The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 15)


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 15 )

Hii this is suhana again…I am going to take some time after the next episode guys..pls don’t mistake me…I need some time for my personal work..stay connected my ppl…blessed to have u all   
At the car,
Thapki : wat u going to do??
Bihaan : we have to get nimboo paani
Thapki : you want to have juice at this time..
Bihaan : arey chuk chuk will help them to regain their consciousness
Thapki : but where do we get…
Bihaan : ( stops the car ) there is a shop …it was near a bar..surely they will have nimboo paani..i will go and get it..
Thapki : Bihaan don’t leave me alone..( thapki holds bihaan hands ) they had an eyelock..
Bihaan : local goons will be ter..if u come with me it will be a problem…I will come within 5 mins..don worry..and please don’t get out from the car at any cost..
Bihaan leaves…thapki was worried..and their car was in the highways…
Thapki was worried as bihaan never turned up even after 10 mins…she was worried about bihaan..she came out of the car…and sees the direction where he went…she heard some bike sound and she turns…she saw three of them staring at her..they started to come near..she got scared and shakes dhuruv..but he was not in consciousness..they came near..and tries to hold her hand..she push them and started to run…
She saw bihaan…she runs towards him…and hugs him tightly..bihaan felt very new…and hugs her…( darmaiyan..darmaiyan plays ) he patted her shoulder..
Bihaan : what happened to you ??
Thapki : some of them tried to chase me…( cries continuously)
Bihaan sees them in anger…they suddenly get on their bike and escapes.
Thapki moves a distance from him and wipes her tears..
Thapki : why are you come so late? Bcoz of u this had happened
Bihaan : I saw Katrina kaif and I danced with her for chikni chamelii ( says sarcastically)
Thapki : what you are talking?
Bihaan : chuk chuk ghadii..the shopperson made me to wait for sometime. Why you stepped out of the car…I told you to be in the car.
Thapki : bihaan…I was worried..( shouts )
Bihaan looks at her..
Bihaan : worried for ??
Thapki : worried for my mom..she is waiting…stop speaking and give them nimboo paani..
Bihaan gives to dhuruv..and thapki gives to shraddha..they slowly gains their consciousness..
Dhuruv : bihaan..tum ?? how did we get in to the car ?
Bihaan : ur friend told that you were in the pub..and I went there and i saw u were lying on the I took you in to the car..
Dhuruv : thanks bihaan..i don’t think what will happened? If you don’t come
Bihaan : bhaii anything for you…why you are visiting pub and all..
Dhuruv : shraddha’s wish is to go to I went..we drank a little high
Shradhha was silent…
Thapki : are you okay di…
Shraddha : am fine did u got to know that..
Thapki : ur friend told me..
Shraddha : thank you one know right..??
Thapki : no dii..don worry
Bihaan : okay its getting late dhuruv..we will drop bhabhi and thapki first and then we will go to home.
Shraddha : sorry dhuruv..
Dhuruv : nothing to ask now…I enjoyed over there ( smiles at her )
Bihaan reached chaturvedi home..they both got out from the car..shraddha hugs dhuruv and leaves…thapki stares at bihaan and smiles..bihaan too smiled
They left…they reached their home..dhuruv hugs bihaan and goes to his room
Bihaan comes to his room, his phone vibrates..he got a text from thapki…he has smile all over the face..he lies on the sofa..and opens it
Text conversation :
T : thank you whole heartedly bihaan…thanks for everything
B : I came to take my brother too..i should thank you for your information
T : ok..i have a doubt..
B : tell me chuk chuk ghadi..
T : how do u know nimboo paani will bring consciousness?
B : I will always do I know
T : u drink ??
B : not often…only with bauji when he needs company
T : Its injurious to health bihaan
B : when did you start to take care of me ?
T : I am not caring…I just told u as a friend.
B : friend?? When this happened ?
T : wont u consider me as a friend ?
B : I never had girlfriends before…ofcourse chuk chuk ghadi….ur my friend hereafter 
T : ok then sleep
B : B for Bye..
Thapki and bihaan remembers their moments..and smiles…
At thapki college,
Bihaan comes to college to meet his friends…and saw thapki standing near the canteen..he went towards her and patted her shoulder from the back..thapki turns and sees him and get surprised…
Thapki : tumm…wat u are doing here?
Bihaan : this was my college once upon a time…I came to see my friends
Thapki : oh I see..which course you are ?
Bihaan : MBA last batch
Thapki gets shocked
Thapki : I am also doing MBA…I never saw you in this college.
Bihaan : I never come to collge often..
Thapki : then..
Bihaan : I will come only on exams..
Thapki friends comes there…and one of her friend starts to speak with bihaan
Swetha : do you remember me ? I am sheena cousin
Bihaan : yaa I remember are you doing ??
Swetha : I am you doing ? why did u came today
Bihaan : just wished to see my friends who were in the college.
Swetha : do u know thapki ?
Bihaan stares at thapki and smiles
Bihaan : I am going to marry her..
Swetha gets surprised…
Swetha : what do u mean ? I thought u wont get married…
Bihaan : time changes man…how was sheena?
Swetha : I should ask you that..
Bihaan smiles
Bihaan : ok swetha…bye. And sighs bye for thapki and leaves
Thapki was silent over their conversation…
Swetha : why don’t u tell me that u gonna marry our senior?
Thapki : I thought to invite you with my wedding card…I don’t know was a arrange marriage
Swetha : atchaa…don’t u know him before..he was once a romeo in our college.
Thapki : I didn’t saw him in the college..
Swetha : he will come once in a bluemoon…I know him through my cousin.
Thapki : she close to him?
Swetha : they were best friends once…I don’t know how many times she proposed him…he kept distance after her proposal..but still she is waiting for her..she is so different…u should be careful.
Thapki got shocked on hearing those words and depressed for a while..
Thapki : why should I need to be careful ? what she will do ?
Swetha : she is working in dhuruv company only for bihaan..
Thapki gots supershocked..
Thapki : what you are talking about ?? I have no clue of what you are saying ??
Swetha : I am saying it only for your sake…she is such a mad girl…she will dare to do anything for her sake..
Thapki gets confused…and reaches home…

PRECAP : Thapki sees bihaan and sheena hugging each other…and got depressed..and cries ( music plays na na na…)

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