The Blessed Love – THAHAAN !! ( part 11) ****Mega Episode****


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( part 11)
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Here it starts,
At chaturvedi home,
Thapki and shraddha came to the dinning room…where poonam and kk was sitting
KK : thapki are you alright beta?
Thapki : m alright to worry
Shraddha : ya pa…she is happy now
Thapki : pa..pls don’t see any alliance for will take time…now pls concentrate on di wedding.
KK : ofcourse beta…her marriage is not going to postpone
( on hearing these words shraddha gets happy)
Thapki : thanks pa… ( hugs kk )
KK : and at the same time you are also going to get married
KK and poonam stares each other and smiles…thapki and shraddha gets shocked.
Shraddha : pa what are you talking about ? are you going to marry her with diwakar?
KK : he is a cheap should I give my princess to him..
Shraddha : then whom you are talking about?
KK : dhuruv brother BIHAAN PANDEY.
Shraddha and thapki gets stunned over these words…
Shraddha : but pa…how does it possible?
Poonam : vasundra came to home for this we agreed.
KK : thapki..she values you more…I never saw someone who can see your character beyond your weakness..she will take care of you more..i cant get a better proposal than this beta ( kk in tears )
Poonam : why are you crying now? We should be happy now…my beta going to get married as per our wish..
KK : who is crying..its a emotional outburst poonam jii…( hugs thapki )

Thapki was stunned and never told anything..seeing their parents happiness she was mute…shraddha was not that much happy over this ( mind voice – omg…what happened to that vasundra..she is going to marry his son with a stammering girl..if she comes there she will ruin my place in that house..but I am not able to do anything now )
Kk : thapki beta..why are not saying anything..dont you like this proposal ? I don’t do anything without your consent..
seeing their happy faces..thapki was not able to say anything she smiles and hugs her parents.
KK : now I got a relief beta..go and take rest..i have so much to do my both princess to get married on the same day…
Poonam : ahn ahn…the function should be grand…we should start the preparations..
Poonam and kk was started discussing about the preparations..
Thapki and shraddha left the place
Shraddha : why are you sad thapki ? you should be happy now
Thapki didn’t said anything and keep thinking about bihaan ( why should I always have worries in my life..i thought to erase him from my memory..but the fate has something to doo with it…how should I marry him..he is a heartless human..but at the same time I should not oppose parent are very happy about this proposal..what should I do now?? )
Shraddha shakes her and shouts thapkiiiiiii
Shraddha : wat happened ?

Thapki started to cry….
Shraddha : why are you crying now..everything got solved…now what?
Thapki : no dii…( she tells everything about bihaan )
Shraddha : omg…why didn’t you tell it then? Come we will go and call off the marriage.
Thapki : no di..i am not able to see our parents in pain..if my marriage stops then they would postpone your marriage too.
Shraddha starts thinking ( in mind voice – if I stop this marriage..then they would dare to cancel mine too..i should not let this happen at any cost..i should convince her )
Shraddha : thapki.. I don’t think bihaan is too much bad…you guys had a bitter times before..he would change once you get in to his be positive…
Thapki : I dont like him..but anyways I am not going to change anything lets god decide my fate.
Thapki turns towards the god and prays…
Vasundra calls poonam…
Poonam : hello..
Vasundra : hello poonam ji…this is vasundra..i called you to inform bihaan and everyone is happy with thapki…
Poonam : even here everyone is happy vasundra ji..i should thank you first
Vasundra : enough poonam ji….rokha dates have been fixed so we need to get things early..i thought to send dhuruv bihaan and your daughters to get a dress for their rokha..
Poonam : sure vasundra jii..
Vasundra : I hope they will also spend some valuable time with each other…so will you send your daughters alone to moksh shop..i will send my sons there
Poonam : ya sure vasundra ji..
Vasundra : ok then bye
Poonam informs about the matter to her daughters..shraddha gets superexcited..thapki keeps on thinking ( how should he say yes for this wedding..what happened to him )
Shraddha : omg…we are going for a date thapkiii
Thapki : you are so excited to meet dhuruv…
Shraddha : ahnn thapki…u know I already choosed a dress there…so we will go there and pay the bill and then we will go somewhere else..
Thapki : then what should I do??
Shraddha : select a dress for you and are not alone ( says loudly )
Thapki gets worried and they dressed up and leaves..

