The blessed love – THAHAAN ( part 2)

The Blessed Love – Thahaan

Hi guys..this is your suhana…thanks for your valuable feedback…stay connected as always. Here it starts
At pandey nivas

Balvinder ask vasundra to make arrangement as his friend is coming to home after a long time. Vasundra nods head and asks budki and chutki to make some snacks.

KK enters in to the pandey nivas….Balvinder and vasundra welcomed him with happiness .

KK : How are you balvinder?
Balvinder : I am totally fine…how about you?

KK : I am fine
Balvinder : I am seeing you after 14 years.. I should thank the marriage website counselor first who gave me your address.
KK : Haha…definitely balu.
Balvinder : Have coffee and snacks..specially made by vasundra for you.
KK smiles at vasundra.
Balvinder : let me come to the point dhost…I called you for my elder son dhuruv marriage proposal.
KK : I know it balu through the marriage counselor but I am really worried as we are not up to your standards.
Balvinder : But I know you will definitely brought up your daughter with high values. We are looking for our bahu with high standards not with a high status.
KK : ( smiles with tears ) you are the same balu as I know in the previous years.
Balu : I am always your I want to become your relative. Will you have any objection (says sarcastically )

KK : ( laughs ) no neverrr..
Balvinder : here is my dhuruv photo..with his horoscope.
KK : thank you is my daughter’s
Balvinder : I don’t have any trust over the horoscope..have it with you…if my son nods for this girl..i don’t have any objection.
KK : sure..their opinions are important balu..i think its time to move..i have some other work. I will call you tomorrow.

KK leaves the house by thinking about shraddha nature and his belief over him.
After kk’s departure..vasundra rans towards the table and takes the photo and sees it.
Balvinder : how’z our bahu ?
Vasu : she is beautiful.
Dadi, budki, chutki all sees the photo and regards her beauty.
Balvinder : she is the perfect match for our dhuruv..hope dhuruv also likes it.
Suddenly a loud music cameee….balvinder sees vasundra and asks her to get cotton for his ears. Everyone started to insert cotton in their ears…as it is usual to them.. because it BIHAAN PANDEY waking time.

Balvinder : thank god…devarjii dharshan is not there during my friend visit.
Vasu : stop annoying my beta..He is to young.. I am going to give coffee.
Balvinder : Go and feed him with your hands..because he is too young na ( says sarcastically )
Vasu stares everyone with anger and rushes to kitchen to get coffee for him. And moves towards his room. She opens the door. And there was a man wearing a tracks with a sleeveless tshirt where he has sweatness all over the body and taking push ups by listening the music happily with his own attitude.

On hearing the door sound, He turns. AND WHO ELSE….ITZ MR. BIHAAN PANDEY and waves hi to his mother.
Bihaan : Good morning ma.
Vasu : say Good afternoon beta its 1 in the clock.
Bihaan : oh ma it one hour early today.
Vasu : Bihaan…try to wake up soon..even today I waited for you to come.
Bihaan : ma why should you do puja daily?
Vasu : what question is this ? we should worship god daily to spread happiness.
Bihaan : yes ma..but in my case god is coming to my room regularly and spreading my happiness. Then why should I come ? ( smiles and folds his hands towards vasundra )
Vasu : ( hugs him and kisses in his forehead ) you have the magic in your words beta..
Bihaan smiles and vasundra ask him to take lunch immediately..bihaan nods his head and vasundra leaves. Bihaan stops the music went to take shower.

At chaturvedi house,
Kk enters the house and calls poonam
Poonam : why are you shouting now ?
KK : I have the rights to shout poonam ji..i got a good alliance for our betii.
Shraddha and thapki enters the house. Seeing the parents conversations..they too joined.
Shraddha : pa..did you told it truly? Who is he ? what is he doing ? tell me fast
KK : have patience my betii…poonam its my friend son. His name is dhuruv. He is the MD of 365 news channel.
Poonam : what are you saying ? how can we satisfy their expectations..did you too joined with the dreams where shraddha always stay
Shraddha says angerly maaa..

KK : nothing to worry..they are looking for the girl with high values.
Shraddha : then I may be the right choice.. (smiles victoriously )
Thapki : ahhnnn diii….u right.
Poonam prays to god to make everything good.
KK gives the photo cover to shraddha and ask her to see and tell the opinion. While shraddha opening the cover..thapki grabs the cover and sees the photo. Shraddha chases thapki and ask her to give it.
Thapki : diiiii…he is not a prince. Don’t see it

Shraddha : ( In a shocked state ) whattttttttt…..then wat are you sayin ( says in a worried tone )
Thapki comes to shraddha and says do…do…don’t woryy my princess…He is not a pr..prince. He is the ki..king for you. He is so handsome. You will fa..fall for him.
Shraddha sees the photo and shouts happily…and thinks that he is too cute too handle. She then realizes that her parents are watching her. And turns towards them with a shyness on her face and says “ paa..I agree for the marriage “
KK : I know you will like him.. let us wait for the official word from the other side.
Shraddha worriedly thinks what would dhuruv say ?

PRECAP : Bihaan goes to his friend college to see him. On the campus he sees some group of boys teasing a lonely girl ( none other than thapki ) He get out from his car with a attitude ( where the theme music is playing in the background )he goes towards them. Thapki stares at him without a blink in her eyes.

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