The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 19) *** MEGA EPISODE****


At pandey nivas…
bihaan got a text from thapki…
their conversation:
T : hi Mr. B
B : hi chuk chuk ghaddii
T : wat are u doing ?
B : lying and thinking what to do…very bored
T : atchaa…when u will sleep usually?
B : around 2 or 3..
T : why so late…what will you do till?
B : will watch cricket or anything which keeps me engaged
T : oh thats too late
B : i know..but i will get sleep at that time oly..wat about u
T : wont exceed 10
B : thats so early
T : thats the correct time…
B : oh i see
T : do u watch films
B : not interested really..but never miss katrina films
T: she is not a great actress
B : she is the most beautiful actress till now
T : i dont see her so beauty
B : i dont know i will fall for her..when i see her on screen
T : wateva…
they started discussing about their likes and dislikes and later bihaan fell in to sleep unwittingly….
vasundra comes to bihaan room and gets shocked on seeing him slept at 9 itself…and she hears a beep sound and sees thapki messaged bihaan
and thinks ( oh hooo..he started to text thapkii …) smiles and leaves
thapki too slept…

at morning,
bihaan woke up and done the excercises and gets bath and leaves to the dinning table..vasundra was holding diya and they started to pray..bihaan comes there…vasundra and everyone gets shocked…vasundra stopped her prayer
Vasu : are you okay bihaan
Babuji : what happend to u ??
Bihaan: why are u asking like this..i am alright
Babuji : bihaan its unusual na..see the clock its 8…and u r here for the puja…i guess ur mom’s prayers reached god
everyone smiles at bihaan..bihaan looks at the clock and did i got up this much early
Vasundra asks bihaan to stay in the puja..bihaan nods..vasundra happily does the puja..and thanks thapki in her mind for making her dream come true…
Vasu : thank you bihaan..finally u came go and get blessings from god
Bihaan : i got up early because i slept early yesterday..but doesnt change anything..( bihaan touched vasu feet ) ur my lord..ur blessings are important to me…i am leaving now bye
vasundra smiles with tears..babuji smiles at her
bihaan reahced his friends house..
They teased him for not visiting them after 2 days…because he is spending more time with thapki…bihaan gets angry and denies their statment..they started to tell him that he was changed
bihaan starts to think ( may b i am changed..its true…i dont want my life to change at any cost..thats why i nodded my head for the marriage…i should be carefull here after)

At thapki college,
thapki was worried because of her exams
Swetha comes there
Swetha : thapki why are u worrying?
Thapki : i didnt study anything for the exam…i dont know how i going to write tomorrow
Swetha : why should u worry?
Thapki : how will i get good marks
Swetha : u r going to be the bahu of pandey nivas…
Thapki : that doesnt mean i should discontinue my education
Swetha : so wat u want then
Thapki: i studied daily but for the past few days i didnt attend the lectures…i need to do well to get a gold medal..that was my father dream
Swetha : then go and get idea from bihaan
Thapki : what u mean?
Swetha : he will help u na??
Thapki : did he ( laughs )
Swetha : what u think of himself..he is the gold medalist of that batch
Thapki gets shocked…
Thapki : u said that he will come in a blue moon..
Swetha : but that doesnt mean he should not get good him and ask him the will help u

thapki called bihaan…
bihaan attends the call
B : now what chuk chuk ghadi…why are u calling me continoulsy? i am with my friends..
T: first can u please shut up and listen
B : ok wat
T : i need ur notes…
B : what?? i dont have anything like that..i will study on my stop calling
bihaan cuts the call..on seeing this…his friends told him that he never changed..he felt happy on hearing those words
thapki gets angry and thinks ( i know Mr. B for Bihaan will turns in to evil..he is a psycho )
swetha : did u asked him?
Thapki : he said he dont have any notes
Swetha : even i missed the previous classes bcoz of my what should we do?
Thapki : even i dont know wat to do..with that book alone…we cant do anything
Swetha : i have an idea…can we both do group study together
Thapki : its nice idea..we will clarify the doubts with each other na
Swetha : ya come to my home today night…and stay with me..we will read in the whole night
Thapki : thats good idea
Swetha : smiles at her and leaves
thapki comes to swetha home at the evening…
Thapki : are u alone ?
Swetha : ya one is here..that will be good for come inside
they both ate together and started to read…they finished first 3 chapters out of 5..
swetha gets constantly messages from his boyfriend..she gets interested over the messages..thapki gets irritated and asked her to put her phone in silent mode..she smiles and sayss ‘ thapki 5 mins rest’ then we will continue..thapki started to revise the chapter…and found her messaging still..she gave her a angry look
Swetha : i dont have any interest to read further..he is actually wants to go out now
Thapki gets shocked …
Thapki : what are u saying…how can i study alone..i cant go home either..pls stay
Swetha : his home is very near..i will try to come as soon as possible..pls let me go..i will definitely pass the exam..i already read 3 chapters na..
swetha leaves the home..and ask her to lock inside..
Swetha : in case of any emergency call me
Thapki nods her head and curses herself for coming here..she starts to read the fourth chapter..everything seems to jargon for her..she remembers her professor words about that particular it is very important..she didnt have proper notes..she messages her friends..but none of them replies..
she worried more..and thought of calling bihaan..( may be he would help me )

