The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 17)


The Blessed love – THAHAAN ( part 17 )
hy friends…my work got finished..thanks for the wait…pls do comment
Here it goes..
At pandey nivas..
rahul comes to bihaan room
Rahul : hi bihaan how are u ?
Bihaan : tum..wat a pleasant surprise? but one minute..why are you looking so worried?
Rahul : nothing bihaan

Bihaan : tell me rahul..m serious…
Rahul : ( tears started to come from his eyes ) he hugs bihaan and cries loudly
Bihaan : ( gets shocked ) wat happened ? tell me first
Rahul : i told u i got my girl…she left me now…

Bihaan : wat…how this happend
Rahul : and the irony is she married my boss…oly for money
Bihaan : how she do like this? if she loved you truly she wont dare to do this
Rahul : i know bihaan..she is fake…everyone in the world is fake..u know..i always takes her to shopping and will buy whatever she wants…she is soo greedy and she found him worthy over me…
Bihaan : did she have any brain ?
Rahul : bihaan..this is wat girls stands for..they just looking for the money…which girl will say no for buying a costliest things for them…everyone is greedy
Bihaan starts to think how thapki said no for getting a costliest lehenga..
Rahul : u are always right bihaan…we dont need to give a space for anyone in our life..i left the job..i am going to search a job here

Bihaan : you should thank god for showing her true color
Rahul : i would really thanked him more..if she never stepped in to my life
Vasundra came in to bihaan room and sees rahul and gets happier
Rahul gets blessings from vasundra…
Vasu : happy to see u…u came at the correct time..bihaan and dhuruv going to get married at the same day…u need to do the preparations..
rahul gets shocked and sees bihaan..vasu left the place

Rahul : what is mom talking about ? ( asks shockingly)

Bihaan : ya rahul..i am going to get married for my maa sake..i tried to inform u earlier..but u never picked up my call
Rahul : cant u see wat i am up to ?? are you going to fall for a girl ?
Bihaan : noway rahul…i am going to live the same way as i am now..i informed her..even she needs the same
Rahul : who will agree for this kind of marriage? who is she ?
Bihaan : u know her

Rahul : is it sheena ? ( asks doubtly)
BIhaan : no its u remember her on the college festival
Rahul : ( laughs ) i know u will fall for her..i saw how u felt when she danced
BIhaan : nothing like that rahul..i dont have any intention over her..even she dont have
bihaan phone beeps and he saw the phone in front of rahul..its thapki message
Rahul : hurrey vaaa…wen did u start to chat with a girl ?
BIhaan : we are just friends..

Rahul : it will start like this..anyway..i came here to get my friend..but that wont happen now
Bihaan : what happend to u? what is going to change if i marry her?
Rahul : girls are the real curse bihaan..i am leaving now bye
BIhaan gets confused…and his phone beeps again and he saw its thapki..she forwarded a message
BIhaan gets irritated and calls her..she picks the call
Bihaan : why do u msg me unnecessarily ? are u tryin to trap me? don dare to think like that ( says loudly)

Thapki : what ha..happend to u ? is ever..everything fine there ? ( asks worriedly )
Bihaan : stop ur drama…why are you trying to take care of me ?
Thapki : are u mad..i add..added you in my friends list..i thought of sh..sharing a message..and it rea..reached now..wats wr..wrong in that?
Bihaan : chuk chuk ghadii…i am getting irritated with your stammering…just stop ur speech..don ever try to win my heart..i don want to regard u as a friend..don msg or call me hereafter
Bihaan cuts the call and threw the phone…

thapki started to cry….( he turned to a heartless person now…i dont know why he shouted me this much…) she cries continuously ( he started to tease my weakness tooo )
she deletes his number..and threw the phone angrily
bihaan calls rahul…
Rahul : tell me bihaan
Bihaan : I want to meet u

Rahul : come home
Bihaan reaches rahul home…
Bihaan : did u think that I will forget my friendship for her
Rahul : bihaan I am really sorry…I was not in my state..i told everything wrong…( hugs him and cries ) I know u will be there for me anytime
Bihaan : hope u realized it now..and pls do go anywhere…I want to meet u regularly
Rahul : ( smiles ) I think I am getting my previous life again bihaan
Come lets have some drink..they had drinks…bihaan had oly one glass….they had some nice time and left home
At bihaan room,
He got a text from rahul saying “ thank you mera dhost “ he smiles at his text and texted him ‘ pleasure is mine ‘
And then he saw thapki message behind rahul..he read the forward..he smiles..its some random friendship texts..he remembers how he spoke with her in morning…and realized how wrong it is…and calls her

Thapki phone vibrates…eventhough she deleted his number..she recognized his number…and never picked up…
Bihaan continuously calls her…
Thapki gets irritated ( what he is thinking about me..if he wants to talk he will call me or otherwise he will scolds me…I don’t need to attend the call )
On continuous calling, thapki picked up the call

Thapki : who are u? why ar..are u keep ca..calling me ?
Bihaan : ( oh hooo madam ji deleted my number ) is anyone there in the name of chuk chuk ghadi ?
Thapki : stop ur no..nonsense bihaan..enough…I do..dont want to to u any..anymore..i de..deleted ur number…I wo..wont call or msg u in my life..
Thapki cuts the call

Bihaan was sad on thapki words ( wat she is telling..will she be able to be like tat in t future..she is going to live wit me anyhow..she is brainless )
Bihaan messages her sayin ‘ am really sorry for mocking at u in the morning..i was in a bad situation…I don’t want to text u back..even I was not interested..bye ‘
Thapki sees the message and feels happy in reading the first half and gets irritated over the second half…and deletes his message

Bihaan was standing in the balcony..he hears a beep sound from his phone..and runs towards the phone and sees “ 1 message received ‘ and says I know this chuk chuk ghadi will message me…
He opens it and saw a company message..displaying ‘ ur phone number got prize of Rs. 1,00,000’ and gets irritated and say who want this money..idiot don’t know when to message “ curses the company and sees their old conversation and smiles
Thapki was confused…( I don’t know what to do…can I save his number ) she saves his number as ‘heartless idiot’ and thinks again ( he asked sorry..i should not save like this ( she changes his name as bihaan ) and thinks again ( but he told he has no interest for to message me…then why should I store his number ) she deletes the number

Precap : bihaan goes to a shop and sees thapki speaking to a shopperson and hides somewhere and listens to their conversation..thapki says to the shop person ‘ bhai chose anything I don’t have any interest in my marriage..i am going to marry a heartless person “ bihaan gets angry and goes near her

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