enter his room..thapki holds bihaan hands..bihaan turned and looked at her
Thapki : I am really sorry bihaan pls speak to me…it was so long since u spoke…pls speak to me bihaan ( cries continuously )
Bihaan shuts the door…thapki stands there and cries…bihaan sees her shadow in the door and goes near the door…shraddha arrives there..on seeing shraddha thapki left the place
Bihaan felt sorry for her

Precap : not yet decided 

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