At pandey nivas,
Vasundra calls bihaan and dhuruv
Dhuruv : what ma?
Vasundra : rokha is you guys go and purchase the dress along with your future wife ( smiles at them )
Dhuruv : sure ma….and thank you maa ( kisses her )
Bihaan : ma..i don’t want to get involved in this..u just go and get a dress..i will like your taste.
Vasu : no bihaan..its my order you should go..go and meet her
Bihaan : ok then go… ( says half heartedly )
Dhuruv and bihaan reached the dress shop…
Bihaan : where are they ? why don’t they come early?
Dhuruv : wait bihaan..i will call shraddha
Bihaan : ok ask them to come fast..
Dhuruv : very excited to see your wife ah Mr. Bihaan
Bihaan : I want to leave early dhuruv…I don’t have any interest
Dhuruv : you are going to meet her for the first time…pls be nice to her.
Bihaan : will try dhuruv…
Shraddha comes there….shraddha and dhuruv hugs each other and smiles…
Dhuruv : this is my brother bihaan…
Shraddha : hi bihaan ( In mind voice – omg…he is too cute…thapki is very lucky to get a guy like him with her weakness )
Bihaan : hi bhabi ji ( smiles at her )
Dhuruv : where is your sister ? didn’t she come ?
Shraddha : she is in the downstairs for keeping our bags in the counter.
Dhuruv : then we shall leave…bihaan will take care of her..isnt it bihaan ( dhruv smiles )
Bihaan leaves and goes to downstairs…
Bihaan keeps thinking and moves to the bag counter ( in mind voice- I don’t saw her till will I identify her..i don’t even know her name )
Thapki was standing near the bag counter…bihaan comes there and sees her from the back side…and thought she may be the one..and thapki was about to turn…the threads froms the bags nearer her made to slip a bit..bihaan hold her…her hair covered her face fully and slowly the hair started to clear her face due to the air…bihaan started to see her eyes first and then her face…they had an eyelock ( ranjhna…mere ranjhna )
Thapki stands and sees bihaan..
Bihaan : what are you doing here chuk chuk ghadi ??? oh do you came for getting a dress for your engagement…even I am going to get married with a beautiful girl in the world…I got a girl for my life…she is soo lovely chuk chuk ghadii..even you need to attend my should see her
Thapki gets confused about his words ( what he is saying..dont he know that I am the who he is going to marry…I thought he is a heartless person now he don’t have brain also..i don’t know what I am going to do with him)
Bihaan : chuk chuk ghadiii..why don’t you talk now?? Ok just move..i am waiting for my princess to come..
Dhuruv and shraddha comes there…
Dhuruv : what you guys are doing….bihaan how long would you take to get her in to the shop ? we got a dress…shraddha already picked for we going to enjoy sometime…in a meanwhile you guys go and get dress and have some food in the nearby restaurant..we will come soon..
Dhuruv and shraddha leaves…

Thapkiii looks at bihaan continuously…bihaan was shocked on hearing dhruv words and thinks ( bhagwan how should this happen…I would have seen her photo…huray I have told so much to her )
Bihaan : wat the hell they are talking about ?? are we going to marry ?
Thapki : yes Mr. bihaan pandey… I don’t even like your face…I ag…agreed only for my parents sake…If you have any objections…call off the marriage..i will be happy if you do that
Bihaan : stop your non sense..chuk chuk ghadiii…even I don’t like your face..but I agreed for my mom…I wont able to cancel…if you call off the marriage..i will be very happy too.
Thapki : bihaan I am not able to do anything now…
Bihaan : ghazabbb…so you want to get married..nice plans ms. Thapki…you told that you are going to get engaged with someone on that day na??
Thapki : my marriage has been ca..called off…
Bihaan : why?
Thapki : he don’t want to get marry me due to my stammering problem
Bihaan smiles at thapkiii…
Bihaan : you are so confident that day…and you irritated me…see what god have done to you now?
Thapki : even god was cruel to you bihaan because of your rude behavior..he had sent me to marry you.
Bihaan : ok we should marry for other sake…even that will be good for me..i can enjoy my life…I don’t want to get married at any point of marrying you doesn’t change it…I can live my life…and you should always keep a distance from me…I wont show any love towards should understand it first..
Thapki : even I want the same Mr.bihaan marrying you will give me a good family to cherish with…you are a heartless cant love anyone in the world…I don’t need that too…
Bihaan : ok then no problem ( smiles ) we will goo
Thapki and bihaan goes to the lehenga section…
Thapki sits in the first chair…bihaan sits in the fourth chair…the shop person ask him to sit in the next chair to thapki..
Bihaan gets irritated and sits near her…
Thapki sees a green lehenga and ask him about the rate…
Bihaan : why should you get a lehenga at this color ?
Thapki : its my wish…why should you say?
Bihaan : you are going to introduced as Mrs.Bihaan pandey…so don’t spoil my respect.
Bihaan ask him to show a lehenga in a rose color..the shop person gets the one..bihaan likes the dress and ask him to pack it..
Thapki : are you out of sense…why should I wear the one which you selected…
Bihaan :don ask any question…cant you find the dress pretty?
Thapki too liked the dress..but don’t want to choose the one which he was selected..
Bihaan : pack more questions…
The shopperson tells it’s the costliest one..its cost around 4 lakhs…on hearing the price..thapki got stunned..
Thapki : bihaan this is too costly..
Bihaan : whats the big deal…I will pay with my card..put the bill
Bihaan leaves..thapki gets worried ( how I gonna live with him..he is wasting money soo much )

Precap : Bihaan chooses a blue shirt for a black coat …but thapki ask him to choose a rose color shirt…he scolds her for ordering him..she tells that she choosed a dress for him…now its her turn to choose..she told the shopkeeper to pack the rose shirt and leaves…bihaan was stunned

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