The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 22 ) *** Super Mega Episode***


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 22 )
Hi guys…thanks for supporting me   very blessed to have u ppl  its gonna be a megaepisodes for the next 3 days…as i want thahaan to get married on my 25th FF…hope u guys enjoy :):)

Here it goes

Thapki comes to home…and cries continuously
FB Starts…
Sheena meets thapki in the college
Sheena : I want to speak with u ( says in a rigid manner )
Thapki : ya tell me
Sheena : wat the hell u r thinking about u?? why are u so irritating everyone
Thapki : what are u talking about?
Sheena : I know u will act innocent…why do u spoiling bihaan life
Thapki : why are u shouting now? What did I do ?

Sheena : don act too smart..i know ur trying to trap my bihaan..that wont happen
Thapki : stop ur dreams..don dare to call him like that..i am going to be his wife..mind it
Sheena : just shut up..he just marrying u for his maa sake..he don’t have any interest…ur spoiling his name in the college..u know how much respect he had..but today u made him to lose all his respects..he just appeared as a rogue today…ur just ruining his life…he don’t have any intentions towards u..he is always help other..that doesn’t mean he is caring for u..he will make friends earlier..thats wat happened in ur doesn’t mean that he just moved with u..
Thapki keeps silent on hearing her words and remembers how he behaved in front of the college…
Sheena : I just came here to tell you to stay in ur limits..otherwise u will get hurt..i am not caring for u..even I was in the situation he would react the same…don imagine widely..
Thapki : I know sheena…we are just friends..i know my limits…I wont spoil his life..but u don’t have the right to tell this to please leave
FB ends..
Thapki says ( I am really sorry bihaan..i did it intentionally..i am spoiling your life..I know u would have hurt today..we should always maintain some distance between us..that would be good for both of them )

Bihaan comes home…and felt very depressed..and tries to forget her words..he slept late asusually..he started to live his life like before…he started to spend time more with friends..vasu gets worried as he was just turning to the previous life..bihaan stopped thinking about thapki and made himself engaged…
On the other hand, thapki also made herself engaged with different things..but never forget to check his whatsapp dp and status…( 3 days passed without talking to each other )
At morning…
Vasundra comes to chaturvedi home…

Shraddha and thapki got blessings from her
Vasu : I came here to give the materials for your haldi ceremony..she gives a yellow churi to both of them
Poonam : vasu ji…we done the preparations..u need to come here also
Vasu : sure poonam ji
Shraddha : maa…will everyone come for this function
Vasu : I know why are you asking…( smiles )I don’t believe the rituals….i am actually planning to do haldi function for bihaan and dhuruv here itself
Poonam : that’s a great idea…we can do it
Vasu : then we will celeberate it together
thapki gets happier on hearing this as she is going to see bihaan…
Vasu : but one thing poonam…shraddha and thapki should not see bihaan and dhuruv at the function as per the ritual

Pooanam : ya we should follow that
Shraddha : mummy jii…kyu ??
Vasu : don’t worry shraddha beta..u can see him after the function
Vasu talked about the preparations and then left the house..
Vasundra reaches home and calls everyone…and tells about the haldi function
Bihaan : why should we go there..we can do it hereitself ma
Vasu : why are u always showing some kind of hesitance to these kind of rasam
Bihaan : ok ma cool down..i will do whatever u say
Vasu smiles..

Dhuruv : that’s a great idea ma
Vasu : but one condition..u both should not see thapki and shraddha till the function ends..
Bihaan : it seems to be a good condition ( says silently )
Vasu :what
Bihaan : we will do that…
Vasu : don worry..after the rasam gets complete u can take pictures ttooo ( vasu smiles…dhuruv hugs her )
Bihaan leaves to the room..

The next morning..everyone started to get ready for the function…they started to leave pandey nivas..they reached chaturvedi home
Poonam and kk welcomed them…shraddha and thapki was asked to sit in the room …
Shraddha : I want to see dhuruv…
Thapki : will take few minutes to finish the rasam..after that u can
Shraddha : ya thapkii..but still
Poonam asks bihaan and dhuruv to stay in her room…as they going to start the rasam for the bride..they both nods and goes to the room
Dhuruv : bihaan I need to see the function
Bihaan : u will see when they will apply ( smiles )
Dhuruv : I want to see shraddha’s
Bihaan : that wont be possible bhaiii

They started the rasam..shraddha and thapki was dressed up in a long and grand yellow churi..with a free hair..they both sat next to each other..they started applying haldi..some of them started to sing…badki and chutki were the first one to apply..chutki applied little haldi on thapki face..badki applied all over the face of shraddha and smiles at her..shraddha started to fumes in anger and controlled in front of them..on seeing this poonam comes near to shraddha and cleans her face..they took several photos..everyone seemed to be happy
After a few minutes..the rasam got ended..and they were asked her to leave
Bihaan and dhuruv came..bihaan and dhuruv was in a traditional white sherwani…bihaan sat in a place where thapki was..they started applying…bihaan was not found to be very happy..he just smiled for her mother sake..vasundra notices that…the rasam gets completed
Bihaan and dhuruv changed clothes..vasundra comes there

Vasu : now u can meet thapki and shraddha
Dhuruv : maa..thankyou ( rans towards her room )
Bihaan : ma..i need to leave friend is calling me
Vasu : don’t u want to see thapki
Bihaan : ma its urgent
Vasu : okay tell her bye atleast
Bihaan : I need to leave now
He left the place immediately…vasundra looks at him and leaves
Dhuruv came to shraddha room..on seeing dhuruv thapki went out..shraddha and dhuruv hugs each other and started to take selfies..thapki comes and searches for bihaan…bihaan was not there..she felt depressed
Vasu : what are u doing?

