The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 16)


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 16 )

Hii this is suhana again…I am going to take one day after this episode guys..pls don’t mistake me…I need some time for my personal work..stay connected my ppl…blessed to have u all   
At chaturvedi home,
Shraddha was waiting in the entrance…on seeing thapki shraddha was happy
Shraddha : why did you take this much time long time to come home?
Thapki : why di ?? what ha..happened ??
Shraddha : I got a gift for dhuruv..i need to give it to him…I am planning to go to his office..will u come with me…so that mom wont be suspicious.
Thapki nods her head…
They reached the office..thapki was in the lobby..shraddha went to dhuruv room..
Dhuruv : shraddha…uuuu…wat a surprise ?
Shraddha : do I need any reason for to come ?
Dhuruv : never…come and sit
Shraddha : I got a present for u..see
Dhuruv gets extremely happy and opens the present and it’s a watch…he started to wearing it…and praises her selection…
They had a nice time together..
Thapki was waiting in the lobby and remember swetha words..and tries to search sheena…she saw a girl coming…she was so fit..she wear a shirt with a skirt formally..she catches all their attention…she is so s*xy in her moves
Thapki goes to her and ask…who is sheena ?
The girl gets surprised and tells she is sheena..
Sheena : why you are searching me ?
Thapki gets shocked…and manages the situation..
Thapki : I heard so..someone is working in the name of sh..sheena…I thought that would be my lo..long time friend..sorry
Sheena : its ok nothing to ask sorry now ( smiles )
Thapki leaves the place..and saw her walk..she thought everyone will fall for her..she sits near her cabin
Bihaan comes there..thapki gets shocked…sheena comes out and hugs him tightly…Thapki was stunned…
Bihaan : how are u ??
sheena : m fynn Mr.Bihaan  I heard that u gonna get married soon..
Bihaan : ya I think swetha would have told u
Sheena : told that you wont give space for any girl in your life when I proposed u..
Bihaan : I am marrying her for my mother sake..nothing else.
Sheena : tats good…then tell me one thing..what happens if u get lost with someone after marriage ??
Bihaan : ( smiles ) tat wont happen
Sheena : I don’t have any interest over these ritual like tell me the ans
Bihaan : then I will elope with her…
Sheena : wow…then I have a chance still
Bihaan : u never changed ( smiles )
Sheena : never want to…ok then I leave..
Thapkii hears their conversation silently…she started to cries continuously…bihaan sees thapki in the lobby and gets shocked and seeing her tears he understood that she overheard their conversation…
Thapki sees bihaan angrily and tries to leave the place…bihaan calls thapki..but thapki never listened him..she starts to leave..bihaan holds thapki hands…but thapki removes his hand and moves fast…suddenly she get in to a auto and leaves..
Bihaan shouts thapkiii…( In mind voice – bhagwan…I usually talk with sheena in this manner…sheena and me wont take these words seriously..but thapki believed it was true..what should I do now..i should see her first..she was in tears..i was the reason for her tears..i should apologise )
Bihaan calls thapkii continuously..thapki was depressed and recalls his words with sheena…and never took the call..bihaan was worried and tries to call her continuously
Atlast thapki took the call and shouts ‘ why cant u leave me alone…pls don’t call me..u have no right to call me “ thapki cuts the call and cries for her fate.
Bihaan listens bell sound while she talking and he understood that she was in the nearby temple..he goes to temple…and he saw thapki sitting in the stairs..he goes towards her.
Bihaan : will you stop crying ?
Thapki turns towards him and gets shocked on seeing him
Thapki : why don’t u le…leave me ?
Bihaan : pls don’t misunderstand me with my words…we usually talk in that manner..but none of us will take it serious.
Thapki : I don’t ne..need your ex…explanations…I am not afraid of lo..losing you after my mar…marriage..i am afraid of my par..parents state when you leave me.
Bihaan : chuk chuk ghadiii…relax yourself..that wont happen
Thapki still cries…
Bihaan : why are you crying still ?
Thapki : I am cry..crying for my fate to get ma..married with u.
Bihaan : even I should cry then…but tears is not coming
Thapki looks him angrily
Bihaan : you are soo weak chuk chuk ghadi..i thought you are bold enough to handle struggles
Thapki : now stop it and lea..leave me
Bihaan : Ok I am really sorry for whatever happened there..i didn’t meant in that way
Thapki : I don’t ne..need to believe your sto…stories..even if you go with anyone I don’t have any ob..objection
Bihaan : thapki pls listen to my words…I don’t want anyone to share my life…its my life…I want to live it in my way…I am marrying u becoz I can live my life happily like now…but I assure that you will be the first and last girl in my life…even I don’t have a heart to love you…but I promise I wont go for any other girl…u know I wont get any kind of feelings towards you..even I know you wont love me…we will stay as friends forever…I wont give your space to anyone in my life…trust me
Thapki : are you sure with your wo…words?? Even I don’t wa…want to share my life with any..anyone…I was in the same state as u.
Bihaan : all clear mahan aatama…now leave
Thapki : where…
Bihaan : where do u want to go?
Thapki remembers shraddha…
Thapki : I need to go dhu..dhuruv office to go with shraddha
Bihaan : Ok then come..
Thapki gets shocked on seeing his bike and thinks ( how should I go with him in a bike ? )
Bihaan : come fasttt
Thapki sat in his bike…and shouts there is no handle to grab…
Bihaan : this is a modern bike…u wont find anything like that..hold me
Thapki holds his shoulders…bihaan sees her in the mirror..and smiles. ( music plays ).thapki remembers bihaan words and gets depressed slightly
They reached office..
Bihaan holds thapki hands..
Thapki : what u are do..doing ?
Bihaan : come with me
Thapki : where ??
Bihaan takes thapki to sheena cabin
Thapki was shocked..
Bihaan : sheena…she is thapki..i am going to marry her
Sheena gets shocked on seeing thapki
Sheena : oh congrats thapki..
Thapki smiles…
Bihaan : ok bye thapki…I need to leave now
Bihaan leaves…thapki also leaves the place
Sheena ( in mind voice –oh hooooo…swetha would have told abt me to this girl… that’s the reason she came and enquired about me..see thapki I will grab bihaan attention quickly and make him as mine )

Precap : not yet decided 😉

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  1. Wow awesome ???

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  3. Nice update ?.one request plz don’t dragged sheena drama enough torture from tpk writer’s and CVS . suhana you r very good writer . keep writing yaar . in which update bihaan gonna jealous.?

    1. Suhana

      Thank you kanii 😉 don worry I was not introduced Sheena for t jealousy track 😉 u ll see t n future !! Stay connected!!

  4. Wow it’s very interesting. Even I hv the sm request like Kanji. Seriously u hv great writing skills n creativity. Waiting fr nxt epi. Gd lk dr

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  8. Wooow!!! U are an excellent writer dr… I can feel the story through ur words!! I’m gonna to miss ur epi 2mrw!! Bt plz post nxt epi asap!! Thahan scene was very emotional..:'(

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  9. hi suhana it was really awesome episode

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    hi dear….no words to say….i just love it…..u r really good writter…. <3

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  13. Awesome episode

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