Blessed to be born in the same country as ram and Krishna

Guys pls comment whose ur favourite mythological couple not as characters but actors. I know it’s gonna be difficult but choosing actors not characters might prove to be better. Pls I request u to have a maximum of 3 couples. But I would be more glad if it just one. Pls don’t start debating and just choose ur fav couple

Krishna Rukmani
Ram Sita
Laxman urmila
Bharat mandvi
Shatrughn srutakirti
Arjun draupdi
Yudhistir draupdi
Bheem draupdi
Nakul draupdi
Sahadev draupdi
Arjun subhadra
Janak sunaina
Kausaliya or sumitra or kaikeyi with Dasharath
Mandodari ravan
Dhiritrashtra gandhari
Kunti or Madri with Pandian
Shantanu satyavati
Karna vrushali

Abhimanyu uttara
Sati shiva
Parvati shiva
Vishnu Lakshmi( Devon ke Dev mahadev )
Sita ram (ndtv Ramayan )
I am so sorry for not including suryaputr karn and Sankat mocha mahabali hanuman if there are any couples
And since this includes only Hindu gods I did not include jodha Akbar, razia sultana, and chakravatin Ashok samrat
This is mainly for siya ke ram and Mahabharat couples
Hope u will respond and hope u will like it guys
U can also choose to respond with just fav actors if not couples
Like for eg Mine is Krishna( saurabh raj Jain)
But preferably couples

Happy Tamil new year and ram navami
And waiting for bajrangbali entry in Skr
These shows make us love our culture.
Do u agree ?? And give us lot of values and fills us with positivity

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  1. Sarayu(honey)

    1) Arjuna, draupadi
    2) Abhimanyu, uttara
    3) shiva and parvati(1)

  2. Arjun draupadi, Sita ram, sits ram ( ndtv)

    1. Even lakshman, urmila… Sorry I can’t reduce more than this

  3. Hi sanju …. My fav pair are ram sita(sita me ram),arjun draupadi( mahabharat),lakshman urmila (siya me ram)
    True sanju… Yes these shows make us love our culture… I agree with u…they give us lot of values and fills us with positivity…..
    Inniya tamizh puthandu nalvazhthukal sanju and happy ram navmi….
    Me too waiting for bajrangbali entry in skr….

  4. Mine is Siam
    Draupdi Arjun

  5. Sanchita shetty

    Mine is Sita ram( ndtv Ramayan )
    And shiva Parvati
    Vishnu Lakshmi (Devon ke Dev mahadev )

  6. Will declare results tonight On the account of number of comments
    But pls don’t comment by changing ur identity
    My humble request

  7. My fav couples r :-
    Ram-sita (SKR)
    Arjun-Droupadi (MB)
    Abhimanyu-Uttara (MB)

  8. Supreetha (Soups)

    SKR – Ram Sita, Lakshman Urmila
    MBA – Abhimanyu Uttara

  9. I like almost all of them…but my favorite is SATI-SHIVA :)?


  11. Lakshmanan-urmila,bheem-draupadi,shiva-parvathi

  12. Kunti or madri with pandu not pandian

  13. Till now arjun draupdi
    Shaheer and Pooja sharma are leading
    Let’s wait and watch !!!!!!!!

  14. 1. sita ram (siya ke ram)
    2. urmilla lakshman (siya ke ram)
    3. shatrughan shruthkeerthi (siya ke ram)

    hey sanju di even i am a mythology lover
    i am craze about mythhologies may it be greek, roman or my fav hindu mythology

  15. Arjuna draupadi

  16. Krishmini

  17. Parthpanchali

  18. Yagnaseni and gandhivdhari

  19. Draupadi panchali

  20. Nitayuvani dhananjay
    Meaning ardi

  21. siya ram( skr)
    shiva parvati (dkdm)

  22. Arjun draupadi and siya ram

  23. Arjun draupadi, siya ram(siya ke ram) and lakshmila (siya ke ram)

    1. Sorry dear that was posted twice

  24. Parth panchali and siya ram (siya ke ram) and I agree with u sanjana dear this shows make us live our culture


    Pairs wise: Sita Ram (ndtv)

    Single actors: Luv kush of ndtv
    krishna of Mahabharat

    thats all…..

  26. Sanjana, U seriously want me to choose only 3?????

  27. Who is the winner.??
    I like Arjuna draupadi
    Rukmini krishna

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