Thapki : ma where is bihaan
Vasu : he has some urgent work so he left beta
Thapki ( smiles artificially ) : ok ma
Vasu : what happened between u and bihaan…did u guys have any misunderstandings
Thapki : nothing like that ma…we have a small tiff..don worry
Vasu : hope everything goes fine ( vasu hugs thapki )
Vasundra family left the housee…
The next day…

Shraddha : thapki do u want to see the photos of our function
Thapki : dii is it came ??
Shraddha : no thapki dhuruv sent me the soft copies..i have stored in the laptop..if u want u can see..don tell to ma…( shraddha leaves )
Thapki opens the folder and searches for bihaan photos…she saw all the photos of bihaan..and she realized how much she missed him in the past days..and she cries..she stores his photo in his phone and started to see his face continuously
On the other hand..dhuruv shows pics to bihaan..bihaan sees thapki pic and closes the tab and said he has some important work and leaves the place…

Vasundra calls poonam ji..
Poonam : good morning vasundra ji
Vasundra : good morning..i called u to inform about the mehendi function…we planned for a big event…u need to help me…now tell me…how many of ur relatives are going to participate for the sangeet for ur side
Poonam : we don’t have any close relatives..other than thapki and shraddha no one will vasu ji
Vasu : ( thinks and says ) don worry we will send two of our family members to ur side..that would be fun

Poonam : great idea sure jiii
Vasu cuts the call and calls everyone and tells we need to do well in our u guys have to start your preparations..i have complete belief on bihaan as he is a good we will win and one thing badki with her husband should participate for the bride they were only two…
Badki : badii saasuma..pls I already practiced a song with chutkii..pls don’t separate us
Chutki : ahn badii saasuma…we can perform really well
Vasu : really…for which u guys are practiced
Chutki : gala jikniii jameli sasuma
Vasu : kyaa
Badki : its chikni chameliii

Vasu : did u guys saw the song first
Chutki : ahnn ahn saasuma..we trained a lot…
Badki : we are going to sizzle like Katrina kaif in the floor..right bihaan devar jii ??
Bihaan : ya baabhiii ji…but y ur taking Katrina songs babhiii..its hard na
Chutki : bihaan devarji..see on the floor..we gonna rock
Vasu : atchaa teekay..u guys can perform for the bride team..sanjay and ashwin will perform for us
Badki and chutki gets shocked…
Badki : saasuma..then groom team will loose…
Vasu : don’t ever dream..we have B for Bihaan pandey ( smiles )
Bihaan : ma I don’t think I will participate
Vasu : pls bihaan its our pride..we have to do it..and dhuruv pls practice well..i know u r not good in dance
Dhuruv : I know ma..dont worry I will do well..bihaan will help me
Bihaan : ok ma ( smiles )
Bihaan goes to his room..dhuruv follows him

Bihaan : wat bhaii?
Dhuruv : I want to perform well in the sangeet
Bihaan : sure bhaii don worry we will win
Dhuruv : I don’t about worry about that..shraddha was a good dancer…I wont dance too good that u know..but I don’t want to show that to her..pls help me
Bihaan : bhaiii pls stop requesting…I will train u to the best
Dhuruv : ok come lets start
Bihaan : bhaai we will start in the morning
Dhuruv : I have some important meeting
Bihaan : ok come..( bihaan locks the door ) bhaai which song u want to perform ?
Dhuruv : diliwaali girlfriend

Bihaan : atchaa… 😉 bihaan plays the song and closes his eyes and dance for the song
Dhuruv : ur dancing so well
Bihaan : u will also bhaaiii…now come
Bihaan teaches dhuruv…bihaan teaches how to have an attitude during the song and how to look everyone and how to make steps easier..dhuruv listens to him carefully …bihaan ask him to dance him for the first 1 min..dhuruv done amazingly well..bihaan clapped for him..dhuruv hugged him and kissed him
Bihaan : I know u will kiss me one day ( smiles )
Dhuruv : thank you soo much bihaan  now come on lets start the next step
Bihaan : bhaai u r so curious..but see the time it 3 o go and sleep..we will do the rest
Dhuruv leaves to the room and practices the same step again and again and doesn’t sleep..
Bihaan started to think which song to take..and he sleeps