thapki calls bihaan
B: what now madam ?
T : pls bihaan..tomorrow is my exam…i want you to solve only one sum..i find it very hard pls help me
B : okay send me the pic in whatsapp
T : thank you
Thapki sends the sum in whatsappp
within a min bihaan solved the sum and send it back..
thapki gets surprised…
T: thank you so much..u r really smart
B : i know that chuk chuk did u prepared?
T : i have one chapter…still
B : then i guess u wont sleep tonight
T: ya i guess
B : if u listened the class there is no need to study now
T : i didnt attend the class bcoz of our engagement
B : ok then sleep soon
T : ok thankyou
B : i am not worried for u..u wont let others sleep peacefully
T : don worry no one is here
B : wat are u saying
T : i am in swetha home

Precap : bihaan and thapki hugs each other and sleeps..swetha comes and sees them and gets shocked

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  1. Karvi fans (karthik & survi)

    suhana really nice ff it was awsum and I’m interested in the precap and in before ff u said that thapki comes to bihaans room and hugs him and whrs that mentioned

    1. Suhana

      kindly check the first part in the comment box 🙂

  2. Winnifred

    Thank U Suhana.

    1. Suhana

      kindly check the first part in the comment box 🙂

  3. Suhana

    I am sorry guyz..i skipped one of the episode and upload it..don read this..i have uploaded a new one with a proper continuation…i messed up… T original will upload soon 🙂

    1. Its OK . for this mistake we can get two episodes I am so super duper excited please do this mistake once a week.???

  4. rafay don kon

    Many read krlia.hahahahaha????

    1. Suhana

      kindly check the first part in the comment box 🙂

  5. oh….kkk….suhana…i too thought the same….u told mega episode but its like ordinary epi……anyhow….i m waiting….:-)

    1. Suhana

      kindly check the first part in the comment box 🙂

  6. rafay don kon

    Dakho mistake ki na ab punish kl bh upload krna pardy ga no off.


    Its OK dear…I m waiting for first part

  8. Omg they so cute, hope the writer and director doesn’t change the end, want them hold them to the happy ending for Thahaan, thanks for upload this episode, want to read more

