The Blessed Love – THAHAAN!!! ( part 13 )


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 13 )
At chaturvedi home,
On engagement day,
KK : get ready fast…we need to go early
Poonam : ya we are ready..we can go
KK : ok then I will call the cab..
Thapki and shraddha dressed up in a normal saree..
Shraddha : thapki did you checked with the make up she arrived there?
Thapki : ahnn dii…I called her
Shraddha : then no worries…we will leave
KK got a cab…and everyone got in…the car reached pandey nivas home.

At pandey nivas,
They decorated their home like a mahal…full of lights and flowers…its seems like a palace..thapki and shraddha seeing the house for the first time…
Shraddha : OMG…is this house or a mahal?? Soo beautiful…its gonna be my house early
Poonam : she started to dream now itself (thapki and poonam smiles )
Vasundra and balvinder was standing in the entrance to welcome them..
Vasu : welcome  your beautician was arrived already..i made her to wait in the first floor..
Shraddha : thanks ma..
Vasu : oh hoo..u started to say thanks like poonam…don need go to the first room and get ready…I placed your lehenga there..and thapki you can go the next room and get ready
They both nods and left the place..vasundra and poonam started to do the preparations.
Thapki reaches the room and saw their family pic..sees the decorations of the room
Badki and chutki comes there…and introduced themselves..
Badki : you are too pretty..
Thapki : thanks babhii
Chutki : where is the beautician ?
Thapki : she is bu..busy with shraddha..
Chutki : then we will do the makeup..will you okay with it.
Thapki : sure babhiii…thank you
Badki started to do an hairstyle for thapki and chutki started to put makeup for her…
After an hour..they completed their work..
Chutki : you are gorgeous thapki…and this dress was sooo are looking like an actress
Badki : ahn chutkii she is soo beautiful 
They both take selfies with her…
Vasundra comes…
Vasu: by the way what you guys are doing here ?
Badki : badi saasuma..she was all we helped her to get ready
Vasu : hmm for the first guys did a good you guys can go and do the remaining work.
They both leaves…
Vasu : you are too beautiful today thapki..
Thapki : thanks ma..
Vasu : I came to get my saree…I will get ready in the downstairs..
Thapki : ma no need…u can get ready here I will help you..
Vasu : no noo your face get tired…badki and chutki will help me..u get ready fast
Vasundra leaves the room…

At bihaan room,
Bihaan started to search his suite and remembers that he placed it in vasundra room. He started to move towards vasu room
He entered the room..and he saw thapki who was struggling to put knot in the blouse..Bihaan slowly inches towards thapki…he touched her neck and puts the knot..thapki gets shocked and sees bihaan face in the mirror..she slowly turns..they shared an eyelock ( darmaiyan..darmaiyan…music plays )
Bihaan suddenly moves a distance…Bihaan was mesmerized over her stunning appearance…she was like a celebrity…her lehenga shines like a crystal in the sea…she looks fabulous..bihaan eyes started to gaze all over her appearace…On seeing this, thapki shouts bihaan…
Thapki : what are you doing here ??
Bihaan : I should ask this first..its my mom room..why are you here ?
Thapki : ma asked me to get ready here.
Bihaan : oh ok..i came to get my suite.
Thapki : why should you put the knot ? ( asks angrily )
Bihaan : ghazaabb…I helped you and you are yelling at me..i would have done even it was not you.
Thapki : ( gets shocked on hearing those ) whattttt??? (shouts)
Thapki : I don’t need your help any time
Bihaan : matlab chuk chuk ghadi…I done it several times for kiran.
Thapki : ( calms down after hearing this) I don’t need your help
Bihaan : ok then ( bihaan opened her knot…)
Thapki : bihaann ( shouts )
Bihaan : mahan you can do your work…I got my suite am leaving now.
Bihaan friends comes to his room…everyone appreciated his taste for choosing the shirt…and they regards his handsomeness.

Dhuruv wears a coat with a blue shirt which was matching to shraddha lehenga..
Bihaan and dhuruv reached the hall…
Dhuruv : looks too smart today? I don’t believe you choosed this color..but the fact is it suits so cool for you
Bihaan : thanks bhaaiii..i just want to give a try..u look fabulous
Bihaan ( in mind voice – I am getting appreciations from everyone bcoz of that chuk chuk ghadi )
Shraddha and thapki reached there..shraddha face was full of foundations and it ruined her face..her hair styling was also very bad..thapki face looks so natural to everyone and her simple hairstyle adds more beauty to her..
Everyone started to stare at thapki…as she was like a star in the evening..she glitters like a pearl…thapki friends and shraddha friends reached there..they cant get over the eyes from thapki..everyone complimented her and asked about the shop where she bought the dress..
Bihaan didn’t notice thapki entry…as he was chatting with his friends…thapki sees bihaan and was purely flattened by his look…he looks like lonely hero…he was soo fit and he looked fantabulous…thapki friends congragulated her for getting a groom like him..they started to praise his handsomeness…shraddha gets irritated as everyone made comment on bihaan.
Bihaan saw thapki and comes near her and holds her hand and goes near his friends and introduced her…everyone praised for their appearance..and bihaan felt little proud to introduce her..thapki continuosly stares at bihaan without a blink..

Dhuruv saw shraddha and understood her makeup spoiled her face…but complimented her to the maximum…shraddha was depressed over her appearance and found thapki looks stunning..she cursed herself..and made a rigid face.
Dadi ma asked dhuruv and bihaan to go to the stage for the rituals,
Bihaan and thapki started to move towards the stage…bihaan gave his hand for thapki to climb the steps..she holds his hands and they stand together..they saw each other and had an short eyelock.
Bihaan : chuk chuk ghadi…because of the dress what I choosed you look fabulous should thank me.
Thapki : Mr.bihaan you should also thank me for the shirt.
Bihaan : everyone would have found me handsome even I wore a blue shirt.. t face matters
Thapki : right said mr.Bihaan…my face adds beauty to the dress
Bihaan started to laugh loudly
Thapki : why are laughing like a stupid?
Bihaan : u cracked a joke..
Thapki : stop it bihaan…don behave like a child
Bihaan : ok vaani
Thapki gets shocked on hearing this
Bihaan : I heard your original called it once…but chuk chuk ghadi is more sutitable for you.
Dadi : bihaan…what you are saying to her?
Bihaan : nothing dadi…
Dadi asks bihaan and dhuruv and come on the stage…and asked them to perform the ritual.
Everyone gathered there…
Vasundra gives ring to bihaan…
Bihaan looks at thapki and holds her hand & puts the ring…thapki stares at bihaan (Jo tu mera humdard hai plays ) thapki puts ring in bihaan fingers..they shared an eyelock..
Dhuruv and shraddha exchanges the ring and shares a smile.
Dadi asks them to dance together to enjoy the eve…
Bihaan puts his arm around thapki waist..thapki puts her hand on bihaan shoulder and they started to dance slowly ( humari adhuri kahaanii plays )

Precap : thapkii texts bihaan..bihaan was surprised to see her text..they chatted for while…they smile at each other texts…(na na na…music plays )

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  5. Winnifred

    I love it. So cute. Please update soon. Thank U

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