At morning..
Badki and chutki comes to chaturvedi home..poonam welcomes them..
Badki : namastey ji…we both are going to perform for the bride we want to discuss with shraddha and thapki
Poonam smiles…
Badki and chutki enters shraddha room
Shraddha : bhabhii jii..tumm…wat a surprise
Chutki : shraddha we are going to perform for the bride side in sangeet
Shraddha : wow..thats a great news bhabhii
Badki : we should win over that boys
Thapki : its nice u too came for our side
Badki : wat u guys going to perform
Shraddha : I totally forgot bhabhii..we should start immediately
Chutki : ahn ahnn shraddha..jalddiiii
Shraddha : who will dance better there

Chutki : bihaan devarji…he will dance too well..because of him we both lost in our sangeet
Thapki ( oh hooo..i don’t know bihaan will dance well )
Shraddha : we will win this time bhabhii…I thought of dancing for pingaa…wat abt u thapki??
Thapki: I am going to dance for kala chasma…I already danced for that song in my culturals diii
Badkii : bihaan devarji favorite… ( smiles )
Chutki : we all perform a group dance

Shraddha : we will dance together for manwa laage then
Thapki : no di its usual..we will dance for ‘ radha on the dance floor ‘
Shraddha : it will be nice
Badki : atchaa..ok come on we will practice
Shraddha plays pinga song and dances like priyanka chopra…badki and chutki smiles and says we will win…
Shraddha : I am going to call my friend for dancing with me…it’s a good idea na’
Badki : ahn…tats good..u dances so well shraddha..keep hard..we have to match with bihaan
Chutki : ahn shraddha…he will dances like a evil
Thapki smiles…
Badki : why are u smiling now ? go and dance for kala chashma
Shraddha plays the song..thapki started to dance…everyone kept quiet on seeing her performance including shraddha

Shraddha : u dance soo well thapki…I didn’t see u dance this much
Thapki : dii..i already practiced for two months to perform in the cultural
Badki : ( hugs thapki ) ur the toughest competitor from our side…ur perfect for bihaan..
Chutki : but thapki u need to have a male partner for this song na
Shraddha : will u call any of ur friends…call varun he is a good dancer na
Thapki : ( if I call him..bihaan will gets angry again..) dii…
Shraddha : why are u hesitating..i will call him..its our pride
Chutki : bilkool shraddha
Thapki nods
Badki and chutki start to perform for chikni chameli…shraddha laughs on seeing them
Shraddha : babhii ji wat are u doing actually ( smiles uncontrollably ) I know how u lost in ur sangeet
Thapki : diii…stop it plss
Badki : shraddha we trained so well why you are saying this ( says in a worried tone )
Shraddha : sorry bahiii
Thapki : don worry babhii..we will train again
Thapki teaches badki and chutki…

At mehendi day…

Chaturvedi family reaches pandey nivas…
Vasundra gives a red lehenga to thapki and blue lehenga to shraddha and tells red is bihaan favorite and blue is dhuruv favorite..
Thapki and shraddha goes to the hall…and some beautician started to apply mehendi for both of them..
Beautician : what is ur husband name ? I mean the bridegroom name..
Thapki : Bihaan pandey
Beautician : do u want his initials on ur hand or ur name to be written as mrs. Bihaan
Thapki : write it as Mrs. Bihaan ( thapki smiles )
Shraddha ask them to put his initials alone

Dadi : the mehendi is going to tell u how much affection u have for ur husband…if its get too shows ur pure love and also the long life of ur pathi
Thapki gets sadden..shraddha smiles…mehendi never went soo dark for thapki in her life time and for shraddha it always gives a classic color
They played songs in the background..thapki sees her mehendi and wishes to turn it as soo dark..
Suddenly her beats faster…she turns and sees bihaan walking towards the hall…he sees thapki…he turns and approached towards daadii
Dadi : did u got the medicine

Bihaan : here it is dadi maa
Dadi : its nice u came here…go and see thapki hand
Bihaan : I have some important work now..i will see it later
Dadi : it’s a tradition..don try to ruin..its my order go and see
Bihaan ( hell with the will always trouble me )
Bihaan goes near thapki..on seeing bihaan thapki stands and stares at him
Bihaan : show ur hand
Thapki shows…bihaan sees ‘Mrs.bihaan to be ‘ on her both hands…stares at her..thapki got lost in his eyes…bihaan leaves the place without showing anything..thapki has tears in her eyes…
Dhuruv comes home..and goes straight to shraddha and sees his intitals on her hands and takes some pictures of her hand and with her..shraddha writes her name in his hand with a cone..
Dhuruv : why are u writing shraddha..
Shraddha : everyone has to know u r engaged
Dhuruv : I am always yours ( smiles )
Thapki sees them and felt sad…

Dadi asked both of them to wash their hands..
Thapki and shraddha goes and washes their hands..thapki gets shocked on seeing her hands…it was too dark…it was the first time for her..she gets delighted and remembers bihaan face…shraddha was shocked to see her mehendi it was not dark..for the first time it had happened to her…she curses the beautician and sees thapki hands and gets irritated..
Dadi comes and sees both hands and tells thapki that her love towards bihaan was endless and smiles and comes to shraddha and consoles her

Precap : thapki dances for kala chashma with varun…bihaan gets irritated on seeing them…sanjay, ashwin, dhuruv dances for beat pe booty song..everyone smiles and dances together…thapki sees bihaan alone and get lost

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