    1. Suhana

      Thank you juls 🙂

  9. Post fast suhana we are waiting

  10. Suhana

    The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 19) part I



    Bihaan was sitting in the bed and remembers her words…vasundra comes to his room..
    Vasundra : what happened to u ? why are u behaving strangely?
    Bihaan : why are u always asking this..i am alright ma
    Vasu : I know something wrong has happened..
    Bihaan : how are u telling
    Vasu : I can tell it with your eyes..but now I have something to declare too
    Bihaan : what u r saying
    Vasu : where is ur bike?
    Bihaan remembers that he parked the bike in the store itself…
    Vasu : when did start forgetting ur bike bihaan..u always treasure it as its ur babuji’s first gift
    Bihaan : ma m sorry now I will go and get it
    Vasu : go with dhuruv and get ur bike
    Bihaan : no need he may be tired..i will go by auto and I will get it back..u don worry
    Vasu hugs him and kisses his forehead and says ( b happy don worry for anything )
    Bihaan smiles at her and leaves..
    Bihaan gets in to an auto and thinks ( mom is right what is actually happening with me…how can I forget my bike…why should I get depressed for her words…it doesn’t mean whether she values me or not..but deep inside it actually hurts )the auto reaches the store..bihaan gets relieved on seeing his bike…he sees the park nearby and he goes to the park and sits and sees the kids who was playing with each other…he smiles
    At chaturvedi home
    Thapki gets worried so much..because she never saw bihaan like that before..and realizes her mistake..and she saves his number…she calls him..
    Bihaan left his phone in his room itself..and t phone was in silent mode…
    Thapki keep calling bihaan but he never took the call…she was worried and says ( he is not taking my call…I dont know why I spoke like that…he was worried..why he is not picking my he fine…why am I thinking like that? May be he felt depressed but nothing wrong going to happen )
    Thapki keeps trying..he never picked up..thapki started crying and sends him sorry messages…but she never get a reply…she keeps trying for 2 hrs continuously and cries…
    Poonam comes there..on seeing poonam she wipes her tears…poonam asks about kk..she told that he left in the morning…
    Poonam : we need to give this wedding cards to them…how can I give it to them now
    Thapki gets an idea and tells that she will go and give
    Poonam : u should go like that..
    Thapki : maa…I want to see vasu ma..i will come early after I see her
    Poonam nods her head and asks her to come fast…
    Thapki started to move and thinks ( I should see bihaan..i was worrying for him…nothing will happen to him..but after I sees his face..i will get relieved )
    Thapki reaches pandey nivas
    Vasundra gets shocked on seeing thapki coming alone
    Vasu : what a surprise ?
    Thapki : I came to give these wedding cards
    Vasu : thank you beta..i thought of sending someone to ur home
    Thapki : its okay..its good I came here..i can see all of u na..( thapki searches for bihaan )
    Vasu : ( seeing thapki mannerism vasundra understood everything ) whom u r searching
    Thapki : no one ma…I am just seeing the house
    Vasu : oh I see
    Thapki : is everyone here ma?
    Vasu : ( smiles ) everyone is here..dhuruv is sleeping…except him everyone was in the hall only
    Thapki : ( sees bihaan absence and gets worried )
    Vasu : bihaan went to the wedding store..he will come within 5 mins
    Thapki : why he went now ( asks worriedly )
    Vasu : ( feels happy when she gets worry for bihaan ) he left his bike and returned home in dhuruv’s car..
    Thapki : matlab..did he came in bike…oh I should have asked him
    Vasu : nothing to go and wait in bihaan room..i think u will get relief after see him..
    Thapki : no maa..nothing like that…I will see everyone and will leave..
    Vasundra nods and leaves..thapki goes to dadi and babuji and gets blessings..
    Thapki went to see badki and chutki in the upstairs..bihaan reaches home…
    Vasu: nice u came now…an important guest was waiting for u…
    ( vasu smiles and leaves )
    Bihaan : ( confused on hearing her words ) who came to visit me..may be rahul
    Bihaan comes to his room and lies on the bed…and closes his eyes…he saw thapki face..he got up ( why am I seeing her face…now I should not sleep…I don’t want to see her now )
    Bihaan sees his phone and remembers he left while going and goes towards his phone…thapki had a chat with badki and chutki and without noticing anyone she steps towards bihaan room
    Bihaan sees the phone and gets shocked becaused he received 300 missed calls and 30 messages from thapki…he gets shocked…
    Thapki sees bihaan in his room and gets relieved and starts to cry…and runs towards him..bihaan turns and sees thapki and gets supershocked…
    Thapki runs towards bihaan and hugs him tightly and criess continuously ( mera ranjha..mera ranjha…plays )
    Bihaan gets stunned…and hugs her unintentionally and patted her shoulder..thapki realized what she is doing and kept a distance from him
    Bihaan : what are u doing here…why are u crying now
    Thapki : why don’t u pick up my call ? I was worried
    Bihaan : I left my phone in my room..i went out
    Thapki : u will always makes excuses…u know how much I worried
    Bihaan : for wat ur worrying?? Why are you crying now
    Thapki : I insulted you today…I called u to apologise…but u never respond…I had some bad I was worried so much
    Bihaan felt very happy on hearing the words…
    Bihaan : within 2 hours u called me 300 times…
    Thapki : I told u I was worried
    Bihaan : u came to my home just for seeing meee
    Thapki: don’t imagine..i came for some other work too
    Bihaan : laughs loudly…may be I am heartless but ur brainless chuk chuk ghadiii
    Thapki : ya I am u laugh for the whole day..
    Thapki leaves the place..bihaan holds her hand..thapki gets stunned and turns towards him..they had an eyelock (galliyan…teri plays )
    Bihaan : thank you
    Thapki : for what
    Bihaan : for the missed calls
    Thapki : ( laughs ) wat
    Bihaan : no one called me this many times…
    Thapki : ok now I will leave
    Bihaan leaves her hand
    Bihaan : did u saved my number now?
    Thapki : yaa ( smiles )
    Thapki left the place..bihaan takes his phone and reads her messages..and gets proud and says ( I am important to her mr.varun ) and saves her number…
    and after few hoursss…..

  11. Wow dr. Waiting fr 1 st part. Eagerly waiting fr nxt epi

  12. Suhana

    it got uploaded finally check it out

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