The Blessed Love – THAHAAN !! ( part 10)


The Blessed Love – THAHAAN ( Part 10 )
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Here it goes,
Bihaan reached home…
Dadi : bihaan..where is vasu?
Bihaan : ( came back to his world and realized that he left his mom in the temple itself )
Dadi : m asking you only..where is she ??

Bihaan : will come little later…I have some work so I came earlier.
Dadi : I should have gone with vasu bahu..( says worriedly)
Bihaan dials his mom number..
Vasundra and thapki was in the car and on the way to home…she saw bihaan number and attends the call…
Vasu : ahn..bihaan
Bihaan : ma where are you…I left temple as I saw my friend…can I come now?
Vasu : nothing to worry beta..i have something important to do now..
Bihaan : wats important?
Vasu : don’t ask me anything..will you do anything for my sake?
Bihaan : why are you asking this? You know I can do anything for your happiness ma..but why are you asking now?
Vasu : I will tell you later..bye
Vasu cuts the call…bihaan was suspicious over her talking…

Vasu and thapki reached chaturvedi home..
Poonam and kk got shocked on seeing vasundra and thapki in tears..
KK : what happened beta? ( asks worriedly)
Vasu : let me explain all the let her to go to her room and take some rest.
Thapki leaves the place…
Vasu explains the incidents what happened in the temple….
KK : shraddha ( shouts in anger )
Shraddha comes there..
Shraddha : why are you shouting now? ( and sees vasundra sitting over there..shraddha went and get the blessings )

KK : why don’t u tell thapki’s stammering problem to diwakar? He made my daughter life worse…everything happened because of you..
Shraddha gets stunned ( in mind voice – oh hoooo diwakar parents told that they will tell this to him and convince him…what happened to diwakar made a scene) pa..i informed his parents I thought they would tell him.
KK : why cant u be assure of the u think it’s fun? Everything happened because of you
Vasu : stop shouting her..she would have done it for some good..
Vasu turns towards shraddha..and says diwakar called off the marriage with thapki..thapki was worried go and console her first shraddha…
She nods and left the place..

Poonam starts crying…
Poonam : I don’t what to do with my daughter’s fate?? (cries loudly)
Kk consoles poonam…
KK : thank you vasundra ji for getting my daughter to home..
Vasu : I am not only come here to drop thapki at home…I need to discuss something with you
Poonam and kk gets stunned..
KK : what happened ? is there any problem?
Vasu : stop worrying so much..i came here to discuss some good things..
Poonam : vasundara ji…what you are talking about?
Vasu : I want thapki to become Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey.
Kk and poonam stares each other and didn’t say anything…
KK : what are you talking about??
Vasu : I want her to be my younger bahu..i value her character more than her weakness…I cant get a girl like her for my bihaan..

KK : vasundra ji..thanks for your kind heart..but….
Vasu : I am not showing sympathy towards her…I need a girl for my bihaan..who is selfless caring and helpful…thapki is the right choice..she can do the best..actually I am little I want to get thapki as my bahu..i assure that I cant find a girl like her
KK : ( in tears ) I didn’t heard such a nice words for my daughter..everyone sees her weakness you are the only one who saw her character..
Vasu : then what…I want my both sons to get married on the same day…bihaan will accept my decisison…no need to worry about…even my son will see her character than her weakness..
KK and poonam fold their hand towards vasundra…
Vasu : pls stop this..we are going to be a relative..if shraddha comes to know it..she will also feel happy as her sister is also coming together to her new house…I am leaving now…I will tell my family and get ready things for their roka..
Vasu left the place…kk and poonam sees each other happily
Shraddha tries to console thapki..

Shraddha : m really sorry thapki everything happened because of me… ( shraddha cries on seeing thapki depressed state )
Thapki : its ok di..don worry I am alright..i should thank god for stopping this marriage..i don’t want to get married right now..i want to peacefully enjoy your wedding..i will talk to dad
Shraddha gets happier and hugs thapki
At pandey nivas,
Vasundra reached home…
Bihaan : ma I am really sorry for left you behind..
Vasu : its ok come inside I want to discuss something which is really important..
Vasu holds bihaan hands and enter the home…everyone was gathered there.
Vasu : thank god everyone was here…I came here to tell something important.
Balvinder : whats that vasundra ?

Vasu : I am going to make shraddha sister as bihaan wife..
Everyone gets shocked..
Dadi : what the urgence for him to get marry now itself ?
Balvinder : you are always call him as young..and now you want him to marry at the age of 23.
Vasu : I cant get a good girl like her in the its better to get married now itself…I made a decision and gave words to them…if you any objection still..
Bihaan keeps thinking about the way thapki speaked to him…and remember her words ( if a girl like her get a groom..why cant i..even I want to get married..)
Bihaan : ya I agree to marry her…I know ma will not take any decision without thinking…so you guys can prepare for the rokha..
Bihaan hugs his mother and goes to his room..
Dhuruv : what make you take this decision ma ?

Vasu : ( vasu describes everything to the family ) and says ‘ she cant be ignored for her weakness which is not her I made this decision beta
Budki : ahn badii sassuma…I saw her..she is actually pretty..she is the perfect match for our bihaan..isnt chutki??
Chutki : ofcourse…badii sassuma..we are happy over it..
Dhuruv : even I was happy ma..i thought that you made a decision out of I realize it now…me and my brother going to get married on the same day..
Dadi : I don’t have any objection vasu bahu…lets start the preparations.
Balvinder : even I don’t have vasundra ( smiles )
Vasu had a great relief over hearing this and smiles at everyone.
Bihaan was keep thinking about his marriage with shraddha sister ( as he don’t know that is thapki )
( I said yes even without asking her name..why am I doing this…I just nodded only because of her..why should I keep thinking about her..i should erase her from my memory..and has to be loyal to the girl whom I going to marry )
Vasundra came to bihaan room
Vasu : I really don’t know how you said ‘ yes ‘
Bihaan : whats there to think..if you made an decision
Vasu : bihaan…but I don’t think that you will say even without seeing her photo…
Bihaan : I have faith in you..and even I thought to get I said yes..
Vasu : why you want to get marry so early?
Bihaan : matlab…seeing dhuruv engagement preparations…I too thought to get married.
( smiles at vasundra )
Vasu : you are still a she is going to lead a life with you.
Bihaan : don’t worry ma..i will take care of princess.
Vasu : atchaa…here is her photo..if you want to see..see it
Bihaan : gives it back to vasundra…I don’t want to see it…my maa’s happiness is my happiness
Vasundra kisses on his forehead….

Precap : bihaan and dhuruv was waiting at the dress shop for shraddha and thapki to come….shraddha comes in to the shop and tells her sister is keeping their bags in the shop entrance…dhuruv and shraddha goes upstairs..dhuruv ask bihaan to take her sister…and bihaan goes to the entrance and sees thapki there…and gets shocked.

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